Delhi Public School (North, Yelahanka)

1224, Bagalur Post, Jalla Hobli, Sathanur Village, Yelahanka, Bangalore
28478041/42 |

Board: CBSE


Delhi Public School (DPS), North in Yelahanka belongs reputed group of schools run by the DPS Society. The school is located off of NH7 headed towards Devanahalli. Quite convenient for those who are looking for a school in the northern part of the city.

The age criteria is 3+ for Nursery and 4+ for LKG as on 30th June of the year.

Admission forms are available @

UPDATE: There are some pictures about hostel blocks in the school's website. One of our users (thanks Azzam) pointed out that they close it (hostels) down about 2 years back.

The other branches of DPS in Bangalore are located in Sarjapur East) and on Kanakapura Road (South)

More information about the DPS Society can be found @ :


Well i see all these parents discussing about fees which i will not comment on as i am totally unaware about it. However as an ex student of DPS bangalore north please trust me when i tell u it is a wonderful place for ur kids to study. The school places an emphasis on academics over extra curricular activities, however not to the extent of NPS which overburdens its students completely with studies. The campus is very green and the bus service is excellent. Additionaly the teachers are well qualified and the classrooms are not overflowing with students.DPS achieves an excellent balance between studies and co-curricular activites and sports. Also the DPS North campus is much better than the South or East campus by a long shot. All in all I was very happy at this school and there is no reason why ur kids will not be.

Sorry to say but you sound like a admission agent for the school. So much money of students below 10 std. I think its time when government put some guidelines of profit ratios. These schools are running with 200 -500% profit. No one bothers about cost vs profit ratio. As we parents we always wants best for our kids we are ready to sell our self for betterment for our kids. But these people are taking advantage of our pity sentiments. I believe days of home schooling is not far.

Hi, our comoany has confirmed our trabnsfer to Bangalore i the year 2012, My son is studying in Class VI, right now. We are looking for a nice CBSDE school in Bangalore, in & around Hebbal area. Grateful if I can get some goopd options for schools. Thanks & Regards


I have plans to admitt my child in DPS North for LKG, i stay near Hebbal ,could any one tell or suggest me is that worth sending my child so far ? since i am worried about the quality of the education and we have been asked to pay huge ammount.(70k+40K+16K+others)?

We went to admit our 3 year old in nursery at DPS North yesterday. We were
shocked when the headmistress told us that in addition to the
admission and caution fees, we had to pay Rs 30000 extra in cash, for
which we would not be given any receipt!!

This is not what we expected from a so-called good school, supposedly imparting good education and values to its students.

Thanks for your post Abhishesk, I too have applied for Nursery in DPS North and waiting for the call. Its really shocking to know this. I really have to think again now.
Have heard that 70,000 is the addmission fee, and 40,000 is the tution fee, 16,000 for Transport and some more fees for books, uniforms.
Isnt all this toooooooo much ? and still they are expecting 30,000 more ???
this is disgusting!

It is surprising , however I wanted to post some clarity on this 30K.
The admission fees is 70K of which 20K is admission fees + 20K for caution money(refundable) + 30K ( which will should be in cash).
totals to 70K of which 40K in cheque and 30K in cash.

I have enquired at other schools and the range for this first time admission is 60-70K however some opt for bank deposit, dd, cheque and cash..

yeah it is really atrocious but we have no other go. I got the receipt 5 years back for the cash component as a voluntary contribution( though not volunteered). but today when I admiited my second child I was shocked when they informed me that they shall not give the receipt for the cash component( which is very huge). But I could not react to it as the admission process was already done. We are at their mercy.

I went for collecting Admission form for pre nursery and the same was told to me. 70,000 as development fee, 40,000 for tuition fee, 16,000 for transport. and now what is this 30,000 for? Anybody tell me is it worth to go with DPS?

I went to collect Admission form for pre nursery and they told the same thing as 70.000 as the development fee in which 20,000 is refundable, 40,000 as the fee for a year, and 16,000 as transportation fee, and what is 30,000 now? its exhaustive, other schools are charging around 500 per month for transport. what is going on in DPS, Somebody please tell me is it worth to go with DPS?

Hi all,

The 30,000 is part of the 70,000 fees. we need to give 2 cheques 20,000 each, so thats 40,000 and 30,000 in cash for which there will be no recepit. And out of those 2 cheques one of it will be refunded when leaving out.
yes its quiet expensive, even I am not sure if its worth it or not.
I heard that most of the hobbies like YOGA, Swimming, GOLF are all paid hobbies and we need to pay it additionally.
can anybody let me know more about it ?


All we are talking for 2011 session can any one share Is there any increment in Fee for 2012 session , any idea?

Hi all,

Yoga and swimming are a part of the curriculum and not paid for. Golf is treated as a after school activity . Coaches from and academy come to teach the sport.

My kids study at DPS BN and absolutely love the place.


Every one speaking their kindergarten leven only, I never found sigle parents comment about their SSLC or PUC level kids feedback. That is ultimatly gole of our kids study and quality of their education level.

They are collecting only money from parents and every one getting backmail by emotionaly for their liitle one's future.

Please could some one share their experience abot DPS north SSLC anc PUC education quality.

As my experiance, as observation to the campus during farm collection unable to find out any smart neither students nor teachers.

College is highly influenced by political covered shade due to that media helping to advertising as each and every extra good quality without any base.

We as parent never checking what is quality of children in school at higher level of study there.

What u said Mr. Raj is very correct. Even I was not able to find any comment on how the school is. Parents are discussing only about the fees. Will anybody please come out of the fees and talk about the overall performance of the students when they are in school, also when they step out and face the real world...

My daughter is also studying in same schul.iam very happy about her studies.coaching in senior class is too good.