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Board: Pre-school

Kidzee is a chain of pre-schools which is focussed on the playgroup, pre-school market. Per their web site it is the "fastest growing chain of pre-schools". The various schools are operated in a franchisee model (similar to Eurokids). This ensures that there is a uniform structure across the various schools.

NOTE: The address above is the Bangalore "corporate" office. Note that there are multiple centers in Bangalore. (We will try to add a separate entry for each of these schools going forward - Zeeksha team)


Playgroup, Activity Center

Jr. KG and Sr. KG


My complaint is about Kidzee Mira Road. They made the children sit on the floor whole day. Mumbai rains and the cold floors make it un bearable for the child. They stuff the pool car so much that it is like a crowded bus. My child was made to sit on the lap of the maid who threw her down while opening the door. When complained, the receptionist and principal Ms Ruchi yelled at me saying that I dropped my girl intentionally to keep my own ego. They shout at the parents as if we are some dogs. The bus comes 25 minutes late every day; my child has to wait that long getting wet in the rains. When I complained, the principal denied it right away saying that I was lying to create an emotional drama and keep my self-respect high. She also shouted at me for noting down my complaints in the almanac... as that keeps a record of their unprofessionalism. She asked my child to wear raincoat for 25 mins. Does she know how that feels in the morning, when 5 yr olds just get up from their sleep and leaves for school- well reaching the school at 10, she finds it all but emotional drama

They charge their entire fees at the beginning, now she is totally free to insult us at her best, nobody can take the fees back. I was never insulted so much in my entire lifetime.

Our feelings or concerns for those preschoolers’ are just drama...I wonder if they have a moral right to own a preschool !

I do not want to take names, but Bangalore kidzee teacher/s seems to be professionals having no experience with handling very small children. They are rude with kids and parents and unethical. There is discrimination against non-south indian kids. In khazzadastura branch when a complaint was made to the principal of school, the principal agreed that the teacher was rude, undignified and incorrect when handling the child, but at the same time requested the parent not to send a written complaint to the administration --- so it is quite obvious that the principal did not want to rectify the teachers mistakes. We do not expect all pre-primary teachers to have degrees in child psychology, but they atleast should be humane and considerate when handling kids of impressionable years.

Dont ever send you kid to KIDZEE. I know about KIDZEE,Bangalore, vijaynagar branch.they dont have teacher with good ethics then what they can teach to our kids.I Know one teacher called Anjuladevi who

always fights shouts and even she is not good in her personal life.Kids are justinnocentthey will learn what they will see around them.When the one who is teaching them will be a thief, abused person then what our kid will be careful when you decide where to send kid for learning as we send our kid to these school to learn some ethics and some quality to leave a respectful life.If the person who is teaching is don’t know meaning of ethics then what our kids will learn.

Kidzee has done lot of research in defining setting methods and standards of teaching kids. They have rule books and operational process guides for the teachers in the centres. Kidzee has grown much faster in the lesser number of years than Eurokids. Also, the franchisee model is different.