The Brigade School

Brigade Millennium, Bangalore
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Board: CBSE

Located in J.P. Nagar (in the Brigade Millenium community), The Brigade School began its first academic year in 2004. The Brigade School has over 800 students, across Nursery to Standard 12 levels.

The school is managed by the Brigade Foundation, a not-for-profit trust set up by Brigade, one of Bangalore’s prominent property developers.

Another branch of the school will be set up in the Malleswaram-Rajajinagar area (in the upcoming Brigade Gateway community)

Admissions for 2010-2011: You can find full details of the availability, age criteria and the office timing in the schools website

The school's website is pretty updated and should give you further information.


School's website has all the details :

Fee Structure

50K (Nursery through UKG), 54K (Std. 1-5), 57K (Std. 6-8), 60K (Std. 9-10), 64K (Std. 11&12)

A one time non-refundable "registration" fee of Rs.80K (till 10th standard applies). For Std. 11 & 12 an additional fees of 20K applies.

NOTE: Please contact the school for updated information regarding the fees.

School Timing
  • Nursery: 8.30 AM - 11.30 AM
  • LKG&UKG: 11.30 AM - 3.30 PM
  • Std. 1 - 12: 8.30 AM - 3.30 PM



School is a good school. Nothing outstanding but ok. perfect fit for kids living nearby if money is not an isse. Fees is ridiculously high (90k+90k for nursery..and steep hikes every year) more than double that of similar quality schools. The JP nagar school is a small one, but looks like they want to charge the same fees as that of their very larger units at whitefield and rajajinagar ( these new ones have been branded international) . The JP nagar school doesn't even have its own ground ( uses space leased by some music foundation from BDA). Uses swimming pool of an adjacent club

My child is going to nursery and her response has been quite postive so far. I can see lot of changes in terms of learning new things. looks forward to go to school.we get emails of whats been taught over the month. Cons: fees is quite high, is very much english-oriented - no room for developing intrest in our own culture

My family and I attended a school interview process in Brigade School, JP Nagar, a so called 'Good School'.
Initially they took all the kids and parents to some basement area where 4-5 teachers were evaluating the kids.
Had some toys spread around and asking kids to identify colours and count numbers.
Every time each teacher came near my child she would ask his name. Poor chap had to answer atleast 4-5 times the same question.He was not even 3 years old then. To my surprise my child answered all the questions asked to him and even followed all the instructions given to him.
Some of kids didnt even open their mouth there.

Then came the next task to meeting the Principal and the Brigade foundation member, both were 'WOMEN'.
Their faces seemed happy talking to my child. Then they asked about ourselves.
Me and my Husband informed them that both of us were Software Professionals and my son goes to day care.
With the word day care, the colour of these so called educated ladies changed. They just told us, we will get back to you.
During the interview I happen to meet one of my apartment kid, who's mother was a housewife.
He was also there during the interaction while my son was being interviewed and this kid did not even open his mouth.
Finally I got to know that our application was rejected and the other kid was given admission.
Now here is my conclusion:
1. Like Indian history always has been saying a WOMAN is WOMAN's biggest enemy.
These so called school Principals, are working women. Then why are they other working woman's enemies.
2. Does spending quantity time with your kids equivalent to spending quality time. I dont think so.
3. School's like Brigade charge ridiculous fees like 1Lakh admission fee. So how do they expect people to shed our so much money with single salary.
Or do they want only Businessmen or people with illegal income.
4. Also if such schools are so against working mothers than please it is my earnest request to all such schools to only educate boys.
Why waste time teaching girls. Ofcourse Principals like you need to study somewhere.

I agree. they don't like working moms. They have no respect for parents or their time. They assume that we don't spend time with our kids...My child has been studying there for a few years now. In secondary school now. An excellent student but only because we teach him at home. The teachers are not trained - very poor quality teachers - we do most of the teaching for mathematics. I am fed up. We are discontinuing next year... not worth the fees.

I too had similar experience for my kid's admission . We have applied late last year in Brigade J.P Nagar school and got call for interaction for nursery admission for vacant seats. During interaction with principal, I also had same experience, the two ladies who were present, stopped asking anything further when we told both of us are software engineers and we have full time maid to look after kid. That time, our kid was young enough for admission, so we let it go. But the ladies' reaction was what I have never expected when I told I am also working as software engineer.
This year we applied for EKYA school which is also another expensive school. This time we were very disappointed to recieve the same aversion from the lady who did inteview. The interaction was with one lady. This time my son's had started going to playschool and was able to answer questions if it were asked. Sadly, no questions asked to him at Ekya achool . The lady who did interview (think she is director of the school I wonder how a young lady is capable of being director of a school which needs proper experience) asked questions like how can we take care of kid when both are working, he will feel lonely etc. when I replied he is very happy at nursrey and daycare, she was telling he will be tired at day care etc.. Actually my son is very happy at day care as he gets his afternoon nap and he has lot of friends and activities. I wanted to ask these ladies back how they will take care of their children as they are also working ( I doubt she has a child of school going age) . Also we spend quality time with our kid when ever we are back from work and my kid is very happy at home too. These schools charging very high and prefer non working mom with high qualification !!!!. They can sit back and relax and they can gurantee child's future will be safe as mom can take care of kid's studies.

Hi Anand,
was wondering which class your son/daughter is studying.... coz was looking for admission in this school, got good reviews so far so was shocked after reading your review ... any idea what is the fee structure, coz had heard its pretty high...



Instead of relying on reviews, I recommend you talk to a few parents of children who are in class that you are seeking admission for.

My comments on teachers is my personal observation. But the aspect of agreessive attitude of management is very well known. The school's process/time-table is supreme (like a corporate house), but not really the effectiveness of learning of individual children.

Basically, it boils down to what you are looking for in a school; For us - It is a compromise that we try to fix at home.

The fee is close to about 70k per year + transportation + uniform/books. Year on year increase in fee has been quite steep. So you can expect further increase in coming years.

If you are like majority of the parent, who want to ensure a risk free future for your child through scoring good marks - above everything else - then this school is okay.

If you expect to tap into your child's natural strengths and ensure overall gromming of the child's potential. This school is defenitely to be avoided.

The strength of the school is the quality of teacher, which is quite rare. But the weakness is its leadership, which strongly promotes agreesive attitude towards student. Basically - "fear" factor is the route they take to impose disipline and drive a child towards result. If your child is timid and cannot cope with such approach, then the child is sure to feel a loss of dignity and end up feeling inferior. I have even known couple of parents, whose children had health issues due to overt pressure tactis used on children as young as 7-8 years. However, If you child has a natural ability and the attitude to handle such agressive pressures, you are going to be okay.

The other strength of the school is that it is extremely well organized and very predictable. The entire school runs on the beliefs of a few leaders who all believe in this aggressive approach, leaving no room for the unique skills and newer ideas of few of thier very talented teaching pool.

Overall a very common and stereotypical school, which is expensive and looks mis-leadingly modern.

I disagree. the teachers are terrible. In grade VI, a male teacher gave an inappropriate example. The teachers are not competent and cannot teach to save their lives...discipline is poor and all the teachers do is maintain thick files on kids to throw back at you if you complain about the teaching. They never encourage the children even excellent students. They should not be running a school at all. If we are paying a lakh in fees, we expect them to teach and not doing all the teaching ourselves. in any case, they are no where in cbse rankings. they will never be. NOT A SCHOOL IF YOU ARE SERIOUS ABOUT EDUCATION AND ACADEMICS.

Hi Anand
I saw your feedback on Brigade school, can u pl. recommend any other good schools around JP Nagar

the teachers does not take any complaints.if we go to tell the teacher,the teacher will tell sit in your place.if we write the the complaint in the diary they do not take any action.this boy is almost known by the whole school.


I visited the Brigade school at Whitefield and am contemplating of putting my daughter there for nursery.

There is not much feedback about this school in the internet. Any feedback would be helpful for us to decide.


Did you join your daughter to brigade school mahadevpura... How is the teaching... Please let me know overall review as. Am planning to join my son for nursery form june 2015/16 .

Did you join your daughter to brigade school mahadevpura... How is the teaching... Please let me know overall review as. Am planning to join my son for nursery form june 2015/16 .


can you please let me know hw is the brigade school jp nagar, am planning to put my daughter to this school for this academic year, need to decide on this school as well DSP-south.

please le me know ASAP.


I am planning ti join my daughter at Brigade school j p nagar, for nursery,can any one plz suggest howis the school with its acadmic results, coaching to the students are they very good at teaching & hw they take care of child.

hi, my daughter started going to whitefield brigade this year and she's very happy.
when we visited the school for admission ,we were quite apprehensive about the less no. of student but they are not really advertising. We are very happy with the school and the teaching methods. children enjoy and have fun.

the non refundable fee was 75 k and 67.5 k for LKG 2011-2012. Is it really 90 K and 90k for LKG for the 2012-2013 session??


We are just returning to India after 7 years. My daughter has spent all her life in the US and will be joining Second standard and I am looking at Brigade school as an option.
Please let me know if you have any feedback on this school

This thread is pretty old - hopefully we will have some more feedback from parents sending their kids to this school


Hi Subhash,

We r also passing through the same condition and need your feedback regarding Brigade school. We r moving to India after 8 years n looking for a CBSC school for my two sons age 7 and 12 years old.
Which school did you finalize for your daughter and any other good school you came to know during your stay in Banglore. Need your recommendation , pls advice.


my son is in the4th semister engineering . he passed out from first batch of 10th brigade school . I am thankful to mrs. Shankar principal mam and their whole team for moulding my son. I had lost hope that my son can also study. Before joining brigade he was in one of the well established school but unfortunately that school encouraged only the cream of the class. But in brigade every child gets equal opportunity. My son who was a timid and under performer became a bold and confident child after joining BRIGADE SCHOOL. My daughter is in 5th std , I put her in brigade school when she was in L.K/G. Her journey also has been very good. She too loves her school and teachers.

Can someone let me know the fee structure for Brigade School,Malleswaram ?
We are seeking admission for our son for LKG.

75k one time registration (non-refundable) fee + 67.5K term fees. You need to pay term fees in 3 equal installments.

i would like to know what are the chances for the admission for 1st std at brigade millenium coz we are shifting our residence from vijaynagar to M.S.Ramaiah city in april.i hav heard lot about the school & would love my son to be a part of it & please let me know about the issue of applications.please consider,looking forward .

thank u

Can you please give feedback on this school? I also need feedback regarding their management since I'm planning to send my son to their new school at rajajaji nagar (brigade school @ gateway).

I am very much interested in putting my kid in brigade school at gateway for 1st std. I need to survey a little more before I apply since it is going to be new school. From their websites, it looks it is good . I want an alternative school but does not teach only the routine stuff with loads of homework. I am looking for concept based and skill based teaching, Does brigade's way of teaching covers this? More on this will help me take a decision.

I have got very good feedback about this school and all of it is first hand information. The school has good facilities and good teachers. I have admitted my daughter to the Pre-nursery here for the coming academic year. I was impressed with the way they handled the whole admission process..very organised and friendly staff. The principal was warm and eager to answer any questions that we asked. The fees is quite high and that is the only reason why one may have to think twice.

Same here,
I was also impressed by the systematic and organized approach of the school.
Very happy that my son is a member of this school. Also this school stands equally good or much better than NPS and NAFL .The school provides all the extra curricular facilities such as swimming , yoga , dancing , singing, all indoor and outdoor activities.

Hi All,

I will be looking for admissions this year for my daughter at Brigade School.Thank you all for posting your comments. I have a concern and many of you might have faced it too.My daughter is October born and will be 2 yrs 8 months my June 2011.Any one had a similar experience please share your thoughts.Is brigade flexible with age criteria?Also are there any other good schools in south Bangalore that relax the age criteria a bit?


My experience with the school on the age criteria is different. I had approached the school in the pervious academic year for pre-nursery when my daughter was to complete 3yrs 3months in June. the school refused me flat!! I have admitted my daughter there this year though. But you can talk to the school, no harm in trying. Good Luck!

Yes they are flexible.

Hello friends,

I would say they are not a professional school at all. There is no interest shown by teachers towards children. They care a damn for the kids once they are in the school. Any minor accidents they dont bother to give the necessary treatments, no extra curricular activities. Academic knowledge of children in comparitively low.

They constantly increase their fee structure to more that 20% every year. No music, no games, sports nothing. A COMPLETE MONEY MAKING SCHOOL.

Hi Dhanush,
Are you talking about Brigade Millenium school in JP Nagar?
I was plannig to put my Son for LKG next year. Please advice?

Also... their uniforms are of low quality sweaters, t shirts, shoes all are of low quality. Sweaters get faded within 6months of use and they request parents to order again. Shoes are not comfortable for childrens. Do go by their website... its all fake. Nothing goes as per they have mentioned.

From Suffering parents.

I agree Mr. Dhanush's comment. They offer very poor quality uniforms and shoes. Its ridiculous that the uniform got faded in just one wash. And the fittings also not proper. Yes, the shoes they provided so called Nike brand is the worst shoes I ever seen. Think twice before putting in Brigade group schools.

Hi Dhanush, looks like you've had a really bad experience. I have two children there. My elder child is in the 7th standard, and it is his 7th year there. I would definitely say that your claims of the uniforms, shoes, activities are entirely the opposite from ours.

They have more than enough extra curricular activities - sports, speakers' forum, athletics, arts, swimming, football (no tennis or cricket as of now), theater. What you see on their site is the uniform! Are you sure, we're talking of the same school?

Thanks Asha for your valuable inputs - very reassuring since it comes from someone who sends her kids there. Would you also know anything abt their other branch at Whitefield (Mahadevapura)? I'm looking at this school and though the brand-name is same, the ground realities in terms of teachers/transport etc would differ between branches.. any inputs on this branch of Brigade would be highly appreciated. Also can you provide some details on the actual fee structure? Do they have a steep increase each year?
Thanks a ton!

I am also looking for school at Mahadevpura for my 3yr daughter .Did you get any feedback about how the school is doing? I had been today to have a look but it was closed. I got chance to look at class rooms and observed each class room have strengths like only 12,10,14 etc.. for which i am little worried. Plz let me know if u get any info about this school


Hi All,
.Can you please provide me the feedback on this school.
Pls give your valuable inputs asap.
I need to decide btw Gopalan and brigade,which is the best?

Hi All,
Which is the best?
Pls give ur feedback asap.I need to decide to pay the fees.

My son is going to their school at malleswaram...we are very impressed with this school...they are very systematic...very punctual...teachers are very staff & security are also very good...considering this school started just this june (2010), it is amazing...i've not met any parent so far who had said anything -ve about this school...considering their school at whitefield started last year, it must also be good...from what i know, their school at j.p. nagar is also very good.

Thanks KR for the feedback.

Our experience has been very good so far with Brigade School @ Gateway...we only have positive feedback to give...we were impressed by whatever they have been doing till now...they are also developing good playground and play area...i only hope they continue to keep up their good work.

I think, if you have any problem it is better to take up with the school management directly instead of commenting on something that may not be entirely true.


My son is 5 1/2 years old and has spend his life so far in the US. I am planning to return and am wondering if the Brigade School in Malleswaram has other kids with an American accent he can identify with.

Any input will be greatly appreciated.


can someone please clarify if the fee structure is 75+60 ie admission + fees, and 10% increase every year on 60k or 1.2k + 10% ? also by when do they finalize admissions, I am looking to put my son to LKG at gateway and they said admissions are currently open.... any inputs and feedback will be most appreciated.....

75k (non-refundable deposit) + 67.5k fees (nursery/lkg/ukg)...upto 10% increase in fees possible...last year they confirmed admission for my son around 3rd week of november.

Thank you very much for the information KR, I would like to know more about the school and since your son is studying there since 1 year, can you please tell me your overall experience in teaching and extra curricular activities ?

There is no point in paying such a high fees as it all goes to the management. Teachers hardly get 8-10 thousand, so obviously they will take interest as per salary. Teachers get humilated by management every now and then, so do not expect them to care your child like their own child.

This year the fee hike has been around 24.44% for 1st std as compared against last year. This is ridiculous.

In the document they have mentioned 10% to 12% hike annually but this year it is 24.44%.

The mgmt is aggressive and it is difficult to get any reasonable response from them.

I have joined my two kids in Mahadevapura Brigade school this year for Nursery. There are 2 sections and the section in which my kids study, the teachers seem to be incompetent. She is elderly women may be in 40's but doesn't know how to deal with kids. Always having tensed nature does not go easily with the kids. Even when we spoke to her, we can make out that she dosn't fit for teacher job. The teachers should be of lively nature to make kids comfortable in their early stage. I think the management should keep this in mind while posting teachers. They all used to chit chat at play area when kids are playing by themselves during their class hours. I have even seen 2 kids pushing each other but these ladies seems to be of dont care nature and fully talking. And even in classes also the elderly teacher is not jovial, always showing angry face. Whats the use of putting so much money afterall for a govt grade school.

Can any one suggest few schools - CBSE are we are relocating from Chennai mid of the year, what are our prospects to get admission for schools in J.P Nagar 7th phase/J.P Nagar, any one ??

Is this forum only discussion Brigade School which is in Brigade mellenium campus, getting mixed responses !!