Greenwood High

Koramangala, Whitefield & Sarjapur-Whitefield Road, Bangalore
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Geenwood is one of the newer schools (started in 2004-2005) that have come up in Bangalore. The school was initially established by the Akash Ryall of Bethany. It appears that the school is under a new management now.

Greenwood offers a choice of ICSE and IGCSE to the students. The main campus is located on the Sarjapur-Whitefield road. There are pre-schools in Koramangala and Whitefield, which is quite convenient.

You can get the contact number, relevant email and the address of various branches here.

The school's website seems upto date. You should be able to get the basic information from there.

Parents: If you have any additional information (about fees and feedback) do share it with us. It will be helpful for others who are looking for useful information.


Cricket, Field Hockey, Gymnasium, Swimming Pool, Volleyball, Athletics, Aerobic

Arts & Crafts

Fee Structure
  • From 70K to 1.4L from Kg-1 to class 10.
  • Transport costs around 32K for the year.
  • Expected for 2011-12: 1.05L for for LKG and around 1.8L for class 10

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Parents Beware! If you are sending your kids by greenwood high school buses. The most indiciplined and rash drivers they have. They are the ones who block the railway gate by blocking the opposite lane creating a havoc. Many bus drivers are rash and they drive exactly like autos. I am one of the parents who takes the road everyday and really feel sorry for the kids travelling in there. Once they even got out of the road to overtake. It's very weird that the school is boasting about choosing the drivers and having alcohol test everyday. All the parents who take the route will agree with me.

For the year 2010-2011, the school fees for grade 1-4 was
Tuition for the year: 88K
Food Service Fees: 13K (breakfast, lunch and snacks)
Bus Charges (vary on distance): between 23K and 32K (airconditioned bus)

In addition, there is an admission fee.

The fee is expected to go up by 10% for the year 2011-12.

Please share your latest feedback on Greenwood Kormangala .

I have experience in Greenwood high PSAC at Koramangala. For the entire year, I have seen my ward coming back sad most of the time on being treated unfairly. This is despite teacher finds her exceptionally good.

Attitude of Principal is " I give a .... to what you think, I know more about your kid than you would ever know. Do not dare to speak anything against the school. "

While the school maintains that all kids are equal and bad things should not be spoken in front of them, they do not blonk a lid before talking rude to parents in front of kids, (on mike on a celebration day ).


its only favourable if you are on some good position in Govt org, rung a very business of your own. Then your Kid may enjoy without any complaints since he/she shall be awarded all his/her wishes.

We want to admit my son to Greenwood High.
Kindly suggest about school

International School - Green Wood High
They talk mony, they walk mony they eat money. Teachers have a disgusting attitude specifically when you want to give feedback. They potray International Standards but sadly are not better than a normal SSLC school. ADMIT YOUR CHILD AT YOUR OWN RISK. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED DO NOT ADMIT. GO ELSE WHERE...
Well Wisher

Well, all these so-called international schools are in the same bucket. Sometimes, I think, management of all these schools probably go for monthly meeting among themselves to discuss about how to make more money.

There should be some well defined control on these schools. They should publish(let people know) why they charging so much whereas traditional schools are charging reasonable amount of money. Moreover they should publish their fee structures in their websites.


Their fee ranges from 70K to 1.4L from Kg-1 to class 10. Add transportation to top it up. Transport costs around 32K for the year.
Expect final costs to be 1.05L for 2011-2012 session for LKG and around 1.8L for class 10.


I went for admission for my children. They asked 50k for admission fees for my elder son and 37500 for my second one as there is sibling discount then around 1lakh for tuiton fees and food and transportation separate. uniform books separate. So in the end it comes to 2.00 L for a 3rd std child. Too high. I paid the 50k for my first kid and they had told me that I could take time for my second child as there were enough seats for 2nd std. Now when i went to pay for my second one they say that it has increased it to 50k. THis is only admission fees rest the fees will be also hiked 10 percent. I am wondering is it worth paying so much

Hi We would be relocating to Bangalore and I was wondering about the fee structure at Greenwood.
My daughter would be in the 6th grade. Also do the fes include books , uniform, lunch bus.

Please help

From elsewhere on Zeeksha: An experience of a parent about Greenwoods High, Bangalore:

Ever Since Akash Ryall left the school administration, the school has completely lost its edge. The fees have been hiked and the parents are held to ransom. The administration is incompetent. I've observed this on two occasions. Once, when they organized a day trip to Innovative film city. It was total chaos during the drop off in Koramangala. Read full review here

-Z Team

I have heard about good reviews from parents but they are not happy about school forcing parents for their food only. They provide breakfast and lunch at school and obviously if parents can provide better food to their kids, they would not like school's food. School should understand that academics are their primary domain and they shud not force school's food on kid. I hope they listen and change their rule.

Yes, I do agree on this. They should not force on school food. Many kids are very much fond on home food. And when it is compulsory to pay for the food, even the parents start forcing the child to have school food even if they dont like. Atleast the school fees will be reduced :)

Common, its another business for them. Why do they want to lose it. They can earn some 1000% on what the kids eat. It's a school cum restaurant cum travel business out there