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Got the following feedback:

  • The standard of teaching in CBSE is very good.
  • Initially, the strength was limited to 20 in each class and this year they have increased to 30.
  • Now teachers are not keeping special attention in each child.
  • Teachers keep changing mid of year and thus disturbing learning and continuity.
  • Overall it can be rated 7/10 on standard.
  • Coming back to Fee structure, its pretty reasonable and comfortable compared to other schools of similar standard. (They have increased 15 to 20% this year compared to last year)
  • Regarding extracurricular activites, they are still in developing stage, but need some more aggressive improvement.
  • Games, they are still in average. Heard RT Nagar branch is very good in Games and other activites. Hope very soon this branch may also devleop in short span.
  • Parents should ensure that child follows day to day work, else they will be lost midway and may not be able to catch up updated sessions and get into lot of confusion, as the teachers will not come back to teach a weak student.

For year 2009-10, this group of school have increased their fees from 36000/- to 52000/- per year of which 12000/- is admission fees.

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My 5 yr old goes to presidency bilekhalli...i am pretty happy with the school..very caring teachers.i was pleasantly surprised actually. the activities are pretty good too..

my only concern is about the fees that have increased substantially this year...(2009-10).

i've been told that in the higher classes extra curricular only happens on saturdays...which means saturday school:(

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