Chirec Public School (Kondapur)

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Board: CBSE

As per Chirec's website, "CHIREC is an acronym for Children's Recreation Centre. CHIREC began as a summer camp in 1989 and then proceeded on to become a Nursery school, Primary school, Secondary and finally a Senior Secondary School. Chirec is affiliated to CBSE.

Recently, Chirec has begun offering CIPP (Cambridge International Primary Program) for 1st grade to 4th grade.



hi can any one let me know the fee structure for primary class teacher.

Good morning............!
I would like to know whether CHIREC admission process is started or not. I need to enroll
my child in second class can any one help me? Please!!


hi can any one let me knw the pay structure of chirec teachers..........

Can any one let me know the age criteria for Nursery class at CHIREC?

Hello Shivani,
Minimum age is 2 years and 6 months. You can check this out from their Website.

I am a prospective Parent.
I would like to know whether CHIREC admission process is started or not.
Can any one help me? Please!!

Principal at chirec is not thr right person for the bright students. Don't enroll your kids in chirec. Students are suffering because of wrong decisions taken by the higher authority.
2 kids teased very badly a girl @ chirec for that principal banned the whole house from participating in the competitions. Because those 2 kids belong to this house. This whole house cannot participate in any competitions. Children @ chirec are really suffering always teachers take off from school. Most of the time there won't be any classes. I don't understand why the celebrities enroll theri kids in chirec. Fees is high but the quality of taking care is nill.

Hi, My kids are third generation American Indians. My husband and I decided to move to India with kids for couple of years just so the kids could learn indian culture. Kids too were open to India inspite of being anxious. We have no family in India. both my girls joined Chirec a month back. While I stayed back in the USA to sell our house. They love the kids at school and think India is Cool country. But they have many concerns about the faculty.

My 11th grader was told by her Physics teacher that he would like to play foot ball with her. Initially my girl assumed that he was inviting her for a game of foot ball. She smiled as is her nature. The Guy had the audacity to tell her he wanted to kick her head like a foot ball. My 8th graders PE teacher threatened to cut off her tongue. The counselor addresses them as "YOU Americans" in a demeaning manner. Is this kind of threatening language common in Indian schools?

I understand that my kids have a long way to go and have to respect the school rules and traditions. They have to make a ton of adjustments. They are finding it very difficult to understand the accent. The teachers misunderstand their smiles as being snooty. My kids are straight forward happy children.Talented musicians, they were excelling in school in USA and their teachers loved them. I sent them to India to learn my heritage but not be verbally abused. Any thoughts on how to deal with the issue.

Hai Indira,
It happent to see your querry.
I also have to children who are studying in CHIREC for quite a long time. But I never faced this type of problem from staff.
Even I any minute issues occurred i used to take appointment from the school authorities and solved the problem in a one to one manner not in a public way bcoz i dont think the issue will be addressed accurately as it is to be solved by principal, the so said teacher , counselor and Of course the main You.
So better approach school authorities straight away or through mail. I think this is the better way I feel.

Whats the selection procedure for kids joining in Nursery, in Chirec public school, Whats the need for this high hand behaviour

We went to Chirec for my 3 yr old daughter's admission on the 19 Dec 2011. they had a 1 hour or so presentation about the school and then they asked us to fill the form, pay the registration fee (rs. 1000 or so) and leave. they told they will get back to us in 3 weeks time. There was no evaluation of the child etc. Its now 6 weeks, I am yet to hear from the school. All they say is their admission process is completed and they will intimate the parents asap. I called them multiple time, visited once, emailed multiple times, I just dont understand how a school with such reputation can be so irresponsible toward their own commitments? 3 weeks to 6 weeks is just not acceptable. Many of us want to wait and see before trying for admission elsewhere. Got tired and got my child admitted into Kennedy High school. In Kenndy the entire process of admission got completed in 45 mins, and they confirmed the admission then and there. Kennedy is also a reputed school, if Kennedy can do it, I dont understand why Chirec cant. I guess its the attitude.

As a chirec teacher i know bocz they always wait for high profile children ...

This year, Chirec has increased fees by over 20% for the Cambridge section - without intimating/informing the parents. They just handed over the challan forms without a word. It was only after the parents reached home that they realised the steep hike in fees. Especially, the recreation fees have been hiked by 100% - when the quality of recreation is incredibly basic.
Beware of entering this school...

Hi, Everyone I am parent of Chirec for the past 6 years.

I asked for a meeting after I received the challan and they immediately agreed to it and
gave me a patient hearing. They were quite open and spoke about introducing smart classes for each classroom. They did upgrade all the text books last year and I am happy with theimprovement in standard, I am OK with fee hike now, seems justified to me.The most important is my kid is getting a strong foundation and I am getting my money worth (even with hike.)

I am sure the books are same as last year they have increased fee because they need money for new building...

They increased it by 50% for CBSE PP2 this year. Just last year during the orientation they said that fee increases will nominal. I can agree a nominal fee but how can 50% be nominal. They did not let us know the increases till the month of March. Not sure if I can trust these people in future. Education is important item in anyones budget dont an educational instisute understand that 50% increase in fee is harsh to any parent? It would have been some what better if they let the parent know earlier, if they had choice they might choose another school. But March is too late. I feel they take parent for a ride if you stick to them for long time. They are so organized and well planned to deal with any parent. If you go to the school to discuss the fee, things are so organized and well planned, staff is well tranined to act up on to corner the parent. You cannot win over them but pay what they ask.

Hi, Everyone I am parent of Chirec for the past 6 years.

I asked for a meeting after I received the challan and they immediately agreed to it and
gave me a patient hearing. They were quite open and spoke about introducing smart classes for each classroom. They did upgrade all the text books last year and I am happy with the improvement in standard, I am OK with fee hike now, seems justified to me.
The most important is my kid is getting a strong foundation and I am getting my money
worth (even with hike.)

Hey guys,

I know we are all upset about fee hike. But come on…… my kid has blossomed in the school

and is super confident. He enjoys going to school. I am happy with how my kid is doing

I can’t say more than that!


Totally agree :) We have also gone through similar experience .We have even tried contacting the principal and let her know the same feedback but i believe the whole process is screwed up .Hopeless school and good my son is not the part of this org.
Worst that when they ask you to Singh on the respective line about the fees. I m actually planning to go media and let the school know how to respect parents and the future of the kids .
Extreamly close door policy.

At the time of admission, we have to deal with a large number of applications, queries, and emails. In our earnest effort to give due attention and importance to all, there may be some inadvertent delay.

CHIREC Public School

I am not sure how Chirec will explan increasing fees by 50% at one go and that too without giving advanced warning when now it is too late to change school this year.

For preprimary kids, Recreation fee was made 3 times from 4300/term last year to 12000/term. Incrase in bus and lunch by 50%. I am sure they know GO MS 91. They did not incraese much on actual tution and annual fee. Same damn recration fee was quotes Rs8000 for new applicatns (and ofcourse higher tution because GO 91 does not apply for new admission). PP students now pay higher fee than 5th or 6th grade.. does not make sense. will consdier quittign switching school next year because i know they will not sttop increasing fees crazily. Chirec supposed to teach creativity to studetns but it is being extra creative on milkign parents to extra money to make owners very rich

Please dont consdier to join your kids here if you can not handle fees going up by 20-30K/year


I am planning to take admission in Chirec school Kondapur / Unicent Miyapur for my two kids.

Is anybody helps me to evaluate the difference between these two schools on quality of eduation & others.

What is fee structure in Chirec school for LKG to 6th standard.

May i know the salary offererd by Chirec Public School for the post of Business Studies Teacher. I ahve been working as GCE O LEVEL COMMERCE TEACHER under Ministry of Education since June 2001 and the working conditions i mean in terms of timings professional developement perks etc and their expected qulaiicationa and experience fofr the candidates

May i know the salary offererd by Chirec Public School for the post of Business Studies Teacher. I ahve been working as GCE O LEVEL COMMERCE TEACHER under Ministry of Education since June 2001 and the working conditions i mean in terms of timings professional developement perks etc and their expected qulaiicationa and experience fofr the candidates

around 80000pm

no not at all its about 25000 to 30000 inbetween

No..its around 5500 to 8000

Can somebody please tell me how is the life of a teacher in Chirec Public School. The timings, salary structure across secondary and snior secondary class teachers. I am currently looking out and CHirec is one of the option

Interested teacher

Hi, am presently working in New Delhi and looking fwd for my mov to Hyderabad in May 2011. I want to take admission formy daughter in class II. Could any one help me with the procedure for admission in Chirec.

I am a parent of a 7 year old, and this is my story of how 2 schools in Hyderabad have sucked out every ounce of rational thoughts on schools.

2007 saw our tryst with schools in Hyderabad (Chennai was a dream as my kid was in excellent school– a school I regard with very high esteem. Mind you the fee was higher than what we have ever paid but it was worth it). For pp2 we approached Meridian, as Ms Usha Reddy was from valley school and knew the system from which my kid was coming from.She gave us admission in the main school at Banjara but we opted for the one at High-tech city due to proximity. There were issues from beginning, the teacher was not qualified, the food was transported from main school in open containers and was spicy, the school didn’t have a permanent structure and at that time didn’t have government recognition – and basically there was no one who had given thought on the kind of education to impart to the young minds. Then came the surprising steep fee rise, with no development plan to share and the final nail was the extremely abusive behavior and language of then principal(was moved out within month of parents protest) Ms Razdan. Though in retrospect I have to commend the way Ms Usha Reddy handled the parents meet and in many instances intervened to tone-down Ms Razdan’s address. Anyway, as we realized that Meridian, at high-tech city will never improve on facilities we checked out Chirec in 2008. Again we didn’t have any illusions on the fee structure (which was same as meridian but had facilities & till class XII) because as ordinary citizens knew that unless there is a regulation from government or a social revolution the high fees is here to stay, thanks to the new found wealth of the IT & real estate crowd.

We met two extremely nice teachers for the interview – who looked so much like teachers at the school in chennai that any apprehensions on entering a ‘’all spit & polish’ type of school was put to rest and our kid got admission with very little hassle. So to cut a long story short, 2009 gave us GO 91. I was happy that at last the government was doing something for ordinary people. The IT sector was sluggish and hence a large section of parents actually formed associations to negotiate with schools. As seasoned observers of citizen strife, we watched and waited. Knew that natural laws of politics will take over – soft peddling, court cases, politicians with educational interest sidelining the issues, bureaucrats who can just pass an order and don’t have the will to see it implemented…. At this stage, comes the call from Chirec management to talk to parents – no agenda was given – it was our first exposure to the management. The meeting started off with how an association was formed by parents, against the wishes of the management and challenging the decision of the school selected parent’s advisory committee. The principal started off identifying the parent who had initiated the formation of Chirec school parents association (CSPA) by name and went on to narrate how he came in and begged for a seat for his child etc….. This really irked many of us who had come in to have a conversation rather than accusations.

But then, as a socially conscious & believer of the power of majority in representational bodies, I entered the heated argument to initially get the two sides to see each other’s view points. But at this time, a lady from the advisory committee enlightened us with some extremely ludicrous narrow view of the world. This got me rolling …

Anyway, the meeting tuned out like our lok sabha – I spoke based on points that were listed on the Go-91 which under some conditions could allow schools to increase fees. A point that I spoke which I will mention here (as it seems the bone of contention) is the request of the school to show some part of their accounts to the DFRC (committee setup by government) and here I reiterate, I didn’t ask them to show on how much is spent on toilet papers but on major expenses that all us can understand & reason out. So the meeting ended with some very trivial & laughable examples(something about salary to servant…) from a very excited lady – again a member of the advisory committee, I presume.

The management categorically said that they are against implementing RTE, as its against the philosophy of the school & of the parents of the school. Here too, I reasoned that it is a political will and if the government is serious they will get everyone in line – parents protests not withstanding. The management also said that the majority of the parents had agreed to pay for the case in court to remove a religious structure near the compound wall of the school.

That was it, we shrugged off handshakes of agreement and the harsh glares of disagreement with equal balance and went off thinking it was a Saturday well spent!. After which we saw a newsletter with words like ‘vast majority’ ‘majority’ etc… with no numbers of course. It would make a statistician turn in his/her grave!

This was followed by months of immature behavior from parents during pick up, the loud whispers in broken grammar but accented English about me, the dress I wear etc… again ignored with nary a thought and just a smirk at the peanut brains clad in designer wear.

Then on 20th of March, got a call from Chirec office saying that principal madam wants to meet me. Again with the mysterious method the school functions, there was no info on why. So I went – totally unprepared. There were three people, the principal Ms Khanna, Mr Harpeet Singh, IAS(found out he is the current MD of AP Dairy development corporation) and Mr Kishore, businessman(?). Ms Khanna started off saying that maybe in light of what I voiced during the meeting, we should reconsider my kid’s continuation in the school. I asked if she wants my kid out of the school, the answer for which was that unlike Niraj Public school which was issuing letters to dissenting parents to take back their kid, Chirec was being nice to talk to the parents. A letter would have been better than the meeting. And to continue , she talked about the philosophy of the school and its passion for education. She went on to say how my comments hurt the feeling of many parents and the founder and that she worked very hard to keep them away from harming me (maybe this set were from the goonish clan of the society) . Then the three went on to talk down to me, they said that being blunt was not appropriate, and with all the power that comes from being in political positions asked me to ‘feel with my heart’ the faith in the school. They harped on a question I had asked the class teacher (which she denied mentioning to the principal later), if the school will hold out on us & the child for comments made at the meeting. The three in all the power their position bestows on them went on to talk to me like I was a school kid…the principal even when to the extent of giving me an advice!!!!!!. I knew that I had to walk out as I do perceive this as subtle threatening & bullying but I didn’t walk out (my spouse said I should have), instead said that if they get more parents representatives than it would be better - for which the principal with great vehemence that she would never consider taking any representation from people like me.

They said that all the CSPA members had apologized and given in writing that they have faith in the school and will follow without a protest whatever the school does.

So what makes the bile come up – one, the singling out of parents to intimidate by other parent reps ; second, the secrecy of the whole thing; third, the totally snobbish attitude of the principal. Even if she had not condoned the actions of some of the parents who supposedly wanted to go after me, I would have come off that meeting less disgusted.

I am just a ordinary parent and cannot do anything about the mental trauma of the episode and like the character in R K Lakshman’s cartoon, all I can do is observe with an umbrella and like the R K Narayana’s actors just hope that ‘someday the government will work for ordinary citizens like me”.

I use all the players’ names because I am blunt and its time we start being so. As an ordinary citizen my weapon is bluntness and honest opinion – I will leave diplomacy and veiled comments to the powerful.

I removed my child from the school, as the principal said “ maybe my child will not be happy continuing at Chirec’!!!. And funnily, when we went to the annual report card collection meeting with the class teacher, she said they had checked our kid out and also came checking on us when we were speaking to her. There is a good word for this….

This saga is verbatim of what happened and is not intended to defame anyone - its a report of a meeting that i wish had not taken place at all.


Thanks for the detailed feedback.

Can you please suggest a good school in Chennai and Hyderabad? We are thinking of relocatng to India from USA. WE are looking for a school for our children.

My daughter is in 8th std and son is in K.



Thanks for the details, My daughter is 3 years old now and I am looking for a school to join her, Can you please suggest a school, which is better and preferrable to Join.

Thank you very much for your insight-ful post Mr. varul nathan . We are trying to get our daughter into UKG/first grade and have just received a response from the school.

I am researching all the feedback about Chirec school in Kondapur. The thread here is contrary to what I have heard from my extremely limited 10-day old acquaintances in Hyderabad.

I will keep this in mind when I meet the management next week.

good luck

We are currently in U.S and comming back to India for good after almost eight years... We have a son who is 5 years old, after reading your article , I am scared as a mom to come back to india.... I feel I am going to push my son in God knows what.... We r comming in September.,.. I really don't know what to expect , To be frank , I used to joke with my husband that we must send our kid in a municipality school... That would be a better option I think now



I also live in US and planning on coming back to India for good. So researching about schools, reviews etc, read your post and wanted to find out, which school did you join your kids in? Your response and any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Looking forward for your email reply.

i have been studying in chirec all my lif.i agree completely that the principal is not exactly what you would call cordial or even welcoming but the school has made some very fine students;students who now go to MIT and all the credit goes to the provides quality education and nothing is going to take that away from it.i just saw someone saying that the school concentrates only on extra curricular activities and not on studies but how many schools have even that to their name.and as a chirecian i am proud to say that these activities have contributed to the overall development of all the students who go there.childhood is not only about studies.its about how a child blossoms into who he/she is capable of being and the process that goes into it and if sports is the way to do it then i am proud of waht my school has achieved inspite of what some people (excluding parents or students )are saying.

Good students go well at any school, and everyone knows that parents play a huge role and sometimes even substitute as teachers. I know of children from kendrividyalya and regular schools who reach MIT, so now undergraduate study even in MIT is based on just ones ability to pay the tuition fee plus of course the hard work of the student. Many of us are products of regular schools and gone on to IIT's and ivy league universities abroad. So my argument is that we have to seriously rethink what we pay to a school for educating a kid.

The quality of teachers in many of these hyped schools is really bad, many teaching at the plus 2 level don't even have a masters. Lower class teachers don't have a BEd or MEd. Its fashion for some of these private schools to say that they don't care much for B Ed or MEd, but then its the best the system ca provide. I would prefer them to teachers who are just looking for a time-pass or would like free education for their children.

The principal stands for the so-called philosophy and her/his attitude conveys this. The ones who are the most defensive are have only money making as their philosophy and all that is hidden under some pep-talk.

Chirec has now Cambridge syllabus also. You might want to update your list. Thanks -- Sudhakar


i have a daughter and we tried admission for nursery in chirec. ideally speaking they should not evaluate the kids at this age. still they did the evaluation and my daughter really did a good job as she is very much interested in activities and games. they called us for interview after the evaluation and they said they will get back to us after 4 weeks. But within a week's time, they sent a mail saying that they cannot accomadate my daughter in their school.

My concern is i dont want my daughter to travel a long distance for schooling. Wanted to know whether recommendation would help me to get a seat for my daughter in chirec. Please suggest us. This is my daughter's future.

I am not getting good feedback about other schools nearby.

thank you

My name is Ajithsah.I am a eight standard student.I saw your note.Well my advice to you is not give up hope.I am sure your daughter will get a good school.Also you can email to the principle of chirec.Maybe she can give you more ideas.Do not worry,everything is going to be fine.Do not be discouraged.Thats the main thing.
Thank you

i know its too late to comment on this post, but recently like Sonu even i attended the orientation at Chirec. During the session, whatever is the lady's name, she showed so much of attitude & arrogance while answering the questions and concerns that the parents had. I guess she felt as though she ia a Diva. The impotant note she gave to the Parents was that

"Parents please do not push us too hard for getting admission or for knowing the results we will get back to you in 3-4 weeks time please don't come and bother us till then"

Its more than 5 weeks we neither got a Acceptance letter, nor a rejection, every week i call them up they say Nursery admissions will be finalized "TENTATIVELY this week" God know how many more weeks they need to decise that.

We finally ended up in searching for a new school "The Kennedy Globa"which is a little far but affordable and quick in response "NO ATTITUDE / ARROGANCE"

Atleast for the next academic year i think the lady who took the orientation session should
1. Change her tone
2. Modify her speech saying "parents if we don't get back within 3 weeks think its a rejection and don't hang on to us any more"
3. Please don't show your attitude/ arrogance, (you are no DIVA). We are not beggers, we came for admission just because it is the nearest school for my kid.

Absolutely Neeta, totally agree with you. I had exactly same experience. Agreed you are a reputed school, but please don't treat parents like beggers, or as though you are doing a favor on us by considering our kid's admission in your school. I heard (I am not sure, and have no way of verifying this), is that if you are ready to pay donation (under the table), you can buy seats in Chirec and that is the reason a few seats are kept "aside" for that reason. I saw many reviews posted by Chirec staff, that Chirec management is one of the worst and dont have respect for them. Given this I will not be surprised if they go out of business very soon.

We tried for admission of our son into nursery this year. They took 4 weeks to reply and the reply was negative. Not sure what critreria they applied. They are strict about recommendations but nothing wroing in trying.

hi friends

i am planning to put my son in Chirec Public School kondapur.pls give ur feedback for the same and give the fee structures also

Be wary of the management.

Most good teachers are in the process of leaving the school or already left. Around 25 teachers left last year and I understand that whatever quality teachers are now left are being moved to the New school they are opening. I have very poor experience with the qualification of the teachers. some would not fit to teach even in Government schools.

I was earlier impressed with their presentation and show of amenities and extra curricular activities. Turns out that this was farce. The instructor is either missing on most days or hardly gives your kid attention during the short time that he gets. To top this, once you get admission it is virtually impossible to meet the School Principal or the Director. They treat you like dirt with their "this is what they have and take it or leave it attitude".

Many of us have decided to take out our kids out at the earliest possible.

pls let me know what is the mew school u r refering to as i am looking for admission in that frm blr ....

do u have any idea about the nursery and primary classes

My daughter is Studying 2nd class in vignan school near kukatpally. We are very much satisfied with our child's performance there and the way we can approach staff at any time during school hours. Unlike many other corporate or international schools these days, the school was established by a visionary Dr. Lavu Rathaiah who completely dedicated his past 30 years to the education system with only aim of improving the quality of education at every level. Now when I see children of my colleagues who are studying in international schools by paying a bomb, I feel yes they have good communication skills compared to my child but not the over all development my child has. The school management give equal stress on both academics and extra circular activities so that my child needn't compromise one for other. So I would definitely recommend this school to anybody who is looking for holistic development of a child with out any unnecessary hyped up facilities like ac class rooms and buses and confusing activities.

Hi Srikanth, thanks for the information.

My daughter is completing 2nd Grade, and can you Please provide me the fee and other one time or misleaneous changes if any.



Could you give me the address of this school and does this school have any website? We are moving back from US to Hyd and are looking for school for my daughter. We are looking for a school with well rounded education and overall development rather than routine studies. Your comment about Vignan got me interested and when a I searched online not getting any clear links.

Does the school also offer extra curricular activities other than regular studies?

Thank you,