Kennedy High, the global school

Bachpally, Miyapur - Medchal Highway,, Hyderabad
+(91)-(40)-65288187, 65586827 / 28 |

Board: CBSE

Kennedy High is a co-educational institution that has both CBSE as well as SSC streams as well.

The school does not encourage rote learning and expects the students to understand the concepts. The concepts are tested through various methods of evaluation - worksheets, assignments, projects, and tests like slip tests, unit tests and term tests. Teaching aids like flash cards, audio-visual aids, Powerpoint presentations, Over Head Projectors, LCD are used.

The schools offers residential facilities.

Source: School's website


Kennedy High offers  Art and Craft work, Dance, Music- Vocal and Instrumental, Debate, Creative writing.

Sports -  Cricket, Badminton, Soccer, Throwball, Tabletennis, Swimming, Basketball



Fee Structure

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i just want to know whether globa kennedy is gud or not.i have a daghter and iam thinking her to join in this school.can anyone pls suggest me

Yes it's good school wrt general activities,Quality of education, communication skills ,Infrastructure & transportation. We too taken admission for my son for PP-2 class 2015-16 academic year.

My son is studing in 8th standard in Kesavareddy instirurion in Mahabubnagar branch. I have to take admission in 9th standard in your school with residential.. So Please send the fee particulars with residential.

Was shocked at their rude behaviour not allowing parents to see the school.There should definetely be some slot for visitors.Its pathetic,No place for the educated lot. What education will such uncivilised institute impart? This place is not worth the hard earned money..

HI this is kranthi kumar and my daughter is studying prep standard in this school,i want to notify the management regarding the exams of pp-ii students as they are not conducting the exams for prep students seriously,and more care regarding their studies and also school on sataurdays for prep students and more exposure towards play games and rhymes and school is not maintaining global standards and more fees structures are demanded.

I am planning to put my son in PP II. Can you provide me more info about school and PP II class?

hi my name is Asha latha,and my daughter is studying PP-II in kennedy,regarding school infra structurral wise its ok ,but for PP-II children they are not conducting exams THEN HOW WE KNOW OF THEIR ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE AND HOW WE CAN JUDGE IN WHICH SUBJECT THEY ARE WEAK ,I think competitive spirit sholud be cultivated from child hood itself,i was not satisfied with the studies here also they r not concentrating much on prep classes but fee is equal to higher class people

i have studied in this school. this school provides everything . activities, craft , art and curicular activities. this is a nice school. u can have any of ur admission in this school . this school is very nice in everything. ur studies can be better here. i dont know about 11th and 12th. but up till 10th studies are good here. teachers teach well. u may think i am a child what do i know. but i study in this school so i may know whats happening in the school. i am so happy studying in these school. this school gives u nice studies. u will be happy with ur studies here. be happy

presently in this school animation course is going on. this is very good for children's
but i would like to say, If starting they will learn basic drawing and graphic design works
then they can understand what is the multimedia and animation
becoz of animation is the higher stage in this filed. So that in starting they should learn
basic software like photo shop, coral draw and illustrator, After that they can do design his won characters and they can do animation also.

does this institution provide iit jee coaching for ssc passed students

I realised very soon about my mistake but I have to prepare for one acadamic year .
They do not care any body except money.

My child is travelling in the bus worse than in city busses.

when I asked they will say simply soon you will get a big bus, later I came to know that this is a common dialoge for the last two years.

As long as ethics are dominating by money this is expected with out any surprise.

They are veryb meen people. only they care about the MONEY! Being International School ( They are no up to the mark) because International - Care about Children Transportaion - Confort first --- Here this is missing - ONLY MONEY.. one more thing They make RULES by Themselves,....let people suffer ... they want their comfort...MGNT makes a RULES . any RULES for people needs and satisfied but here RULE making parents to suffer ... Very Very bad.

my child is studying in class1 and if u ask my satisfation from school ,it is 35 %, reason is that the school is just concerneed for money nothing else. my child lost her identity card in school and she was attending school without it, they dont even bother to send me a note why my child is not wearing her i card. i only wrote in her diary and requested for issuing of new i-card. and you wont beleive she got her lost i card after a month in the bus. as far as they claim about other activities like skating etc... i have a good example. her skates r kept in school only and every tuesday is the skating classes... her skates got broken and she told me she is not skating and sitting,while others r doing it, i waited for few weeks for response from school but they dont bother to write anything about this. when i asked about it ,they send the skate back.. see i have got more compl;ains of the school being irresponsible......SO I WILL SUGGEST U NOT TO OPT FOR THIS SCHOOL

as long as she is the principal and he is the chairman the school position and the result will be be be be beb e beb e beyond our limits means nothing

Do u have any feedback , i heard school is good but you get smell from the near by pharma factories

This is true.The smell from nearby pharma companies do bother but except that reason the school is pretty much okay.The smell is rare and not a everyday phenomenon.
A student of class tenth .

I wanted to join my son (UKG) in Kennedy High the global school.
Only bcaz it is hving gud infrastructure, looks to be OK regarding staff, faculty, transaport..
But i am not very sure about its performance. I donno any one who is studying in this school. Also could not find any reviews about this school.

It would be greatful if any one can help me.

Thanks in advance!!


Kennedy is a nice school.My daughter is studying in this school for the past 2 years.They r good in academic & extra carricular activities also.we like the school.


hye ramya garu, I want to put my son in kennedy the global school in vii classs in residential. can you suggest me about the school. how they will take of residential children. do you have any idea. please suggest me. i don't know any one. please give me reply through mail. my mail id is :

please i will be waiting for your reply......



If you get any information abot this school can yoou please share me.



Hi Kiran ,

Iam very Impressed about this school , as my daughter did 9th & 10th class and she was school captain in 10 class and ofcourse as we live in Abudhabi so , she stayed in a hostel .
The staff , hostel , school campus , food , every thing you name , is very satisfactory but i find school fees is little high but compared to other states like Chennai , Banglore , this is ok for us .

Anyway , go and have look and take desicion !!


I think your daughter has finished her tenth in 2010 in kennedy. Can you give more details about kennedy the global school for hostel. Becoz I planning to put my son in that hostel. can you give more info so that i can plan. I roamed so many hostels in hyderabad. is this a standard school and do they take special care for slow learners. please give me the details. now my son is in 6th standard.

thank you
Mrs.Surya kala reddy

Hi Nischala,
We are currently living in the US. We are thinking of moving to India. When we come here, probably this summer, my kid will go to 6th grade. He doesn't know a lot of Telugu or Hindi. Does this school teach languages or not? How is the school and its staff and teaching methods?


Oh my god , never saw this thread so far and don't know also , anyway aim sorry about my very late reply . As per me school is very satisfactory , my daughter has improved a lot in every area like in her discipline , in her attitude , in her studies ,etc and coming to staff ,school , teaching methods are very good ,nothing to worry unless our children are not arrogant and mischief .

I m planning to put my 4 years son in this school in PP II. Can somebody suggest me about the education and fee structure? Is it worth to spend so much money in this school?

sir can u tell me how is this school.i want to join my daugher in pp1.can u suggest me any gud school

This school can be called as one of the most UNCIVILISED school ever. Parents come from a different country just to see the school for the admission of their daughter for the next academic year and the management doesnt allow them to enter. Do they think that we parents can keep coming whenever possible to see this school? We are made to wait out and leave without even looking at the campus.They think its a favour for them to show us the school. If no parent would actually pay the fees, where on earth would their good-for-nothing school be?

Hi Priya
I'm returning from US and took admission for my son in this school for PP II. He is 4.5 year old. I payed 47k - 2k for application, registration, 30k admission fee, 15k first term fee to book the slot. I think admission closes by Dec end. School opens on June 14 2012. I checked other schools but they were not flexible with admission tests etc. So we chose this as its closer to our home and has good infrastructure.
- Amala

Hello priya Garu,

Shall i know the complete fee details you paid for PP-II for whole acadamic year.

Thanks in advance.

Bets Regards,

Do you have any idea regarding 1st grade fees structure ??

thank you

Very careless school. I went to the school to look at it and also for admissions and they were so careless with the parents too. They have the security folks tell parents that \"thousands of them come everyday and we are not allowed to even visit their office\". As if that was true.

I just came back from US and this is the height of arrogance. When the staff came to the gate the security folks were comfortably saying lies that we picked a fight with them. I cant imagine how the management can give admissions related messaging to security and especially without any decency.

I studied in a very good school \"Bhavans public school\" and those were the good days and now its so sad that Indian education got so much commercialized and arrogant that parents are having such a tough time.

It was luck that the admissions are over if not maybe I would have considered joining my kids here and repented later.

This kenney high global school had just infrastructure and good presentation skills. They are again using this infrastructure as cash cow and mining funds from parents. Education standards are just useless and you can find it if you spent 30 minutes with top management and teachers of school. Roads to school are one of the dirty in the city. Leaving all tease one side, major problem is that school is located in mid of pharmaceutical industry. If you spend 1 hour in the afternoon there, there is nothing but chemical pollution and deep smell that you never wish to face in life. You should be prepared to keep your kids in environmentally polluted area for 8 hours in a day and 250 days in a year.

School is good only in extra activities but if we talk about academics its ok