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My not so good experience with Eurokids

Really appreciate the effort you have put in. This is very helpful for many. I just waned to putforth a bad experience I had with Eurokids.

I wanted to put my child in Eurokids. Visited the school on Begur Road and liked it. Owner (Ms. Indira Anand Kothaneth) was not present in the school. After going back, I called up the owner to get the details of the fee structure and transportation.

Fee structure is changed from what is mentioned on this site. Annual Fee was around Rs 26080 that can be paid fully at once or we can pay 2/3rd around Rs 17,400 at the time of admission and rest around Rs 8700 in two installments.
So far so good.

Regarding transportation, owner told that there are 2 more kids coming from the same place as mine so transportation will be provided. But, to my surprise, when I asked for transportation fee, she told first I need to confirm whether I am putting my son to school. That seemed ridiculous to me (and offcourse to many others too). All other schools that I tried, I was given clear indication of transportation fee.

On insistence, she told that, transportation is provided by a taxi which is not managed by Eurokids. I asked for the contact number of transport provider but again got the same response, first confirm the admission then only they will give contact number.

So just because of this attitude of the owner, I didn't admit my son to that school. I hope this issue is only there on the Begur road, Bangalore branch.

hi friends
i am a grand mother and we havve admitted mygrand daughter in one of the euro kids in hyderabad.area i donot want to mention as i am afraid that my grand daughter who is 2and a half years old maybe punished for no mistake of herself. the child oneday reffused to go into the class and the teacher and principal made her stand for three hours outside classroom. the child was innocent. doest know why she was asked to stand there, doesnt know that she should sit if her legs are painful, doesnt know that she should eat from the tiffin box when she feels hungry and she went on weeping for all the three hours of her stay in the school. if that was the situation the teacher should inform to the parents which was not done. who is going topay if any psychological problem arises in future. i strongly feel that this system of nursery and prenursery are curses given to children by parents and society oh god save my future generations

When i visited the bhandup branch.
She did not even allowed me to see the playschool area, even asking me to wait for 2 hours to see the area. Now that is ridiculous.
When i asked if there is any discount if i pay the entire fees at once (Since some of the playschools were indeed providing the same), she went on to say that this is not bhaji Market for discounts.
I mean that is so rude.
I jokingly even asked whether she also teaches in the play school. When she said yes.. I said, thank god, i wont even think of eurokids ......

hi ,

im vijayalakshmi n i had put my daughter in eurokids hulimavu branch bangalore. my daughter who is 2 years 1month she is going to the preschool for the last 2 weeks back. n im very shocked to see my daughter crying from the time i start making her ready for the school she is not a tall happy now but initially for the first few days she was very happy to go to school n now she starts crying when i tell her about the school n the another worst part is they send her even after 14days at 10 am that means they are keepingher just for an hr for which im paying them13k which is nt a small amt n they leave her alone infront of the maingate n she is holding the gate n waiting for can they leave her alone like that n im seeing that fm the time i hv put her there her snack box comes back the same way which means that they are nt atall bothered to even give the snacks to her n now after asking them somany questions that why she is nt able to be happy in ur class n why are u sending her after one hr, the main principal says that the ma'am is buzy making the other playschool kids practice for the annual day celebration which is supposed tobe at the end of march so they are making her sit outside n also she will nt be able to participate in the annual day so i am requesting all the parents who are planning to put their kid in this branch mainly to think twice as i would give negative points as the teachers are also seem to be inefficient to handle the tiny toddlers.
thank you

I had very bad experience with Euro kids, Bellandur Branch.

There is no clear cut rule for transportation, transport outsourced to third party and transport vendor has his own rule to dictate fee structure where school management have no say and they are not able to support parents.

I wan to make point to other parents ensure transportation taken care by Euro Kid franchise, other wise better they can stop doing sensitive business like pre-school.

* Hefty fees for transport and also you have to pay fee for whole year even if you are not using transport during summer holidays.
* your kid will be transported in LPG/CNG running unsafe vehicle.
* Apart from paying fee for 12 month, summer camp transport extra.
* Transport vendor don't provide bills for same.
* Transport vendor behaves rude, euro kid center head is help less. Not sure how do they manage an institution with such arrangements.

Wake up, please ensure right thing before you admit your child.

We appreciate your feedback and thank you for sharing..

We have discussed and fixed issues with the Transport Vendor.
The driver has been changed since we received feedback on his behaviour.
CNG/LPG is a government approved kit, 90% of autorickshaws run on LPG/CNG. Not sure how this is being stated as unsafe. Transport fees for the Summer Camp is waived off for existing academic year children.

We would like to assure all the parents and readers that we have taken your feedback seriously and have taken steps to improve our services. should you have any concerns, please feel free to discuss with the center head in person.. Anonymous feedback does not help you or the school.

Thank you,
Eurokids Bellandur.


I have very bad experience with Euro Kids Viman Nagar Pune.
1) They have never informed us that there are charges for pickup/drop van. Suddenly they stopped services and asked to pay otherwise they wont provide service.
2) They have not provided the kit bag, CDs, Books, T-shirt etc to my chld just because my child was also there in previous year in play group. They have charged same to new and old students but they dont provide it.
3) The Franchise owner Ms Shiya is horrible to talk with. She doesn't pick the calls if you want to know any progress of your child.
4) They have commited to start kinder music in July, when we asked you already taken fees for same. why they have not started. The answer from Ms. Shiya was July is not over. we'll start etc. This is last week of July. Still the Kinder music is not started.
5) when we asked what are the rhymes they are teaching nowadays. The teacher said "Twinkle twinkle...and 2 more". They have already taught same in Playgroup. Their teacher do not have any trainings.
6) I have complained to head office Euro kids through their website. still, local responsible persons dont respond well.
7) After my complain to head officel, I received a call from Ms. Shiya's cell and person introducing himself as Mr. Dipak (Euro Kids Viman Nagar Director). He also tried to give number of excuses for their mistakes but they dont accept it, instead they blame to us. At last, he commited to return the Fees and gave me appointment. I went their school to collect the cheque. but Nobody is there. They dont have Mr. Dipak's number even who is committing to return the fees.

I have decided to change my daughter's preschool.
This above information should be helpfull to you, if you are looking for a preschool for your child in viman nagar. Don't attract with big names.


I find the EuroKids Begur branch to be one of the best. The owner is one of the most capable owners I've seen in a long time. All the other owners seem to do it for the money or to keep themselves busy. She, on the other hand has actual experience in the educational field. I find it surprising that you claim that the owner did not give you the transportation fee structure and even more surprising that you have taken such offense!

EuroKids does not handle transportation but she is one of the few owners who actually managed getting a company to provide it for the parents. She gave me the transportation fees immediately when I asked her for them. By the tone of your message, I believe you were not the most polite.

In any business, you avoid giving out other contact details for obvious reasons! Please refrain from giving such negative comments just because you seem to take things too personally. If I were you, I would do my kids a favour and enroll them there immediately!

i doubt you either are related or an associate of that eurokids owner

EuroKids, Begur was the best thing that happened to my daughter. She was shy and refused to make friends. She barely spoke and we started to worry if she needed medical attention.

The owner, Mrs Indira Anand Kothaneth, spoke to us about our concerns and felt that our daughter needed the chance to interact with others her age. In two months, we saw a huge change. She is now outgoing, speaks English beautifully. Mrs Kothaneth is excellent with children and all of them take to her immediately.

We are now moving near Whitefield and I plan on enrolling my son in Eurokids, Sarjapur which is also run by Indira Kothaneth.

i want to put my kid in Euro kids Sarjapur, She already finished her nursery in Chennai Eurokids, Euro kids is amazing in Chennai, We got transfer & want to move to Bangalore, please can anyone give me a feedback about the Euro kids Sarjapur (Euro Junior i.e LKG)


Could some give feedback on India International school located on Sarjapur road.
I am not able to find any review.
DPS East and IIS are near to us. We are confused what to consider.
We are fine with CBSE or ICSE


Hi ,

My son is 21 months old. I am planning to send him to a playschool. Are there any playschools that you recommend, in and around Malleshpalya/BEML Gate? (New Tippasandra) I heard there is a EuroKids in Vignan Nagar. Is there any review available on EuroKids, Vignan Nagar? Also, is there a Kidzee franchisee available around this location and if yes, how is the review?

Thanks a lot for your inputs..


After doing lot of search and taking lot of reviews from parents, I found Dolphins Preshool in Vignan nagar the best , My both kids like going to Dolphins ,,they are well trained with good curricullum with lots of activities......You can contact Mrs.lakshmi on 9845026704



Would like to put my son in Dolphins can i know the fees struture pls


Any idea abt Eurokids Malleshpalya (VignanNagar)? I am putting my daughter there but am a bit worried...

Hi Romi,

Did you admit your kid in Euro kids Vignannagar, whats your experience.

I am planning to put my kid in Euro kids Vignannaga, request your comments.


I am planning to put my son for pre schooling, & need some info regarding EuroKids at Girinagar, Bangalore. Anyone who's also sending a kid to the same place mail me back by giving some feedback on the organization & their services. I will really appreciate the response from your side. Thank you all.

If anyone sending their kid to Eurokids in Shantinagar, please give me your feedback about their teaching and other things..I want to put my daughter any feedback is welcome...thanks

I plan to visit the school this week... for my 5.5 Yr old daughter, have you already been there? Do you have idea on their fee struct?

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