Review for National Public School (NPS), Indiranagar

NPS, Indiranagar - Good school

 I studied in NPS,Indiranagar almost 15 years back and i do hear that it has changed to a certain extent in a better direction.

I remember how we all would be so terrified of our PT teacher(who is still there)Even today when i walk into the school my hands automatically go at the back!! So,discipline is definitely given prime importance,which i feel is necessary in the growing years.

In my times,the main focus was on academics and there were a lot of times that some students did feel that the pressure was too much to handle.In the higher classes if the student did not keep up to the expected standard,he or she was asked to withdraw from the school after prior warnings or in some cases no warning at all.So,it is for the parent to decide how their ward is faring and do the needful if he or she is in this school.Academics is still given more importance over extra curricular activities but a NPS student is very strong with his basics in any subject.

Extra curricular activities here are mainly in the form of literary activities,dance ,drama and quizzing.We definitely lacked sporting activities in our times,though it has improved over the years ,so i hear.

I have also heard that a parent of this school is not given a very warm welcome whenever they visit the school.My parents had the same complaint 20 years back.But the student is welcome at all times,as a present student or as an alumnus.

This school does what a school needs to do : provide good education so as to give a child a solid foundation and impart good discipline in a child. The rest of the activities are to be taken care of by the parent and the child s inclination.I hence,had no doubts putting my son into NPS as i atleast knew what i was getting into....




The selection process is absolutely non-transparent in NPS as well as in New Horizon (personal experiences) Bangalore.

They will not even let you know, why your kid has not been selected. Infact i had politely requested them not to give an admission to my kid but atleast let me know if there is anything which is missing/lagging in our child that you had noticed during interview (since she had answered 90% of what was asked to the kid) so that we, as a parent can concentrate more on the same. But these requests are hardly listened to by their un-friendly staff (This is the state of Child developmental education these people commit about).

This made me re-think / analyze the overall performance and found that there is nothing really worthy with these money minting schools.

These two schools are Good institutions setting an ugly precedent in targeting money than the principles of education. Since they say, there no lesser Devil as Devil is a Devil, my full thumbs down to these two Institutions.

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