DAV Public School

31, DP Road, Aundh, Pune
+91-20-25890081/80, 25893694

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Board: CBSE

Established in 2003, DAV (Dayanand Anglo Vedic) Public School, Aundh, Pune is operated by the DAV trust and is affiliated to the CBSE curriculum. The school also offers the SSLC examination.

The school's website offers most of the information that parents who seek admission there would need.

DAV Public school was awarded the ISO 9001 in April 2005.


Fee Structure
  • Nursery through 8th standard: About Rs. 26K
  • 8th till 10th standard: About Rs 27K
  • 11th and 12th standard: About Rs. 30K

The figures here are just to give you an idea and may be out of date. We would recommend that you get in touch with the school for the latest information.

School Timing
  • Pre-primary         : 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
  • Standard I & II     : 11.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.
  • Standards III to X :  8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m 
  • Saturday (for VIII to XII): 8.00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m.



I am shifting to pune on 1 april .i want admission for my son for8std. Kindly tell me the procedure to take admission and the fees structure also let me know if nso,imo andnco i.e science maths and cyber olympiads taked place in the school


Please let me know the process to get admission in Jr KG and 1st class at DAV aundh .

And also please tell me the age limit for Jr KG and 1st class.


Dear sir/madam,

Hello when will be admission forms available for 2 nd std
2nd std admission available .

Hi all ,
Am here with little different problem. Till last year my sons ( one in class6 and another in jr.kg) were studing in DAV school. In February I have withdrawn the admission from the school,as my husband hasbeen asked by the company to work on USA project till November 2013. That time I was informed that there is no any procedure and provision to keep the admission in the school for more than 3 months absenty and because of the mentioned reason, I have done so.But within few days we came to know about the project status of the company and that was now schedule to sum up by June 2013.( my husband was already in USA from November2012) Again I ran 4 seeking the admissions back in our school , as the admission were just under the procedure of withdrawal. But even after sooooooo many efforts I got the admission for my elder son only in class 7 and not for younger one. Afterwords I too with my kids came to USA, after signing the MOU for three months leave as per school procedure.
Now again for some unavoidable issues I have to stay here till October with my kids.As per school rule iff my son donot attend the school from july2013, his admission will automatically get withdrawn. Though am here for some genuine reason, I am unable to understand what to do? will school cooperate me any way.
Now my worries are concern only because DAV is the best school in Pune. For all above mentioned conditions will the school suggest any procedure to secure the admission for my son?
one worried parent

we are just shifting to pune, and requesting all to provide us the feedback about DAV public school at pune.
my daughter is in class 1st and its critical to identify a suitable and good school.
pl help.


hi VARSHA, among ICSE schools St Helena's, Bishops, Hutchings are one of the best in pune and Spicer memorial school in Aundh is also good. For CBSE Schools you can check out with DPS, DAV, KVs(Aundh, Camp , Yerwada and Dehu road), Air force school, St arnold(very recent one), RIMS. I think so Euro school (kalewadi and Undri) is both ICSE and CBSE.

Hii Varsha,

I have a son & daughter studying in Class 5 & Class 2 respectively.
We had great confidence in the ability of erstwhile principal, Mrs. Jayshree Venkatraman.
But after she has left the school, the after effects are yet to be seen. I personally think., that she had already made a system, which will continue to run in an organized way.

Pros :
1) I am quite satisfied with the teaching staff ( baring a few ). They make good efforts to ensure that the child understands the subject.
2) Its a massive school., unlike other tiny family-business type schools running in the city.
3) Economical compared to other schools in the vicinity.
4) Proven track record.
5) They have provisions upto Class 12th presently., & are planning to start engineering, & management colleges in the near future.

Cons :
1) Too many children in the school. ( for me, it is ok., as long as the teacher : student ratio is favourable )
2) Fees increasing at 10% p.a. minimum per year.
3) Bus Service needs some improvement.

I hope this will help u take a better decision.



Hello Mukesh,

Can you please inform following for DAV School Aundh?
1) the tentative fees for Class - I
2) Age requirement for admission in Class - I
3) Admission start from which date/ month? Admission for my son is required for year 2014-15.


My son appeared for his X CBSE board exam .I would like to know the admission procedure for the same.

i want to know for admission for Jr.K.g

hi this is gayatri shinde wan to know when r d admissions going to start for 2013-14 for nursery

hello when will be admission forms available for 2 nd std and what is the age criteria for 2nd std.

DAV school, Aundh is running without Principal since April 2012. Earlier Principal Mrs. Jayashree Venkatraman has left in April 2012 and along with her many experience teachers have left the school too. There is no formal communication from school about the changes. Moreover, the Pricipal's page on the DAV Pune website has been taken out giving vague picture. Currenly, there are very less teachers in the school and the management is ignoring students' studies at the cost of the politics going on within the school management. Teachers do not teach children and instead write everything on blackboard and asks students to just copy it down in the note books.

My brother wants admission in 11std for commerce....wat should he do ,,he has passed 10 in cbse board nly and he is oms ,had 92% in 10 ,whats is the steps to get addmission..

My daughter is in DAV Pune.Her roll number is more than 50..I really dont understand how can a teacher look after huge number of students..During one parent teacher meeting I asked teacher about my daughter's performance..She asked me how many numbers did she get in her exams? I said 56 out of 60.She said that means she is good.. eachers at DAV dont know the kids whome they are teaching..
If I am correct a class upto middle should not have more than 40 kids so that the teacher can give individual attention.Does this shcool need parent teacher meeting when teahers dont know whome they are teaching?

Yes I agree, teachers should be aware of what their students are doing. still there is big compitition for getting adminssions in DAV, why?

Dear Parent & DAV Management,

We all parent trust your school & your management fully. But this is really surprising that we could not teach discipline to the bus drivers. Its really unfortunate that Bus driver changes the route as per their convenience. They have sufficient time to purchase gutkha or paan but not time to pay whats wrong happening in bus. They leave/drop the children anywhere on road. Dear sir/madam, I am sure, you will also not like to see, your own child in trouble. Can we Parent expect some change in this behavior of drivers of school bus?

Drivers of DAV Pune are so insensitive that they drop students forcefully anywhere away from their home stops. Small children , can not even call their parents, neither they have idea about the way back to home. Just imagine how much horrible this is.Any DAV admin can verify this.

Please complain in school directly.. rather than putting it up here
Action is taken against the drivers
This is personal experience.

Namaste Sir,

Could you please let me know when will the admission start for the session 2012-2013.
I want take admission for my son in class III.
When will you start giving the admission forms.

Please let me know on my email.

Email- padmyoga@gmail.com

Namaste Sir/ Madam

I am working in Embassy of India Tashkent my tenure is going to finish end of the
June,2012. so pl. give my child Admission for class III.

Shri. Sandeep Wankhede
Embassy of India
Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

my son Devesh wikhe whom i wants to admite in your school so let me know when the admision form are to be filled

My Son Tejas Vanjari whom I wants to admit in your school so let me know when the admission form are to be filled

hy my i knw ifd facilities f d skol r aapropriate fr science in 11th.....

plss do reply

when will eleventh standard final exams begin and when will they end...May i please know the exact dates of final exams of eleventh standard??I want to know the time table of final exams??


Could you please let me know when will the admission start for the session 2012-2013.
I want my son get his admission done in class IV.
When will you start giving the admission forms.

Please let me know ASAP.

Vinod Narkhede

A pathetic school with a very small ground. Poor sport facilities & very high fees. All the teaching staff isn't good in fact some fascists can't speak english.

excuse me...i'm a student of dav and it hs more den 15 sports for inter-school, state-level etc. etc. and everyone knws..dat every year there's a topper from dav....and if you go to any school you have to study..infact our school has more activities like rotary club..green champ..etc.. we also have prefects then many other things....I GO TO DAV FOR STUDYIN! I agree that the number of students is more than other school..bt it also helps us to face different people with different nature...it is veryy nice..bt yes..it is veryy hard to take admission in dav! :) and one more thing as much i knw a hindi teacher if dont knows english is not a big deal..!!!


Could you please let me know when will the admission start for the session 2012-2013.
I want my son get his admission done in classVII.
When will you start giving the admission forms.

Please let me know ASAP.

Narinder Kang

Dear Sir,

Please let us know the admission procedure for Nursery or Jr. K G in the yr. 2012-13
When admission will start ?

My Daughter is 3 yr old as on 18 April 2012, I want to take admission in DAV Public School, Aundh, Pune

Please guide me the admission process.

Dear Sir,

Please let us know the admission procedure for Nursery or Jr. K G in the yr. 2012-13
When admission will start ?

My son is 3.6 yr old as on 1 April 2012, I want to take admission in DAV Public School, Aundh, Pune

Please guide me the admission process.

my son will completing 4 yrs in jun12.will he get the admission in jr.kg or he will repeat the nursrey and when the forms will issue?
pls. reply.

Respected principal
I am teaching in cbse school alwar(raj) I want be a part of your school as teacher

I have heard good about your school and I am getting transferred to Pune. I want admission for my Son in 12th Standard in 2012. Can you let me know when the forms are distributed?

Thanking you

please will u tell us the procedure for admission in 11th std we are shifting to pune

we are just shifting to pune, and requesting all to provide us the feedback about DAV public school at pune.
my kids are in 5th and 8th std and it criticalto identify a suitable and good school.

pl help.


I think Dav is 1 of the best skools. it has lots of avtivities compared 2 otheer skools. the teachers are very educated. disciplne is pretty gud 2.

Dear Sir,

Please let us know the admission procedure for Nursery or Jr. K G in the yr. 2011-12
When admission will start ?

My daughter is 3.6 yr old as on 1 June 2011, I want to take admission in DAV Public School, Aundh, Pune

Please guide..


i used 2 go 2 da v and the school is awesome
as long as u love ur frnds ofcourse
otherwise it prettymuch sucks

Dear Sir/Madam

I got transferred from Nagpur to Pune. I have 2 daughter who are in class V and IX in St Xavier High School at Nagpur

Pls let me know the procedure for admission

Thanks & Regards

Pankaj Gupta

Can anybody tell me when is the admission procedure starts for Nursery? when the forms will be available?
My son is now 2 yrs. old i want to take his admission in DAV public school, Aundh, Pune for the year 2010-2011. Also tell me about the age criteria and the fees structure.

Can anybody tell me when is the admission procedure starts for Nursery? when the forms will be available?
My Dauthor is now 2 yrs. old i want to take her admission in DAV public school, Aundh, Pune for the year 2010-2011. Also tell me about the age criteria and the fees structure.

Wanted to transfer the admission from mumbai to pune,Could you please tell me the procedure .

Regards Sanjay Wadatkar

Dear Sir,

I am trying to contact on all nos. for DAV - Aundh Pune, to enquire about procedures and dates for admissions for Std. 1 & & for my wards. We are shifting from Mumbai to Pune , and want my wards to be admitted in this academic year.

We would be very much grateful to get information on the dates for approaching the school for the stated classes and complete the admissions formality, if the seats are available.

Waiting for communication and contact details.

Thanks in advance.


Rajesh Oak

As i was trying from last three month's to know about the avaliablity of the from for the class-1 . But Iam not geting any information through ur offical web side . So please let me now about the avaliablity of form.


Ranjeet singh ladhar.

I am not able to open school site and the phone nos are also not working. I wish to understand the admission procedure to class 3rd and class 8th.

Hi All,
I was out of india sicnce long time and now wanted to admit my kids into DAV public school 3rd Standard so could ypou please tell me all branches available in pune and i am concering only DAV public school.pleae reply anyone to this simple question asap or school managment body canaslo reply on this soon.

Thanks and Warm Regards.

hi madam,
please do consider my request to keep the toilets clean in your school .The toilets of your school is in such a bad condition that student just have avoid using it. But you should think how can they avoid it .We also cover our nose while passing through the corridors when we visit their. There are water all over the floors in the toilets. You should give the instruction to the person who is responsible to keep the toilets clean,to sweep the floors after the lunch break and please use phennyol also.


This problem is still not solved even after repeated requests to the school management over the years. It is disgusting to note that a school of repute does not even maintain basis basic basic cleanliness. I think the parent teachers associations are also useless if they cannot take up this simple task of ensuring that the toilets are clean.

You will be surprised to note that yesterday, the school reopened, and in the morning, the toilets were as bad as ever. This is the ultimate height.

Only specified children are involved in the activities; If we complain, our child will lose whatever little chance he has. This is commercialization of education without even being sensitive to basic issues of the children. There is no use talking to the authorities concerned because they are deaf to these problems for reasons best known.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I agree with you that the school is deteriorating day by day., Hefty amount for 'Activities' is collected at the time of admission. However, no activity throughout the year ever happens.

Last month, the drawing sir of VII 'I' involved only one girl for some drawing competition. The other children were not even informed about such competition. This is in very poor taste and reflects the apathy of the principal and the management towards fairness and justice. If a School behaves in this fashion, it is disastrous and dangerous to the future of the community and country.

School is getting worst and money minded. In one class 60 student and poor transportation services. Management does not care of parents issue and not ready to talk or interest in resolving issues. I think the problem is that is the only school available in that area and they are mis using this luxery. Any way worst school of Pune..

Dear sir/madam,

Please let me know the availability of seat in III rd class for my Daughter as I transferred from Hyderabad to Pune.

Iam really surprissed to know the hike in tution fees .As the recession end the school management have increased the tution fees .And the are asking from the parents to pay the arreas also.

Unable to open the DAV site mentioned above.

i am also not able to open dav web site...

Earlier, I used to get "bandwidth exceeded" error message.

Now, it appears that they school forgot to renew the domain. I get some random ads when I go to the site now.

School - Please fix the issue.


Name the website plz??..... a search in google and then accessing the website from the search engine will surely work out.. Plz try

Many parents of DAV school students have been hearing last few days that School has been hiding the real figure of Swine Flu positive students. If that's true, it's really serious matter and I just hope that's not happening. Education is very important but such things will not help in preventing spread of this dangerous virus & will make things worst. It's also question of creditibility & trust. I hope this message goes to school management & they clarify about it.

It's everybody's job to contain the spread of virus & parents should take proactive role by not sending their kids to school when sick rather than only thinking about they missing something important on education front. That loss can be made up with additional efforts.

one of concerned parents of DAVian student

The Principal,

It was nice to recieve a well-drafted circular on school's efforts owards swine flu management by your eloquent goodself.

However, the school should bear in mind that parents do cross check about your commitments, and my ward informs me that the class teacher has never checked any student for any physical complaints.

Also, when you dictate Saturday working and call for an average 50 students per class to attend school, it is indeed your duty to ensure that teaching staff are also present. Unfortunately there were no periods conducted on last saturday in one of your classes due to unavailability of teachers.

Madam, the love and care for children that you have been professing in last few circulars should be practiced as thoroughly as it is preached by you......

Respected Principal madam,
I am not sure if this message will reach you but still raising it. I heard and confirmed that there are few cases of swine flu reported from your school. But this time, I noticed that the infected kids are allowed to attend the school until the medical test confirmed swine flu.
Please note that it is very risky to allow infected kids to attend schools. I would request school authorities to send kids back home if they show signs of flu. I would also like to request parents to stop sending their wards to school even if they show slight signs of flu.

A Parent

Here's the reference to the : article from Indian express

Yes I have also noticed the same thing, and we some of parents has decided, not to send Childs to schools even though they are normal. We should take care all of the Childs not even our only.

yes I have also decided not to send children to school.

Dear Principal Madam,
Please ensure the hygenic condition of the toilets in your school. Parents are really scared to send the kids to school for the Swine flu pendemic in Pune. If the school does not maintain the minimum hygenicity, it is not possible to keep the student out of danger from this flu. Please try to ensure regulat chequeup of all the restrooms to keep it clean and safe for our kid.

Respected Principal madam ,
1. The Global population is in the grip of Pandemic Swine Flu.
We all unanimously agree that observing all possible individual and collective protective measures will contribute immensely towards successful fight against this epidemic. One of the best proactive and a leading step taken by you was the decision to close the School as a precaution.
2. Now that adequate awareness has been spread and measures adopted to prevent further harm, a cause of concern is the TIME lost by the Children and Teachers from the School curriculum. Although, you will be deliberating in house upon the subject , you may consider the following while arriving at the plan to offset the time loss.
(a) Total working days lost = 2+ 4+ 4 =10
Less exam days = 03
Net days lost = 10 – 03 = 07
( b ) Considering the psyche of children, the students may not be loaded to attend School on Sat /closed holidays, as they may construe it as an undue punishment for no fault of theirs . In addition, we need to give them some time for assimilation and self learning during the weekends , because heavy /compressed dosage would be fed to them on week days.
(c) Further madam, if need be , you may consider constricting the contents / portion for Languages and S.St . Maths and Sciences portions may have to be covered completely due to linkages in fundamentals and graduated progression of the subject . If reqd , a part of the portion can be carried forward to the 2nd term , as some time saving will also accrue out of the cancellation of the Sports Week .

4. Although, the WHO predictions about the VIRUS mutating and likely to return in much more severe form causing deaths in hundreds of thousands and effecting 50-70% of the mankind population, we have to be prepared for the worst, though not factoring this in our current plans to cope up with extraordinary situation and times created due to Health concerns.

Thanking you.

A Parent

hiiiii...........i'hv been trying to open the dav aundh site for hours..but it always tells that the broadwidth is exceeded!!....
i'm in abroad now!!...but i want to get information about the reopening of the school after swine flu holidayz!!...itz urgent and neede to plan my return tickets!!..so plz do help by making the site fit !!...
thank you n hav a nice day!!...

The school is reopening on 24th August 2009.

ya, thts what i hv been seeing----"bandwitdth exceeded.............." we can,t open the website. what to do......... mine is the same case. I am also not in Pune.........and after todays school bus fire event in Vashi, even more scared to send the kids in bus.
DAV,s bus service is really very poor, the kids are just dumped like herds.

Dear sir /madam
i want to bring it to ur kind notice that when the nation in general & pune in particular ( place i stay with my family ) are battling with war like situational response to the pandemonic flu ' H1N1 ". all schools , malls , multiplexes have been closed & crowded areas visit advisorys have been issued by state /district authorities.
but ironically , DAV public school in pune which has closed for students , upto 16 aug , is insisting upon the teachers to come to school regularly for 8 hrs.
i want to know & express that are the teachers guinea pigs? is their life not at risk?why r they being exposed to flu suspectively?
through ur medium i want the school authorities to review their unethical decision!

The school is ok but the school bus service is extremely pathetic.It can not be called a service since the drivers and the caretakers do not care for childrens safety and drop them on the road with traffic.
Calls to the bus co-ordinators go in vain.
Mails are not replied....
The school looks to be interested only in growing number of classes and making money...

rightly said... the bus services are bad.. the school is interested in making money only... no propery grounds for playing.. they have built one more building on the school ground.

D.A.V.Public school's website http://www.davaundhpune.com/ never opens ,It always shows bandwidth limit exceeded.

Same problem with me. I am not able to open the website at all

Hellow sir gud afternoon.sir i wannaa a teaching job.If any vacancie in ur school according to my qualification so pleas sir reply me.Very Thankful to u.I m sending my resume in ur email.