Presidency School - Nandini Layout

This is also part of the Presidency group of schools and this offers ICSE course. Would like to know about the review/feedback on this.

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I am an alumni of this bloody school. I started to learn stuff once I graduated from this f#$@in school. the teachers here are very self centered except for a few. especially the second language teachers are very old fashioned and expect the children to behave like the older generation. Thanks to god that I am in a good position as of today. but the status I was in when I left school was like unbelievable. one of the teachers here named "C" said that I would never pass my tenth and that I would never go up the hierarchy of education. She humiliated my parents several times and thats the kind of encouragement offered to students here. everyday i used to go to school with fear. and my performance in school was compared with that of others and mocked upon which made me a miserable student. so please donot make a mistake of admitting your kids to "study" here.


Dear sir,First time i came to net about this and am felling happy about thisi am a student of this school and is very happy to learn in this schooli am passed  and am in 6th standard it is a good school and a school of wonders the teachers are stret at studying and is funny after studyingi want a school like that in dubai i am in dubai i came here for vaccations thankyou for reading my wordsyour faithfully,Manish dhruva.M          (Thanku)