NPS Banashankri

Syno-81, 3rd cross, 60ft road, Uttarahalli-Kengere Main road, Banashankari 5th Stage, Bangalore
080-2861 1799 / 2861 2180 |

Board: CBSE

For that matter, almost all school in India are not taking care of creative writing and public speaking properly in primary level schooling. Creative writing should be done on a daily basis and public speaking should be taken care atleast once a month with an emphasis to bring out all kids at same level. This is where Indian schools are far far behind in comparison to their western peers and it is evident in our work force which can just work whatever assigned like a robot but far from creativity and entrepreneurship.

I wonder why NPS charges such a high fees( quite same as good international schools) but they are not taking care of more than conventional style curriculum. There curriculum hasn't adapted lots of new age school's key points like theater, dance, drama, public speaking, Language art, sports. These things help a lot in grooming, personality development of a child. These things needs to be given due importance.

BTW, NPS has started a new curriculum called "CBSE-i" , basically it's what most of the parents are looking for with more emphasis on performing art, more hands-on etc. whatever you are mentioning but with an double burden on parent's pocket. Shouldn't school try to improvise ( infact Board) and make these part of normal CBSE but ALAS has become a good way of minting more money with already such a high fees. I assume CBSE would not have thought while proposing ....

Has anyone got calls from NPS bsk for admissions?And also I want to confirm if this school is a branch of NPS or a franchise?

It is not a NPS branch , it is an associate/ franchise of NPS . The management is different .