Gopalan International School

13, Doddenakundi Phase 2, Brookefield Road, Bangalore
+91-80-4093-6034, 4218-4340 |

Board: ICSE

The school currently offers admissions till the 7th grade. (The school adds one additional grade as the years progress). The school currently follows the ICSE curriculum across the grades. At a later stage the school intends to offer IGCSE or IB. The number of students in each class is around 30.

The school's website has been updated and is much better than the older version. Do look that up for further details.

Gopalan Enterprises also runs the Gopalan National School


The school offers most of the usual activites that you would expect of an international school. The school also offers "outreach programmes" which is quite interesting. We have not see too many schools offering this.

Further details here:

Fee Structure
  • Looks like the fee has been revised up fromt he earlier amount of around Rs. 40K.
  • Per Frank (Thanks for the tip Frank) - the fees seem to be about Rs. 60K (for admission) and Rs. 60K for tution fees (for 1st grade).

Please check with the school for updated information (and drop us a line if the figure is different. Thanks).

School Timing
  • Playgroup I:                 10:00 am to 12:00 Noon
  • Playgroup II: to Prep:      8:15 am to 12:40 pm
  • Std. I to VII:                   8:15 am to 3:00 pm




Can any body tell us the fee structure of 5th std ?

I am contacting you from last 1 hour but nobody is lifting the call. I think it may be wrong number. So please contact me immediately so that I want to know the complete details of your school.
Thank you.

Dear All,

I joined my daughter in goplan international school 3 years back.Initially school was good but now its become worst .They are giving more importance to extra curricular activities not for the studies.i have strong feeling that the fees is comparitively very much high than any other schools on bangalore.And they are not providing any other benifits for the huge money.

Iam requesting you not to join in this school.I have never seen such type of worst school in bangalore.

With Regards

Hello Pratap
May i know which standard ur daughter is in now? i am planning to admit my daughter in 7th standard next year. Also i saw this year they had 100% results in 10th standard of ICSE. Is this true? can you share more details of your experience with this school.



My son will be 3 years 7 months in june 2013.I want to know

1.Age criteria for Playgroup II to Prep.and also want to know for Std 1.

2. Fee structure.

Your comments will help us.

Dear Sir/Madam,

We would like to know the admission procedure for the subject :

1. Age for admission
2. Fees 3.
3. admission month and starting of the class
4. transport facility and fees
5. if any other procedures

please reply at the earliest



im interested in Gopaln school and idea about it im looking for mt 4 year old girl

I came back from overseas and visited many schools like greenwood high, Inventure acedamy, Vibgyor and finally decided to put my son in Gopalan International grade-2. In my experience it is not the best school but a decent one. After I paid the fees I didn't have to pay anything there are lots of activities like yoga, badminton, hockey, swimming, skating, outside trips etc. moreover academic side is also decent. I agree some teachers are good and some are not so good with kids, I guess that is problem with all school as most of the teachers in India work for money not for passion.

I am planning to send my Son in playgroup 2 ,Gopalan International school in 2011-2012 bacth. Just wanted to check about the education system of the school & Fees which has taken for the last year 2010 -2011 so that I can imagine for the 2011
Can anyone give feedback about the teachers and the education system of the school.
Can anyone tell how we can between Gopalan National & Gopalan International as per fees and extra facilities

I have my son going to GIS, and I'm happy with his progress, the teachers respond immediately to all our queries and concerns, and my son is doing well. 3 other kids from my area go to GIS and they again do not have any complaints.

Beware Gopalan Group Mgmnt not professional, they treat there teachers very badly, keeping some gundas with them , if any complaints from parents they will show there muscle power. It is happens in there construction field also

Hi Vikram,

Thanks for the info. I am also planning to admit my daughter (4 years old) in some nearby school. I work in Whitefield and was looking for schools nearby.
The Gopalan International School is just a stone throw away from my place but after seeing your reviews and some other reviews about the school, I would have to think twice.
Did you get your kid admit somewhere? I would appreciate if you and all who have/are visited/visiting this website can suggest some good schools with their fee structure.


Have had the misfortune of having my kids go to this school but now no more... The managment is pathetic and standard of teaching is even worse... Recently they had their annual function where supposedly their english teacher took centre stage literally and her speech said it all.

It seems that the management has complete apathy towards the condition of the their students not bothered at all their up-bringing and the teachers have care-too-hoots attitude.

Am surprised at the suddent decline in the qualiity as till last year my kid use to come back happy but in the last one year all good teachers have left and the ones left are not deserving.

My advise ... stay away from this school !!!

Put your child in GNS. they are more down to earth and the admn and teaching staff is very approachable. My husband and i are happy and my children very contented in the school.

I stay in Prestige Shantiniketan Whitefield. Looking for good school and day care formy kid. She is 3.5 yrs now. I prefer to take admission in nearby school&daycare as travelling should not be a burden for the kid. Please share your views.

I have admitted my children in GNS after coming back from the USA where we were for 12 years. i have found this school very good, the teachers very caring and the prinicipal very approachable. We are very happy.

I have 2 kids in Goplan International School and am satisfied with the school so far.
The teaching staff and non teaching staff are very accomodating to the students needs.
The co-curricular activities help the kids have a well rounded approach .

Hi I am planning to relocate to India from US and would like to consider Gopalan International School as it is in whitefield. What is the Fee structure for joining my 2 kids in 4th grade and Kindergarden (One is 8 years and another one 4 years) and what syllabus they offer? They are currently doing 3rd grade and Pre-K.
How is this school? Any comments and suggestions are very hepful.


Hi, Not sure if you have already completed admission for your kids in Gopalan. If not, I would suggest to keep off from the school. The fees hike every year is too much and when parents were wondering what is being delivered for the amout paid, we got to know a 'Gopalan College of Engineering and Management' has come up and they have already started advertising the college admissions for 2010. The campus is going to be the same for the school and the College, which is definitely a concern. The managment definitely is minting money in all possible ways, and the chairman is always said to be 'not in India' if parents want to meet him.


The fees mentioned here are less, when I enquire them they said

Admission fees: 60000
Annual Fees;: 60500

for 1st standard. (excluding transport )

Is it possible to know about their coaching system. are they good compare with Ryan and other intl. schools?

Hello All,
I would like to join my kid in Gopalan National School in the LKG. I just want to know how good the school is ... What is main language medium of instruction.
If someone could give us the info, it would be very helpful..
Thanks in advance,

Hi Ganesh,

Did your kid join Gopalan Natoional school, as I am also planning to put my kind in same school. Thought to check your experience?


1.when i went through the web site of the school, they have mentioned that they offer icse and igcse syllabus, but zeeksha mentions that they offer cbse. has the school changed the syllabus?????
2. any comments on how good/bad the school is

Hi Chitraneel: Thanks for pointing out the error in the data. We have fixed it. Thanks.

-Z Team

Hi, I had heard that Gopalan school is till standard 10. Here it is saying that it is till 7th grade. I am confused. Are there two different schools or what is it?

hi mugdha - thanks for pointing it out. The website still says that the school is offering admission till the 7th standard. Will check with the school and update the content appropriately.

-Z Team

Last week I admitted my son in Gopalan International for their L-KG (they called it nurserry) 2010 batch. They have till 7th std now and every year they are adding a new grade. 2012 they are going to send their 1st batch of Madhyamic candidates. The fee structure what you have mentioned is not correct. This is true for their National school. For their International unit, actual fee structure is almost double. I personally feel this is resonable (or may be cheap) when I compare it with the other schools in Bangalore of same level. their student teacher ratio is approx 25.

How good is the education system in Gopalan international? Is the coaching and teachers as good as popular convents?

hi, my son is studying in gis in LKG and iam comfortable with the teachings they are giving.


I am planning to send my daughter in playgroup ,Gopalan International school in 2011 bacth.Just wanted to check about the education system of the school and the ambience of the school.Can anyone give feedback about the teachers and the education system of the school.

We already got admission in Ryan International school for our daughter. Can anyone tell between Ryan and Gopalan International school which one is better.

Really appreciate the feedback on the above.



I am planning to send my daughter in playgroup ,Gopalan International school in 2011 bacth.Just wanted to check about the education system of the school and the ambience of the school.Can anyone give feedback about the teachers and the education system of the school.

We already got admission in Ryan International school for our daughter. Can anyone tell between Ryan and Gopalan International school which one is better.

Really appreciate the feedback on the above.


I am looking for schools in Whitefield and did some research. After talking to friends and few people , I heard few negatives about Ryan. I heard Dean's is good and also few positive responses to GIS and GNS. For Dean's it's already over .
I am also looking at GIS for my kid.
Any parent's who kids are going to GIS, GNS please provide the info.

my daughters have just passed out of the school (ICSE-10TH grade) with excellent percentage. They have been with the school since they were in 4th grade. We are extremely happy with the whole GOPALAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL experience.The teachers are great, management, the principal are very very approachable, sensitive and always there for the children. When we hear of all the unnecessary things like bullying, and hooliganism happening in other schools we are very thankful to the school as a whole unit-be it the transport authorities, the ancillary staff, the management, the teachers everyone in the school.nothing like that has ever happened to my daughters in all these 7 years. While they were in the school,I as a parent never worried about my daughters. When they reached their 8th and then the important 9th and 10th the whole school geared up and wow! we didn't have to worry at all. They were provided with the utmost care , personal attention, and one to one coaching in difficult topics.
They have grown up to be very mature , responsible and sensible girls thanks to the school.
Now that they have passed out of the school and started a new life in their respective colleges, they miss GOPALAN INTL.SCHOOL every minute of the day. They wish they were still in playgp with 12 more years of the school experience to look forward to.


We moved to India from US in 2007 and our kids are going to GNS. We like the school as they are well grounded, offer good education and the students, faculty are more down to earth than some other International schools we visited. Hope this helps

I am plannin to get my kid admitted to GNS, may i know how is this school and also if this affiliated to ICSE board ?

Hi all,

Many of my friends are having very bad experience with this school. There are lot of very good schools in Bangalore. It is based on Kerala based. Their concern is only Money. Fee is too high without any reason.

This is my opinion. Please check with different people.

Regards - Roshin

Gopalan International School shares its Huge Building with its Engineering College.. it is completely cut off but you never know when they cross paths.. it was kind of disturbing to me, thought I shd pen here abt it, cos I had no clue abt it until i went there.. FYI!