Rishi Public School

Beside Toyota Shoroom, Basheerbagh, Hyderabad
+(91)-9849197525, 9948661831



Never ever saw an institution like this, they do not have their own premises and no staff is well educated, all of them are only degree teachers, they are not even did their B.ed. They never care for the students. The chairman Dr M.B Chander is an idiot who is running all the institutions without any knowledge.
Compared to Rishi public school, Glendale academy is so good, compared to infrastructure and staff. I request all you parents not to join your children in RPS. They only need money and wont care for children future, they even trouble staff and they wont make any payments, worst of the worst school in India.

Really am very impress about the school way of discipline and teaching staff well and highly academically sound.Ant the most important is i need my children well and free friendly environment for studying and int the mean time am feel that RISHI PUBLICH SCHOOL IS REACH TO MY EXPECTATION and in the mean time am recommend to those parents who taking serious study for their children .

Rishi public school is a till date is right place for brought up our children with professional hands.

School management should conduct professional courses for children mental development and helpful for children growth.

School should consider only on academically not financially aspect if u maintain the standard and cover all aspect for a good school the automatically school requirement fulfill through awareness.

Rishi public school is right place for all resident and NRI children s

Once again expect rishi public school respect the parents feeling for betterment.


This school got most irresponsbile management which does not safe gaud the teachers and students. The school management is very arrogant towards teaches and parents. They keep certificates of teachers with them and harss them so no new teacher join them....

d worest school is nthing but rishi public school

school does not have any infrastructure

the school is very irresponsible and teachers are uneducated mostly . and trouble kids
the school has no value for sports and other activities and they fail to discover the inner talents of child they just put more and more burden on kids its just worst school i never saw in my life and i suggest that don't join your kids in that school