Review for Delhi Public School (North, Yelahanka)

DPS North Bangalore

Fees for 1st Std : 2016:

One time Fees : 90,000 ( 30K cash + 2 cheques for 60k) out of which 30k will  be refundable deposit.

Regular fees : 55k , Transport : around 23k

Still verifying this incident. Don't see any reason why it isn't true from what we have gathered so far.

We will be pursuing this and looking at legal action and also connecting with the press to bring this into the open.

We have a situation where the principal/HM and counsellor gang up against a group of students. The counsellor (ironically) tells them that they have been making a lot of noise in their school bus, A driver and attendant has quit and goes on to suggest that they should be sent to juvenile prison.

We have up to this point felt DPS north was OK. With this incident that is quite shocking, we need a rethink. The counsellor is obviously simply a person with a Job. The HM/Principal is likely guilty of almost criminal intimidation of children who have not in verification hurt, insulted or harassed anyone. this is not what we send our lids to school for. Action needs to be taken against the management.

One of the adult harassers tells the kids that they can lose brats like them but cannot lose the driver.
they psychologically intimidate the children, forbid them from taking transport that has been paid for and further declare, " let us see whose parents come here to fight"

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