NAFL is part of the National Public School family. NAFL offers both the CBSE and IGCSE curricula to its students. The school follows an autonymous board, that is a mixture of the CBSE and IGCSE up to the ninth grade.

Its organizational culture emphasizes advisory rather than disciplinary approaches to child development. Significant emphasis is placed on participation in cultural activities such as the NAFL day. Students spend considerable time in preparation and rehearsals for the NAFL day during the academic session. Rigor of academic study at school is relaxed. Hand-outs are provided for the major subjects of study which have to be worked-on by the student while at school. Standard text books aligning with either the CBSE or IGCSE are not followed.

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NAFL Annual Sports Meet
Activities include the March Past, tug-of-war, relay race, 100 m/200m running and Taekwando.

Literature Festival (Lit Fest)
Students take part in poetry recitation, creative writing, dictation, debate, dialogue delivery and other various activities concerning the three languages the school teaches: English, French and Hindi. The Lit Fest was renamed Academic Fest in 2007-2008, now including activities based on all subjects; math, science and others.

Annual Concert
A play in which all available students take part. The Concert features two plays: a Junior play with children from Montessori to grade 3 acting and a Senior play with students from grade 4 to grade 12 acting.


I studied at NAFL in middle/high school after my family returned from the US. All I can say is that I had some of the best teachers ever during my time, particularly as an IGCSE student. Ms Soma Bose for Economics and Business Studies, Ms. Renita for History, Ms. Meera for Geography, Ms. Anila for French, Ms. Padma for Chem and Ms. Koshy (the principal herself) for English. However, several of my favorite NAFL teachers have since left, and I can't comment on what the quality of their replacements is like-- but to me it says something that most of my original teachers (who were so loved by the students) have since left the school. that doesn't necessarily bode well.

Id joined this shit-bucket institute in 2012 to finish my 11th and 12th. i finished my 12th grade a few months back...
The school is filled with snooty ,high headed and spoilt students who have been taught that the world is to their doing.
I joined the school as an outsider and left the school as an outsider... the senior students never take you in and always give you the cold shoulder. the only thing that matters to evryone is money.
the only things thatll make you popular in school is having filthy rich parents or being into drugs or being "sexually active" . im sad to say that these are the true atrotious things that keep u in the friend circles in nafl (The reason y i was a big loner) .
the computer teacher is one of the worst on the planet. she basically reads from the textbook ( most of the time, she makes a student read ; coz i doubt she even knows how to read)
the math teacher learns the subject with us making half a million mistakes on the board before admitting to her dim-wittedness and allowing a student to solve the question.
the physics and chem teachers are reasonably good ( ill hate to admit it but yeah , they were gud).
evry other teacher that i have had the misfortune of meeting have been tremondously hostile to me and have always tried to get my ass .
i have been through innumerable instances where i have been thoroughly humiliated in school ( sometimes in front of the class and sometimes in front of the whole school) all because of me being a new student. {but not to worry , im a tough guy .. so i can take it }
the school finds every possible reason to extort money from the students. and im ashamed to say this, but i was threatened of losing grades by my teachers for refusing to go on the excursion (which cost a fortune ), which all of my rich class mates were attending.
the school is a land of segregation where the rich are seperated from the middle class.. the spoilt cool are seperated from the nerdy good ... the new freshers are seperated from the asshole seniors!!
the fact that i survived this school for 2 years was a miracle... and the only reason i did was i managed to stick with a couple of other new students (who had been discarded by the class as well).
Do not be misguided by listening to reviews of this school by the fucked up rich students or their parents who claim it to be a second heaven.
This school is a well of destruction ... trust me ... ive experienced it first hand...

I am schooled over here. they take all our physical education and free periods for studies and give us free time. the teachers are the rudest people you will ever meet i have been going to nafl since 1st grade. now that i have reached the 8th grade thing are getting worse. the majority of my class mates from both A and B sections are leaving and so am i try adithi or shilp. i strongly advise you to keep away from this school regards anonymus

This school is rank in favouritism.ive been studying in this school for six years.parents,do not let your child join this school.the teachers scream for everything for no reason.

yes madam very true . my son is made fun of everyday of his accent this is not fair

Hi Everyone,
We are planning to join our kid to NAFL for the academics 2013-2014. Aftre reading the various feedback on the School we are little worried now whether to consider this school or not. So please parents keep updating your comments on the school whose kids are laready studing @ NAFL.

Thanks everyone for your time and valuable comment which really make difference in decision making.

i strongly advise u not to

nafl has okay teachers .......!
most of them are mallu and their accent and pronunciation is horrible !!!!!!
please there are million other schools with better teachers.....

nafl is a good school
but have you seen the outside of the school compound?
its disgusting and it smells
trhere are excelent teachers who care for the children
like ms veena kalra,ms nidhi,ms soma bose,ms anupama das,ms nirmala
they are many more
nafl should have some freedom though
like children in the 10th grade werenot allowed to bring phones whereas in aditi and other schools u r allowed to bring phones in 7th grade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but nafl is great !!!!!!!!!
awesome nafl

Can someone please let me know How easy/difficult is to get admission in 1'st std, I have heard that they prefer only NRIs, is it true ? In case somebody has any info regarding admission chances in 1'st std, pls. share it.

I studied at NAFL for about 8 years. If you want an academically focussed school this is the one to go to. when i was there the teachers were brilliants, but sadly the chem math and comp teacher left because of a shitty math teahcer.

school only believes in the money nothing more. all the teachers are mallu and so idiotic that the school cannt be called international. you need international faculty to run an international school. dont send your kid there please.


I am searching for Chemistry teacher who left 2-3 years back.

Would appreciate if you could share the name of the teacher.



I believe that the person you are looking for is Ms. Padma. She is brilliant and it is a real pity that NAFL didn't think fit to value her and prevent her departure.

With my 2 kids being there, it has been a very difficult experience. We have done all that we can, but it's still not a pleasant experience. We paid Rs. 1.7 lakh per child this year. My kids were A+ students in the US; now after 5 months in NAFL, they've lost all that lustre, and it's because of the treatment being given to them at NAFL. It's such a contrast between the way the teachers treat children in the US schools and Indian schools! Sometimes, we end up thinking whether we really did a mistake in moving to India!

* Some teachers are basically very rude and egoistic.
* They use bad words in the presence of kids, scold children in the presence of other kids. Imagine what happens to the morale of the student taking the abuse.
* Some teachers think that 1 or months is more than enough to adjust to Indian school environment (coming from US). They don't understand that it takes more than 6 months or even a year to adjust for some children.
* During parent-teacher meetings, negative comments are made to start with. We have to defend our children that they take time to adjust.
* The school boasts of nurturing the creativity in children. I only see with my kids' experience, they kill the existing creativity what the children already have.
* The kids are supposed walk straight and stand straight. If they make a mistake, they are warned that would seriously affect a sensitive child.
* The children are not loved, but are feared with too much discipline.
* Teachers say that their job is to only teach, not to make them understand the subjects.
* There may be other students who adjust quickly, but it's different for each individual student.
* I've a couple of exceptional teachers here who are really good and we appreciate them. Their approach is refreshingly different from the existing approach of NAFL teachers.
* The students have to write the questions too before the answers in the test/exam.
* I can't fathom the fact that some teachers being women and probably, mothers too, treat children with utter rudeness.
* Religious sensitive comments are made by a teacher in class.
* All students will know that a student has failed in test/exam since failed students are made to stand outside the class one day. Just imagine what happens to the morale of that student.
* The students are told to write what is exactly written in the book as answers. They will lose marks if written on their own.
* A teacher says - "If you think you know more than me, then get out of the class." This was when an NRI student clarified that "Tortilla, Quesadilla" are pronounced "Tortiya, Quesadiya".
* When complained about a differential treatment is being to our child, the teacher talks & write about the child being non-chalant, not doing homework on time, etc.

* A teacher tells the mother that the 6-year old child should introspect what she's doing wrong and where to correct it. The adults themselves are not able to introspect and she talks the same about a 6-year old child.
* My 6-year old daughter says, "daddy, I'm always silent in class; I don't even open my mouth. The teacher asks me , "why are you so quiet?".."It's because I don't want to get in trouble." Even when she doesn't understand what the teacher is saying, she is not allowed to ask questions. She is expected to write down whatever is on the board and continue to stay quiet.
* My daughter developed an UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) and started complaining of severe stomach pain. It's because her teacher didn't send her to the bathroom when she wanted to go. It seems the teacher said, "Even if you ask 200 times, I won't send you to the bathroom!!"
* My daughter is given homework at once. I counted it and it was 55 pages. I had to photocopy all the pages and get my daughter started on that.
* My daughter has lost interest in reading and writing that she was used to before coming to this school.

thanks for the detailed review
i too was thinking to put my angel to NAFL.
feeling sad that ur kids were treated so...6 yr old ...such an young can they treat kids so rudely.
are you still sending ur kids there or u took them out from that school

Thought of admitting my daughter to LKG . I was shocked to hear from the management that the applications for LKG admissions will be given to NRIs first !!! When i asked when will you be giving for INDIANS who reside here, the reply was "no idea!"!!!.

I would never go for it !!!!

I love you man. We totally agree, we still study in the school, we still hate it.

Not true at all

Thanks a lot for the Info

I think its high time for you to change the school

I have a transferrable jobs and my children have studied in best schools of Delhi & Mumbai. I was looking for a CBSE school in Bangalore and a friend suggested NAFL.
My one year experience in that school (Class XI) was horrible. I feel that as compared to even ordinary CBSE schools of Delhi / Mumbai - this school stands no where. The teachers encourage students to join tutions with a particular place. The school tries to put down students even for small issues. The quality of teaching / worksheets / home work is apalling. Any good student will falter with such substandard methods and inputs. Government schools will have better teaching standards and systems.

The school may be good from perspective of quality of students but the indifferent teaching methodology makes it a risky proposition for senior classes. I agree that upto 6th / 7th standard it is good but certainly not at senior levels.

I am in shock in what people have to say about this school now. I studied there many moon ago from 1998-2001. My family had just moved from london, and thios school was my saviour at the time. fair enough they call themselves an international school, but they didnt really have many international students or teachers.
But i have to say, this school made me more clever and introduced me into studying. while living in london i was a bit on the dumb side. Now though i have graduated from univeristy and work for an international company. so somewhere down the line it must of helped. however back then was a different time. People are to money minded now, and that reflects in the level of attaention teachers are giving children.

i feel so sorry for all the parents that have spent a lot of money to send your kids to this school, and are not seeing the results they hoped for.

However I must say that if Miss Ria Koshy is still principal then the school has a good chance, she is a wonderful teacher and a great person, and she can turn the school around.

i think you are completely wrong,
every school has its faults. NAFL has always encouraged teachers giving private attention to the students and will enrich them in any way possible.
its difficult to find a decent cbse school these days, nafl that way has shown results!
their IGCSE results are also extremely good!
the main positive about nafl is the daughter and son were very happy being taught by all the teachers.
the teachers are caring, nice and warm.
i think nafl's a fantastic option! please don't have any second thoughts putting your kid in that school!

HI, sorry u may have had bad experience, i came from UK and put my daughter here fr 1st STD and they did not give admission fr my little one (LKG)as the admission was already over, i saw much improvement in my daughter and my little one loved NAFL (used to always accompany me in picking her), her teacher MISS TERASMICA was excellent always encouraging, taught her to climb stairs, etc my daughter misses her too much......... About UTI, i cant beleive it really because my daughter always told amma nice ayamma ,they used to help her in cleaning and changing never i had any such complaints. I do agree it takes a while to adjust from abroad to india, now my daugher is in yr 4 i am scared to put her there as you know the syllabus here is very simple where as in india it is much advanced we should have patience to see good progress in our kids. For my daughter when i put her fr 1st std 2 yr back her teacher 1st comment seeing her handwriting was though it is international school we except some standard of writing and went through some kids writing which was much better than mine it is really shocking these days kids r extremely intelligent even our kids r but here not forced to do things that is the reason it takes a long time for kids to adjust if u move from abroad especially after 5th grade. May be some teachers r there i have heard same comment from different parent who had to move her daughter from yr 6 but continued her son of my daughters age there. i dont know what age ur kids are in bangalore all schools r expensive fr international school i feel NAFL is good with reasonable fees ,(though i was happy to pay NRI fees they gave admission only for my 1st daughter) i have my nephew who moved from US took 3yrs to score good marks started with onedigit mark (hindi), even she had many bad experiences but she complained to the administration and they took action he made slow improvement with good encouragement and support from the same teacher now he got 33rd rank in national talent test. But this is a good example anyone who wishes to settle in india from abroad please do it before the kid goes to secondary school, earliest would be yrs 3rd, if u have any concerns about any teacher please tell the administration let them know even after that if it stillcontinues then u can publish any comments because it scares parents who intend to put in that school or already in.I realy dontknow if u had told the administration or not please do tell i do understand the importance of kids, ido understand the feelings if u dont get the care u want even after paying so big amout, be bold to speak to administration that what my sister did and now my nephew is happy!!!!!!!!

I agree with the writer. NAFL is liked by many only because of the quality of students who are attracted to this school - unknowingly the sadistic management who are bent upon destroying children's self confidence. The teachers quality and the methodology followed in the school is much below average and lower than any ordinary school. The school suevices only because of quality of students. The shcool is reaally terrible at all grades but worst at the senior classes.

The teachers have no value addtion to the students - rather if the students spend a few years in such environment - it would certainly be damaging to the students.

I am planning to withdraw my child after two years there.

I have read that you want to remove your child from the school as in senior classes the faculty gets worse .
Request you to kindly share your experiences to help me decide to put my child in NAFL.
Thank u.

Yes you are 100% right when i was studying in school i was standing outside the class whole day,u dont belive, like this i was standing atleast 4 days a week, that is in class 8th,9th and 10th..and my whole high school life is destroyed.And no one remembers me that i was studying in that school.They finally maded me as a Private candidate.There is no love they behave very rude with children..

Note: Iam not the student of NAFL


I totally disagree with you since i study in nafl, and the teachers give complete attention to you. maybe you are not a part of the nafl family so i totaly DISAGREE WITH YOU

Hello,are your children still in NAFL? I would want to know these teachers names because I think my child has the same teachers

I guess the parent who was vitriolic must have had a very bad day ...
My kid joined NAFL few years ago and took about 3 months to adjust. All teachers were very encouraging and were open with their appreciation of progress made. I find the principal very warm and encourages feedback- positive or negative. She even implemented some suggestions made. There may be 1 teacher in each student's life whom he/she detests. We as parents must help to overcome that bump.
The children adjust quickly as many kids are from similar backgrounds. The discipline is a balance between U.S and Indian schools. The reason most people return to India is for good schooling. my child, an A+ in U.S.A is between avg. and above avg. This is to be expected as U.S standards are pretty low compared to India, especially math, social and science. At least @ elementary level.
Also our kids raised in the U.S treat teachers as "pals". Here we follow the"acharya devo bhava" philosophy. Each to his own, but we like it here so we returned. A little patience, humility and respectful attitude make us the global Indians we are ...this generation got it right... so should the following generations.
Finally, all of us who have returned do have few pangs now and then...but we must see the bigger picture-what is our priority? weigh options-stay or leave. Today the world is a global village. Move when n where you like. each place is an enriching experience. I've loved it all. HAVE A GREAT DAY n YEAR :)


Hi nice to hear this, what class r ur kids i am planning to move to india bangalore my kids r in yr 4 and 2 just to make sur if they can adjust to the curriculum, so scary hope u understand.

i study in NAFL and i love it a lot!!!!!ive been in nafl since kindergarten.i have made soo many amazing friends and the nafl family is really sweet and loving!the teachers are very good and i just want to say that i couldnt ask for more from NAFL....there are so many different evens- sports day,nafl day,show and tell,lit fest and soooo many more. DON'T CHANGE, NAFL!!!!!!!

I heard that u people give admission 1stly perference for siblings.........y this difference in u....plz support even others.

I've a daughter who is 2 yrs 8 mths now. She has mild-to-moderate hearing loss and is using hearing aids. She is absolutely normal with the hearing aids. Self and husband work for software industry. Does this disallow my daughter in getting admission in NAFL?

with the experience i have had at nafl, i wd not recommend it...the school is going downhill...the teachers quality is very average...the fees vary from child to child even in the same class and there is no transparency - even receipts are just printed out on a piece of paper...worse they totally discourage PTAs and are very averse to any feedback or negative commets from parents...children are now being machine processed there

The school is holding very good "Ideologies", good values & the teachers are very much STUDENT ORIENTED & IMPARTIAL.
Method of teaching is also good.

heyy does the school offer commerce in the 11th and 12th grade? if yes is it any good.......

the lkg /ukg classes r seperate from the mont section

lkg has a strenght of 30 in a class

but in a mont class which also has 30 students , u will not have all kids of the same age group.. its a mixed age class.. ie having kids from 3 yrs to 6yrs. Each yr the child moves one level up ie m0 to m1 but still remains in the same montesori class

Each yr they have 10 kids(m3 level ) moving on to grade 1. To fill the 10 vaccant seats the fresh intake is only 10 seats.

thus whichever school u look at, getting in for motessori is difficult.


I just called NAFL and they said admissions for LKG are completed. Shortlisted parents were called and admission process is over.
No, I did not get a call. Any one who did get a call, can you post your experience here.


We were not called. Upon calling the school, I was informed that there are exactly 8 seats for mont-1 and all of them have been filled as of last week.
yes. I am still amused :)

I called up the school and was informed that they will let the parents know about their child's admissions by Dec 2009 or Jan 2010. All the best to parents who are pinning their hopes on this school.

Looks like interviews have started, no we didn't get a call but others have..


NAFL has started issuing forms for the next year. They are issuing forms for Mont & KG1.


Any idea of NAFL annual fees ?

Your fee depends on whether you are an NRI or India - the fees are double if you are an NRI and are in the region of 75k plus onwards - but pls do your research - the school is going downhill

yes very true
i study at the school
i hate it in NaFL!!!!
go for mallya aditi

first i would ike everyone to read this as i was in nafle from k1 to grade 8 and i am still in touch wih frnds in 9th and 10th ...also my sister is there in 6th.
there are many teachers who praise the students in front of parents and in the class put them down completley. sme teachers have a favorite line he has the potential or he is lazy or he has the potential but his company is bad, i expect more from a bright stuent ect..
and in class if the child does well she is like did u copy, then i nam surprised i nver though u could do this... and they even make students miss their sports periods... there are maids sitting and drinking coffee in the boys bathroom the bathrooms are horrendous!!!!!!!!!but ppl make lifelong frnds here that is one thing for sure... for fees i had a frnd who paid 2lakh 50 thousand for eight grade nri.. and iwe paid only 45000. and a cpl of my frnds also paid less sme paid more...Nafl is a school suited for students below 7th as talented sportsman arent givin any chance to go for tournaments, talented studenst also same apllies, i had a won a trophy for scceer and now the school keeps it in their office even now even though i went on my own wwith the schoo even denying me permission for a days leave!.
this school is a terrible hell hole for new students
take my advice choose indus,mallay,vns or even vidya shilp.

i study there too! its the best school ever.i never want to leave!how can u hate it?!?!there are soo many activities and the fieldtrips are amazing and so are the people!i luve u NAFL!!!

I was told fees will be Rs.1lacs for KG1

How much is annual fees of NAFL ? I have heard that prefer only NRI only ? Is it true ?

fees defers from student to student

How bad!! if there is no uniformity with in kids then it shouldn't consider as school .. How do kids behave.. They might be having difference with in them..

Nafl is an amazing svhool and even if there are differences between children. They get along with eachother really well, despite their differences.

All the students get along well with each other. I'm saying this because I study there. It's awesome because the teachers are excellent and they have a lot of activities there. The class trips are also loads of fun!!!!!


Hey! I really agree with u on that last comment. NAFL is truly amazing! NAFl rox. I study there nd cant believe how enjoyable school can be. Wow! HAts off 2 the founder nd principal for making NAFL a part of me.

NAFL is an awesome school- i studied there since the first grade-
teachers are so encouraging and always teach you good-
so many nice teachers-
example-ms terasmica,ms usha, ms padma s,ms veena kalra, ms veena naik,ms nirmala, ms nidhi, ms suma and loads of awesome teachers


nafl rocks but they should keep ac's and have escalators but otherwise sum great teachers like ms nirmala,ms veena n and ms veena kalra and ms soma bose and all the rest of the faculty
thank u nafl for helping me grow!!!!!!!

Nafl is a good for nothing sucks to the core

Considering education, it is excellent.
Considering faculty and student togetherness, it is even better!
But there is not much of extra curricular activities like good sports facilities ec.
The fees is Not at all expensive and I think it is pretty much worth the price!!
I am a student in nafl and it is awesome:)

both my daughters were in nafl one has passed out now i know the school since 14 years I think it is a great school, kids are looked after very well and most teachers are good a very safe place to put your child in . Yes they lack in sports facilities but it is made up by all other activities

i do not think NAFL sports facilities are great either and are not made up by other activities.
they MAY be ok in academics ,but otherwise no!!!!!

nafl is a good school but sometimes teachers scold kids more then required

yes, I agree with your previous comment on the attitude shown by the teachers at NAFL. some teachers they are way too strict then necessary for example : ms roopa the physical education teacher . my child was talking while coming down the stairs and then she called her out and made her stand out and yelled at her infront of everybody my child is badily bullied yes , i agree academics are good but the people form groups my child does not want to go back to school .