Presidency school (South, Bannerghatta Road)

80/2, Bilekahalli, Anugraha Layout, Bangalore
+91-80-26485648/49, 32982086 |

Board: CBSE

Presidency South (Off Bannerghetta Road) was established during the 2006-2007 academic year) and follows the CBSE curriculum.

Presidency South offers classes from kindergarten till the 10th standard/grade for now and will quite likely offer upto 12th standard/grade in the future.

As per the school's website the student teacher ratio will be 1:18.

Here's the "age elibibility criteria" as published on the school's website:

  • Pre KG : 2 years 6 months as on 1st June of the academic year.
  • Prep I - 3 years 6 months as on 1st June of the academic year.
  • Prep II - 4 years 6 months as on 1st June of the academic year
  • Grade 1 - 5 years 6 months as on 1st June of the academic year



I found this school very nice and decided to send my daughter here and trust I don't regret my decision. She loves the school and has so many friends. The teachers are good and explain all the concepts really well. She also enjoys the various extra curricular activities. I will definitely recommend the school and advice parents to see it for themsleves

All the Presidency Group schools are excellent. They have around 6 in Bangalore I think. My son goes to Presidency School North Bangalore. I had visited PSBE as well earlier. The academics, sports, infrastructure, etc are all top-notch. Most of the state level toppers come from Presidency itself. Parents can go ahead with peace of mind!

Hi All,

can u pls let me know what is the admission fees and nursery fees and how is school?
Please give me overview about this school.

my daughter is presently 5 years old and she is studying in Mumbai in a convent school in Sr. kg and now I am in Bangalore so I want admisson for him in next session in 1st standerd . Pl. tell me about admisson prosisor and fees.

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dear parents.
ONE word.
I request you, to NEVER send you children to this school. They charge fees like this is some international school, but it doesn't even provide facilities a govt school does.
Partial nd interfering teachers. Disgusting managment. Spoilt and gossipy student. In short, don't ever send your children to this school. I strongly recommend because I have gone through this.Higher class students complain the chairman's son is given extra privileges. CURSE THIS SCHOOL, TEACHERS AND MANAGEMENT!

Hi all, I recently admitted both my children aged 14 and 6 in the middle of the year in January 2011 at this school. I paid Rs 20,000 per child as the one time admission fee in addition to the term fee. The school charged just the third and fourth term fees, not even the entire year's fee.
Ever since my children joined the school, I love the way they have handled my children. We have been transferred from Delhi and the school is caring and understanding. My younger child has been finding it difficult to cope and the school has been very accomodative. They go out of the way to ensure that my lil one is first adjusted well before the studies part is piled on to her.
Even the most obscure schools threw major attitude and this school gave a test and found my children capable and admitted them without too much "hoo-haa". The school does have problems like any other...staff attrition is higher, approach road is horrendous, location wise: it is a nightmare, there is a drain running right by the side of the school. But I found the school truly CARING...hope this review helps other desperate parents trying to get their children admitted on transfers/mid-term or hunting for a decent school for their lil ones.

my son is studying in this school, last week he came to home at 6.20pm becoz of transportation prblm but nobody is inform us and drivers are not droping kids in droping point. Education is good but not management.

There coordinators are not good. If I want to say some thing about my child she will complaint on my child. I tried lot of times. but not response.


Everything about Presidency School Bangalore South is a BIG SHAM !! The mangaement does not care about academics, the infrastructure is terrible, the classrooms have no proper seating, the chairs are broken, no curtains, the trash cans are always full, no servants to clean, the buses are falling apart, broken steps ,seats torn, foul smelling bathrooms, no water in the bathrooms, dust and dirt in the classrooms and corridors, and worst of all....ALL THE GOOD TEACHERS LEAVE!!!

Teachers find it very hard to work with the management and the students suffer.
The management promises to do things but does not improve or deliver.
BUSES ARE ALWAYS LATE !! Buses arrive atleast 30-40 minutes late almost everyday.When the parents call the school, no one answers the phone...driver says there was no desel or the driver for the other bus did not there is evidence of clear mismanagement and no accountability.The Principal exhibits little accountability and offers little help in addressing the parents issues related to academics, staff, assessemnts, results or basic transport.

Please do not be fooled by all the activities promised in the curriculum. Nothing happens...another sham..field trips are often cancelled, and the students land up seeing Banergatta Zoo always.. quailty of instruction is suffering as the school is unable to retain good staff, and the most ordinary faculty in unable to rise upto the expectations of the parent and students.


hi..just wntd to know which grade you have put ur child and have faced such an experience..Iam thinking of putting my child in the 1st grade.I have good recommendations by the parents of existing students.please advice.

Dear Manita,
PSBS would like to make use of this forum to address to issue of parents. Please contact us in person or over the phone with prior appointment. We shall see to it that your queries are resolved. Please treat this as an opportunity for the school to improve upon.

The biggest mistake I have done in my life is to get my kid admitted here. I have played with my child's future. Whatever feedback or suggestion you give to the management is only heard of but never actioned upon.

Fee structure keeps on increasing at higher rate than the hike we get. Recession isn't part of their dictionary. Whether your salary increases or not their fee does. They are smart enough to hold the bus fees till half year waiting for fuel hike and after fuel is hiked by Rs1-2 per liter , they hike the fees by Rs 250-300 per kid per month in the middle of the year so that no one is able to protest the hike. Top of this asking parents to pick their kids in the evening if students are participating in any sports or extra curricular activities.

School fees - Charges of 15k to 25k as admin fee per year (no other school charges it). Per term fee of 15k to 20k for three term. Keeping the fee structure on higher side, they try to create impression of high end school.

Infrastructure - No infrastructure at all. Only concrete block in the name of class. No sports facilities. No swimming pool, no indoor games. Small ground full of mud & dust. Foul smell all around the building. Approach roads are like going for adventure trip. Management is not in condition to fight civic authorities to get the road laid down well, pay them bribe from the admin fee charging from us. Basic items like ID cards are not given on time. Once in 2 year it is given. This year they have even removed the class from ID card details so that they can use the same till the kid is in the school.

I would request all the parents thinking of PRESIDENCY SOUTH not to get their kid admitted in the school.

if we go through the reviews , i do not think i should put my kid in PSB. why the school gave a chance for so many complains to come up, they should have been addressed before it came to this forum itself. Now i am reconsidering whether to put my kid or not.

I want to add something here regarding tution fee hike in 2007 the fee for pre KG was 2000 which is being hiked by 16% every year and now in 2010 it is 3100 per month. If it is continue with the same pace it would be more than 18000 per months. The parents would be end up paying Rs. 222372 per year when my ward will be going to 12 standard.

Does the drainage next to school created any problem anytime?

The entrance was smelling very badly when I visited to collect the form, having a second thought of applying to this school, because of this problem. Does the premises always smell this bad

Howz the school condition during rainy days, because its very near to the lake.

I had been to the school in the month of April'10 and found the smell problem, however since it is covered by a high rise wall and the school building is slightly away from the drain, I could get the bad smell only at the entrance and not inside the school building. I am not sure about how it is in the play area.
I would appreciate feedback, remarks from the existing parents.

Now a days management is not as gd as it was bf. not able to proivde school unifor m or id card even...

my child is studying in Presidency school before admitting him in the school i also had a problem with the drain smell but because of good staff and small no of children i got my child admitted in the school.

i must really say that the teachers r really kind and attentive towards children my child has developed a lot in his studies.

but management is pathetic we faced a lot of problem for the uniforms and id cards we got them in oct or nov. i also feel that they should develop the play area and basketball court and increase some more amenities in the school. i would love if they start swimming in the school

i feel management is only increasing the fees and not the facilities

can any one help me in fee structure?

The fee structure for Presedency school located in Bilekalli off Bannerghatta road is 65000 per year payable in installments. There is donation like one-time admission fee. Hope that helps.


I heard that they are taking annual fee everyyear that comes around 15000 apart from the tuition fee which is very devastating. The quality of the school is not good also to give that much amount and fill their belly while we starve...

I heard that in the lower elementary classes, the teachers do not stick for a whole year. that there are new teachers many times through one school year. has this been the experience of any current parent?? is this true??i am looking for admission for my kid in the 4th Standard at Presidency South school. could some current school parent share info on this. it will be a valuable guide.

Very true! i also noticed this as a concerned parent of my 2nd std child in this school. Teachers turn out was more.

I also had many other issues with the school functioning since my child's admission in LKG, which i have been regularly discussing with all the principal (all..coz every yr the principal has been changing from last 3 yrs of our child's tenure in this school !) but all in vain..... & fees increasing every yr.....

Hence finally this yr i pulled my child out of this school....

Yes this is very much true, sometimes you go to PTM(Parent Teacher meeting) you find a new class teacher there.

Read the feedback on Presidency School, Bilekahali branch. Full details here:

Anyone with any positive/ negative experience with Clarence Public School, J P Nagar?
I'm in process to finalise admission for my daughter...I'm not able to get any reviews. My house is conveniently located near this school but I believe this shouln't be only criteria to choose a school.
Please help regarding curriculam/ infrastructure/ teaching method.........etc.
thanks in advance

as a parent of 7th std, and 2nd std children,my good advise is NO.
i dont know why only principals son and daughter's are getting prizes and priorities.all junk food like maggie etc.. r sold in canteen. Hindi coaching is worst individual attention is given and there r many sections with 60 wards each????????????????wat ever u say abt subject or abt any teacher to principal she never takes action.
no encouragement was given to dull students,only they give imp to active and bright wards

Not matching your information ! In starting you have given

Board: CBSE
and in DETAILS : follows the ICSE curriculum ??? Please try to correct it.


Thanks for pointing out the mistake. We have corrected the discrepancy.
-Z Team