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Do not consider EISB (Ebenezer International)

 Hello Parents,

    EISB.. ONLY MONEY AND NO CLASS.  If you are thinking of putting your child thinking it to among elite , for the fees it charges...  it's no good.   Every thing runs on money. Books and uniform not charged on actuals.... as they mention.  Uniforms of very poor quality,  fade away after 2-3 months, co cirricular  fees charged but nothing is done. School website is non informative.  teachers are not proactive.  My kid is in ukg and i'm  spending 2hrs a day teaching at home. 

   Events with small kids are done just as a sake of formality.  For ex.  the fancy dress competition held last year. we parents had taken na lot of trouble dressing them up , theme was tribal.  Most of the kids were bare with flowers and leaves and they had to wait in the cold breeze (november chill in blr is too much) and after that children were not even allowed to go one by one o tell their lines, they were all crowded on the podium , like a herd of sheep for A PHOTO.  

    Money was collected for extra classes for sports 5000 / sport and was abandoned , no refund also. summer camp was at 15k for 2 hrs for 15 days. 

  i will be changing school next year.

   school does not have a annual parent meeting, where parents voice concerns. 



EISB is an amazing school considering the infrastructure and facilities available.... BUT this school kinda lowers students self esteem.... TRUST ME I HAVE BEEN IN THIS SCHOOL FOR 4 YRS!! There are so called RICH and COOL KIDS who get away with anything nasty,bad or horrible they do!!!! I LITERALLY MEAN ANYTHING!!! some of these kids are even given awards like ' promising student" during annual events even though they do any miserable things....... there are the other bunch of students who r bullied ,teased and sometimes beaten up, I've seen my friends take up alcohol,substance use ,Disrespecting parents ,etc THANKS TO PEER PRESSURE created by the school!!!!! some of the teacher's are not even qualified!!! the farther ur house is from school the more he/she has to suffer THE TRAUMA!!!!
Now i have joined another school[ even though i was good at academics] which is A LOT BETTER than eisb in terms of infrastructure and academics.... it has boosted my self confidence and self esteem as we have public speaking classes, value ed etc ,
TRUST ME , the GOOD comments written about eisb are by the teachers and the trustees of this school.
SO PARENTS, if ur planning to ABANDON ur children in the boarding due to ur personal issues then this not the school, one of the kids in boarding slit his wrists in the boarding bcoz he was so lonely and he needed his mother[ a divorcee]......
so if u just want to see ur kid to get a pass certificate and nothing else except bad behavior and habits THIS IS UR DESTINATION!!!!!!!!!

Hi Ted,

I was actually thinking of enrolling my son for the 11th AS in this school. But so far I have not had a good report regarding this school. Can you please tell me which class you were in.. please let me know personally is this a good school. plssss

This school iS terrible..... I was a student for 2 years and it almost drove me onto the edge of nearly killing myself..... in Ebenezer the teachers and everybody can just talk and do nothing else.... the kids are arrogant and will only be around you if you have money.The teachers hit and slap the studens for a mistake which is not intentional.Im so glad I left this school and joined the primus public school in Bangalore which is better.Please do not waste your money on this Low standard school

Hello, I am a former student of this sick joke excuse of an international school.
I left this year, Thankfully.
The school education system is terrible, The teachers are uneducated! especially the IGCSE physics teacher who has a degree in COMPUTERS, and is only hired because she gets paid very very less.
The school founder doctor Ebenezer is a fraud and a cheat and falsely guarantees a good environment!
The boarding students bully day scholars and beat them up, This year a student was stabbed, A student was beat up by another students relatives and the security guards and teachers RAN AWAY. I was a witness to this. there was blood everywhere while the school teachers were fleeing this scene! Also the students "date" and "make out" and do hideous things , That I can never even speak about! also 3 girls were punished heavily after trying to inform the schools authorities . Dr. ebenezer suspended them even though they were proved to be saying the truth. Many students had WITNESSED them doing disgusting things and yet and nothing happened to the boarding girls and boys who commit these filthy things!
The boarding students later bullied and physically assaulted these girls saying and i quote " Nothing will happen to us because we pay more fees! we can never get suspended"
The coordinator of ACADEMICS ironically interfered in children s private lives checking their phone and their emails and even asking for their Facebook Passwords! and harassing them and even threatening a girl that if she did not give her Facebook password they would HACK into it themselves!

We as parents have always wanted an overall development for our twins, which meant not emphasizing solely on academics. With the vision of Dr. Abraham Ebenezer, a versatile educator we looked no further. Here children are facilitated in academics, in the field of sports, literary activities, music etc bringing out all the hidden talents of a child. The various curriculums it caters to, is commendable. The teachers have the human touch which is very special to us. THANK YOU EBENEZER INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL!
Irene & Deepak Sebastian

We arrived in Bangalore looking for admissions and found the admission procedure was very professional with the walkthrough of the facilities and also the initial discussions with the school administrators put our minds at ease. School Portal deserves a word of praise which provides us with personalized information including term-wise syllabus, events in school, attendance information, menu and notifications. Our children enjoy being in optimum numbered students per class (25),with the class teacher assisted by a supervisor and led by Academics Director who are available for consultations to both parents and students.The day-boarding facility provides our kids with quality and healthy food which saves the parents much trouble of preparing food and kids carrying pre-cooked meals to school.During various disturbances in Bangalore (Bomb threats, riots, flooding, etc) that occurred this year, we received calls from the school informing us on the safety of our kids and we were extremely happy how the school managed these critical situations.
Sukumaran Radhakrishnan

We as parents have always wanted an overall development for our twins, which meant not emphasizing solely on academics. With the vision of Dr. Abraham Ebenezer, a versatile educator we looked no further. Here children are facilitated in academics, in the field of sports, literary activities, music etc bringing out all the hidden talents of a child. The various curriculums it caters to, is commendable. The teachers have the human touch which is very special to us. THANK YOU EBENEZER INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL!
Irene & Deepak Sebastian

If you want your child to learn to be moulded in the right way, EISB is the best. One thing I like about this school is that it has discipline and the upbringing of a child as its first priority. These days children are getting sucked into various things and loose out on core values and culture, and EISB makes it a point that each child is taught just the right thing. For example, the school does not allow cell phones inside campus, a child is disciplined immediately when he/she even uses abuses language, or gets into any sort of bad habits. Academically, teachers are quite strict and make it a point that students are made to study and understand the subject. Although i have been to many schools, i find that EISB ensures that a child is not just academically oriented but also focuses on extra curricular. The residence is superb although i have not stayed or experienced boarding life in EISB i have however seen the facilities and some of the boarding teachers are sweet!! recently the school has been taking many steps to tackle students who have been misbehaving especially a "bullying incident" and some facebook incident" and i heard some are expelled. but in my opinion i think they should look more into the background of a child rather than simply expell. (You do find some students who have family issues and end up reacting badly in school). otherwise i think this school is quite awesome to study at and gain more opportunities.

EISB has excellent infrastructure for academics, games and other extracurricular activities. My children have had the opportunity to utilize these facilities and compete with some outstanding talents in school. As parents, however, we are most happy with the excellent teachers the school has and the individual attention our children get from them. It is my privilege that my children have been in EISB since the inception of the school. Dr. Ebenezer has established a truly outstanding school in such a short time. -- Kiruba SundaraRaj

I am and NRI who was born and raised in the middle east. Having been to some of the best school in the middle east and 3 schools in India, id without doubt say Eisb was the best.
I was a boarder and the facilities were just amazing compared to the rest of the schools. I could see where the money was being used, the toilets were always clean, we had unlimited supply of hot water, we had a washing machine, the rooms were well furnished and cleaned every now and then, the caretakers were very helpful. When it came to dining, i never had anything to complain about either, we had good and clean food. we were allowed to take a look into the kitchen on our days off, better yet we were given dominos pizzas ever month.

The education was great. Unlike other schools, in Eisb i could actually see the money my parents are paying being put to good use. Regarding the uniform, yes it is a little expensive but those are the international charges and the uniforms keep changing, because the school is still new and they are yet trying to find the best. How about you all know that when in the middle east, i paid 13,000 rs for a pair of uniform. now that amount times 3, yea do the math.
The teachers were always kind and helpful, willing to help us in our free hours too, which i took full advantage of before my finals.
As for mr ebenezer, he has a golden heart. He personally approaches student if they have any issues. Why are we talking about all the negative things, why hasnt anyone mentioned the blood donation camps, the social work, the times hes invited us boarders over for christmas.
I am a proud ebenezerite and i know in a couple of years from now itll be one of the best schools not just in bangalore but in the world.

Being a parent of EISB i have experienced a world of possibilities with the School. After returning from California, and like any other Desi American, I did a ton of research on Schools in Bangalore and my fair share of guided tours around them. From the facilities provided, the hygienic environment, the courtesy of the employees and the patience with which my umpteen queries were answered - I knew it was THE school for my kids. With their health allergies in mind, and the huge transformation in culture ahead of them, I was a big bag of worries. Dr. Ebenezer looked into them personally and amazed me with his memory of most kids around him.
I point this towards those who have commented effortlessly on someone else's job as a teacher and an educator. How successful have you been as a parent? From the looks of your statements, it seems like you don't have a single issue with your child! If so, you're amazing! So your child has never fought with another one, has never used a single foul word, has never embarrassed you with his/her stubbornness, has never missed a day of homework?? If you click yes to all these questions, your every comment holds good.
I believe the attitude children hold to their School and teachers is a direct reflection to the attitude their parents have towards teachers. I'm a happy parent and taking the time to write this out is cos I hope other parents will see that there are two sides to a coin and you can be a happy parent too!

I am considering EISB for my kids, we will be returning in May/June 2013. Just wanted to know, how your kids like the school compared to US schools. If you don't mind can you please let me know the fees you are paying and do they charge different fee for NRI/foreign nationals who live in India.


All Parents - I enrolled my kid from KG 1 with the hope that being a international school it is the right choice for my kid. After 2 years I have seen that the confidence of my kid as wells as her speaking skills have considerably gone down. My kid used to speak fluent english and now she hesitates to even speak in English. As shared by other parents this school is managed by pathetic management team and Dr Ebenezer who is known by most as educationist has notime to see the school losing its edge. The teachers are not open to listen to parents views and feedbacks. The school leadership is not capable to address any issues and focus on collecting money more than it is actually required whether it is uniform , Music mania uniform etc.. Most of the kids whom I have talked to even in senior classes say that this school is so unorganized that they hate to go to the school. One of the school student even mentioned that when he asked question to teacher he was annoyed.

I would have not taken time to write this if the concern was something which does not impact the kids and the parents but after experiencing for 2 years I am already thinking to move my kid out of this school. The kids from NPS are far better when it comes to speaking english with confidence, academics and all round performance.

Indirani Sudharshan and the teachers need to step up and get trained in how to improve the standards rather than just highlisghting the achievement of 1 student who goes to standford for studies and attends olympics. Every average school will have an exceptional student. This should not be the benchmark. All students should be made capable to reach these heights. This is when schools can claim to be good, otherwise I have only one things to say to Dr Ebenezer "Good Luck".

Unsatisfied Parent

i really endorse the view expressed by abcd. we parents are going thru the same mental trauma, all the facts abcd mentioned are 100% correct. ebenezer is more interested in leading lavish life style, organizing dance shows for his b'day celebrations- poor children n parents- we parents spend from our pocket for his b'day celebration!!!

Dear ABCD,

Hello from EISB. At EISB its our constant struggle to address parents grievences. We do not know who you are, However please do feel free to come up to us and let us know where we can improve.We are more than happy to get your FeedBack.

EISB, while maintaining global quality standards in education, still charges the least amount in fees compared to other international school in Bangalore or across India. This is a fact and we will be more than happy to provide you complete details if you would need it.

A lot of research goes into our uniform selction and we have infact opted for a semi denim trousers and skirts keeping students comfort in mind.

Please do login to our FaceBook page to check out our co-curricular activities. Infact one of our students recently participated in common wealth games held at Delhi.

You can also check the same at our website.

If you refer our website, we have a student login and parent login facility. Parents can access their children's peformance online and any queries can be raised there. One can also drop in at the school and speak to any of our counsellors.

I hope I have been able to answer your concerns.

Do drop by our school or send us a mail if you have any further queries or concerns.

Thank You.

Parents can access the student portal to see their child's performance is far from truth. I have two kids tidying in EISB from years,......but have never been lucky enough to spot their performance at the portal both in student and parental login.

It is rumored that the prices of uniforms are charged 3 times the vendor price. Payments are frequently held up from the vendors. 3 vendors for uniforms have changed in 3 years

the uniforms being supplied at the school are pathetic
ebby adds over 100% to the rates being supplied by the vendors. 1 uniform set for grade 1 is being supplied to the school @ Rs. 300. being sold by ebby @ 750
every year there is a new vendor for uniforms. im sure the vendors accounts have not been settled yet
all that ebby does is ensure he is surrounded by sycophants and get himself photographed with celebrities in an effort to up his status.
beware this man is a fraud.

I completely agree here as the fee towards uniform is extremly high and not at all good quality by any mean. It is cheap to know that the Mr. Chairman SIR is celebrating his birthday and providing food and coverage on all big news papers at kids costs...he advises teachers to collect moeny from parent and his birthday gets celebrated. Dresses in music mania, sports day also regular uniform are worst than any Govt school. But the charges are of offcours beyond INTERNATIONAL standard. Dresses changes every year so you CAN NOT use the same dress by any mean but schoold make huge moeny through not only fees but also through vendor to supply dresses. I dont have really compaint on education as my son is really doing good but my wife spends more than 4 hours daily to ensure son does well in class and life too. But school has no support towards education and extra activities rather if you query - YOU REALLY NEED TO HAVE BIG POCKET TO AFFORD IT!! Entire family runs this as business and not as INSITUTION AND SUPPORT TOWARDS SOCIETY. I am really sorry but the level of respect and good things I had earlier about the school is surely no more in my thoughts.


Dear everyone,it is my deepest wish that u woill not join EISB and parents not to admit your and my frends have regretted joining this school,and we have seen the school and staffs from inside..Ebbey is a fraud as said above,he has about 5 reputed teachers but the reast of them are ameteurs...especially the staffs are uneducated people and even a gate security have the power to shout at a student..the chairman is utilising the student"s energy and money to popularize himself in the name of charity and blood the year 2011,there has been many problems which they manage to hide from the public,1 incident was a student being stabbed in boarding by 5 yemens brothers,the main culprit was expelled but the other 4 are still here doing whatever they pleased.another was a student being beaten up by another student"s parent and relatives in the school block while the staffs and securities were watching doing nothing about it...there are still so many things to tell,but let me end here,and we students dont have any hope for betterment in the future of EISB as we have heard that ebbey is still indebted with crores from the bank so he and his follower will try their best to scam u...

firstly its yemeni's * . im ashamed to say your from Eisb. Secondly, arent you ashamed of yourself at all. How about you look at yourself and then comment on Mr ebenezer. You are more than welcomed to leave the school at all times. and if the other yemenis have stayed its because ebenezer sir once said "My own kids are not perfect, how can i expect the others to be pefect then. I believe its important to forgive and for them to learn from their mistakes" . But ofcourse in serious cases of ragging, he has expelled students, some of whom who had just begun school and it hadnt even been a month.

Ms. Tasha , the students do not know that its yemeni's because that is what Mr. ebenezer's so called reputed teachers are teaching.

The school is rubbish and you know it too. with a sports complex which was promised to be completed in the summer of 2011. The infrastructure is no better. There are "fines" for every small thing done. like for example, when they come for checking and they take away your cell phones, the school demands a fine of 1000rs?? The teachers are rubbish and they do not do their job. What is the point of security when they can't even do their job. people have come into the school and beat up a kid. Im ashamed to be part of this school and I am delighted to be leaving this place.

It is a sad place they don pay the staff as the say in the appiontment letter... the have a beautician who has done only 10th SSLC as a teacher.... and she doesnt know english....what will the children learn when they hav uneducated teachers... there is a teacher in the KG who tapes the kids mouth and blackmails to staple it and slaps them.... sad sad school...

Being part of EISB, we are happy with the way our children are brought up. though we find them a bit strict on cell phones and even the littlest things they make sure the child learns it has always been for the good. You cant have studetns coming to school and use cell phones, am glad they have kept a fine as it helps us to take such things seriously. And yes, we were informed of the incident that took place when a parent of another child had come and behaved vulgarly with a student becoz their son had bullied their child. unfortunately this issue has distrubed us very much, especially the safety of our children, however am glad that they have taken strong steps to ensure this can never happen again where no boday can enter the school without a pass and no parents are allowed inside unless they are given special permission. which is just great!! am glad EISB has taken a stance on keeping discipline first and this is what is really important for any human being.
God bless!

In one word, WORTH PAYING IT!!!

EISB has excellent infrastructure for academics, games and other extracurricular activities. My children have had the opportunity to utilize these facilities and compete with some outstanding talents in school. As parents, however, we are most happy with the excellent teachers the school has and the individual attention our children get from them. It is my privilege that my children have been in EISB since the inception of the school. Dr. Ebenezer has established a truly outstanding school in such a short time. -- Kiruba SundaraRaj

At Ebenezer’s every child is given individual attention. Our children have blossomed as competitive golfers at the national level which is duly credited to the extraordinary support and encouragement given by the Chairman Dr. Ebenezer. We are convinced that there are unlimited possibilities for every Ebenezerite.
Venkatesh and Sushma Kedlaya

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