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One of my friend's child who is 2yr 8months old got into  NPS rajajinagar montessori. She was not ready to tell me how much they finally ended up paying, but she mentioned that its above 1 lakh for this academic year.

Poor thing, she had enrolled the girl into Kidzee just a weekback before she got the call from NPS and lost that 25K too which she had paid at Kidzee.

I am pretty sure her husband's salary is no where near to 50Lakhs p.a, but from the conversation I could make out that parent's income plays a major role in getting the seat for the child.

This is absurd. I know of many kids going to NPS (including my son) from 1st grade till 12th grade. All of them aren't the 50L per annum type. Plus there is absolute no *DONATION* taken by the school. And these kids are doing fabulously in academics (yes, academics, academics, and academics, :-)

My daughter is in Rajjainagar Montessori. We paid 70k. I checked with other parents. Fee is same for all children. 50L per annum parents might be there too. But certainly that's not the criteria. There are children from parents of varied profession and not just the IT parents with fat salary.

Could you please let me know your daughter's age? As in what is the age limit they consider for admission to M0? Did you start from Mont 1 or Mont 0 level. And when do they give application forms? Your reply is highly appreciated & much awaited

The child should have completed 3 years by June, 2009 is the age criteria that the school told us for academic year 2009-10 for Mont 1. By the time the child reaches 1st std, it would complete 6 years. I guess there is no confusion here as such.

Hi Radhika,
My son will complete 3years and 7 months by June 2010, would he be eligble for mont-1 at nps rajajinagar? I anyway have got the application form.

Also do you know how many kids they admit for mont-1? For example, how many kids are there in your kid's class?


Please check with the school if Mont1 is better or LKG is better as both are available in that school.


The confusion is on the age criteria for Montessori admission. For Kindergarten it is justified to put a strict age cut-off. But not for montessori.
Then the school is not a true Montessori school.
If all the kids in a mont-1 are exactly 3 years how is it going to function as a Montessori environment ? It is then similar to a Nursery class room.

Age critiea depends on the board. i.e for cbse its 2.10 as on 1st of june and icse 3 yrs as on 1st of June . This is the rule of the board and schools should stick to this.

nps strarts from M1 not M0 age limit is from 2.10 yrs to 3.6/3.9 (depending on the branch).
application r closed for indiranagar & rajajinagar branch, but for kor/hsr, it just started today

It is too confusing what this school follows for age limits.
We parents have the right to know the exact admission criteria rather than in assumptions. right?

3yr 6 months or 3 yr 9 months is over age to start montessori.
So the kid will be 6yr 9 months when joining 1st class. !!!

Today I went to buy the application form for Mont. for my Kid. They said my kid who is 3 years and 2 months by next jun(2010) is over aged for Mont. and they refused the application form.I have been standing in the queue for two and a half hours. If they would have published this info I would not have wasted my time. When I called them 2 days back to check whether my kid is eligible they asked to come collect the application form.The way they handled this was really pathetic. It's Just a hype which they are trying to create among the parents.

This is regarding your concern for getting the admission now a days we have lot of pre schools that offer curriculum that is more than just montessori I am aware of a school called i play i learn they have best approches like Reggio Envilia,John deweys thematic and project approach, Multiple intelligences by Howard gardner and Montessori approach in their curriculum but now they have opened a branch in Jayanagar do visit it once.

Has anyone got a call from NPS, Rajajinagar for LKG Admission?

Dear parents
we have applied for our son for LKG in NPS Rajaji Nagar. Did any of u have got call from the school for any class. I heared the school is very good. Pz give ur feed back....

I called just now , 30'th Nov, 9:30am. They have asked to call after 10 days.

I heard most of the seats are filled by siblings,do they take in all siblings?

Depends on how well the sibling performs too

I called this morning and they said they will give a call before 10th of Dec. I have applied for Mont 1 for my son who will be 3.6 months coming June 2010.

When can we put a kid who is 2y 9 m in june ? If we cannot go in for Mont1 or Pre-Kg at 2y.9m, then next year wont the child be overage for the same (3y,9m). I dont think schools would take him then either.

Do kids born between Sept - Dec have a problem in realizing their right for education?

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