Presidency school (R.T. Nagar)

H.M.T. Layout, R.T. Nagar, , Bangalore
08023335860 , 23331765 , 25924181

Board: ICSE

Presidency school is one of the better known schools in the Northern part of Bangalore. It is situated in R.T. Nagar and has a good reputation. The school is also known for the cricket team. It was founded by late Mr. Abdul Hameed who belonged to a well known family of freedom fighters and educationists.

The school also has branches in Kasturi Nagar and Bannerghetta Road.


One downside of the R.T.Nagar school is that there is no playground within the premises (for the bigger kids). However, there is a play area within the campus for the little ones.

The school is well known  for the cricket team.

Fee Structure
  • Admission: 47K
  • Monthly: 2700
  • Transport + Uniform Extra.

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Fees details are old.
New one:
Admission: 50k
some fees: 20k
per month: 4k
this is for Nursery

The horrific rape of a six year old girl child at Vibgyor High School,Bangalore has profoundly outraged parents of children studying at that school and the general public alike.As per the reports available, the child was sent into a dark room as punishment for misbehaviour, and during that phase of punishment, the school fitness centre instructor and a security guard brutally assaulted the girl.The main accused Mustafa, who joined the school in 2011 was arrested on 20th Jul 2014 with police saying they had found pornographic content relating to children in the laptop recovered from him.The main accused was sacked at an earlier school for "gross misconduct" with girls.He later joined Vibgyor ; after these events the Bangalore school coming in for criticism for not checking the background of its staffer. Although the teacher who had punished the child was aware that she was hurt, she tried to conceal the incident by giving first aid. The child who had been getting fever intermittently was later examined medically to confirm that she was sexually assaulted.

The dastardly action by one of the staff appointed by the school garnered nation-wide headlines and there were angry protests by the thousands on the streets of Bangalore.An otherwise somnolent Government of Karnataka was forced to take note of the growing public anger and moved belatedly before the protests grew out of hand and turned the tide against the Government.The first casualty of the purge within the Police Department was Commisioner Auradkar who was replaced by M N Reddi .Subsequently the Police moved decisively to arrest Rustom Kerawala,Chairman of Vibgyor School who has been booked for destruction of evidence (section 201 of IPC) and delay in the reporting the crime against a child in his school (under section 23 of Juvenile Justice Act) and failure to protect the child and negligence (section 21 of Prevention of Sexual Offences Against Children (POCSO Act). The six-year-old was raped on July 2 but the case was reported only on July 17. Police said Section 23 Juvenile Justice Act (anyone with charge or control of a child willfully neglecting a juvenile), section 21 of Prevention of Sexual Offences Against Children (POCSO) act (Failing to report a crime of rape) were invoked as there was clear negligence of the school administration from the part of the shool.
Parents would do well to note the plethora of cases filed against the management and staff of Vibgyor school under various laws that have been brought into existence recently.It shows you that the situation isn't what it was even fifteen years ago.Today there are laws that are Child specific- namely the Right to Education Act,The Juvenile Justice Act and the Prevention of Sexual Offences Against Children Act which have been framed specifically to protect children from various kinds of abuse.As per the Right to compulsory Education Act (RTE) 2009, children cannot be subject to corporal punishment which is a criminal offence. Vasudeva Sharma, director, Child Rights Trust, says, "Threatening a child by itself is an offence and is accounted as corporal punishment as per the RTE Act. In this unfortunate incident, the teacher had sent the child into the dark room as punishment where the child was sexually assaulted by the employees. This is equal to corporal punishment and the teacher is equally accountable for having put the child in a susceptible situation.Apart from traumatizing the child, even after knowing about the incident the teacher hushed up the evidences hindering investigation." Sharma pointed out that the teacher is also accountable under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offence Act 2012 (POCSO) for having subjected the child in a vulnerable situation thus exposing the child to immense danger.Dr K John Vijay Sagar, Associate Professor, Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, NIMHANS, said, "Any form of punishment for young children is a very upsetting and traumatic experience for them. Children as old as four or five years may not be able to talk about the punishment and may express so in behaviour like anger or crying. Corporal punishment affects the self esteem of the child, and he or she may develop school refusal behaviour because of an incident or a teacher. When the child has been sexually assaulted, psychological councelling has to be given with constant support."

What the VIBGYOR case shows is that laws were flouted and warning signs were deliberately ignored on a regular basis.The VIBGYOR High School is guilty of violation of multiple Child Protection laws of this country.First-There has been corporal punishment.Second-A child left in the care of "gaurdians" as defined by the Juvenile Justice Act has been neglected.Third-The child has been sexually assaulted.While there has been belated action taken in the Vibgyor case there has been none in the case of Presidency.There are enough reasons to believe that Presidency School RT Nagar may well end up as another VIBGYOR,given the history of the school especially its Chairman Nissar Ahmed.All the warning signs of an imminent disaster are there- The Chairman of the School Mr Nissar Ahmed has himself administered the most terrible forms of corporal punishment upon children and also indulged in inappropriate behaviour with girl children.It is a well known fact especially among the earlier girl students that Nissar Ahmed was particularly fond of caressing the ear lobes of girl students with his fingers while standing behind them during "questioning" time.There are a number of witnesses to this particular "ear" fetish.Many are grown women with children of their own. At that point of time they were deeply uneasy about the fondling.Now they know better-it's abuse plain and simple.Mr Nissar Ahmed may well try and brush it off as harmless behaviour but would he scarcely tolerate it if someone tried to fondle the earlobes of his own daughter-in exactly the same manner???. Another student corroborates this kind of inappropriate behaviour on Zeeksha and writes...."With girls he would run his lecherous hand up and down their backs, pinch and nudge whenever he saw fit and even pull the hair on their heads until he saw them twist in excruciating pain or saw them cry."Another nearly lost his sight because of abusive behaviour.This student writes.."On one occasion I nearly lost an eye after Nissar mistook me for a punching bag using his belt as a knuckle duster.". Misbehaviour and violence.These are our self-styled "educationalists". A concerned pschologist writing on Zeeksha provides the essential link and key to this kind of behaviour.He/she writes….."sexual frustration and violence go hand in hand." There is a former student of this school who was subjected to Nissar Ahmed's abuse and who is now ironically a teacher in a scandinavian country.That student is VERY clear in the mind that abuse in the name of "education" and "discipline" is not to be tolerated-in fact it should attract outrage,condemnation and even jail time.

By any yardstick Nissar Ahmed by his own actions and by hiring a string of vicious, malevolent, incompetents of various shades and hues like Ameeta, Shah, Chandrasekhar, Kamalakshi, Indira, Shashi, Teresa, Kalpana and many other child abuser after child abuser after child abuser (named and shamed in these very same pages of Zeeksha by various former students-see below) have done it acting under Nissar Ahmed’s explicit authority and are in multiple violations of the RTE Act,The Juvenile Justice Act and in Mr Nissar Ahmed’s own case-with his past actions - dangerously skirting the provisions of Protection of Children from Sexual Offence Act.It is time parents asked themselves whether they should admit their children in a school where the Chairman has a history of administering corporal punishment and fondling girl children's earlobes .How much more crippling fees,how much more homework,how much more mindless cramming,how many more children subjected to verbal abuse by teachers,how much more corporal punishment endured,how many more eyes damaged, how many more ear lobes fondled and how many more children humiliated,broken and damaged before the next disaster visits this school.?When a child is left in the care of someone-for whatever reason it is reasonable to expect that the child will be taken care of with gentleness,dignity and respect.All these actions are fundamentally ABUSE OF TRUST-They are also violation of the law.

The school mentioned that it is of an "International dimension" on its website.One has to wonder which "International dimension" they are bragging about.Like the kind practiced in places like AbuGhraib prison?? Or is it the torture chambers of Guantanamo Bay??Remember the old Tata Advertisement-"We also make steel".Well.. the school motto should be changed to "We also abuse children".When the head of an institution hasn’t set a great example what does one expect from the ones hired by him?? Today the public mood has changed.The Supreme Court,NCPCR and the HRD ministry have all spoken against child abuse.Multiple laws are in place.People are taking to the streets in their thousands.Questions are being asked of the Chief Minister on the floor of the Legislature and the Police are suddenly aware of the change in public mood.There are CCTV cameras,24 hour news channels and news hounds sniffing around to out and expose the next Mustafa and possibly the next Nissar Ahmed.The public is not prepared to take things lying down.No amount of past reputation,or political influence or money can make the next disaster go away or get swept under the carpet.That is because there are far more stringent laws than in the past,the public is more vigilant and has far lesser tolerance for nonsense like this .Time is ticking away for child abusers like the Chairman Nissar Ahmed and his minions. Ignore the warning signs at Presidency School at your own peril parents.

I too am an old student of St. Paul's English School. Although ,I was there for only a few years, I had my fair share of physical assaults both from the principal and many of the teachers. Nissar Ahmed(princi), Amita(head mistress), Shah(vice-princi), Azeeza(princi of another school), Syeda(Geography), Kamalakshi(Kannada) and Archana(Hindi) were the most violent of the lot. My batch had a quite a few naughty kids like myself but I dont think we deserved punches to our faces and knuckles busted with wooden rulers, on a daily basis. On one occasion I nearly lost an eye after Nissar mistook me for a punching bag using his belt as a knuckle duster. Luckily for me, my Dad stormed into Nissar's office the next day and threatened him with an FIR so for the remainder of my tenure at St. Paul's I was spared the abuse(mostly). I left the school soon after. My studies were affected due the abuse while I was in this school. I was considered mediocre by most of the teachers at this school. But, I went on to pass my 10th with a distinction from another school and even completed a master's degree later on in my life. The constant abuse did affect my temperament during my younger years, which in turn affected my personal life later on. It made me very aggressive. Thanks to my family I was able to overcome these obstacles and lead a normal life. The only saving grace about the school was the friends I made and the fabulous memories associated with them. I would give anything to relive those moments again.
Would I enroll my kids in St. Paul's? No way. I wouldnt even let an ant hurt my kids. End of the day, I have no hatred for what happened but I hope Nissar and co have realized the harm they did and are repentful for their actions. God bless all.

An urgent and sincere request to Zeeksha admin-please fix the captchas used for posting comments.There are hardly any comments posted by parents these days because the captchas are extremely difficult to read and are in lower and upper case -it is very easy to make a mistake performing these visual captcha gymnastics! I got this comment through after more than 20 attempts-it has never happened before-that is ridiculous!Please fix the captcha!.

Anyway...The above comment by Old Student shows why Zeeksha has become such an important forum for former students to air their views.You'll never see honest opinion like this aired on the Presidency School website -that much is for sure!You get only lies,lies and more outright lies there.

The above comment just shows you the how impressionable and sensitive children can be badly scarred for life in an environment riven with corporal punishment and violence .The word "discipline" - a much abused and misunderstood term used to justify casual random violence has not been properly defined and has meant a carte-blanche for people like the Chairman Nissar Ahmed to do as they please.This former student mentions that he/she nearly lost an eye on account of the treatment meted out to him by Nissar Ahmed.The school today talks about having an "International Dimension"-How can anyone in their right minds justify violence that results in damage to a child's eye???How can the school management LIE through their teeth like this???Since this happened in a pre RTE Act time Nissar Ahmed should consider himself extremely fortunate he's not cooling his heels in jail.This is criminal behaviour and cannot be condoned no matter what.If Nissar Ahmed is a rich man today it is primarily from the rent-seeking activity in the form of fees that he extorts under various heads from the hapless parents of even more hapless students.These days he puffs his chest,strutts around and calls himself an "educationalist".As former students have repeatedly aired their views here in comment after comment after comment-One should not forget the history of this place -The "success" of the 'educationalist" Nissar Ahmed and the school is rooted in E-X-T-R-E-M-E cruelty ,sadism and violence for which he has gone unpunished(actually rewarded!).If only more parents like this students's father had actually challenged the sadistic Nissar Ahmed and actually filed FIRs!-but then parents also exhibited a great deal of pusillanimity then. The comments from the above former student show that it is against all odds that he/she has become successful.There is an important point to be noted here-it is that his/her success like may other former students of this school is despite the nasty,vicious,malevolent, third rate owners,administrators and teachers -not because of it!If there has been any flowering of actual talent it has been OUTSIDE the environs and immediate control of this mediocre school.The most telling comment was when this former student categorically stated that there would be "No Way!" he would put his kids into Presidency.That in itself should be a dire warning to prospective parents even entertaining that thought.

Presidency school is a money minting organization. Its only aim is to collect huge amounts from the parents in the name of reputation. The staff does not have the basic etiquette to behave, they are issuing forms unnecessary for admission and making money and reject applicants for no proper reason. It is pathetic.

They expect the child to have end to end knowledge of education if that is the case, what the school gonna teach the kids.

The primary school teachers doesn't know how to behave with the young kids. They are least bother if the kids are able to understand or not. They use abusive language to the kids. I pity the kids who are studying over there.

Dear Admin,there are atleast four comments here which are basically shamelessly using your site to promote certain material.This constitutes spam and not a discussion of schools or education.I'm surprised that you have such rigorous standards for flaming,obscenity etc but you let these commercial racketeers on your site.Please delete the four "karenn millen/handbag" comments posted below and this comment addressed to yourself after doing the needful


Thanks for pointing out the spam. It was a mistake. We have deleted the same.

-Z team

dear all
i am parent of a kid who is their in high school , the administration introduced some un-ethical rules in which your kid is not scored more than 60-70-% in science and maths your kid will be placed in commerce with out information, this kind of rules are not their either in Govt of India/Karnataka or ICSE board,this management is playing with your kids future. your dream of making your kid Doctor or engineer is remains a dream only. what is the use of sending the kids to this kind of school. problem is i am in Dubai, My wife is house wife, i do not no what to do.

i totally agree with you prove ur result with all students

I agree with your assessment that these practices are completely unethical.Who are these people to decide what stream the child will get into?The Chairman is a failed shoe company businessman who has made it "big" from running many lucrative schools!What are his great educational qualifications pray ?He is rolling in the cash generated from his various "educational " institutions.The Chairman himself is a shining example that mediocre students can be considered "successes"!

Zeeksha is a very good forum to obtain feedback on schools and it must be commended.Many of its pages are at the top of Google search pages and hence very easy find.I'm a former student of this school and I found the comments posted here by many other former students to be devastatingly true in their analysis.There is real anger out there which has been expressed on Zeeksha pages and which are well and truly justified because of the policies and practices of the management .Many of the problems continue to be ignored. The school is run by the Chairman who is an ambitious person and as most former students here have commented and vouch safed for,infamous for his administration of corporal punishment.We the former students of this school have endured his vicious and barbaric treatment for countless years and do not wish prospective parents to make the same mistakes with their children.

As a start it would be important to remember that staring a new school today costs a lot in terms of investment and there are many barriers which come in the way-land,infrastructure,licenses and permissions,engaging properly trained personnel and teachers etc.Needless to say all these cost a lot of money. I read someone here below making a very rough cost analysis of the kind of money that the school authorities are making and needless to say these are not small sums but run into many crores. This school was once upon a time run in multiple ,dirty, drab, shabby, poorly ventilated rented houses with stinky toilets in the neighbourhood which were ill suited for cattle much less children. Now there is a single, large gray shabby place which has stinky toilets(some things never change it seems) with uninspiring architecture more suited for a jail than school and built on a Civic Amenities site (which by the way is meant for public purpose and not for private use) .

Today Mr Nissar Ahmed runs many schools and all that money he is pouring into new schools is from donations,cess and fees collected in various forms under various heads from parents who slog it out to give their kids a good "education".As some people have correctly pointed out the success of the school is more due to its central location in RT Nagar rather than any great tutorial skills or other atrributes. Morever there are many arbitrary filtering mechanisms in place during admission time which ensure that only a certain type of linear problem solving student is selected who will naturally bring in the grades which the school will then tout as a success model.In addition these the students are used as pawns to advance Nissar Ahmed's vaulting ambitions of more fees translating to more schools translating to more money by putting on " a show". The show is typically a mindless ritual called Annual Day or Sports Day or Valedictory Day or whatever name they can think of , which is used as a publicity stunt to grab eyeballs-mostly those of gullible parents. When we were students we had to march to the public ground hands on hips,clean up the ground of weeds and stones, do the " march-past" practice to the accompaniment of a raucous and out of tune band -all under the watchful eye of the PT Master blaring out his orders and swinging his dreaded cane. I can still hear the drumming and bugles and the sound of the crack of the cane/wooden ruler on tired student's legs and backs as they were driven like cattle in the hot sun .We also had to raise flags and buntings for sports days,mark the tracks with chalk powder and run petty errands for the teachers.There was "a show" put on where all and sundry could see students in colourful uniforms do one of the following-marching ram-rod erect,sing some dumb invocation songs,or bore us all to death with longwinded, trite,cliched, boring welcome speeches .There would be the inevitable Chief Guest,usually a fading and over rated has-been/wannabe or B-list celebrity/politician/film actor who would regale us all with more speeches on "character building","hardwork","dedication" and "perseverance".Prizes would then be distributed and we would all be relieved that the agony was finally over. These public displays of extragavance mounted on the backs of unpaid-school children labour is usually used to garner attention for the School.They are the show case events that increase the school's visibility and bring in fresh admissions.All this labour by the children was FREE. Ultimately the school got all the credit for the hardwork put in by the students who were screamed at, beaten and intimidated into putting on this "show".

The school has skillfully leveraged events like these to raise fees every year which at one point was Rs 120/month and which is now around Rs 2700/month an increase of 2250%!! While driving on the Hebbal flyover in Bangalore one notices that there are large advertisement hoardings expounding the virtues of yet another branch that has been opened. Remember, advertisement hoardings don't come cheap. We made them rich.

Leopards as they say don't change their spots.We are now witness to yet another mega-event in the form of an Alumni meet scheduled for next year for which invitations are being sent out.Many former students have already received messages like these ....."Presidency School 2nd ALUMNI Meet planned on 26th May or 30th June, 2013. Fee Rs. :-) 850 /- . Kindly Continue your Support, From Alumni Team.9886374622"

So who is this enthusiastic errand boy? Usually its a former student roped in to do the dirty work-a shameless,fawning,spineless,lick-spittle crony errand runner for the teachers .You know the type who snitches on you to the higher-ups because he wants to curry favour and be in their good books.The yes sir,yes sir,three bags full sir-yes man and know-all.........let's call him PDF .....Poor Deluded Fool for short because that's what he is finally. His services will be fully utilized for getting all these people together, Nissar Ahmed gets all the attention, there will be a token acknowledgement and and then PDF will be discarded like a used condom.

And who will be there at the Alumni Meet?All the miserable,malevolent ,vicious,depraved,spiteful mediocrities who abused us as children along with their modern day incarnations. All will be will be there amongst other things fishing for compliments. We will all have to tell them how wonderful they all were and how we owe our successes(but surely not your failures) to them.What a complete load of crap !And this is the best part of the Alumni Meet....YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR IT.

Dear Friends and Former Classmates and School mates,please remember that apart from your own class mates and perhaps your immediate seniors and juniors it is highly unlikely that one will know or remember many of the other students or teachers who will be present at the Alumni Meet..It is also possible what with mobile phones and social networking sites,many of their contact numbers are already known to you and that you are already in touch.How do you think PDF got your numbers to send out invitations ?He simply asked your friends!!Most of you are in touch with atleast some former batch mates and juniors even if its is not very regular.You can call them when you want.You could meet in a restaurant and spend that Rs 850/- on a good meal with your friends.You don't need an "Alumni Meet" and you don't need this spurious branding and name-association with the school "Presidency" because you all know what the top management stands for.

Better still consider this ....there are roughly 30 students per batch and they are asking for Rs 850/ per head to "support" the Alumni.That is a sum of 30 students @Rs 850/= Rs 25,500/-.This amount can support an entire childs education.There have been 25 batches between 1988 and 2013 that's 25 children who could be potentially supported with your money.

If you all end up paying Rs 850 to PDF it will be just a complete waste of money. You don't have to pay Rs 850 which is not going to be accounted for.....and for what?....for the privilege of eating salty potato chips and drinking flatulent coke and getting to meet your former pompous,arrogant and vicious tormentors. Do not support this nonsense.This is not about Former Students.This is about the schools' greed.


A well-wisher

please send me deatails

i want prekg details in fees structures

Dear Sir/Madam you have read all of the comments by former students below.None of them are flattering of the school.According to the Merriam Webster dictionary Masochism is "The deriving of pleasure, or the tendency to derive pleasure, from being humiliated or mistreated, either by another or by oneself." and "A willingness or tendency to subject oneself to unpleasant or trying experience.".

I have to ask you seriously ....are you a masochist that you want to put your child in this third rate hell hole?

It is deeply disturbing to read some of the comments posted by former students of this school highlighting the extent and magnitude of corporal punishments perpetrated on students.Especially disturbing was reading these comments titled "The Devil's Advocates"submitted by Win on Mon, 04/11/2011 - 06:31. and the description of the Principal clearly Mr Nissar Ahmed....

I'm quoting this person who describes the Principal as follows.."Principal - used to walk outside the windows peeping in on unsuspecting students (victims) to come and then take them to task. He quite often would also pinch young girls seated in the last row from the window for kicks. Once he enters class he would walk to his victims and ask the teacher if the student was studying, doing his homework, assigned tasks, resorting to any mischief, etc ... a brief nod on any count was enough for him to slap the child multiple times on the face, screw the ears upside down. With girls he would run his lecherous hand up and down their backs, pinch and nudge whenever he saw fit and even pull the hair on their heads until he saw them twist in excruciating pain or saw them cry. He can easily be crowned the “Devil's Advocate" and used to be a living nightmare for most kids."

The World Health Organization provides the following definition for child physical abuse:“Physical abuse of a child is that which results in actual or potential physical harm from an interaction or lack of an interaction, which is reasonably within the control of a parent or person in a position of responsibility, power or trust. There may be a single or repeated incidents.”

According to the Journal of Child Abuse and Neglect, child abuse is "any act or failure to act on the part of a parent or caretaker which results in death, serious physical or emotional harm, sexual abuse or exploitation, an act or failure to act which presents an imminent risk of serious harm"

Wikipedia adds that Physical Abuse is amongst other things..".... physical aggression directed at a child by an adult. It can involve punching, striking, kicking, shoving, slapping, burning, bruising, pulling ears or hair, stabbing, choking, belting or shaking a child. "It also says .."Most nations with child-abuse laws consider the infliction of physical injuries or actions that place the child in obvious risk of serious injury or death to be illegal. "

A study conducted by the Women and Child Development ministry says..'Child abuse refers to the intended, unintended and perceived maltreatment of the child, whether habitual or not, including any of the following:
Psychological and physical abuse, neglect, cruelty, sexual and emotional maltreatment.
Any act, deed or word which debases, degrades or demeans the intrinsic worth and dignity of a child as a human being.
Unreasonable deprivation of his/her basic needs for survival such as food and shelter, or failure to give timely medical treatment to an injured child resulting in serious impairment of his/her growth and development or in his/her permanent incapacity or death.
Physical abuse is inflicting physical injury upon a child. This may include hitting, shaking, kicking,beating, or otherwise harming a child physically.
Emotional abuse (also known as verbal abuse, mental abuse, and psychological maltreatment) includes acts or the failure to act by parents, caretakers, peers and others that have caused or could cause serious behavioural, cognitive, emotional, or mental distress/trauma.

Obviously all these comments posted by former students below show that this is a very clear cut case of physical and mental child abuse that has been going on for many years and clearly constitutes a crime which has gone unpunished.It shows a total failure of our society that an entire generation of students has been brutalized like this without any action.If matters continue the next logical step would be the concentration camps and the gas chambers.

Please also note what this student has to say about the Principal Nissar Ahmed.."With girls he would run his lecherous hand up and down their backs, pinch and nudge whenever he saw fit and even pull the hair on their heads until he saw them twist in excruciating pain or saw them cry. "

This is very interesting because most psychologists today are in agreement that sexual frustration and violence go hand in hand.The Journal Scientific American says that sex and violence are linked in the brain..

Developmental neuropsychologist James Prescott was quoted in The Journal Psychology Today as saying.." bodily pleasure and violence have an either/or relationship. The presence of one inhibits development of the other". In 1975, Prescott published a paper in which he argued that, "certain sensory experiences during the formative periods of development will create a neuropsychological predisposition for either violence-seeking or pleasure-seeking behaviors later in life." On the level of individual development, this finding seems obvious: adults who abuse children were almost always victims of childhood abuse themselves, and every junkyard owner knows that if you want a mean dog, beat the puppy.he further adds..""deprivation of body pleasure throughout life-but particularly during the formative periods of infancy, childhood, and adolescence-is very closely related to the amount of warfare and interpersonal violence."

The conclusions are inescapable...Violent adults tend to be those whose childhood was characterised by experiencing the above behaviours on a regular basis, combined with lack of affection and lack of expressed love.

It is imperative that to redress matters that:
1.The Principal/Chairman should make a public apology preferably in an advertisement in a prominent newspaper to former students who have undergone this abusive treatment.This is the least that can be done to heal the wounds.However this is very unlikely given that violent people also have massive egos.
2.The Principal/Chairman should undergo counselling with a registered practitioner of Psychology.
3.The school must be kept under observation and the matter reported to the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR).

Parents note that even mental harrasment constitutes abuse of a child.Do not hesitate to report to the authorities/and or nearest police station.

National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) Chairperson Shantha Sinha has stressed the need to eliminate ALL forms of corporal punishment practised in the name of ‘disciplining’ a child.

“We need to understand that children, like adults, too have a mind of their own and they do not enjoy having an unequal relationship. Therefore, any kind of domination of children by adults is unacceptable,’’ Dr Sinha said.

She also harped on the need for different stakeholders to engage positively with children.

Dr. Sinha was speaking recently at the discussion forum on the report of Working Group of NCPCR on Guidelines for Eliminating Corporal Punishment in schools under section 17 of the Right to Education (RTE) Act, 2009.

The report enumerated some of the key strategies that could be employed based on the levels of problem behaviour exhibited by children.

Vikram Sahay, Director, Department of School Education and Literacy, MHRD, Dr Peter Newell, Coordinator, Global Inititive to End All Corporal Punishment to Children, Ms Usha Ramanathan, Member, NCPCR Committee on Prohibtion of Corporal Punishment in Schools, among others, were present in the discussion.

The discussion also stressed the need for institutional reform and humanising school campuses so that they become healing spaces for children.

Later in the day, a dialogue on eliminating corporal punishment from all settings was also organised in collaboration with UNICEF.

According to a study on child abuse conducted in 2007 by the Ministry of Women and Child Development it was found that every two out of three school children reported facing corporal punishment.

The Commission has, since its inception in March 2007, responded to 296 complaints of corporal punishment from across the country, held public hearings on the matter, issued guidelines for prevention of corporal punishment and appropriate action of schools, education department, departments of women and child development, social welfare and police.

The Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) requires signatory States to protect children from "all forms of physical or mental violence" while in the care of parents or others.

Teachers who have been mentioned below face severe action if reported.

Times are changing.Not too long ago parents were loathe to lodge complaints with the authorities even if there was genuine abuse of the child.Today there are mechanisms in place which can redress the balance.Children and their parents have to made aware that they have rights and that these cannot be violated in a cavalier manner.One hears and reads of India becoming a Superpower in Education but it will continue to languish at the bottom if it doesn't set the standards in its schools.In most developed countries many of the things described by former students below are completely outlawed.There is a culture of giving respect to Teachers in India derived from the "Guru-Shishya" tradition.Corporal punishment and mental harassment do not belong to this tradition.This is a modern day aberration usurped in the name of enforcing "discipline".The argument that Teachers have to be respected is not a blanket license to do as one pleases and to violate child rights.There is a big difference between COMMANDING respect and DEMANDING respect.Teachers with finer qualities command respect.Mediocrities demand it.Presidency is filled with such mediocrities.Please note what a former student says about this school."The teachers are biased, they make my child do most of their work, - board work, homework record and god knows what not, mentally torture her....the mental torture remains the same...there is Shashi, Tresa, Kalpana Basu.....all these teachers are not human..."

Please note the terms of description.Would any person consider this a flattering portrait of a well-run school?Why are teachers being hired who are in the mould of Nissar Ahmed?Would any parent in their right minds want to send a child to a place where they are not treated humanely?There are schools in Bangalore whereby Teachers are rated BY THE CHILDREN they impart education to.If there is a proper Teacher review system in place ,mean,authoritative ,incompetent,mediocre and arrogant people would immediately get weeded out.People like Shashi, Tresa, Kalpana Basu etc etc . who have been named and shamed will find themselves out of a job.Students should judge their Teachers and not the other way around.This is not some abstract concept .The The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) mentions very clearly that children have a right to be heard.

This is from the NCPR website...
The NCPCR believes that child participation is integral to addressing child rights. Therefore the Commission facilitates children’s participation to enable children to access their rights and entitlements. The Rules of the Commission for Protection of Child Rights Act, 2005 under Rule 17(e) and (d) mandates that the Commission:

Ensures that the work of the Commission is directly informed by the views of children in order to reflect their priorities and perspectives

Promotes, respects and seriously considers the views of children in its work and in that of all government departments and organisations dealing with children

The Commission’s functioning is also informed by Article 12 of the United Nations Child Rights Charter indicating that, "States Parties shall assure to the child who is capable of forming his or her own views, the right to express those views freely in all matters affecting the child, the views of the child being given due weight in accordance with the age and maturity of the child”. Children are active stakeholders in defining and deconstructing their problems and addressing their vulnerabilities.

The Commission encourages child participation in each one of its interventions. For example, during it's state visits, the Commission emphasises the need to listen to children in public hearings. When children feel shy and need greater privacy, the Commission has maintained a space for children to speak with confidence and comfort. There is a response in contacting such children and after conducting an enquiry, the matter is settled in the best interest of the child, while, at the same time, the institutions are dealt with firmly.

If parents come across any nonsense they should immediately report it to the NCPR .
The Commission, while enquiring into any matter, has all powers of the Civil Court trying a suit under the Code of Civil Procedures, 1908 and in particular, with respect to the following matters:
1.Summoning and enforcing the attendance of any person from any part of India and examining them on oath
2.Requiring the discovery and production of any documents
3.Receiving evidence on Affidavits
4.Requisitioning of any Public Record or copy thereof from any Court of Office
5.Issuing commissions for the examination of witnesses or documents
6.Forwarding cases to Magistrates who have jurisdiction to try the same

On completion of inquiry, the Commission has the powers to take the following actions:
1.To recommend to concerned Government for initiation of proceedings for prosecution or other suitable action on finding any violation of child rights and provisions of law during the course of an inquiry
2.To approach the Supreme Court or the High Court concerned for such directions, orders or writs as that Court may deem necessary
3.To recommend to concerned Government or authority for grant of such interim relief to the victim or the members of his family as considered necessary

This is the address of the State level commission:

Karnataka Commission for Protection of Child Rights (KCPCR),
4th Floor, Krishi Bhawan,
Rani Channamma Circle (Hudson Circle)
Nrupthunga Road,
Post Box No. 5555, Bangalore G.P.O. 560001

Ph: 22115291/92
Member Secretary
R. Shridhar (09902717610)
Nagaratna. K. K

Ms. Nina Nayak
Mob. 9481900731

1. Dr. Niranjanaradhya. V.P. (9448986913)
2. Mr. Vasudev Sharma (9448472513)
3. Ms. Mamatha. M.R. (9972504997)
4. Mr. Pramod Kulkarni (9845456767)
5. Dr. Madhu (9449133384)

At the National Level Complaints may be made to the Commission in any language of the 8th Schedule of the Constitution
1.No fee shall be chargeable on such complaints
2.The complaint shall disclose a complete picture of the matter leading to the complaint
3.The Commission may seek further information/ affidavits as may be considered necessary
4.While making a complaint, please ensure that the complaint is:
5.Clear and legible and not vague, anonymous or pseudonymous
6.Genuine, not trivial or frivolous
7.Not related to civil disputes such as property rights, contractual obligations and the like
8.Not related to service matters
9.Not pending before any other commission duly constituted under law or sub-judice before a court/ tribunal
10.Not already decided by the Commission
11.Not outside the purview of the Commission on any other grounds

Complaints may be addressed to:


National Commission for Protection of Child Rights,

5th Floor, Chanderlok Building, 36, Janpath,

New Delhi - 110 001


The biggest problem is that we have all allowed ourselves to behave in a very craven manner to insolent authority .We do not protest when we should.But when questions are asked the results are there for everyone to see.The International Criminal Court at The Hague has been asked to investigate and prosecute Pope Benedict XVI and three top Vatican officials for "concealing of rape and child sex crimes throughout the world".The Pope has had to publicy apologize for years of child abuse in various countries by members of the clergy.Large sums of compensation have been made by the church to victims.Unless there is protest there wont be any results.In our own country very powerful people in public life are now facing criminal action or are behind bars.Former Chief Minister Yeddyyurappa is facing serious criminal charges and may well end up in jail.Can anyone imagine high profile politicians like Kanimozhi,A Raja,Kalmadi and the Reddy brothers in jail even a few years ago?People are saying Enough is Enough.They should say the same to places like Presidency where teachers are described in unflattering terms as "not human".

Make yourself heard.

Zeeksha has to be thanked for allowing the truth to be published in the open without bowing down to external pressures and without censorship.Thanks to Zeeksha, parents and students have an outlet to air their views which can can be read and responded to from anywhere across the world thanks to the internet.

This is the way a site should function.Otherwise it will simply become a pin-up notice board for school authorities to post their donation charges.

This school has a very neutral sounding name.I didn't know it was run by a Muslim.It is shocking that this kind of behaviour is going on with our girls.

Firstly, I find this comment absolutely tasteless. Does this guy mean that his problem is really with the religion of those who run the school? And does it mean that those who run an organisation should advertise their religion first, and not use a neutral name? I really sympathise with any child born to such parents. If this is kind of parents we have nowadays, god save us all.

Lets face the following facts.Nissar Ahmed who runs the show is not a progressive Muslim by any stretch.He has a history of behaviour which would easily qualify him for physical child abuse and have him put behind bars today.And if you think there's nothing in a name then why did he select "St.Pauls English School" as the name before he changed it to "Presidency"?..Why didn't this proud Muslim call it "Jamaat-E-Islami" or "Quwaat ul-Islam" or some such thing???Why "St Pauls"?....why the "English" in the name?Why this spurious branding as a Christian Institution?Why this masquerade??Why the mask??What does he have to hide??

Why???Because he bloody well knows if he advertises his antecedents loud and proper, nobody in his right mind will turn up.This selection of a "neutral" name shows the workings of a devious mind.Let Jai Shri Ram start a school with a muslim name and we will see the number of conservative mullahs breathing down his neck .Do you really think they'll give him the benefit of doubt???Will you rise up in defense of Jai Shri Ram then and say the mullahs actions are tasteless??And by the way....Where is your sense of outrage at the behaviour of the man who calls himself Chairman?You have read comment after comment by former students describing the abuses by this man in detail......Now.... is this the way to behave with children??... especially girls??If this is the kind of people that are foisted on us as educationalists then God save us all!....Why don't you condemn this behaviour???

Your selective moral outrage in defense of this reprehensible character is ludicrous.

Sri Ramji ,the boys were severely beaten and the girls were subjected to the treatment mentioned above.There are plenty of witnesses.

"Gain more knowledge,Reach greater heights " is the school mission statement.The Mangalore branch even says that "Presidency Schools are progressive, futuristic institutions".

What a sick joke.

History tells a different story.Beating children and doling out mental harassment-this is the reality. How can a man who abused children be considered "progressive " by any stretch of the English language?As for "futuristic"... Is sadism and barbarity a good investment for the future.?

You are right.In order for someone to claim the mantle of a "progressive" it is important to set the standards oneself before a law is enacted for the purpose.By no means can the Chairman after abusing children lay claim on the school website that it is "progressive".Why wait for RTE and the NCPCR to frame laws?Why not take the initiative in the first place?Why not openly say in your Prospectus that such practices are completely outlawed much before laws are enacted for the purpose?There is an element of trend-setting in progression.This is not progression.This is regression.

Progression is all about attitudes and making choices.Slavery,Apartheid and Untouchability were once widely practised even legal. That didn't make those concepts moral.One has to exercise one's moral intelligence and say "No! this is immoral....I will not do this even if people around me are doing this....This is completely wrong!".But most people just choose to go with the flow.

"The Banality of evil" is a phrase coined by Hannah Arendt and incorporated in the title of her 1963 work Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil. It describes the thesis that the great evils in history generally, and the Holocaust in particular, were not executed by fanatics or sociopaths, but rather by ordinary people who accepted the premises of their state and therefore participated with the view that their actions were normal.Explaining this phenomenon author Edward S. Herman has emphasized the importance of "normalizing the unthinkable." According to him, "doing terrible things in an organized and systematic way rests on 'normalization.' This is the process whereby ugly, degrading, murderous, and unspeakable acts become routine and are accepted as 'the way things are done.'"

What we have managed to do by letting people like Nissar Ahmed get away with his unspeakable behaviour is "normalize the unthinkable."We the parents have accepted the argument that child abuse is normal.

Monsters don't come in the shape of Nissar Ahmed with horns all of a sudden; We are responsible for these Frankensteins.

Sri Ramji ,the boys were severely beaten and the girls were subjected to the treatment mentioned above.There are plenty of witnesses.

"Gain more knowledge,Reach greater heights " is the school mission statement.The Mangalore branch even says that "Presidency Schools are progressive, futuristic institutions".

What a sick joke.

History tells a different story.Beating children and doling out mental harassment-this is the reality. How can a man who abused children be considered "progressive " by any stretch of the English language?As for "futuristic"... Is sadism and barbarity a good investment for the future.?

My former classmates have posted so many comments below.I think it is time I posted one too.Most of the comments are on the subject of punishments and beatings by The Chairman,The former Headmistress and various staff and the comments are all true.

I'm a local person and what saddenes me the most is that we were severely admonished and even beaten for speaking in Kannada.The school management is of the opinion that Kannada is an inferior language.Part of this is just plain ignorance and bias,most of this is to impress outsiders that English the language of the white masters is spoken here by the students and hence somehow this school is better.

Let me also point out that there were a few North Indian students in the school while I studied there but I don't remember them being beaten for speaking in Hindi.It was only Kannada because the Chairman Nissar Ahmed obviously thought that it was an inferior language.

I want to ask why can't I speak in my mother tongue at school?Why should I be censored and punished for doing this?So many eminent Kannada litterateurs,writers and poets bemoan the loss of mother tongue year after year at Sahitya Sammelans .One can spot the reasons for the decline of rich local languages like Kannada over the years.It is because of the policies and practices ,whether written or unwritten ,by school managements like Presidency (which was formerly St.Pauls English School )that Kannada is deliberately suppressed.There is a very deep language bias running here.The order of importance to languages in this school is:
3.And last and least-Kannada
We are prepared to speak English and serve the white master but not allowed to converse in our own Mother tongue Kannada!This school is built on a C.A site which is alloted for public purpose.What public purpose is served by handing over precious urban land to people who are stabbing Kannada in the back?

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what a shameless management! still running the school without a proper playground. and with teachers who have crossed 58. however good they are govt. has given a retirement age so that mentally they can be relaxed. instead of having them in the school and a big torture to students. If students raise their voice openly they are harrassed to the core.

Almost all the good teachers have left school. what u have a rotten lot who have NILL patience towards students are belonging to old school of thoughts.

Paul,this is simply exploitative.

1.Poor Infrastructure
2.No Playground
3.Teachers who have been described by one former student as "not human" and accused of mental torture.Some of them are way past their extended shelf life/expiry date as you mentioned.
5.Fees collected in advance of four months-meaning interest free deposit to the school authorities
6.Toilets which are described as stinky,horrible and unhygienic(how can the hypocrites teach about health in this school?)
7.Small and congested classrooms -children packed like sardines in a can
8.Pay peanuts and get monkeys-High attrition rates for teachers paid starvation wages.How will the kids learn anything if the teachers keep on leaving?
8.No room for having lunch
9.Homework,homework,homework and more homework.

1.There are about 1000 kids studying here.At Rs 2700 per month this would mean:
1000 CHILDREN @ RS 2700 PER MONTH X 12 MONTHS = RS3,24,00,000/-
2.Taking a conservative estimate of 100 new admissions ,the admission collected is
100 NEW ADMISSIONS @ RS 47,000 =......................................RS 47,00,000/-
3.Lets take a very conservative estimate that about 2000 prospective parents ask for the aplication which is charged at Rs 250/ extra..Remember details are not given until you have coughed up the amount.One prospective parent Shankar has written about this practice below.He says.."...I went there for inquire the fee details for PRE KG for my kid. Immediately they advised me to buy a appln. form which costs Rs. 250 /- then only they will reveal the fee details. I was shocked why they are refused to say these details before buying the application.? Is this a kind of bribe in private institution in the name of Application form?"So that works out to:
2000 APPLICATIONS @ RS 250 PER APPLICATION=.............RS 500,000/-
=RS 3,76,00,000/-
The school also has branches in Kasturi Nagar and Bannerghetta Road.
SO THAT IS RS 3,76,00,000/- X 3 SCHOOLS =RS 11,28,00,000/-

This is just a very conservative estimate for the turnover per year for just 3 schools run by Nissar Ahmed excluding uniform,transport and many other extras which are fleeced from parents.




My former classmates have submitted their protests in prose....I prefer verse!

I'm dedicating this poem to all former students of Presidency and to prospective parents.

"The Presidency School Children's Burden"-A poem
by An Ex-Student of St-Pauls.
(With apologies to that imperial apologist Rudyard Kipling)

The Presidency School Children's burden

Pile on the School Children's burden
To gratify Nissar's greed;
Go, clear away the "Buggers"
Who progress would impede;
Be very stern, for truly
'Tis useless to be mild
With new-caught, innocent school kids,
Half naive and half child.

Pile on the School Children's burden;
And, if ye rouse their hate,
Meet their challenging reasons
With Cliches and Maxims old-date.
With rulers and rattan canes
A hundred times made plain
The School Children's loss must ever
Imply Nissar's gain.

Pile on the School Children's burden;
Send forth your sturdy kin,
Load them down with homework,
Then more classwork and see if they can grin.
Pile on the School Children's burden,
compel them to be not free;
Let all your school manifestoes
Reek with philanthropy.
And if with heathen folly
They dare Nissar's will dispute,
Then, in the name of discipline,
Don't hesitate to boot.

Pile on the School Children's burden,
Drive on the beastly breed;
Go bind them in tiny classrooms
To serve Nissar's pride and greed;
To wait in heavy harness,
Upon finally your Corporations grand;
The common working peoples,
The serfs of this great and ancient land.

Pile on the School Children's burden,
Their patience will abide;
They'll suffer the threat of terror
And check the show of pride.
By pious cant and humbug
You’ll show their pathway plain,
To work for Nissar's profit
And suffer on in pain
Pile on the School Children's burden,
And if their cry be sore,
That surely need not irk you--
Nissar has beaten others before.

Pile on the School Children's burden,
To Teachers who thus succeed
In savaging civilized children,
They owe a debt, indeed;
Pile on the School Children's burden,
Nissar's savage teachers increase,
Give them more stinky toilets
Nor bid their punishments cease.

Pile on the School Children's burden,
Donations,admissions and Cess
And privilege,education and right—
With outstretched hands you think raised to bless
Nissar grabs everything in sight
Pile on the School Children's burden,
And through the world proclaim
That ye are Discipline's agent--
There's no more paying game!
And, should Nissar's own past history
Straight in his teeth be thrown,
Nissar retorts that disciplining
Is good for him alone.

Pile on the School Children's burden,
Make them write in verse,
Flatter your school’s vices
And beat them if they make it worse.
Then learn that if with pious words
You ornament each phrase,
In a world of canting hypocrites
For Nissar,This kind of business pays.
Pile on the School Children's burden,
Nor do not deem it hard
If you should earn the rancor
Of those ye yearn to guard.
The screaming of your Teachers
Will drown the victim's sob--
Go on through fire and slaughter.
Remember For Nissar,There's TONS of money in the job.


The school has been alloted a C.A site meant for public purpose.If money is being collected towards various heads by an institution meant for public service then the paying public is also entitled to a public scrutiny of records of how the money collected is being spent.

Thanks to Zeeksha we former students have a forum to air our views.All that has been written below by other former students is true down to the last detail.

All that I am today is because of my individual effort and not because of this third-rate school.My biggest regret is getting to meet some of the vicious specimens that they call Chairman and teachers who call themselves educationalists.The School has nothing to do with anybody's success.That is simply myth making and propaganda .Barring one or two the whole lot of the teachers there shouldn't be let anywhere near children.They are mediocre and incompetent.Many of the things they did to children especially the people mentioned in another post by "Former Student" are true and would land all these people in jail today if not severe censure from the authorities.Violence should not be condoned.

Morever,It is only a money-making institution which lacks a playground,facilities and has only stinky toilets.The copious homework burden on the kids is a preparation for life in a Corporation or MNC where one has to work for 14 hours a day ,suck upto powerful people and become a wage slave.It is a seamless transition from school to the work place.If you want your kids to be rigorously prepared for a life devoid of any meaning please admit them to my old alma mater.

My former classmates are gathering courage to speak out and so let me add my bit.You forgot to say that we have had to unlearn many of the things that we learnt at school.The primary aim of education today is to excel in the rat race,worship money and power ,not challenge authority,one upmanship and shinnying up the slippery career grease pole .

On education,the philosopher and Seer Sri Aurobindo lamented, “We in India have become so barbarous that we send our children to school with the grossest utilitarian motive unmixed with any disinterested desire for knowledge; but the education we receive is itself responsible for this” (The Harmony of Virtue 125 - 126). In fact, Sri Aurobindo calls the successful educated man produced by this system an ‘economic barbarian’ and says: His idea of civilisation is comfort, his idea of morals social respectability, his idea of politics the encouragement of industry. He values education for its utility in fitting a man for success in a competitive or, it may be, a socialised industrial existence, Science for the useful inventions and knowledge, the comforts, conveniences... (The Human Cycle 87).

There is more that Sri Aurobindo said but I can't include everything here.....but one can see the broad and deep chasm in the thinking between the great man Aurobindo and this mediocre third rate person Nissar Ahmed who runs this For Profit bull-shit called Presidency.He was very fond of administering corporal punishment but what is the final result???This load of crap???We don't need this "education"!!! Just like in politics we need a Anna Hazare to cleanse the Augean stable called education which is full of people like Nissar Ahmed.

well said , but how can u compare ,AUROBINDO to NISSAR AHMED ?

Tameem,I wasn't attempting to compare the two.I was merely trying to juxtapose the propaganda and the reality.The blurb on this site says that these people come from a well known family of "educationalists".There is a lot of pattting oneself on the back going on here.The school icon shows pages of the book of knowledge morphing into a bird and soaring higher.Anybody would be fooled into thinking that these people have exalted ideals.Beating the hell out of children (now banned by RTE) is the preferred method in this flight to "knowledge ".Ask any of the former students.There are plenty of witnesses.I think the only reasonable "flight" is to take flight as far away as possible from these 'educationalists".

Its quite heartening to see some of the comments posted below and see people challenging some of the things that go on in our schools.In Maharashtra the State Government is to issue fresh orders based on RTE according to which teachers can no longer make remarks about the poor retention abilites of their students.

In simple terms, using words such as ‘idiot’, ‘stupid’ or ‘fool’ to scold a student who didn't get his his sums right is no longer allowed.

Any teacher found gulity of using these words, or meting out a series of other banned punishments - the list now ranges from causing physical harm, to making derogatory remarks, to commenting about their caste or financial status - will have to face disciplinary action.

The rules will apply for Classes I to VIII in all schools across Maharashtra, whether they are state-run or privately owned.

The order, said a senior government official involved in the drafting process, was based on the new Right to Education (RTE) Act, which bans any physical or mental punishment.

Teachers will now have to think twice before passing a remark that could be a disparaging reference to a student’s mental ability.

Just thinking far down the road we have come.As a former student of this stupid school almost all my former teachers including the Principal,Head Mistress would deservedly end up facing disciplinary action under the new rules formulated by the Maharashtra Government.Long live RTE!!

Professor CNR Rao who heads the scientific advisory council to the Prime Minister of India has recently written a letter to the Prime Minister drawing his attention towards the faulty education system in the country.Putting it bluntly, Rao told the PM that India is said to "have an examination system but not an education system... When will young people stop taking exams and do something worthwhile?"

The beatings and the corporal punishments that occurred at Presidency where I studied are a result of the very same blinkered thinking that puts marks above everything else.Somehow the thinking went that if you mugged up the shit taught by Nissar Ahmed's miserable ,malevolent, incompetent teachers and spat it out at the next exam verbatim ,you were a better human being..This kind of thinking is was also driven because of the profit motive;without showing the desired results prospective parents wouldn't admit their children in his school;less students means less profit.Therefore the students HAD to be terrorized into studying and practically everything else.

The missionaries that came with the British established their schools which institutionalized corporal punishment.British society has since moved on and banned corporal punishments but the colonial hangover was preserved in its entirety in our schools.I dare Mr Nissar Ahmed to justify his despicable actions today.Let him come out in an open forum and do it.The National Commission for the Protection of Child Rights would descend on him and take him to the cleaners.

When I look back I feel very sad that beatings took place in this school.This entire education system of ours is primed towards the rat race with serious consequences for children.It is administered by businessmen driven purely the by profit motive and calling themselves educationalists.I strongly advise readers to watch this brilliant documentary called "Race to Nowhere" which explores several issues associated with education.It is a cautionary tale potraying the overburdening of kids with work,the peer pressure ,the effect it has on our children and primarily the pitfalls of an "achievement culture" where everything is judged by marks and exams.
Here's the link :

Besides projecting power and inflicting pain ,Corporal Punishment and mental harassment also serve to bring in conformity among students..Conformity is important as it makes the so-called "deviants" fall in line who would otherwise challenge authority and illegitimacy of power especially if that power is abusive and used unethically..Conformity and by consequence subservience to authority is taught to us from a very young age.Posing awkward questions and challenging assumptions are not encouraged .Everything is reduced to "Do's " and "Don'ts".Thou shall NOT QUESTION.Thou SHALL OBEY.Thou shall snitch on your fellow human beings to your teachers..Thou shall snigger when someone is punished in front of the whole class.It is deeply humiliating to be called names in front of your peers or to have it pointed out to you that you are different and therefore less likely to "succeed"....or worse be punished physically in front of the whole school....conformity is but natural for most who want to AVOID punishment.The fact that one hasn't been punished is in itself a sort of perverse reward.When threats,violence and mental harrassment are made standard operating procedure they are "normalised".Corporal punishment then becomes normal,subservience to authority becomes normal,snitching becomes normal,sniggering at some one else's perceived misfortune becomes normal. We are taught to worship authority , be subservient to money power and to be opportunistic.It all starts in our schools.It finds its ultimate expression at places where we earn a living.Work is just an extension of the school environment wherein the mind previously trained to submit to authority does its duty without complaint.Snitching to your boss comes in handy when has to shinny up the slippery corporate career grease pole.Lurking at the back of the mind is always the fear of termination of one's job,the same fear inculcated into us as kids.

The process of brutalization become complete when we become inure to violence in society at large.We tolerate violence perpetrated on young children,domestic servants,the poor,dispossessed,the disadvantaged and upon those who cannot fight back .This violence is usually perpetrated by the State and large Corporations where we finally end up working after many years of submitting to authority and faithfully spitting out the "right" answers to the "right" questions.For doing the "right" thing occasionally a bone tossed in our direction when our masters say "Shake-hand".The process of education is then complete.You are now an "achiever".Nissar Ahmed has won.

does corporal punishments still exist today. are the experiences posted here are from the past...

Even assuming that they took place only in the past ,the fact remains that such practices are unethical,morally repugnant and utterly reprehensible.Today they are also against the law.

Yes the corporal punishments still exist today.That is why we have RTE Act.

"does corporal punishments still exist today."Oh yes it does "mani" and people are also writing books about the subject just in case you didn't know.By the way most authors writing about it are not for it.

Also noticed your English is not all that great.I hope you are not a former student of Presidency .We all know standards have been slipping over the past so many years but after reading what you have to say one has to say the quality has hit rock bottom.

Anyway ....perhaps you can improve your tenous command of the language by reading some of these wonderful books on corporal punishment (if you can read that is.....well after Presidency that would be too much to expect)

The History Of Corporal Punishment: A Survey Of Flagellation In Its Historical, Anthropological And Sociological Aspects by George Ryley Scott

The Evil Tendencies Of Corporal Punishment As A Means Of Moral Discipline In Families And Schools, Examined And Discussed by Lyman Cobb

Corporal Punishment Of Children: A Human Rights Violation by Susan H. Bitensky

Corporal Punishment of Children in Theoretical Perspective

Beating the Devil Out of Them

Spare the Child: The Religious Roots of Punishment and the Psychological Impact of Physical Abuse

Physical Punishment in Childhood: The Rights of the Child-Bernadette J. Saunders

Global Pathways to Abolishing Physical Punishment: Realizing Children's Rights (Routledge Research in Education) by Joan E. Durrant and Anne B. Smith

Happy reading!Cheers!

As a former student I'm addressing my remarks to prospective parents.I want to set the record straight regarding this so called "better known school"

I studied in this school between the years 1983 and 1989 (thats a solid seven years of jail time .....and it was rigorous)when it was still known as St. Pauls English School.Please note the name ladies and gentlemen.The name was concocted obviously because most of the so-called good schools in Bangalore at that time were and still are run by missionary institutions or under the umbrella of the Church of South India.Please also note the word 'English" in the title.This was meant to convey the impression that the medium of instruction was in the oh-so-superior English language and not Kannada the language of the great unwashed masses .Case in point-I remember some of my fellow students being subject to severe corporal punishment for speaking in Kannada and not English by some of the management including the Chairman Mr. Nissar Ahmed.(Did we really throw out the British in 1947?)I'd like to see Mr.Nissar Ahmed wield the cane today(wait! was the ruler ...brought down vertically on the knuckles of course..with a swish...and then the can we forget?) .These days any perceived denigration of Kannada would result in the Kannada Rakshana Vedike descending on Nissar Ahmed like a ton of bricks.The whole point of this exercise in snobbery was that parents must be led to believe that their wards are getting the benefit of an "English " education preferably a Christian one.Naturally there were objections from various quarters to the adoption of a Christian name for an institution run by a muslim and sometime in the 90's the grandiloquent "Presidency" name was adopted.The present "Presidency" wolf is actually the old St. Pauls English School in sheep's clothing.The present Presidency school is built on a CA site.CA stands for civic amenities which means park and play grounds for THE PUBLIC.It is not meant to be sold to a private school.How did this happen?Is anyone filing an RTI to find out ?The school does NOT have a playground.There is a ground in front which is PUBLIC PROPERTY.

I'm sorry to say this but my years spent at this school were not particularly pleasant mostly because of amongst other things the memories of corporal punishment meted out by some of the staff.

The following people were exceptionally notorious:
Kamalakshi-The highly mediocre and hypocritical Kannada teacher who ruled her class with an iron hand and who I believe is still teaching there..Some of her opinions belonged firmly in the 18th century.She was also not averse to wielding the wooden ruler down on the knuckles with great force.With an inflated opinion about herself she was someone who liked to wield power .That is why she liked to humiliate some of the less bright students and call them names in front of the others in the class....and oh yes...she had her favourites....Judging by some of the comments posted here by Geeta on 6th February 2010 she is still at it.....well...old habits die hard.

Amitha:The former Head mistress who'd go into a towering rage quite often.I remember one particular incident in 5th standard when she hit each and every student....and there were about 30 of us....I mean EACH AND EVERY one...for what she called making noise.On this particular occasion she was uncontrollable and she went after arms,legs and knuckles with 3 wooden rulers at a time!.I remember the crack of the rulers as it was brought down with great force on body parts and knuckles and I remember some of the rulers breaking into two with the force of the impact.i ESPECIALLY remember the kids crying hysterically.But did Amitha stop??....No this vicious woman just got herself a new ruler and went about her slaughter as if nothing had happened.

Chandrasekhar:The physical training instructor who had all the charms of a boot-camp drill sergeant.This man liked to holler at the top of his voice because he thought that was the best way to control children.I still remember some of the things he said when he got angry.."AYYYY!! YYYOUUU!!!!...WHY YOU TALKINGAA???...AYY YOU.!!..SHOWING TEEETH??...WHY YOU LAUGHINGGG??....."THUTH BUGGERR!!!!" if we students were all aspiring homosexuals.Mr Nissar Ahmed his boss obviously believed in speaking English..... never mind the final quality.Mr Chandrashekhar sometimes reserved a special kind of punishment for repeat offenders or those he considered his favourite whipping boys.He used to grab hold of the stomach of the child and pinch and twist it left and right while pushing the child forward and backward without letting go.Even now the mind boggles at the kind of inhuman treatment meted out by this man.The first few pages of the school diary was full of high minded ideals like speaking the truth and standing up for ideals.But these exalted homilies were reserved for students only.For adults they had different standards.I remember at that time the Mahalakshmi layout branch of the school had a few tall and hefty cricketers in their team.I was a puny chap then and I also remember being substituted by a chap from the other branch simply because we stood a better chance against the team that we were to face in an under-15 tournament.I was devastated because it happened not once but on a couple of occasions and the man responsible for that was Mr Chandrasekhar our PT instructor.And the funny thing was that inspite of cheating we still lost the matches.Did anyone say the Pakistanis started match-fixing??...Heyy....we pioneered the concept in our school.When I read the following words.."The school is well known for the cricket team."...I just had to burst out laughing.

Nissar Ahmed:Probably the most violent person I have ever come across in my life when it came to administering corporal punishment.He was the Principal then and he is the Chairman now of the Abdul Hameed Trust which administers the school.A friend of mine and classmate still remembers the time in the late 70's when Nissar Ahmed used to go door to door of residences in abject humility requesting parents to send their kids to his school.Once his school reached a certain critical mass the humility gave way to arrogance .Corporal punishment was the favoured means of imposing "discipline".This man is a sadist.Nothing can come close to the physical violence unleashed on unsuspecting students.If you thought Chandrasekhar was bad this man took home the first prize.I still remember the finger marks he left on my class-mate's face after he'd slapped him with all his might.And for what ?...not updating the notice board.He had this particularly nasty habit of peering in through the class room window while the students were chatting.The whole class would go quiet as they realised in horror that they were being spied upon and then he'd pull out the offenders whom he felt were talking too loudly(a crime according to him) out of the class.He would twirl them around violently,whip them with the cane, hit them so hard and violently sometimes with a wooden ruler and sometimes use even his bare hands and leave the offenders on their knees in the sand under the hot sun with the hands raised in the air.I remember one youngster who had recently joined and who was looking shell-shocked by the experience.I remember the expression on that young child's face .He couldn't have been more than five.He was crying and it just broke my heart.That image has remained with me to this day.Today this man has attained "respectability" because he runs various educational institutions.It would well be worth noting his history.

Corporal punishment even non-physical and verbal punishment is outlawed in most schools in the West.I mention the West not because they set exalted standards but because I need to remind readers that the word "English" was incorporated into St.Pauls English School by Nissar Ahmed and the English too had banned corporal punishment while he was busy administering it .It would be worth noting that times are a changing.Corpaoral punishment is no longer freely tolerated.La Martiniere for Boys principal Sunirmal Chakravarthi and three teachers accused in the death of Class VIII student Rouvanjit Rawla will now be tried for abetment to suicide. Rouvanjit had hanged himself on February 12, 2010, four days after he was caned by the principal. If convicted, they could face a minimum of 10 years behind bars. In exceptional cases, those abetting the suicide of a child can also be handed the death or life sentences.On June 14 Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal termed corporal punishment as unacceptable in a civilised society and said it has been banned under the Right to Education (RTE) Act.Shantha Sinha, chairperson, National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) speaking on " Right to Education and Banning Corporal Punishment Once And For All", said, "Right to Education Act (RTE) outlaws corporal punishment. Teachers have to understand that corporal punishment cannot be practised at any cost and in this direction they need to be sensitized." She called upon teachers to see children as children and not to resort to violent methods to bring in discipline. "Children should never be addressed as stupid, dull and useless. Do not insult and humiliate children," pointed Shantha. The Ministry of Women and Child Development has issued a new set of guidelines that ends the physical punishment of students. The first violation can result in one year in jail, or a fine or both. For subsequent violations imprisonment could be up to three years with additional fines. Heads of schools are to be held responsible to prevent corporal punishment. Teachers found guilty can also be denied salary increments and promotion. A children's rights cell where children can lodge a complaints will be set up in all schools in India.

Under the provisions of the present RTE Act all the persons mentioned above Kamalakshi,Amitha,Chandrasekhar,Nissar Ahmed would automatically go to jail.But we didn't have RTE then.

.Sunirmal Chakravarti of La Martiniere is to be tried....Nissar Ahmed is still free.

One can expect the damage control from the management usually in the form of some "Anonymous" comment extolling the virtues of the school.Shankar is right...stay away because these people don't have any values.

..those who ignore history are condemned to repeat it.....Please remember that parents when you send your kids to Presidency...the punishments may not be be so marked today but the management remains firmly in place....It is a run-of the mill school for rote learning,guild training and for preparing oneself for the rat race.
Send your kids to Presidency....only if you want them to end up as damaged goods.
I mention all this because I saw this happening all before my very own eyes day in and day out for seven long years.I'm a grown man but I'm still traumatised by the experience and wish no one else has to undergo this brutal and degrading treatment ,all in the name of education.

A Former Student


I'm a trainee journalist studying at the Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media, Bangalore. I was doing research on schools without playgrounds to write a story on public parks being used by the schools for students to play in. I happened to come across your piece, and I would love to talk to you about the issue of Presidency School being built in civic amenities area.

The article I am writing is purely for academic purposes and will not be published anywhere. It is also fine if you do not want your name to be disclosed. All I need is some information with regards to the matter. Your help will be greatly appreciated. I need this information as soon as i can get it so that something can be done about such schools.

Kindly contact me at


"The article I am writing is purely for academic purposes and will not be published anywhere. "...really Ms Shradhha!...... what a complete waste of time.

What you should be really doing:
1.Write on the rampant commercialization and privatization of our educational system.
2.Write on the barbaric forms of corporal and mental harassment meted out by mediocre,incompetent ,underpaid teachers at the bidding of school managements.
3.Write on the donation system and the high fee structure and how it allows a few people to get very rich at the expense of the parents who slog it out to pay the tuition.
4.Write about people with zero experience with children getting into education.
5.Most important ...write it with feeling and passion in a forum where everyone can read it,not in some obscure academic paper used to garner grades after which it will only gather dust.

But no.... Ms Shraddha you will not do that .You will only help to perpetuate the existing conditions by writing your "academic paper".This is of course assuming that you are telling the truth.

What you should really write and tell the readers is that the real reason you are writing is to find out who I am by masquerading as an aspiring journo.You can tell that chuthiya I'm not taking the bait.


I too studied in St. Pauls School between 1983 and 89... I started off there at grade 1 and left to Dharwad at Grade 4. I was seeking if I can get my batchmates in contact. Would you know me? :)

Dear Narasimhan, I can only tell you that I'm a veteran of this school .Now we all know that the teachers hired by Nissar Ahmed are incompetent at teaching especially Math. We also know about the already low standards there but after reading what you have mentioned I now realise that standards have slipped further .If you studied at this school between 1983 and 1989 that is a period of atleast 6-7 years depending on which month you joined and which month you left .If as you mentioned, you started at Grade 1 and left at Grade-4 that is a period of four years.4 years is NOT equal to 6-7 years my friend.Please correct me if I'm wrong.

And about connecting with former batchmates it's not a bad idea.I just hope your batchmates are not half as bad at arithmetic because you might just end up getting in touch with the wrong ones!

Tip-Zeeksha is actually a forum to give feedback about schools.A better forum for connecting with old classmates would be the social networking sites.I'm a bit old fashioned myself.I simply ring up my old pals and stay in touch.

of course,If you have anything to say about your old school we would all like to hear about it.


u r blaming teachers for your mistake. they r not sadist u r a sadist. i dont know what moral you are going to give your children. i pity on your family

Of course in your book ,severe beating of children including smashing rulers on their heads and wringing their stomachs constitutes "morality" .Now we know where you come from .

Mr Nadig(or whatever your real name is....Nissar Ahmed perhaps?) Did you know that the tiny state of Assam is all set to open a 24-hours child helpline to register and act on complaints of corporal punishment in a fast and effective manner.??

The child helpline would be accessible by SMS, telephone and letter and all complaints would be monitored through a transparent “alert and action” online mechanism by the State Commission for Protection of Child Rights.The rules formulated by the Assam government recently to implement the Right to Education Act has stipulated that the State Commission for Protection of Child Rights would work out an online mechanism through which it can work on complaints of corporal punishment.Once a person or parent complains about corporation punishment, the child helpline would record the identity of the aggrieved parties but would not disclose their identity. The helpline will be functional round- the-clock.Apart from complaints of corporal punishment, the online system will entertain cases of child rights violation.According to the official, after a complaint is lodged, the State Commission for Protection of Child Rights shall frame charges in consultation with the education department or school management committees against a guilty teacher on the basis of the allegations made by students.The authorities, however, will conduct an inquiry to verify the allegation before framing charges.If a teacher is found guilty of corporal punishment, he or she will have to face various punitive actions.The RTE has given tremendous emphasis on protection of child rights and strictly recommended NO corporal punishment IN ANY FORM or under any circumstances.

We did not have access to 24 x 7 helplines like this when we were studying at this school .If we did have these Helplines 20-25 years ago Nissar Ahmed and gang pretending to be "educationalists" would have all faced punitive action and ended up behind bars.Helplines like these will I'm sure be standardized across all states now.The tide is turning against low level people like these who ran amok among small and helpless children in the name of "discipline"

And while we are on the topic of Sadism and since Sadism is such a dirty word in Nadig's lexicon ,so lets see what Wikipedia has to say about it.Sadistic personality disorder is defined as :
A) A pervasive pattern of cruel, demeaning, and aggressive behavior, beginning by early adulthood, as indicated by the repeated occurrence of ATLEAST FOUR of the following:
1.has used physical cruelty or violence for the purpose of establishing dominance in a relationship
2.Humiliates or demeans people in the presence of others.
has treated or disciplined someone under his/her control unusually harshly. amused by, or takes pleasure in, the psychological or physical suffering of others .
4.has lied for the purpose of harming or inflicting pain on others (not merely to achieve some other goal).
5.gets other people to do what he/she wants by frightening them (through intimidation or even terror).
6.restricts the autonomy of people with whom he or she has a close relationship, e.g., will not let spouse leave the house unaccompanied or permit teenage daughter to attend social functions. fascinated by violence, weapons, injury, or torture.

According to the RTE Act ,it is illegal to use violence on children,humiliate or demean them in front of others and proscribes the use of terror tactics to bring children in line in the name of "discipline".The fundamental premise of the RTE Act is to bring about a change in the environment in which the child is being taught.It is very clear that the framers of RTE didn't think much of the existing situation in many of the schools in our country in terms of an enabling environment.The RTE Act hasn't even mentioned Sadism but it is very clear from reading the Act that many of the issues to which RTE is opposed are essentially many of the criterion that also satisfy acts of Sadism as defined by Wikipedia.Now lets remember that in order to qualify as a Sadist Wikipedia quoting authorities in the field of psychology say that ATLEAST FOUR criterion should be satisfied.Now lets apply these criteria even superficially and find what we come up with on various counts as regards the teachers of this school where I studied .History will judge the following-
1.has used physical cruelty or violence for the purpose of establishing dominance in a relationship-GUILTY
2.Humiliates or demeans people in the presence of others-GUILTY
has treated or disciplined someone under his/her control unusually harshly-GUILTY amused by, or takes pleasure in, the psychological or physical suffering of others -GUILTY
4.gets other people to do what he/she wants by frightening them (through intimidation or even terror).-GUILTY
5.restricts the autonomy of people with whom he or she has a close relationship,-GUILTY fascinated by violence, weapons, injury, or torture.-in this case items like canes,wooden rulers and even leather belts(and even bare hands)-GUILTY AGAIN

Wikipedia says FOUR criterion are needed to satisy the definition of Sadism.My teachers would easily satisfy SIX.I know because I was there and have seen it first hand along with many others who were the victims of such brutal acts.Comment after comment after comment here by former students also reiterate the same thing......Now there's nothing like first hand experience is there Mr Nadig?....or would you like to deny that such things never happened in this school?

Ever heard of "water-boarding" Mr Nadig? is a form of torture which doesn't leave any marks on the body and hence is the preferred method of extracting confessions from suspects.There are no external scars but there are very deep mental scars formed by the experience.We the former students of this school bear the scars of humiliation,degradation and debasement undergone at the hands of our teachers of Presidency while we were studying there.Nadig's statements shows a kind of debasement of values and justification of barbarity that is all too common in our society.The pain cannot be understood by those who have not gone through this kind of treatment.The teachers might well claim innocence but we bear the scars.

You can't see the scars Nadig but they are there.Lets stop arguing about the semantics of the word Sadism.

Nadig, your statement "shame on you" is flabbergasting.
If you have blind folded yourself or have ear plugged yourself, you must be living in some illusion. Learn to live in the reality, Sir. Or your child/ ren must have been the apple of the eyes of the atrocious teachers in the school that you are only seeing pink around you. Congratulation to you for seeing and thinking different from all the other sane parents who live in reality and are not sycophants like you.
Speaking for all the harassed parents, here is what is to be said....
By the way, the morals we have given our children has saved the teachers from being abused in return, be it verbal or physical. And as for our families, the fine culture our parents have imbibed in us and that which we have inculcated in our children today, is helping us see the difference in reality and lies that you are trying to portray in your remark - "shame on You". You seem to be a perfect fit in the present political scenario, Mr. Sycophant.

A flabbergasted parent....

Dear Flabbergasted Parent,I agree with your sentiments and for your courage in voicing them but sarcasm is lost on people like "Nadig".It is very highly probable that "Nadig" is one of the school management writing all this under a false name.People here are holding a mirror up to school's actions and the sight is not pretty to the management.They are terrified that word will spread around like bushfire and that parents will avoid sending their children to this school.It is a clumsy attempt at damage control .And as for the "shame on you" remark which we have all heard before..who are these people to pass judgement ??? if we need a certificate of approval from these low level apologists for corporal punishments.

I'm also a former student of this school and I hated every minute I was there.Apart from my friends and one or two(I emphasize one or two only) teachers there was nothing redeeming about this place .I saw a picture of this place on facebook and it bears an uncanny resemblance to the interiors of the now closed Alcatraz prison in San Francisco Bay.There's a strong chance that this nadig person is probably one of the school(prison?) management writing under a pseudonym.nadig and his ilk belong to that valueless society that earnestly believes in the power of the cane without considering the larger damage to society.Corporal punishment in schools inures citizens to violence in society at large.Take a recent example.Fans outside the Chinnaswamy cricket stadium in Bangalore were brutally lathicharged for queing up from 3 am in the morning to buy tickets.The Indian press used words like "mild lathicharge" which is a bit like saying someone is a little bit pregnant.There cannot be a mild lathicharge anymore than someone can be a little bit pregnant. It is absurd.This is the language in which we justify and couch violence.The world press who were in attendance were shocked at the barbaric treatment in which some fans suffered broken bones and other injuries.The Police Commissioner Shankar Bidari is quoted as saying"It is not a new's difficult for the people who have lived in Europe and in America to understand"
Why is nobody condemning this behaviour?Well, caning is standard operating procedure.It is completely normal.A civilization such as ours which takes pride in highest ideals has been reduced to this.Here we have a top Police official justifying violence and brutality perpetrated on the masses..This is a classic example of brutality becoming accepted behaviour in our society and it starts with our schools.

Corporal punishment like Slavery and Apartheid was once legal.That didn't make these concepts ethical.Civil society has moved on.Today we have rules in place and laws enacted to protect children.THE OLD MANAGEMENT WOULD BE SENT TO JAIL UNDER THE PRESENT RTE ACT PLAIN AND SIMPLE .The management cannot openly come out and say that corporal punishment is justified because that would show them in a very poor light.Against the harsh truth they don't have an argument to fall back on.That's why the attempt to spin their crimes against children as somehow a discipline issue which it isn't quite honestly.That is why its "all your mistake"according to this nadig.

Nadig.....I'm starting a new school and you are invited to send your kids there to get "educated".I guarantee that we will be using the same methods of "discipline" that is being used in Presidency.But since you are a hard man to please I promise that in this school the administration will be even more rigorous in its application than the ones at Presidency ever were.Ban corporal punishment?......that is for all those bleeding -heart -politically -correct liberals.......Yes of course we will use the cane,the wooden ruler and bare hands on the children in our school...and anyone who dares to protest be damned.....How can anyone condemn this...after all we are only emulating Presidency...The Gold Standard in education!

So Nadig...please ...please...please I beseech you to send your children to our new school modelled along the lines of Presidency.I promise your kids the "special" treatment.During the process there might be a few missing teeth,some broken bones, some dislocated knee-caps...and lots of mental harrassment....nothing too serious.And at the end of the "education" if your children complain we will say that it was "your mistake'....So then about it?...I've already kept the cane ready and moist by soaking it in about it?...when are you sending your children ?

nadig ,you are insinuating that "Former Student" somehow was punished and therefore thoroughly deserved the treatment meted out to him/her.You seem to be annoyed that he/she is not grateful to his/her teachers for administering the most brutal form of corporal punishment to him/her.Having decided to outline his/her
experiences in a public forum he/she is therefore in your opinion guilty of being a sadist.For convoluted logic you have to take the cake nadig.

Anyway that is besides the point.There is no emperical evidence to say that the more one is beaten or subjected to corporal punishment the better a human being one becomes.In fact most of the standard books on education,united nations covenants on child's rights deplore the practice and say that it leaves the child scarred for life.So when you say "your mistake" you are already telling us that you don't believe in Child Rights,dignity and values.Real sadism is inflicting pain on someone not your own size.Especially if that someone is small,left in your care and cannot fight back.

But then they sometimes do with devastating effect as happened in Britain in the caes of Jermaine Bullen who beat up his former teacher Kieran Heakin after 20 years of harbouring a grudge.Jermaine Bullen spotted Kieran Heakin in a restaurant ,
went upto him and said "Do you remember me? — you used to bully me at school.You beat me when I was six and I have waited all these years to meet up with you.Then he set upon his former teacher, punching and kicking him to the ground. 20 Years of pent up emotions found vent in a particulary vicious attack as blow after thunderous blow rained on Bullen's former teacher.Heakin suffered a broken nose, a broken cheekbone and ribs, a fractured eye socket and a broken jaw. He had four steel plates fixed in his head as well as arch bars to fix together his upper and lower jaws and is now permanently deaf in one ear and has no sense of smell and taste.

One may or may not agree with Bullen's actions but one should keep in mind that sometimes what goes around comes around.So remember that teachers
when you beat up defenseless children......they may come around like Bullen to exact vengeance when you are old and feeble and least expecting it.

I notice that the apologists for the barbaric practice of corporal punishment and also the school have predictably started crawling out of the woodwork.That is why the name-calling and ad hominem attacks by this nadig.Of course nadig doesn't mention what the mistake was in his eyes.Perhaps it was the very grave one of exposing the inner workings of the school ,moles,warts and all.As they say a little sunlight is the best disinfectant.

Please don't worry about my family nadig.They are turning to be fine upstanding individuals WITH VALUES primarily because they had the good fortune of not going to a school like Presidency.

I totally agree with the comments posted by you. I had been a student of this school right from kg to the 10th grade. Since I was good at academics I was not at the receiving end of the corporal punishment but I can vouch for whatever you have said as absolutely TRUE. M.S.K was the devil and Am... was a demon. Actually they still are. The funny thing is knowing all this I admitted my child in this same school and my child is going through sheer hell. The teachers are biased, they make my child do most of their work, - board work, homework record and god knows what not, mentally torture her.... you may be wondering why did I admit my kid here. I live close by and my husband is always traveling and looking into the proximity I made the mistake of admitting my child here... Chand... no longer punishes the students, but they are others... the physical torture has definitely subsided but the mental torture remains the same...there is Sh, Tre, Ka Ba.....all these teachers are not human... Unfortunately my kid doesn't want to leave the school since she is settled well with her bunch of friends despite all the personal torture she has been going through and she is ready to face any such torture in future too as long as she has her set of friends around her. As a parent I can't deny that happiness to my kid (whom I had pushed into this trap) at this stage of her forming years.

For anyone else wishing to admit their ward to this school, please be warned for the followings:
1. Fees is atrociously high without any addition to the age-old facilities
2. Fees collected in advance of four month including fine even if there is a few days delay; in any other organization advance payment results in savings in the form of discounts, interest paid etc.
3. Toilets are horrible, stinky and absolutely unhygienic - no provision for safe change of sanitary napkins for girls
4. Children have to eat in the open campus where dirt is allover and dust flies right into the food
5. The homework given is unnecessary; children are made to write their own notes at this tender age (Ka, physics teacher)
6. Management finds all opportunities to fleece the parents in the guise of sports day, annual day costume and the quality of the costume bought with the parents hard earned money is pathetic. Parents normally don't protest this just thinking about their kid's happiness. Thats pure emotional blackmailing of an innocent kid.
7. During the last parent teacher meeting I was surprised to see curtains on the windows of the class room. Is this a new kind Purdah system?
8. Classrooms are small and congested due to high student strength in each class. Is there any individual attention at all?
9. Somewhere I read about high attrition of the teachers due to low salary package being paid. It is very much true. Situation has arrived at "you pay peanuts, you get monkeys"
10. Recently I came to know about a teacher, whom I idolized like most of my class mates when we were students of this school, has left the school after serving for more than 2 decades and at that moment I knew this school is going no where else but hitting the lowest base.

Just to prove to that life is a circle and it applies to all....
I have been working on my daughter to make her understand that she is losing her most important productive years in a school that has condemned itself. And I am TOO worried about it knowing the fact that I pushed her into this situation.

Thank you for writing in and sharing your views.It is very much appreciated.I can say that the only redeeming thing about this school was the friendships I made with some extremely colourful characters.Thank you all for growing up with me:)

Here are other comments by other former students on Zeeksha in response to my comments posted on Nov 30 2010.They were originally posted at this page in Zeeksha...

I'm reproducing the comments here.I hope Zeeksha doesn't mind because they are important and the story of Presidency has to be told to the outside world..They should have appeared on this Presidency home page in the first place but didn't.This should also put pay to any notions that I'm making all this up.

Just read the comments including one posted by a former student of the Mahalakshmi Layout Branch.It's remarkable how we were all affected in a similar way by the people running this circus.

Presidency School R.T. Nagar - The Devil's Advocates
Submitted by Win on Mon, 04/11/2011 - 06:31.

Going over the post of “A Former Student - Posted on November 30th, 2010 " I couldn't help but relive all those old memories that I had locked away somewhere.

Being a former student myself of this school, I can vouch for the authenticity of every word/ phrase meted out by my peer. I studied in this school for 5 reallly lllooooong years. From being known as one of the best students in my previous schools to turning into a scared recluse in this school... well I can only blame it on the school management and some of the teachers.

Before moving into the building the school occupies now, it was previously run out of three houses in the HMT layout - 80 feet Road area (then called St. Paul's English School). Most teachers were biased towards the students they liked, but a few are worth a mention.

Principal - used to walk outside the windows peeping in on unsuspecting students (victims) to come and then take them to task. He quite often would also pinch young girls seated in the last row from the window for kicks. Once he enters class he would walk to his victims and ask the teacher if the student was studying, doing his homework, assigned tasks, resorting to any mischief, etc ... a brief nod on any count was enough for him to slap the child multiple times on the face, screw the ears upside down. With girls he would run his lecherous hand up and down their backs, pinch and nudge whenever he saw fit and even pull the hair on their heads until he saw them twist in excruciating pain or saw them cry. He can easily be crowned the “Devil's Advocate" and used to be a living nightmare for most kids.

Headmistress: She lorded over the school for just being in Principal's good books. When he wasn't around she didn't miss an opportunity to show who is the boss. From beating up students in high school classes to slapping tiny tots, she didn't seem to have a heart for the poor souls. The P.T. Master would stand on the side enjoying the treatment meted out to the kids while passing the HM new scale eveytime one broke. The reason for this could be anything, you may be a few seconds late for assembly, a few strands of hair out of place, your uniform was not tidy enough and of course HM's favourite for punishment was noise. If your shoes were not shiny enough you needed to pay a fine which went into the school kitty and you would be made to kneel down outside your class and polish you shoe while all the students walked up to their respective class rooms. The humiliation was complete. One would think if she could not stand noise or kids the last place she should be working at is a School!

PT Master: Another hard task master. If you don't follow his instructions he would make you run additional rounds around the ground several times in the scorching noon sun. The ground was not school owned, it happened to be a BDA property on 80 feet road that was used for Mass PT. He was totally for discipline, starting from shouting out commands in indecipherable English to breaking scales over the knuckles of both your hands, or slapping you on your shin, to yanking your ears out, or twisting a handful of your stomach, he had invented many ways to make you suffer intense pain.

Class Teacher: She seemed to be a cold spinster who seemed to have missed her marriageable age and used to take out her frustrations on all her wards. We never knew when she would be in a good mood as those rare occasions came once in a blue moon. She had her own vocabulary in English and spoke it with her very own accent. Not a very good pick for a class teacher in an “English-Medium School"

Kannada Teacher: The very name horrifies me to date. If you were a weak student she would ridicule you and if you were from a different state and didn't know the language then you just had it. Her insults, insinuations, and body language could make you not only feel small and insignificant, you would also wake up every morning and look at your time table and wonder when the torture hour is as you needed to zip on many thick skins of indifference to stop your self from bursting into tears. Thoughts of her still make my flesh creep...

You grow up at Presidency a lot faster than your years and the damage caused by the mentioned people can stay a life time. I was at St. Paul's English School/ Presidency Public School for five horrifying years. I practically lost my ability to speak up to my superiors, think for myself, stand in front of an audience and voice my opinions. I will never have my kids even cross past that building. Hope you know what you are doing if you plan to send your children to this school.

- A former student and well wisher to all the children studying there.

I second you. I am from the
Submitted by Another former student on Thu, 12/16/2010 - 00:44.

I second you. I am from the Mahalakshmi layout branch and I do not know how it is now. It was hell then. I do not want to think back of those traumatizing school days!

I sympathise with you.

Thank you all for writing in.

Last week I went there for inquire the fee details for PRE KG for my kid. Immediately they advised me to buy a appln. form which costs Rs. 250 /- then only they will reveal the fee details. I brought the Appln. form and they said the fee mentioned below:
Admission: 47K
Monthly: 2700
Transport + Uniform Extra.

I was shocked why they are refused to say these details before buying the application.? Is this a kind of bribe in private institution in the name of Application form?

Mr Shankar, you are right in saying that these people in charge of the school are not honest.Information regarding details of fee structure and admission process are to be given freely.The prospective parent has to decide whether he is in a position to send his child to this particular school based on the information given.It is but natural.The decision to obtain an application form must come after weighing the options NOT BEFORE. Ethics do not come into question for these people.The management which receives its instructions sees the inquiry as an opportunity to make money.If there are say 1000 enquiries a month and at Rs 250 per application form that's a cool two lakh fifty thousand rupees per month which works out to about Thirty lakhs per annum and that's without moving a finger!

History....never ignore lets look at the history of this school...always looking at maximising profits. My nephew for example gets a nearly two months of summer vacations at his school.His school charges fees on an annual basis and gives the kids a well-deserved break for about 45-50 days.But this school about twenty five years ago had a different way of going about things.They would extend the working of the school into the first week of the month the holidays started and then re-open the school the SAME MONTH just before the month ended.This way one could always claim that the school had worked 12 months a year and therefore were entitled to collect the monthly fee for that month as well!Neat trick huh?


I would like to know whether this school has started issuing the appln forms for 2011-12 admissions. My kid will be 2.5 years by this year end (3 yrs by June 2011) so please let me know if he will be elgible to get an admission here for the next acadamic year (2011-2012)?

Thanks in Advance,

Yes, but stay away........ prefer Florence / RT Nagar Public School......

yes i agree with you , i feel this school just exploits the locality its situated. a very very very ,,, horible school

Yes, They have started giving forms..We were called for interview and my son got selected for Pre-KG. they are asking to pay 47K (nonrefundable) and Rs.2700/- Monthly fees. Is this fees too exorbitant?.

just want to know how many days after interviw was selection resultout and how did they inform


The School has begun giving out application forms....

Not sure about the age criteria... you could contact them details given below

H.M.T. Layout, R.T. Nagar, , Bangalore 
08023335860 , 23331765 , 25924181 "

i am neelam sharma.i was teacher in presidency school(R.T nagar)really this school is very good school.all teachers &principal(Indira mam)very nice lady.presidency school is very good school in Bangalore.

Ms. Neelam Sharma, You must have stayed there for a few minutes only, which makes you feel so good about the lady in question you are talking about. Going by your English, one can imagine how long you managed to teach out there. Poor children.
Dear parents, If you intend destroying your child's life, leave the poor souls scarred for life, left humilated and demotivated for life, then go ahead and please believe Ms. Neelam Sharma who sounds like a total sychophant to the core for whatever benefits she got out there. As for the goodness of teachers ask the children who have gone through the hell and you will hear the truth. By the way Children dont lie... like some the illustrious adults in this school. And Ms. Indira, she has heard only her own voice ever since she was born and never let anyone else speak. So thundering down people's ears comes very naturally to her. God save the remaining parents there who may have to hear no end from her.

The Presidency school is nn more than a commercialized venture breeding, tolerating and nurturing frustrated old souls who have nothing better to do in life but to wear the garb of a teacher (read wolf) in a sheep skin. The Poor sheep. Pity them.

A disillusioned parent of a crestfallen child

In which students can play

Is it possible to take admission now in Presidency school (R.T. Nagar) and later (1-2 years) take transfer to Presidency school ( Kasturi Nagar) . If yes, what is the process and formalities?

My daughter and son are going to 4th std and prep II std. let me know the fee structure for the academic year 2010-2011. like academic fee and tution fee and etc seperately.
Thanks in advance.
Venugopal k.




this is a student of the school.dont be fooled by the outer look.This is the most horrible school in the world!!never join the school!!

it is very sad that the presidency school at R.T.Nagar does not has its website. People who would like to know about the school do not get any information. if concerned authorities look it into this matter, it will be useful for everyone and definitely add on to the reputation of the school

i personally don't like this school where importance is given to the community people. and the newly appointed director is a muff . the new rule is that all children have their lunch down stairs where the area is unhygenic .

i think it is high time that the management looks into it or is he only money- minded.Is it a international school that the fee is hiked to 200-500 every year with nil facility, whereas its neighbouring schools have better facility.

teachers are no doubt good but their ipayment is so poor that i think that there will be a poor quality of education expected in the near future.

Your comments are unfair. Majority of the parents have given positive comments about the school. The students score well in academics every year and also do well in sports particularly cricket. You are contradicting yourself when you complain about fee increase and then say teachers getting paid low.

Show one good school these days which is charging less fees ....

Dear Anony-mouse please let us all know how the comments are unfair.The comments say very clearly that the area where the kids have their lunch is unhygienic.What do you say to that ?What is being done about it?Specifically what are the measures if any taken to rectify the situation?You say that the students score well in academics every year.Its not surprising that you'll achieve a certain level of pass percentage given that the school lays an emphasis on rote learning and repetition.Lets set an exam pattern even slightly different from the standard methodology of testing and you'll quickly see the spectacular dip in results.The exam system tests primarily your memory.As for the assertion that the school does well in Cricket,I consider it completely laughable.The PT Master and Chairman are people without scruples.When I studied in this school he substituted over-age players for younger ones and physically stronger players for weaker ones from other branches such as Nandini Layout during tournaments.There is a word for it.C-H-E-A-T-I-N-G.So you see the whole thing was fixed.

As for teachers getting paid low,it is quite possible to increase the fee but not the teachers wages.How can one say that the increase in fee is going towards the increase in emoluments towards teachers??.The top management is skimming off the excess.

As a former student I can safely vouch that there are high attrition rates for teachers in the school.The students were treated like dirt back then and the teachers even worse.The good ones don't stay.....and one shouldn't be too surprised either.Only the absolute rotten eggs like K are around to terrorise the students of a new generation....and that's because she is so bad no other school will hire her.The better one like H who taught me English and History and S who taught Chemistry didn't last too long here.The others were just plain mediocre and not worth mentioning here.

may be a few parents who cannot move out from that locality may feel it is heaven. Because they do not even have a ground of their own. when we stand and see the children are teased by the rowdy elements and it is really not safe for the girls. teachers are just leaving in the middle of the academic year. WHY? it's our children who are suffering because it is very difficult for them to adjust to new teachers, and that's why i am sending my daughter to tutions. whether teacher or no teacher. and this issue is on and from past 2-3 years this is unbearable.

Some senior teachers are too harsh with the students and when students try to speak frankly they are snubbed by them in the class. eg. Ms. kalpaana and Ms. sashi are too rude with the students. children may not meet their standards, but it is upto them to bring them up.

True, but pressure on kids to perform happens in all schools.
I have known students in NPS being given memos for non-performance and thrown out. Thats how they maintain standards, by filtering out people who cannot take the pressure rather than try to provide special attention to slow catching kids..
Really sad state of affairs.

This Mani doesn't address the issue of why there should be pressure on the kids to perform in the first place.This a tacit admission that the rat race is what school managements actually promote contrary to the claims in their advertisement brochures and prospectus of a different kind of education based on values.The whole thing is a big lie.

And in any case mediocre schools like NPS founded by a school dropout cannot be held to be the standard in education.NPS is an example of how NOT to run an educational institution.NPS has tie up with corporates.Students are looked at as purely business opportunities.Teaching is a an incidental activity.The management of NPS were at one time forcing the students to bring junk food for lunch like Maggi noodles, Tropicana juices, Lay chips(specific brands only, as directed by the class teachers), which according to a recent Government study are high in trans-fat and calories which promote childhood obesity,diabetes and cancer. Now NPS has an institutional tie-up with Samsung. So, students have to buy Samsung mobiles & tablets. The teachers check the device & the bills, to ensure that its been bought recently & not borrowed temporarily . Anybody not falling in line is threatened with dire consequences.And the students are reminded regularly that they or their parents should not discuss these issues or else ...

So then are we to say that just because NPS has adopted a hyper commercial model of functioning that it has to be adopted as the standard for all schools??Why this comparison?Why not set the standard yourself???What are the standards???We keep hearing stupid apologists like Mani mouthing homilies like "Pressure happens all the time.."."everybody does it so we do it" ..what a load of nonsense!!Are you saying that if your neighbours are all thieves,rapists and smugglers we should also emulate them or else we'll be left out of the gravy train??What a dubious line or reasoning.It just shows the real class of this Mani who in an earlier post also justified the heinous practice of corporal punishment.

Teaching is now just a side activity. The fact is that education is big business and schools are cashing in.Parents are faced with a "Take it or leave it" attitude by managements of schools.Schools don't maintain "standards".They tout certain numbers as "achievements" by a methodology of standardized testing.Its the failed American corporate model all over again.The heavy price for the greed of the school management is paid by the children and the parents.And Presidency is no exception.

Admission is in progress for Nursery (Prep-1) at Presidency R.T. Nagar.

We have been asked to come along with our kid for interview tomorrow morning.

Dear Sir,

Please tell me the fee structure of this school and donation how much have to pay and overall how is that school .


My son got selected for nursery.

They asked us to pay 36K admission fee + Term fees of 9.6K each for 3 terms. So the overall fee for the first year is 36K + 28.8K. Subsequent years it will be less by around 20K.

My son also got selected in Brigade School - Rajajinagar/Malleswaram, so we are not going ahead with the admission in presidency.

Otherwise, people whom we interacted had good feedback to give regarding the presidency r.t. nagar school.

Hi, This is khan one of the parent of your student. But this is concern of many parents who want you to know the fact about the teachers. We are very much depressed and found that a prestigious school where there are teachers who teaches other than syllabus. My child is reciting mantras which is no where in syllabus.

Actually we are group of parents who are against the policy of teaching religious preachings. We appose any religion preachings. We want our child to be secular and teach them decipline, characters, obediency, honesty and sincerety which is a part of syllabus.

Because school we send not only get educated but also to improve themselves with all humanity concerns. We as a parent will take care of our own religion at our homes. But school should be secular and seriously eradicate all errors.

We hope this will be enough for your action plan.

thanking you.

I see this Institution as a secular home for children, where the culture is held high and not any religion. Every child whatever religion he/ she may belong to come here to learn how to be a good human being in life and then a good citizen. As a parent you ought to think of what good the child has learnt in the process of learning prayers or recitations which ultimately leads one to learning good behaviour and discipline. Instead of sowing seeds against culture and dislike against the school, it would be in good taste if you encourage yourself to think in the broader perspective of development and help the child to also develop a broad mind which is what that will ultimately help in life than thinking on petty narrow lines. You seem to be contradicting yourself in every sentence that you have written. Being Secular and disciplined comes from having an open mind first of all.

If it is so difficult for you to digest that the child is learning to be a good human being and you would rather restrict the child to be a frog in the well, then you have a choice of changing the instituion or better so tutor the child privately as per your wish and not degrade the principles adopted by the school for an overall development of all children who attend this school. We have seen the benefits of being with this school and thinking with a positive mind helps.

Presidency is one of the best school in northern part of Bangalore. They prefer to give quality education which I can see from the type of attention teachers pay to my ward and daily assignments. Four years back, when I was looking for the best school for my ward in northern part of Bangalore, people gave me few names and Presidency was one of them. Almost all of other acquaintance, except one, has told me good things about school but one of my friend told me that the school admin is also inclined in religious preachings. So I decided to go there and figure out by myself. Four years back when I went to school and got information on this as well as curriculum and activities, I was impressed with the school admin thoughts but at the same time I was very much cautious about any religious preaching there. But after my meeting with few parents and staff, I was told that there is no such activity... I came back with good feelings and then got the admission for my ward there.

My ward is there for last four years but I have never seen such things, instead what I have observed that they celebrate all festivals and give equal importance to Id, Diwali, Holi, X'mas etc. My impression now is that this is one of the best school in Bangalore. I hope this will help in clearing few doubts raised.

One of the thing which I personally do not like is every year the fee increases and as well as the building maintenance amount, which is charged from every student compulsorily. The way prices and fees are increasing every year is really intimidating and should be thought of...

Could you please share what is the fee structure at presidency..

This year for PRE-KG, they charge
One Time Admission Fee: 25K (Non-refundable)
Annual Fee: 11k
Term Fees : 9600 * 3 = 28800.

Transportation Costs seperate....

Hope this helps..


I guess, instead of adopting this anonymous approach, u shud directly talk to school or take your kid out and put in a school of your crieteria. I don't see anything wrong from school's perspective, rathr majority of parents would prefer it. I would really love my kid learning slokas in school.

what is the donation for presidency school r t nagar. and fees? and they have transport service from kodigehalli or not?