New Horizon Public School is one of the reputed and well established schools (started in 1970). The school is on Indira Nagar's 100ft road (great location, we may add) and is known for the quality of education. The school offers the full range of classes (from pre-school till 12th standard). Please check the school's website for further details.

New Horizon has established the "New Horizon Gurukul" and will be offering admissions from 2010. Please check the Guruku's website for further details. This new school will be affiliated to the CBSE curriculum. The campus is located on Outer Ring Road behind the New Horizon College.

Fee Structure
  • Admission Fee:     Rs. 20k (One time)
  • Development Fee:  Rs. 20k (One tme)
  • Tution Fee :           Rs. 48K
  • Development Fee 2 : 50K (Yup! That's Development Fee 2 - Go Figure)

Transport, Uniform and Books, extra. Please check with the school for up to date information.

Thanks Kiran Prasad for the details.


haven't got a cal after interaction on 28thnov 2011...........?

Today we collected prospectus and admission form for Nursery by paying Rs500. at NHPS Indiranagar and got interview date on 09/Nov/2011. Just curious to know on what basis they have given the interview date. If anyone collected form today please let us know when they got interview date.

Even i got the same inforamtion from the school. They said that the applications will be issued online mid October

Hi, Got the info that they issue application forms between Oct 12th to 14th. We should go in person. Information on this is provided in their website.

Hi, I enquired with the school for montessari or pre-kg admission today and they asked me to fill application form online in mid of October and they dont issue it in school. This looked strange to me. Have I not got something right? Has anyone else enquired on this? Any updates will be of great help.

New Horizon gurukul is very new.their Ist batch of X is yet to pass out.
During inquiry for admisison: I was told to buy admission form, child to appear for test.

After passing, principal will inform the fee structure. Nobody will inform the fee structure before that. No transparency. Its a secret. Reason is: instead of taking capitation fee-school indirectly takes development fee in cash.

This is corrupt practice and should be brought to the notice of IT department. I was informed that the teachers are highly paid here -thus you get an indication that you have to pay a hefty fee to get admission for child.

A parents' experiences about admitting his kid in Mont-1:

For 2011-12 session, application forms were distributed in October and there is selection process (interaction with kids/parents in Nov).

Didn't find any transparency issue with Fees and fee structure is as follows:

Adm Fee: 30K
Dev Fee:30K
Tuition Fee: 1st term: 14.5K, 2nd term:14K & 3rd term: 14K
Total: 102.5K

Haven't got a call after the interaction. has anybody got?

Applications are available in the School today. Had to stand for 2.5 hrs in queue to get the application. Another queue is there for submitting the filled forms.

I had approached this school for my daughters and had a terrible experience.

However in case you still wish to approach the school, try asking them to give you the fee structure. Their response will be that once your child passes the test the admission officer will give you the fee structure. This is unlike any school I have approached in the past. This also means that you have to take the admission form for Rs 350 before you can decide whether you want to take the admission based on its fee structure.

The second part which did not go well with me was that my child was asked to go through an hour of test for first standard admission. That is like giving a job interview at a senior level. The child was visibly exhausted on coming back from the test. However my child did clear the test with good marks as per the teachers. I was then asked to go and meet the admission manager.

The third reason for disappointment was the attitude of the admission manager. She behaved as if she really didnot need the child in her school. Guess they have enough and more people wanting to be in their school.

The fourth reason was both surprising and shocking. I asked about the fee structure. The lady tore out a paper from a note pad and asked me to write it down while she dictated it to me. SURPRISING!. Most reputed schools ( and this one claims to be a reputed one ) has a printed fee structure. However I did oblige. Following was the fee structure told to me.

Admission Fee: 20k (One time)
Development Fee: 20k (One tme)
Tution Fee :47880 – Annual
Transport, Uniform and Books, extra

Development Fee 2 : 50K

I was curious to know what development fee 2 is. However the lady was unable to answer satisfactorily. I proceeded to ask as to in whose favour the DD needs to be made. I was told that the payment has to be made in parts. Everything to be made under DD except for Development fee to be made in cash. ( slightly surprising ). I asked the second obvious question, “ do I get a receipt for the payment made in cash”. The answer was an emphatic NO. ( SHOCKING )..

I need not express what it meant. It became obvious as to what kind of culture the school believes in.

This is not to say that the school doesn’t have great education, because I have not placed my child in this school. Like the tata tea ad, as parents we decided to be stay away from percolating any more corruption in this country, especially in education.

All I need to say is take a calculated decision.

Hello Parents,

Though my child is not studying in this school, i would like to write this experience I had around 5 years back with New Horizon School Indira Nagar.

I along with my wife and kid (2 years and 4 month old then) for nursery admission. Though it is not allowed by the education authorities in karnataka, these people interview the tiny tots. My kid cleared the initial rounds and finally we got an opportunity to meet the Principal Madam.

She started interviewing both the parents and simultaneously my 2.4 years old kid also. The principal asked what is the color of his shirt and my kid confidently answered 'Yellow' but actually the color of the shirt was 'Pink'. That was the end there and we didn't get selection.

Is this a good practice? Interviewing and grilling the tiny tots of who are just crossed 2 years. I am sure if I interview the Principal Madam, she would not even be able to answer half of my questions because I am also a senior professional working in Bangalore. Do they need three levels of interviews to judge a child who is 2 years?

Why I am writing this after 5 years is a sweet revenge. My son is studying now in 4th Standard in another good school in Bangalore. He is very good in studies as well as gets many certificates in extra curricular activities. When there is a district level competitive exam (IMO, IEO and NCO) he came far far ahead of all the participants from New Horizon School. He also won many other inter school prizes including painting challenges. This post is for the parents who read this blog and also for the Principal of New Horizon School. I am happy that my son is not studying in New Horizon. What you actually need is a school which can bring up the talent in your kid.

The only thing i liked about New Horizon is their Scool Uniforms. Its good. But thats what you need to look into? Think. Its your wise decision which is a life changing decision for your kid.

Thanks for having the patience to read my comment.

Hi Bjarath,

Please suggest some good school in and around Indira Nagar, Airport Road, Marthahalli.

Hi Bharath,

Thanks for the eye opening comments abt ur son's school admission experience NHPS.
This year, we have to go through the same process(looking for my son's admission for 2015).
I liked ur statement " What you actually need is a school which can bring up the talent in your kid." Very true. But the fact is we are unable to identify the school that do this great job.

Could you please let me know which school is your son studying and any other good schools? it would be a very great help in sorting the school admission process.
I liked the way ur son's school concentrating both on studies and extra curricular activities.

Thanks alot in advance.


Hi Kiran,

Thanks for sharing your experience!

this is the way we common people can save ourselves from cheating.
Please share some good/transparent schools in bangalore.

surinder Singh

great feedback.. extremely useful kiran. many a thanks to you for taking time to place a feedback. parents shud form a FORUM so that we can voice out our thoughts!

Hi Kiran, Thanks for the post. We wanted to visit the school but after reading your experience we don't think we should be able to go there. We should take this issue seriously and perculate this feedbacks to other parents who should about this so called GOOD SCHOOL !!

Can anyone tell me what is the age limit for L.K.G admission in New Horizon Public school ?

The web-site says for nursery, the kid should be 3 years on May/June. Does it mean that only those kids born in May or June be elligible? What about overaged kids?

For lkg the cut off age is 4 yrs by May/June 2010, if u are seeking admission for June 2010- LKG

For Nursery: 3+
For LKG: 4+

Can anyone tell me the fee structure at New Horizon School & is it easy to get admission for UKG



the fees for lkg is 35 k. guys please post honest replies so that others are not mis-guided

After long wait, NHPS Application process started today onwards. 350Rs you get NH Gurukul + NHPS together in single pack(Combo offer). Either you can fill both, or one of those based on your need. Around 500 people queued up by 9.00AM itself

Must say, completely mesh up due to Indian Bank Counter (which always delayed by 30 minutes), saying that employee is new, computer is not working etc to get form from Counter. Indian Bank has to keep dynamic young guys to speed up process for issuance during peak hours. NHPS has to give pressure to regularize Application issuance.

Counter Lady (Teller) acts as such everyone comes with 350Rs change, saying why are you bring 500Rs. As a bank, can't keep 50 Rs , 100Rs denomination in your counter to give change. Of course you are servicing people.

Second person, who sits on and issuing form delayed like anything for no reason.

Third, Reception people who collects the form, they published in internet the order in which u are collecting form, interview will be schedule. But don't surprise first person 001 (Application number) get interview date next to 010, eventhough both submitted in same time. Two receptionist put their own date and give it to you. Where is the Order madam here. Around 10 Ladies Teachers in silk Sarees and costume design to show case in their phone. No one there to regualrize serial no / and order in which interview date has to be arranged, always everyone will be on phone.

NHPS Mgmt has to prevent Mobile Usage atleast during application process day.

After that receptionist gives you two acknowledgement/Single acknowledgment based on their own decision. If you say i want only CBSE, they will give ICSE receipt, sometime both...Oh god save the poor parents ...

One good thing, your interview dates will be given either +1 or -1 day based on your luck.

NHPS mgmt has to streamlined this process little bit to faciliate parents.

Last but most, Security Fellow is FAR BETTER than all these people who issue/collect application form.

Enjoy your application collection/submission Process.

Did you collect the forms for admissions to LKG?

According to the school's website they are yet to issue the application forms for admission to UKG till 6th standard.

can anybody tell me what is the fee for LKG procedure of admission in NHS and when i can get the forms?

Perfect...You just said the scenarios very well. Hope the schools understands!

so total how much fee for lkg please let me know

total how much for LKG?