National Public School (NPS), Rajajinagar

5th Block, Rajaji Nagar, Bangalore

Board: CBSE

NPS started its journey over 50 years back and will be celebrating its golden jubilee shortly. National Public School, Rajajinagar, was established in 1959 by Dr. K.P. Gopalakrishna and is the first of the many branches in the Bangalore. Today NPS has more than 1800 students on its roll.

The Rajajinagar branch offers Kindergarten till 12th standard. Recently, the school has begun offering the "Montessori stream" too. Please note that the Montessori campus is located in 1st block Rajajinagar (which is different from the main campus located in 5th block Rajaji Nagar)

Some of the other branches are: NPS Indiranagar, NPS Koramangala and the newly started NPS HSR Layout.

For all admission related queries, kindly contact the school office between August and September and check out the exact dates of issue of the application form for registration. The prospectus and the registration forms should be collected in person, duly filled and handed-over at the school office.

Fee Structure

Rs. 99.7K (Thanks VL)

Please contact the school for updated information.


I have applied for my son at nps indr. For the year 2012 for class 5th. They had mentioned that they will get back around jan2nd....has anyone got the call? Plz let me know..

When will NPS rajajinagar announce the short listed candidates for montessori?


I just called the school and they told me that they have not started calling yet and we should know by Jan 5th - keeping my fingers crossed.

Hi, What will be the pre-requisite years for NPS Rajajinagar admission for Montessori ?

I have applied for my child in the month of the november. Dec end was the time they said they will call. Pls update here, if anyone gets a call, as we can move on with alternatives..Plzzzz..

They said they will call before 2nd jan. Has anybody got a call for the 2012 nursery admissions?


Nope...not heard anything from the school yet...i am not sure today is the 2nd and we were supposed to hear back by today....did anyone get a call yet on the admissions at nps?

Hi ,

I have applied on 12 Dec 11 for the yerar 2012, have not received a call , have any one received a call , plz let me know and also let me know what questiosn they asked and what is the criteria for selection


Talked to one of the parents of kid who goes to NPS, rajajinagar. Got the input as, Christmas holidays start from Dec 23, and will end on Jan 1. So possibilities of call from the school in that period are very less.

When will NPS rajajinagar announce the short listed candidates for montessori?

NPS HSR & Kormangala website shows nursery admissions for 2012 are already closed.



when will NPS rajajinagar start calling for nursery 2012 admission. i had applied in first week of Nov 2012 and till date we have not received any call from the school.

Have they finished the admission process for next acadamic year?



Year is 2011

Hi all

Has nail issued app for mont 1.some one reply please 2012-2013

Thank you

school guys said will start from dec end...

Been calling school... said will cal by end of dec.

I have not heard anything on this from NPS Rajajinagar. I have applied for my sons admission. If anyone has recvd any info on dates, timelines, or calls for admission please feed this chain with the info. Appreciate it.

Hi has anyone heard from NPS rajajinagar on Montesary admission for 2012-2013

Hi All,
Post a message if anyone gets a call for LKG Admissions at NPS Rajajinagar

Suraj Kiran

i have applied in all four NPS schools ,still no call from any.

Did any boby get call from NPS rajajinagar for admission to montessari2012-2013.

No. even i am waiting for the same


I had been to NPS rajajinagar to check abt Mont admission for 2012-13.. school authorities informed by end of Dec parents would get a call

NO...I also didn't get call till now.Called NPS rajaji nagar....They told result will come by mid dec.

Please let me know if any one gets call for 2012-2013 admission.
When I call to reception they say with in Nov 30th selected ones will get call.


Would any one tell me if NPS rajajinagar have started issuing the admission forms for UKG? When contacted on 10th of Oct 2011, was told it will be put online in a day or two. I have been following on the school website ( and don't find the application form. Can someone advise on how to get the admission form or any information on this would be of great help. Thanks, Guna

I contacted NPS Rajaji Nagar for admitting my daughter in nursery. They informed that the admission for play group and nursery is online from tomorrow and the application forms for other classes have been issued already. This is for information. Please check updated on the nps site.

What is the last date to submit the form for KG ?


Whats the last date of distributing admission forms for Mont-1 2012?
I am trying to contact NPS Rajajinagar, but no one is picking up the phone!!
Any one got the application form for Mont-1?



Srinivas applications r issued since sep 2nd week u pls contact nps school frm 9-12 am thank u

Did anyone got call frm nps rajajinagar ? Pls inform eagerly waithng for the reply
regards lakshmi

Any one got call for Mont 1 or LKG 2012 admissions.
Please let me know,

NPS rajajinagar have started issuing application forms for Mont-1 since last 2 days.

How long will forms be given?


My daughter is April 2009 born appx 2 yrs now . I am looking for playgroups around chandra layout.

Pls share experiences it might be of gr8 help.

Also am intersted to know the admission procedure into NPS rajaji nagar or Carmel High School Basweswara Nagar into Montessori
Wat wud be the age cut - off
Criteria for selection ?
When should i approach for application?

Also suggest some good schools.


I have bay girl around 2.2 years, I am planning send her nursury to NPS. Can you please provide me the details?


I too hav a baby girl of 2 yrs ...would like to know about admission into montessori NPS rajaji nagar. Pls help with info.

Check with the school during October-November this year.

The admission for Mont 1 at NPS RNR is over. I got a call from NPS on 29th Nov. The interview was on 1st Dec 2010.

can you answer few questions like.
how old is ur son?
parents working?
sibling category?
income slot fall into? like 20l-30l, 30l to 40l etc?
any VIP influ?


Narayan, how old is your son ?
please let me know the age cut off

My Daughter will be 3yrs 1month old as on June 2011.

We have admitted our son today for LKG
Fee: INR 82.250 -- by DD in favor of National Public school
School bus: Depending on the location . Varies from INR 600 -1200
School uniform: INR 2400

Answers for the few clarification ( in our case) asked regarding LKG
I heard that possibility of getting a seat is HIGH, if
1] Alumni --- No
2] Siblings - No
3] Civil Servants/Govt Employee - No
4] Location (The more nearer to school) -No. 6+ Kms
5] Baby Girl -No
6] One of the spouse full time working, Graduate - Yes
7] The other spouse part time/home maker - Yes
8] Malayalam/Tamil, Aiyer/Iyengaar - No
9] Influence/Political -No
10] Potential earning >25lakh - yes

Hope this clarifies

I am still not clear on the fees , if INR 82,250 -- by DD in favor of National Public school .

should we call this 80,250 as donation and one time for admission into school ,

can I guess all the other years we need to pay only the fees for the year and not donations any more ?

We got a call yesterday & admitted our son today for Montessori
Fee: INR ~80,000/-

Answers for the few clarification ( in our case) asked regarding Montessori admission
1] Alumni --- No
2] Siblings - No
3] Civil Servants/Govt Employee - YES-One of the parent is Govt Employee
4] Location (The more nearer to school) -YES-2 Kms
5] Baby Girl -No
6] One of the spouse full time working, Graduate - YES
7] The other spouse part time - YES
8] Malayalam/Tamil, Aiyer/Iyengaar - No
9] Influence/Political -No
10] Potential earning >25lakh - YES
11] Both of us are Double Graduate

I think after Alumni & Siblings criteria, they are looking for other above mentioned criteria. I think criteria 1, 2, 10, 3, 11, 7, 3, 4 takes more value in preference for selection and probably during Mar/Apr 2011, 9 might work. I may be wrong, but thats our picture as our son has got admission.


The points listed here are misleading. Income of most parents of NPS students is not even close to what's mentioned by Ram. The criteria is mostly to do with right age and proximity to school. A friend of mine whose income is much more than what's mentioned by Ram, never got a call from the school.

Congrats Ram - Could you share your experience on the interaction session?

Has anyone got their kid admitted to montessori ? I called the school today and they said the admissions are over for montessori. What was their criteria for short listing ?

How was the interaction session?
Is there any thing in specific looking for?
Was the kid interviewed? If yes, what is it about?
Is this session only to get the admission formality completed?

Thanks in advance.

Has anyone got to know about the mont call ?

hi all,
heard mont admission started as well.please keep us informed if any one gets a call.

all the admission process are done. both LKG and mont. list has been finalised today, if u go to the school they will tell whether ur kid is selected or not....

when my friend had been there to the school (nps rnr) for clarification they told her that there are only 30 seats in mont and all are filled by siblings.its really confusing as what their criteria for selection is :(

its really high time waiting for these phone calls, atleast they can put a list of selected candidates so that we can go ahead for other schools, plz keep informing about the status

Today (30 Nov 2010) got a call that our child is selected for admission to NPS Rajajinagar, for LKG.

i too had applied for my son's admission for lkg...but till now i never received any phone call nor mail...feeling bad...could you please tell on what criteria did you receive.... and what is the fees criteria and when have you to pay....honestly i am happy for your child's admisssion...bye

Hi ramya,
R u working? If so where are you both working?
What will be the exact age of child when june 2011 ?

Hi Ramya,
I know how much relief you had when you got a call from nps-rnr.
As all parents have the same mystery to solve, I have few clarification still in search of answers. (Either for Montessori/LKG)
I heard that possibility of getting a seat is HIGH, if
1] Alumni
2] Siblings
3] Civil Servants/Govt Employee
4] Location (The more nearer to school)
5] Baby Girl
6] One of the spouse full time working, Graduate
7] The other spouse part time/home maker
8] Malayalam/Tamil, Aiyer/Iyengaar
9] Influence/Political
10] Potential earning >25lakh

All these info, i got is from lot of browsing the websites and reading other parents messages, but how far these are true?????

I would be grateful, if you could share or mail me on

Kind Regards,

Hi All,

Please keep us informed if you get to know about the Montessari admission.


congrats to all parents who got admission.have they started calling mont as well?alumni pref for old students of rajaji nagar only or from any nps branch?

Hi Friends,
Did any one get call from nps Rajaji Nagar for admission (PG1/kindergarden/pre-school) after submitting application for 2011 - 2012? If so please inform me :


Hi friends,
Thanks for your wishes. My son got the admission call today for LKG. Fee is Rs 80,250. Interview is on 2nd Dec. I am very happy :)

Congrats Madhavi
can u let us know when the process completes. so tht v can look for other schools.

Congratulations Madhavi, Do you know the details of the fee structure ? I am waiting for the call still. Good luck

My neighbour's son has got call for interview on wednesday (1st Dec) for NPS Rajajinagar. Fee is Rs.82000. I am waiting for my son's admission call. My daughter is studying in 5th class in same school. If anyone is waiting for sibling's admission, please update me about the calls.

Hi Madhavi, congrats.

What is your first child's name? My son is in 5th std too in RNR.

Hi madhavi,
You said your neighbours got call for their chaild can u please let us know whether parents are working or mother home maker or where the parents are working?


Thks Madhavi.
R they giving first preference to siblings and alumni.

Hi Manjula,
Yes they are giving preference to siblings and alumni.

R u working r homemaker


Yes, I am working. My neighbour friend is a homemaker. I don't think it really matters.

Is MONT-1, MONT-2 and MONT-3 are different streams from LKG and UGK in NPS rajajinagar ? For that matter all NPS schools? I was thinking that MONT1 kids directly go into LKG, but that does not seem to be case here. Both Mont and KG streams merge to 1st standard. Also Looks like MONT1 has less number of seats (30) compared to LKG (120). Please clarify .

Can you let me know whether the call is for Mont or LKG

Sorry for missing the class. The admission call is for LKG.

Hello Madhavi: Thanks for sharing the fee information. Is this for LKG or Montessori? Good luck with your admission -Sridhar

Seems to be still no update from school, I talked to many people those who submitted application along with me for preschool, and no one got call. Not sure when they are going to call. problem now every one facing is other schools have short listed the candidates for admission and we cant wait for NPS.

NPS rajaji nagar mont-1 results is expected to come out 1st week of dec 2010.

Did any one get call from nps for admission after submitting application for 2011 - 2012 kindergarden/ pre school ? what is the criteria to get a seat? If so please inform me :


Did any one get call from nps for admission after submitting application for 2011 - 2012 kindergarden/ pre school ? If so please inform me :

Hi Parents
We have applied for Mont1 at Indirangar.......Had just called the school about the next stages of admision ...they informed us that calling would end of this month or latest by ...dec 1st week......past experience show that they wind up their kg , mont admissions by Dec 23...

Has anyone been contaced by the school adminstration for nursery 2011 admissions ? Any clue when the school authorities would be calling up parents ? Also the BIG question- any idea on the criteria for shortlisting..?

Please share any info available!

And besties for all nps aspirants and their folks !

Did any one get call from nps for admission after submitting application for 2011 - 2012 kindergarden/ pre school ? If so please inform me :


Is any body got call from NPS rajajinagar, for 2011 admission.

Is there any consideration for the child with disability as there is column provided in the application format

admission for 2011 is on oct 21st 2010


Does anyone enquired whether they give applications for UKG and I Std also in NPS Rajajinagar?

What's the date for giving applications?


Does anyone know when the NPS Rajaji Nagar school is issuing application forms for LKG and above for 2010-2011?
If anyone come to about it , Please inform me.

Thank you,

My niece has got a call for written test for 7th std admission at NPS, Rajajinagar.
Does any parent here have any idea how the test would be? Is it enough to study ICSE text books (niece is currently in ICSE stream)? Any particular books to refer? Please let me know.

When did you register for admission to 7th std? I thought admission for higher classes will start only post january 2011 for the next acadamic year,

My daughter is in ICSE and as we are planning a shift in location, I am looking to put her in NPS Rnr for 9th STd. Is it too late to try now? My daughter is a topper in her present school which is one of the top schools for ICSE.

Can anyone help me on my query?



My son is 2.3 years old now . We are planning to join him for a near by playhome from June and therefore he would be starting his playhome by 2.6. can anyone answer my below queries.

1. He would be 3.6 by next year( 2011).Will he eligiible for LKG?
2. What is the age cutt off ( LKG ) for the kid to be eligible to join to NPS- Rajajinagar as it would be a CBSE syllabus.
3. What is the Fee structure.
4.I read in one of the recent comments that it would be 75 to 80 thousand for LKG. is that every year i need to pay the same amount. Please clarify.
5. if i am planning for 2011 admission, when should I enquire for the application forms
Kindly advise.

hi ...
1. 3.6 for LKG he will not be eligeble
2. age cutoff for LKG is 4yrs
3. depends on eachone
4. ur right maybe 10 thousand lesser
5. by sep 2010

I guess you meant 2 years 6 months. You can start the montessori ( M1 ). Any reputed montessori would admit kid for Mont1 at the age of 2.5. So the kid will be 5.5 when moving to 1st std.

Otherwise your kid has to start nursery when 3 Year 6 Months. Schools following Nur-LKG-UKG usually admit kids for nursery at the age of 3 and LKG at the age of 4.


We got a call today from NPS Rajajinagar telling our kid is selected for Mont and we need to go to meet chairman on 8th March. We both are working in software and staying in Rajajinagar. Kid is born in April. Hope this helps people who are looking for information. No, the income does not have to exceed 50L.

Hi ..congrats..i can imagine ur happiness on getting a seat in NPS.... my daughter is dec 2008 born...i called NPS for mont admission for 2011..they said it is possible only for 2012 since she will be 3.5 yr as on june 1, 2012...(2.10 yrs is cut off) ur kid is now going to mont in rajajinagr...and she is 3.9 yrs now ( as on 24-11-2010) is she coping with she enjoying the curriculum..
My husband's into IT and am a dentist by qualification but currently not working and dont intend to for a few more yrs..we stay in vijaynagar...i wanted to know wht is the income bar which is expected off the parents for this school...since we hv to wait till oct next yr for applications for 2012 mont batch...we r planning to put her in euro kids from june 2011 for PlayGroup...could u pls comment on this post...i want to know if i am planning it right..thx.


I would also like to admit my son in Mont for 2011 batch. I heard that if both parents are working, it will not be possible to get the seat.
Can anybody please provide more info on the same.

congrats, iam anticipating?what is the fee structure?is it cbse

Congratulations for getting seat in NPS. I was under the impression that admission are already completed in Dec-Jan time frame. Surprised to know that they keep some seat vacant and give it later as Mont is 1'st year of eduaction so case of getting seat after somebody withdrawing seat because of transfer and any other reason seem to be ruled out. So, your kid is Apr, 2007 born!

Any idea what do they ask in the interview? Do they filter out after interview?

can we get a forms now also for 8th and 1st std. actually we want to know that cbse / state for High school. if it is let me knowthe fee structure.

I am an anxious parent living in the Vijayanagar area just like you. I have not received any selection call. It is highly depressing that the school does not let us know the selection criteria either. I can only pray that things work out for us !

According to the school, NPS RNR admission process for Mont1 is complete.

If you have not yet received phone call from the school then it is better you call the school and find out the status.

Plz confirm if u got a call from NPS RNR??

Also any parent plz let me know if kids from Vijayanagar area will be considered for adm to Mont at NPS RNR?

we got a call today from RNR for LKG. Have to pay fees this week.
The wait is finally over guys!!

got a call for interview today for LKG

Hello Parents, the above news is not true. NPS RNR is busy with celebrating their 50th Year Golden Jubliee. And shortlist admission for KG and Mont will be announced later only. This news I got from one of the school teacher from NPS RNR. Parent s don't get distrubed with false news. Have lots of hope to receive call from NPS. All the best to your wards!

This new seems to be true : see this thread

in this thread one of the person said that she/he called on 14'th n they said they will finish by this weekends and the very next day they started calling

Just wondering what can a person achieve by spreading a rumour, Is it just hyper-anxiety/desperation or something else ?

NPS admissions for LKG were in full swing today at RNR. All shorlisted candidates had come to pay the fees after meeting the chairman. Even Mont admsiions were going on today. Congratulations to all parents who have paid fees today and become part of the NPS family!!

Dear All,

Can anyone please let me know if NPS rnr has given admission only to siblings or outsiders are also shorlisted .

Thanks in advance

I was wondering how come they just called and asked him/her to pay the admission fees without any interaction. Anyway, thanks for the clarification.

NPS does not conduct any interactions. They'll just call up , saying that ur kid is selected and the fees amt is so much... come and pay it on this date.... thats it. They have been doing it this way for yrs.

Thanks for the clarification.

Congrats on securing admission for ur kid at NPS RNR.
Can u pls let us know what do they look at? Is teh salary criteria right? Do they take kids whr parents Sal is 50L + only?
Also what abt the age?

Could you please share your kids age and
what is the fees this year...


Kids age will be 4.1 years in June 2010.
Fees for LKG IS 74,250.

Hi All,

We should be in India by Oct2010, we are planning for 2011 LKG/UKG admission.
I have few questions.

1. My daughter will be 4 years 9 months on 01Jun2011, is she eligible for LKG or UKG?
2. When do they normally give admission forms in NPS, rajajinagar
3. Normally which month is the interview, will it be before Oct2010 for 2011 admission?
4. I don't have 50L annual income, is it really required?
5. We will be in vijayanagar, is location a criteria for selection?

Thanks in advance
Vicky Kamal

Ideally 4 Y 9 Months should be in UKG and that is the right age to be in UKG and over age to attend LKG. But some of these schools put strict age cut off. So it depends on the school. If the school has 5 Y cut off for UKG then they won't admit your daughter for UKG. The problem is if you join LKG when the kid is 4 y 9 months. The kid will be 6Y 9Months when in 1st std which is over age and you are wasting one year. So choose the school accordingly.

According to one parent who got a call from NPS RNR, LKG fees is Rs.74,250/-

Do u know the parents/kids details who got a call? Maybe we can get pointers on the selection criterias from it

One of my colleague`s son got admission into RNR NPS. Both the parents are working in software companies as entry level managers. I guess combined income would be around what someone cited as a criterion! Hope this helps.

Congrats on getting admission in Nps.
Could be pls let me what are the criterias they are looking?Are u both working or do u have siblings studying there.
Like all others saying are they looking for highest saraly cut-off?
Pls reply since me too have applied for my son's MONT 1 in HSR.

Me too looking for the selection criteria... atleast we know if its worth waiting or not....

earlier it was told that motessori admission short will be announced by 30th nov. when i enquire on 1st dec, it was again told that same has been postponed for another 10 days.

Yes it is true, Montessori & KG admission are post pone to unknown date. This is mainly becoz NPS chairman is busy with venturing another new school at aboard. This I heard from someone from school circle. One more things is that he only personally shortlist the resumes for Mont and KG.

Whew we are waiting for date after another and hearing different stories every other day. I had called friday and that lady said we will start calling on 10'th and till 12'th Dec we would be finished with calling all selected candidates. Has anybody else called today n heard of any new date ?

Any updates on the list ? Did anyone get a call?

has anyone got a call fom nps rnr?

Anyone got a call from nps rnr for mont1 ? Please let me know.

I called NPS Rajajinagar regarding mont1 admission status. They said, it will be known in another one week.

I called up the school and was informed that they will let the parents know about their child's admissions by end of this month. (november 2009)
all the best to parents who are pinning their hopes on this school.

Pl. update if anyone got a call for LKG admission in NPS RNR. When we call they say they will call by Nov end or Dec 15th

In october 3rd week we were told the fee for lkg was 70000 per annum. But in novemeber second week we are being told it is 85000 per annum, Does anyone know how the fees can be raised like this?

We checked with the school regarding the fees for mont-1 during october 3rd week. They had clearly mentioned that it will be between 80K and 85K. For LKG it will be between 70K and 75K. Exact amount will be know during admission time.

So to my knowledge there is no increase between october and now. School management seems to be very consistent in this matter between october and november.

It could be due to some misunderstanding. For example, you could be assuming the mont-1 fee of 85k to be the fee for lkg.


I asked them about the fee structure when i went to submit my daughter's form for LKG. They said that the fees will be Rs75,000-80,000.. They will be letting the parents know about the admissions by the end of Nov..

have they started calling for admission?

School is issuing application forms for UKG and Above for 2010-11. You can submit it before this month end.

Pls update. Anyone got interview call for Montessori from NPS Rajajinagar?

No, they are still accepting admission forms for LKG(in NPS Rajajinagar). They said they will call by Nov end or by Dec 15th 2009.

Did Anyone get a call from NPS RNR for 2010 admissions..
Please respond


I submitted form in NPS Rajajinagar. When do they start calling? Also, what is the criteria they use to shortlist from the applications received?


Why r the admissions going on now? Are there'nt any rules/procedures for the right time of admisssions? R these schools only back of money? Wat do they do with such huge money? hope they wont take it to the graveyard. GOOD LUCK nps, make more money!

Zeeksha Team,
pls. do the needful

Hi Folks,

In case you had not noticed - we just added a place holder for NPS HSR . Please use this thread for all discussions regarding NPS HSR.


-Z Team

sending their little ones to this montessori?

Or is that just NAFL. We gave the application forms, but when we asked about the Mont they said it was a common application form - am confused

NPS, Rajajinagar main school runs Kindergarten classes.
NPS Global Montessori located in 1st block, Rajajinagar is sister concern of the same school which runs Montessori classes. But admission process is handled by the main school.
So as per your child's age you can choose the appropriate stream.

yes, planning to send in the next year session. Have already colleacted the form from NSP. Wanted to know some feedbacks on the school.

Oh!! When did they issue the forms? (NPS Rajaji Nagar??)

Check with the school. They may be still issuing the application forms.
Unlike other schools they issue the application forms for a month or so.

Any idea what is the fee for 7th std in NPS, Rajjainagar?