Delhi Public School (East)

No.43/1B & 45, Sulikunte Village, Dommasandra , Bangalore
(+91-80) 2782 2260 / 61/63 |

Board: CBSE

DPS East is located in Dommasandra (off of Sarjapur Road). You should be able to get most of the information from the DPS website. Scroll down this page to see the FAQ:

It answers some of the basic questions about the admission procedure and the functioning of the school.

DPS has a head office for it's Bangalore schools. The address is:

    * #3/2, 4th Floor, Al-Ameen Apts, Patallama Temple Street, Basavanagudi

The other branches of Delhi Public School (DPS) in Bangalore are listed below:



See it all here:

Fee Structure
  • Admission: Rs 20K
  • Caution Deposit (Refundable): Rs 20K
  • Fees yearly: Rs 40K
  • Bus fare: Rs 15-16K
  • Donation (?) - Rs.30K (in cash - no reciept)

Thanks for the info, DPSParent



Hi All,

Anyone else applying for the same .

on 8-oct i submitted the application form and they have called for interaction on 16th oct....other dates are in month end will close for Dussera vacation.

any idea about latest fee structure etc....and when i have to pay the money etc.

Please help as these all things are new to me

Thanks ,

Hello Mr.Raja

I read your comment. Please do some research before writing any comments.Dps east teachers are well educated teachers.May be it's typo.On what basis you are commenting that housewifes are running school. Housewifes can also join as a teacher and they are also educated ladies.Please change your mentality.

Many of you were talking about this school. I went to their website today and was laughing at the way curriculum is written: CURRICULLUM
I will think 10 times before sending anyone their way. I am sure some housewives are running the school instead of watching TV serials. Ho ho ho!!!

hey ...(Mr .Raja..The most educated gentleman in dis forum...)...why do you make such comments about a house wife ..?? you think all house wives are sum sort of blonde bimbos??..I feel ashamed of the kind of opinion you have and the picture you are painting about house wives ..Its the house wives who keeps things perfect at home and give u men peace to work ...please change u r view about them ..or it doesnt make any difference which school u r kid goes ..when u as a parent will put such thots to ur kid neways ...rem ...wt u think is wt u teach ur kids ...the least i expect from u after what u wrote is a public apology ....

30K & no receipt - Is it a scam?


Are you OK with 30K with no receipt? Please avoid encouraging corruption. Think what your kid will become?

Any idea when they are going to start the process for LKG? Anyone got call from DPS East for LKG admission?

I called them up today morning. They said they haven't started process yet and there is no expected date with them too.

Anybody got call for DPS Bangalore East LKG Adminssions

Hi my son completed 2 years this 23rd July..When can I admit him for prenursery in this school? please let me know looking for options if I dont get here


My son will be completing 2 yrs this month. Do they admit for pre nursery for 2012? If so ..when can I get the admission application?

Can anyone guide me with the process of admission to LKG at DPS Sharjapur through donation / amount etc. I want to get my son admitted to LKG at DPS Sharjapur this year. Debashis

can you help me with the fees structure for UKG adminssion for DPS sarjapur

You better go for any other school. They told this year they are not taking admission for LKG. In DPS Kindergarten is good, but remember after 2 years yuor child will be in 1st std, then onwards the condition is horrible. No discipline, Teaching staff are not qualified, so and so. It is a kind advice dont spoil your childs future

Anyone can help with the procedure of admission with Donation at DPS Sharjapur please let me know / guide me. I want to get my son into LKG there this year itself. Thanks Debashis

It is Sarjapur

I am also waiting for a call from DPS for nursery admissions June,2011. when I called them today, they told me that first list is out and they hope to complete the admission process by december end.

Can sombody please let me know if you have a got a call for non alumni /sibling category for Nursery ?

I called them up today morning. They said they are sorting the forms. They also added that if my child's name is shortlisted we will be informed by the second week of Dec.

I called them up today morning. They said they are sorting the forms. They also added that if my child's name is shortlisted we will be informed by the second week of Dec.


Did they check your's kid's name on phone? Did You receive any SMS regarding that?


I just had my kid admitted in DPS East last week. Before admitting I had talk to host of parents ( both existing & prospective) and some teachers & office bearers. More of less the feedback is good. DPS East looks to be a good school and will improve strength to strength years to come. Morover it is a DPS brand.

The good part is that the Std 12 is starting next year. This year the first Std 10 is passing out. The management is very optimistic they will get good results in CBSE exam this year.

By the way fees this year is about the following:

Admission: Rs 20,000
Caution Deposit: Rs 20,000 ( Refundable during the time of school leaving)
Fees yearly: Rs 39,900 ( Payable in 3 installments)
Bus fare: Rs 15000 ( Less than 15KM) or 16000 ( More than 15KM)

Though it does not have modern interactive way of study like the International way of study ( applied in the many International Schools), it follows the traditional Indian way of education. The infrastructure is good and congenial for kids.

DPS a brand in Bangalore..LOL!!!!it's in Delhi.

The road from main road to school is in pathetic idea how small kids commute thru this horrible road!!!

I just went to DPS for interview today. But I am surprised to know that the fees structure is different than what u mentioned. Apart from the Admission: Rs 20,000
Caution Deposit: Rs 20,000, they have asked an additional 30,000k in cash. Yearly fees around 37K for nursery and transport around 15K.

Can somebody enlighten me about the actual fees structure?

I missed out the Rs 30,000 cash donation amount ( no reciept)...


just wanted to check if anyone started getting call for MOn/Nursery admission at DPS east?

Called up the school today. Was informed that first round of admission (sibling criteria) has begun / probably got over. The next round will start from next week. Age is the main criteria.


I missed out the Rs 30,000 cash donation amount ( no reciept)...

Main criteria for admission:

1. Age

2. Qualification of both parents.

3. Distance. If it is too beyond 15KM is a problem ( but not a bindling problem). But they have distance limitation depending on the bus route.

anybody got a call frm dps yet??

If someone wants to transfer from DPS North to DPS east , admission fees needs to be paid twice ....

Hi, I am thinking to apply for the DPS Nursery admission 2011 for my kid. Not sure whats the admission procedure, fee structure , max how much we will have to pay?? The teaching methods etc.
And when do they start giving the forms? I tried calling the number listed in the webdsite but it seems to be a invalid number it does not get connected at all.


The admission forms will be given on Oct 25th. I called them today.

DPS east I follow for many reason as my kid study there, dont know how it looks like NPS is famous in bangalore so another with "PS" gettng on, with the name it had from delhi.

As i know the north and south DPS seems to be professional and good schools, East is pathetic, they have no qualified teachers it loooks and nothing seems to work, all good thing is they are ready to listen whatever way you scold them, so parents can fee happy!!! never ever get in, they have no basic idea of how to run the school and academics are bad and sub standard.

DPS vs any other cbse school in bangalore the story looks sad. I prefer a govt school rather to DPS east, its your choice, you can have a restaurant serving good food, or a place where all smile at you but screw your stomach. Time has come to unite and fight against this way of irresponsible school system.

Right to education is a great this happened but who will clamp or check the way these private organizations operate.

My son goes to DPS east, and i completely agree with your observation. There is absolutely no structure to the education, if you can call what they dish out there 'education'. The teachers are rude, to the child and the parent, and the principal has no clue how to run a school.

My son moved to the school this year after having studied in some excellent schools in Ahmedabad and Chennai, and he is hating it there. 12-13 is anyway a difficult age for children, and peer pressure of the negative kind is just beginning. He has not participated in a single activity in school in the last 4 months that he has been there, it just isnt encouraged. Teachers 'dictate' answers and feedback to the child and parent is almost always negative. If you have researched better institutions in the vicinity, do let me know. Am most certainly going to move him next session.


Since you said your son has studied in chennai, could you pls suggest us some good schools in chennai as we would be moving to chennai from bangalore next year.

I'm currently looking for admission to my son who is in IV std now and trying admission for V std.


Look whatever~your~name is..DPS east is an amazing school.I am a student and am very happy is one of the best schools in the country and I request you not to badmouth it so publically.Our teachers and staff are highly qualified (.Where did you get the information that they are not?!?!) there is absolutely no pressure on students .Moreover,DPS maintains a healthy balance in between work and play and is not like some schools (nps for example)that only stress on studies.DPS is an amazing school and anyone who says otherwise should get a second opinion.

Language used is certainly not that of a student !

I completely Agree with you. Language used is definitly not a student!!!!

Hi all,
I am seeking admission for my kid in class 5 in DPS. I would like to know if the academics and student culture in DPS is good in higher classes? Do they give individual attention and is there more homework?
Thanks a lot.

Or can we still expect another final list from DPS east?

DPS East ahve completed the admissions for Nursery 2010 and 2011.

Only soem transfer and sibling cases are being considered for the next 2 days after which tehy will close the admissions. This year the lists were put up for only 200 seats out of the 320 seats tehy ahev for nursery. God knows how thye have filled the remaining ones....

Remaining seats are called management seats. if you have contacts and ready to pay more donation you can also get that seat.
I really don't think this kind of admission method should be therer at nursery level. Pathetic.

Even when I called them sometime back, they said they are have 300+ seats. Not sure why they are closing the admission with just 200 seats filled. Are they planning to reduce the strength for some reason?


My kid has been called by DPS east for interaction. I want to know if they will announce the result immediately after the interaction and ask us to pay the fees? Or are they just conducting interactions and will announce the results after interaction with all the kids are over?

Hi Ritesh
When did you get a call? Is your kid in second or third list? I have also applied for my kid but no luck yet. In your case, is a sibling studying in the school or parents went to DPS?

They have also put a fourth list for interaction on tuesday. Did you check that?

Hi Ritesh
Thanks for the reply. Yes, I checked but no name in 4th list also. In your case, is a sibling studying in the school or parents went to DPS? Have you applied in DPS South also?

No. Neither we are alumni nor we have siblings studying there. Distance from school might have been a factor. How faar are you from the school?

Yes, that might be the reason as we are in koramangala around 10 kms. How far are you? Also what did they ask during interaction? How much is the fees and how early you need to deposit it? Thanks.

I am also waiting for my kid.

I recived sms from dps east on 9th dec saying that chld is short listed for intervirew.

But till now her name is not figured in the list . I am geting bit anxious now.

Any other parent has faced the simiar instance then kindly share.


dps east is the worst school as they don't give personal attention at all and the staff behaves like they r kings and queens of the world

I think that is a blatant lie as my child is in DPS east and I find the staff very helpfull and friendly.I also didnt have any admission hassles and felt that they have one of the most transparent adm. procedures.

I can not agree with your statement that DPS East is transparent in their admission process. It is not transparent at all. More than 100 seats they just reserve as management seats which you can get by paying higher donation. Do you call such admission process transparent? There are lots of hidden loop holes there. You may not have experienced that..

....that is available for the regular admission, they are transparent unlike NPS.

Could you please give an example? I am moving to Bangalore and trying to get my daughter in this school in 4th Grade. i would like to hear more from you.
Thank you

When you give a comment, brief the incident that made you come to this conclusion. Otherwise, it will be ignored as yet another blunt comment. Is you kid studying in the school? Have you applied for your kid's admission??

The DPS is famous Name and Fame for your child , Howwver at the basic level is you consider the school ,
points here

infrastructure - 95 Very good .
Swiming pool - Good Size ( Not for small Kids ) fase for above 2nd standard kids.
dance and music - 20 ( They still are in leraning face ) /
extra activities - Feild visits for Kids , Malls etc. You need to bay basic costs starting from Rs 30 /- to 500/- or more.
Education - Teachers are not good ( Sub-standard / unprofessional ), temporary staff most of them leave and keep changing . Kids enjoy very much in school.
Addmission - You can Get addminssion if you can pay them donantion any time thoughout the year _ you need to meet the admin head near the fee desk :) .
DPS is a school for professionals who dont want to teach there kids and spend time doing there homework . NO Home work at basic levels .dont know if there are for class above first .
Bus Service - Check before addmission if they agree to give bus service to you dorr step they do not change the bus route as they have already un manageable Busses which come late by 30 mins to school . even after paying for BUS you may not get as there is no seat in the bus .
above 15 kms its 16000 .

You need to shell out a lakh of ruppee per kid for addmission .

Not sure if this is a type of national level schools and education we expect after payinh heavyly . DPS EAST is a BOGUS School altogather .

Apt review of DPS East.. the only change, this year 2011-12, they have hiked the BUS fee from Rs.16000 to Rs.17500/- (may be fine due to hike in fuel prices). Not sure about other fees for New admissions.
The biggest issue this year is with the Transport with "hell-to-you" attitude. first three months were nightmare to us, as me and my wife had to take leave alternately to check on which BUS our child was being dropped and infact the Driver once directly asked our 6 yr old child to take a walk alone towards her designated drop point instead of the BUS dropping at the stop. When complained every body ducked the blame and passed the ball on to the other person, finally the buck stopped at the Transport Owner (Royal Tourists).
When met the Transport Owner, we were surprised to find a unethical attitude of this guy (one of the unorganized, inefficient, moral less & indecent person whom i have ever come across). Till date, my child still travels standing in the morning inspite of shelving Rs.17500/- for a 16km distance. School authorities had vowed to come for checking it out, which is yet to happen since the last two months.
We have lost hope and some how managing to clear this Academic year. One of the parent had openly vented his frustration calling the entire team (school authorities and Transport) as a RACKET for looting money in the name of unrefundable Transport fees. There were many Transport related cases most of the time we vist DPS-East. Looking at this my neighour has made a point not to send their child to DPS East.

Their biggest and one of the most important problem that they were not able to resolve is the Transport. There is no way we can get hold of a single owner to get your problem addressed. Every one will hear as if like this is the first time they hear some thing like this and next time if you meet the same person, they will give an expression like that the problem is resolved as per their understanding. Once, I've softly requested one person to repeat whats the problem we are talking about, no surprise! she was not able to explain it. But kept on saying it is resolved.

Unfortunately, there is no alternative for the parents. I think they are also aware of this and taking us for a ride in terms money and also torturing the kids.

I would urge other parents to take up the Transportation issue through right Channels. For example getting the signature of 25 parents and meeting the Principal and the Trust that is running the school. This is an issue that has troubled lot of parents and the responsible for this is in no way professional.

If we ignore the high handedness of the administrative and the Transport Staff the school seems to be good. Especially when compared to the other so called international schools that are charging astronomical fees with not even a proper infrastructure.

DPS infrastructure is really good when compared to other so called international schools. So far as the teachers are concerned it is same as any other school (other than the establised ones running from decades or the ones like TISB). Most of these schools have teachers with similar qualifications and background.

Other good part is that your child will have ample opportunities of competition as the number of students in one class is huge.

Nornal extra-cullicular activities are included in the fees. Additional coaching for sports etc comes at additional cost, but that is true for any other school.

Overall, it is an OK school from Bnagalore standards where even moral science is sold for a cost in schools.


Any idea if DPS will waive off donation fees, if the child's father is a DPS alumni ? DPS has a unstated policy (in north) that their children are considered for admission (with higher priority) if any of the parents is/are ex-DPS'ians. And are there any alternatives in Sarjapur apart from DPS. Lets put it this way - I have a budget of 1 lakh max, will my son get admission in nursery (in a good CBSE affiliated school) ? I feel sorry to hear about this donation and I'm ready to escalate it to DPS management for old time's sake.


You can consider other schools such as Vagdevi, Gear Innovative etc. There are close to outer ring road, are CBSE, and well within your budget.
All the best.