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NHVPS - Not a good school except it is cbse and near

hello all,
Am parent of student studying in nhvps i checked the website where in list of all affiliated schools are given i have few question on this .
1) affiliation period for the school is 2000 to 2011 mean now it is expired .does school have permission to run the school? no details is proper .

2) about rama ranganathan her education details is not mentioned and also her career exp.

rumors was tht she never worked in education institution and she was clerk before joining nhvps as principle.May be to avoid her cross questioning her she had interrogated abt our education and profession details .

please let me know if anyone find ans for atleast question 1 :-) may be time to change the school

Firstly they are a new a school with very few students & relatively No experience in Education/Academics ! My first experience with them itself was BAD. My husband & I visited their campus a couple of months ago. Firstly the school is located in a remote area (almost next to a village, & the BBMP waste dumpyard !..NOT a location where you want your child to study !) We had a hard time trying to locate the school..most of the people around were not even aware ! Finally we found it, but right from the security, EVERYBODY in the school was quite Rude to us (Not a ‘Welcome’ you expect when you visit a new place !) From the parking lot we had to walk quite a bit to the Main building. Construction was still going on in the garden / ground area but kids were playing around nearby & the teacher or aayah was sitting there unbothered ! The front office lady Cynthya made us wait in the lobby for a long time (the lobby was pathetic – no fan, no AC, flies all around !) Inspite of we sitting there sweating & uncomfortable, None of the staff bothered ! We were not even served water ! When we got impatient & asked her, she rudely said we HAVE to Wait, to meet the Counsellor. There was lot of negativity around; my husband noticed 2 teachers / staff fighting outside the building, staffs were talking to each other so loudly, laughing & gossiping around, totally unprofessional & unpleasant behaviour, there was No decorum of a School atmosphere at all ! Then, after 1 hour of waiting, we were sent to the Counsellor, Arpana. We were Not at all impressed by her rude attitude & information she gave. She was just boasting about her own self rather than the school ! We were not even convinced by the data & school information she shared (she didn’t have satisfying answers to our qns & clarifications). She just wanted us to fill the ‘Application form’ & ‘register’ paying the admission fees, kept forcing, since we felt fishy, we did not. We wanted to see the campus, surprisingly there was Nobody available to take us around ! She made a couple of phone calls trying to convince somebody to take us around ! (Wonder WHY she couldn’t ?!) We were made to wait AGAIN, & finally a lady came & took us around. The campus is big but construction work still going on here & there. The Academic building & classrooms were quite ok, but we noticed that the teachers were Not dealing with the students nicely, the aayahs also were nasty to the little kids who were playing in the play area. The labs & sports hall were not even ready! The lady who came with us, was not aware of anything happening there, so we didn’t get any answers ! We even met the Academic co-ordinator who again confused us with the syllabus & teaching methods. We were Not convinced & the teachers looked inexperienced & unappealing. We insisted on meeting the principal. AGAIN ‘waiting’ happened. We had heard about him earlier, (Mr Brown) but we didn’t have a nice meeting with him either. He was quite Rude & Snubbish ! When we enquired about the high fees structure (being a new school) he made us feel that we were ‘bargaining’ for vegetables (& not negotiating !) All his answers for our enquiries made us feel that it was ‘take it or leave it’ attitude ! Disappointed with our overall experience we left from there, repented for having wasted 4 long hours in that ‘negative premises’ ! All the staffs we met there gave us contradictory information about Everything ! We decided a big NO for Redbridge ! On the way back we visited Candor International & Treamis schools, where were had good experiences (good welcome, cordial staffs, clarity about data & information, justified in fee structure, etc. – totally different from Redbridge!)
Story is not over yet ! – the biggest shock was when I discussed my experience with my friends, colleagues, apartment-mates. Everybody had a very bad reputation about the school. I came to know a few more negative details from others, so sharing the same – There are already many bad reviews about Redbridge in the internet & social media. ‘Totally mismanaged’ ! ‘All false claims’ ! etc .Many of the parents had withdrawn their children after 1st year of schooling. Seems the school had made promises but never kept them - Sports complex, swimming pool & even the Hostels were not ready !! The hosteliers have been out in a resort since 4,5 months ! They keep changing the fee structure periodically. Staffs/teachers are not happy – attrition is high. It seems, the 1st day of this academic year itself was a flop. School buses didn’t even pick up All the students, students were not even put in right classrooms ! There was utter chaos. Parents created a ruckus when the pick-up drop issue continued for 2 weeks !! Everytime when there are issues, the Chairman Mr Ketan Gupta or the Management never meet the parents. They never come out, it is the principal who handles the scene. My colleague’s friend was a teacher there earlier, she told that grave incidents had happened in the campus earlier – fire in the academic building, a theft, issues between staff, school bus driver misbehaving with girl students, etc. ! There is no safety or attention at all inside the campus. They don’t recruit good teachers, so teaching quality is bad (most of the good, experienced ones have quit). I heard that to counter all these negative reputation, they make the students & parents to write good reviews & testimonials !! Gosh..How disgusting is that ! I heard that they are nice & sweet to you until you take up the admissions, after that it’s a different story ! Presently they are targeting parents from other locations & states, & even countries. (Bless those out-station parents !) There are rumours that they are in loss & don’t even have proper licences & affiliation for ICSE or international syllabus !! The fact is that parents & students and staff too are not at all happy in there !
God saved us from being ‘trapped’ ! Fortunately we had not filled the Application form or ‘registered’ paying the admission fees. We finally decided to put our son in some established, reputed school, rather than some ‘tarnished, international’ school ! Why take the risk on your kid’s future & try something new when there are other ‘safe options’ available ?!

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