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Both my daughters go to BGSNPS for the past 2 years. I would rate the school as average

The buildings are superb and the infrastrucure is quite ok. But not much importance to extra curricular activities. they claim that they teach music, keyboard etc., during the class hours but it never happen. There is no workbook practice and revisions either.

I also felt that the high fee they charge (Rs.45000 a year only as tuition fee) is not justifiable.

ON the positive sides, my daughters do like to go to school and not undue pressure on the kids.

Did anybody apply on/after 16-Aug-12 and get a call from the school? I am yet to get call from the school.

This year my neighbour admitted his kid to BGS NPS. for small children they are put into an incomplete building. Construction activity is going over head. Also the compound wall at the back is not closed and lot of stray dogs are found.

An unclean and unsafe atmosphere for small kids


since i admitted my son, I see a very bad experience with every one in BGS...
not happy with BGS NPS at all.........
worst management, worst planning.... One thing i understand that, we should never put sons with schools managed by swamy's.....


I understand that the BGSNPS has stopped receiving applications for admission into Pre-KG for 2012 -13. Is there a wait listing process in this school, where one can register. Please do let me know.

I am not satisfied with admission process. I strongly recommend not to register in waiting list, as the preference is given to those who siblings are already in the school. I have registered on day 1, however my admission has been registered as WL55, which really does not make any sense and for sure not to get the admission. Registration fee of Rs.800 is also waste.

Only If you are planning for admission to LKG, then you might get a chance, however this has to be done within first or second day of admissions starting.

I can not agree with Ms Latha's comment . My experience with BGS NPS as a parent is different. They provide lots of opportunity for the children in co curricular activities.

Recently concluded BGS FEST they bagged the First position in the cultural competition. I feel and experience that this school is one of the best schools in Bangalore.


I have heard that the teacher turnout in bgsnps is quite high. Also their english language is not that good ... is it true ? Same doubt with the quality of teaching. Do they give attention to slow learners ?

Please respond asap.

Parents are of different views. We as a parent were looking for a good school in Bannerghatta Road. Many schools we visited including with good past records. Then we visited BGS NPS. Found a complete school with all the required infrastructure starting from play area to unique class rooms. We zeroed on it.

It is three years now. We preferred the same school for our second son. This time it is not only the infra structure it is also the faculty. My first son loves to go to school. Talks less at school as per his affectionate madam but he knows rather he has been taught what ever he should have been for his ability. Our second son also loves school and his madam.

We thank BGS NPS Management for giving us a complete school always all the parents wants their children to be. My suggestion like parent teacher interaction management should think of having management parent interaction. We know we can't change the syllabus but definitely we can be a part of ' Imagining BGSNPS' in revolutionising the way of approach towards education.

Hi.....i am very much interested to know about BGSNPS admission process ... like after submission of the aplication how long it takes for the completetion of the process ... kindly provide me the info..thank you

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