National Center for Excellence (NCFE)

154/1, “Victorian Enclave”, 5th Main, Malleshpalya, , Bangalore
+91-80-25347491 |

Board: CBSE

National Center for Excellence (NCFE) is affiliated to the CBSE curriculum. NCFE has a branch in Malleshpalaya where the school offers classes upto 11th standard. Two new branches - one in  BTM Layout (behind IIMB) and the other on Sarjapur Road (opposite Springfield Apartments) offers classes from 1st to 5th standard.

As per the school's website - NCFE believes in enabling its students to be ready for life and to be better equipped to deal with the outside world. Here, the emphasis is not on academics alone, but also on the moral, artistic, leadership, physical and emotional aspects of a child’s development. The school maintains a healthy student teacher ratio of 1:15. Dr. Gopalakrishna, Chairman of NPS is associated with the school.

Parents can apply online (which is nice indeed) and the form can be found here:

Fee Structure

98K for Montessori I (all inclusive) [ Note: Thanks for the tip "fmc" ]

Please contact the school for updated details


This school is closest to where I live. So I was interested in it for my 4 year old. But on internet I rarely see a positive feedback about this school. I especially scared about the the comment which says " there is partiality against other state students". Please confirm.

ncfe is a dum sch ool it always gives me a lot of ho mework i hate uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

can you please upload the picture of our school as i need it for my magazine

By when they start issuing forms for admissions in 2012-2013 year?

Is this the same as NPS Indira Nagar?

This school is different then NPS. It near Kaggadashpura. But they say they are affiliated by NPS. I have got mixed coment about it few parant says Good and OK but many have not given good rating to this school.

if you love your kid do not put in this school.

teachers are worst than slum people, no bar to beating kids, highly racist school.

they use bad words with kids, toilets are not kept clean, kids not allowed to go to bathroom.

Some teacher talk with kids after beating them

Taniya, You are absolutely right. Teachers do not know how to behave or talk to parents. Wondering how they are interacting with our little ones. Do not gives timely feed back about the kid. In progress card they will mark everything as A or A+ (And we are fully satisfied !!). But when u speak with the teacher , u can hear some other shocking story- like he is not listening to the class, not writing, not interacting etc etc. As a parent we should be given these feed back, but not on the final day of the academic year. Not sure whether they have gone thru some nursery training program or not

management should provide some training to the staff on basic manners and discipline before taking them on the board... management should provide feedback forms to the parents to know the pros and cons about the school from the parents.

Money should not be the only motive for the management...

i want to know about the newly open ncfe school near sarjapur road .has anybody admitted yr kid there?

My daughter is studying in NCFE, Sarjapur road.. We are very happy with the teaching there.

I am moving to Bangalore shortly and would like to know a little more detail about it. My daughter will be going to Class VIII.

I admitted my son in Third std and i am very happy with teaching, other activities and moreover discipine. I shifted him from a very famous(in brand name) school in sarjapur road and now i can feel the difference in his behaviour also. I suggest this school as one of the best option. I saw many comments about fee,but no other schools give quality education in a cheaper rate. Here the standard is very high as compared to other CBSE schools. I can tell it very clearly as i am a teacher in one of the CBSE schools in this area

You must be a teacher or a part of staff writting this comment

Plz stop lying about the school its a horrriiiiible school

yes it true the teachers are highly racist. plz if u are from any other states than the south, plz don't admit your child here. they beat only kids who are not from south. take the things from kids and give it to the south indian kids.

this school has made me a racist person. i always thought all are equal, but no they screw with ur child so bad she will loose her confidence.

plz save them before it is too late

Anyone got a call from NCFE - Mont I interaction?

They told for mont 1, the calls will start in Dec.
The school looks good, good infra but somehow the fees is Tooooooooo high for its kind of set up, especially it being just 4-5 years old school.
Non refundable deposit 45 K
Mont 1 fees for year 1 is 65 K
+ uniform+ travel..blah blah bhah

Its is a way toooooo high though the school is good for pre school level.
Share your views.


Is the form online or you have to go and collect?
In the website, the form for Std 1 to 11 is mentioned.


Can u pls tell me the fee structure for NCFE montessori? my kid is 2.1
yrs old. whts the age limit for montessori admssions? pls guide me


NCFE Fee: first year - 40k Admission fee (donation).
10k deposite - refundable (God only knows )
45k annual fee
+ 9-to 15k for transport (varies based on location)
+ uniform (??) + books (??)..
So for first year u have to shell out 1.1 lac minimum.
+ some amount for some activity in every quarter , god only know how much it will be.
Every year 10 to 15% fee hike will be there.

i heard this time they are taking 98000

I see more or less most of the parents complaining about this school for variety of reasons, I sincerely advise thinking twice before you take the admission for your kid in this school.

Although they try to ride by the tag ' under the guidance of NPS chairman', they copy most of the aspects related to fee and procedures from NPS but not the real empathy towards either kids or parents. The school procedures are such that they try to avoid meeting or communicating to parents at all costs, they arrive at funny ideas or rather innovative ways of collecting money from parents with a demand note sent through kids without proper explanations as to what they are trying to do or achieve through those initiatives.

If you ever visit the school you can get feel for their attitude/arrogance through the receptionist who thiks herself as the owner of the school and thinks as if she is doing a great favour talking to the visitor. I sincerely feel I should complain about this school to those who have the authority to revoke their affiliation to the board, as these schools are more interested in making money than imparting valued education to kids.

Very true. Recently I happened to visit NCFE and the receptionist..... OMG! They are so busy on weekends also so that they can not talk to visitors. I saw the total fee for a montessory upto 1.80 (Includes everything per year!!). Also I have heard from my friends whose children are in NCFE, that they ask for money every now and then for so many silly reasons.

I would better suggest anyone 'Do not go for schools which is costly to handle with poor education rather go for smaller schools where they teach your children better'..

I am trying to put forth some of my views here. it is in anyway not pro ncfe or any other international school.

Parents think that if the child goes to a "branded" school, they will get good attention, good habits and good everything, which is a myth. Whether the school is branded or not, at every class, parents have to pay their attention to their children so that they will excel in co-curricular and academic activities. Due to this "branded school" concept, the schools also expect a high fee from the parents. So demand is mutual here.

Coming to ncfe, parents tend to probe the admin staff, who have very poor knowledge of what is going on inside and hence they get an unsatisfactory reply. NPS also cannot be undermined in these aspects. I have experiences with both ncfe and nps with respect to the receptionists. What we need to have is a little bit of patience, which we forget these days. We are also anxious and they are having incomplete answers and hence this situation.

Teaching is good in ncfe compared to the schools in the close vicinity of CV raman nagar and thippasandra. (based on my personal experience; my ward is in 5th now) According to world statistics only 10% of the population has the highest IQ. This will be reflecting in any sample, be it ncfe, nps or even iits. If we expect all the 30+ students in a class to get highest marks, it is not possible. That we should keep in mind. Also, i would like to point out that our traditional indian education system (of Gurukulam) did not put much emphasis on examination. Competition was viewed more as a sport than as a challenge or status quo in olden days. When we enjoy the gulab jamoon advertisement in the TV, we should also remember that our child might also indulge in such tricks; we should be prepared to enjoy those moments.

I would agree with everyone with respect to fees. But it should also be borne in mind that these schools are not government funded. I am convincing myself by comparing the fee structure in some of the famous schools in chennai. (some of you might agree that this is due to the negligence from the part of the government to provide more secondary schools in india - October 6th World bank report )(

We are still waiting with lot of hopes as both tax payers and citizens, for the government to do something.

a) They just want to encash NPS ex chairman name?
b) If you visit the school, No information is provided. Have to face a sick receptionist.
c) Sad location. Have to go through slums
d) Their fees is just like other International school fees. However, I dont see any infrastructure to the same level.
e) Just sit there and watch the culture of teaching & non-teaching staff. I could easily makeout that it is run very unprofessionally.
f) Have not seen positive value feedback from the parents yet.

I called up a number on the website to enquire about their BTM branch and admission related details. They asked me to call up another number. The person incharge at that number gave me the cell number of some senior teacher or staff member and asked me to talk to her about the details. I called up the lady and she was extremly rude and said she is not supposed to give the details!
I got a callback again from the school asking me who gave me the number - I gave them the contact number from where I got the number of the concerned staff and they sounded rude too!
Anyways, these people appear to be highly confused, and a bunch of rude people too!
One thing is clear - I will not like my kid to go to such a school! If they sound so weird on the phone, I guess it will be lot worse in person.
First impressions last forever!

Dear All,

Please avoid NCFE .. The qaulity of education is pathetic...For more details visit NCFE parents Forum. and also many articles in indian express and DNA news paper..


Hi All,

Please drop the idea of taking admission in NCFE School. It is hopeless. Only money, money and money. Only Fees they want to compete NPS but not in the quality. Full of partiality. Only to few children they give all the activities. In few children they give all the activities but few children not even in one event also. No discipline for the children. No rules except for taking the fees (also money for one or the other). Please do not take admission. My two sons are studying in that school.

NCFE parent's forum that you mentioned earlier? I was exploring NCFE as one of the options for my kid and am curious to know the experience of other parents.


Send a mail to to be a part of NCFE parent's association.

NCFE has reduced fees for existing students ONLY. the new tuition fee is around 38000/- per year. However, new students will have to shell out 47500/-. Which eventually means.... students in the same class will be paying different fees depending on when they joined the school.

I'm not getting good feedback from parents about the quality of education. Problem with this school is the chairman is a builder. For him.. it's just a business. He only wants to maximize his profit.

Regarding the following comment:
"NCFE has reduced fees for existing students ONLY. the new tuition fee is around 38000/- per year. However, new students will have to shell out 47500/-. Which eventually means.... students in the same class will be paying different fees depending on when they joined the school."

This applies to other schools too, such as Vaghdevi Vilas and Delhi Public Schools. For eg, a student who has taken admission in 1st Standard in 2009-2010 batch will have to pay an amount higher than a student who had taken admission in UKG/ MONT3 in the 2008-2009 batch and are promoted to 1st Standard for the current batch.

Though students study on their own through tutions (probably???) and schools do not have much to offer (as reported that quality of education is not good), even then if the 1st time board results of NCFE has anything, it has been far far better than most of the reputed and high-profile schools.

Regarding maximising profits, which of the so called reputed schools are there ONLY for imparting education? There are schools who give out certain forms to children to go and ask for donations from their neighbours for charity, for some well known organizations, such as HELPAGE!

Look at most of the international schools - it's some real estate guy behind the initiative.

Not sure about the "regular" schools. I wish parents open up their eyes and not go after jazzy looking buildings and give some credit to the background of the folks who run it.

So - folks. Do the analysis and do the right thing.


As a parent I have the following comments:

The teaching is pathetic and from what i have seen is that the teachers are more like models and concentrate on the status of the parent while giving the response.

From what feedback the class teacher and principal gave we have modified the method of study for my ward. But to the surprise each time i found that the contribution of the school teachers is only to push things to the parents.

It is only for the people who already have completed that year of study and wanted some revision and spend time in a environment called school.


the construction is too slow they said that it will be over by december 2011 still there is no progress

ncfe just knows how to vasool money ...nps is way better!