This is a new school in the Brigade Gateway community that will commence operations from June 2010. The Brigade school @ the Gateway is a co-educational school and is affiliated to the ICSE board

The school is open for admission for the academic year 2010-2011 from Nursery to Std 5: Standard 6 and 7 may be available depending on the number of parents who express interest.

The school's website is fairly up to date and the parents are encouraged to refer the same for further details.

Fee Structure
  • About 68K for Nursery through UKG
  • About 75K for 1st standard through 5th standard

There is a one-time, non-refundable fee of Rs 75,000, payable at the time of registration.

Refer the school's website for updated information:

School Timing

Nursery: 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

LKG & UKG: 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Stds 1 to 5: 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.


Any latest feedback about this school? I am looking to enroll my son for nursery.


Hi everyone,
My son got admission today for which he gave interview on wednesday. I am very happy for my son .

Hi Priyanka,

It's been over 2 years that your son is studying at Brigade; can you please share your feedback about the school and its teaching methods.

I am seeking admissions for my son for next academic year, your feedback will surely help me make the decision.


My son gave his interview 10 days back and today (11/21) I received call from Brigade, Malleshwaram saying he had got selected.

Hi, We are thinking of this school for our 6 year old and would love to hear more about the school from other parents. How does it compare to schools like Vidya Shilp and NAFL? As the school has opened recently in 2010, how is the staff and infrastructure? What are the school fees? Thanks

do v get a call or mail from brigade school , i have applied for my daughter for nursery in november but till now i didint get any mail or a call

Hi all,
Interview process for my son (Nursery) which held on 23rd Nov 2011 in Brigade School, Malleshwaram.

Interview was cool. As my son was not ready to enter interaction room alone I accompanied him.

First they gave him for coloring (3 circles, elephant). Parallely they asked, what color is this?, where is the elephant tail, eye, ear,...??

Then he got building blocks. There will be 10 cubes where they need to place them one above the other from bigger to smaller. If kid is done with this... they will remove one block from middle (without knowing for kid) and tell the kid to place it back. My son did very well in this.

Next he got puzzle. There will be 4 cardboard elephants of different size, they has to place these elephants in its correct position on cardboard.

Next is building blocks. They need to fix the blocks one above the other in any manner... It’s left to your kid.

Then they give ball to catch and throw and they ask for rhymes.... My son did not do this :-(

And at last parents will have the interaction with the principal…. They ask about the background.

For other classes like LKG and UKG they do give slate and chalk to write (including all above). I don't know what they ask to write...

I got intimation after 15 days i.e. on 12th Dec 2011. My son got selected to this school... We need to pay 10k by this 14th Dec 2011.

We are very Happy for my kid....

Hi all,
we had been to interaction for nursery at brigade schools malleswaram,on 9th dec 2011 for our child. we had been told by the school authorities that they will let us know within 7 days. But still we have not received any further clarifications. If some one who had also been to interaction share their experience , it would be of great help. thanks in advance.

We had interaction on Dec 9th and we also have not received any call. Upon enquiry, they told us that, the people who are selected have already got the call and the ones who didn't get the call till now, is simple not selected. So started to search for other schools now. They even told, that all the admission process is over now and at the moment there are no more process going on.

hi can some one give feed back abpout brigade school malleshwaram ..

hi all,
i am also considering brigade@gateway for my child next year. any recent reviews of the school would greatly help.

Hi there! Please give latest updates for this school. I want to admit my son inthis school and i want to know if my son will be eligible for nursery next year. My son's d.o.b 9-10-2009.Also are the admissions based on the child's performance at the interveiw? What if the child does not interact? Or say is shy at the interview?


Check out this page:

Hope this clarifies about the age criteria for admission. And no idea about the interview process. Me too considering admission for my son for class 1 in 2012-13.


I'm interested in this school @ Malleshwaram for my son who'll be eligible for UKG in 2013. Since your blog mentioned about you trying for 1st standard in 2012, am interested to know if you got thru in this school?

Any information you can give about the school, including the fee structure, would be of a great help. Please let me know how the school is.

If you have enrolled your son in any other school, do let me know about that school too as we are open to any good school with CBSE syllabus.


can any parent give a latest feedback on brigade gateway school at malleswaram,all the blogs are very old

My son attended LKG interview at this place. They are very professional and systematic in their approach. The interview/observation lasted for 15 mins. They said they just wanted to check if the child is interacting well with them and check some basic motor skills(like coloring activity, puzzles, blocks etc).

The only concern with this place is the completion of school building. They say phase 1 will be ready (nursery to 5th std). The construction work will still be going on after June, after the school is operational. This could be a major problem for kids especially the safety concern. Otherwise, the management is good and school in JP nagar and Whitefield is doing very well.

I'm very impressed with the brigade school @ gateway management. Today's interview at their foundation office (in cunningham road) went very well. My son was so happy that he did not want to leave from there. It was very well planned and organized. No chaos as noticed in some other schools.

What impressed me most was, staffs (including their front office lady) were very friendly, enthusiastic, and very patient to answer every single question that I had. They had even said, I can send email/call and ask more queries/clarifications (if a need be).

I hope they continue with the same enthusiasm when the school actually starts functioning from June 10. I'm sure they will.

Hi KR,

We have an interview scheduled with brigade school for LKG. Can you share your interview experience, questions asked to child, questions you asked etc.


Hi Subhash,

interview process...they will take your kid inside for about 10 - 20mins for observation...if the kid cries then they allow mother to accompany the kid...since we did not accompany my son, we do not know what exactly they asked...but when we went in he was playing with some puzzles...he was also doing some coloring...there were all kind of objects lying around the table...when i asked the admin coordinator she said, he is very good...he is non-stop while singing son liked it so much that he was very reluctant to come out of their observation observation is that they are very well trained to work with young you do not have to worry about your kid's performance, they will find a way to work with your kid...all the parents who attended the interview along with us had the same experience...being a new school, i'm sure your kid will 100% get the admission...just do not put any pressure on the kid.

questions i asked...were more about the building completion, safety measures (being under construction), will it start by june 10, will you show the school to us before the school starts, timings etc...they answer all your questions that you may feel free to ask any questions that you may have...overall i was very happy...i'm sure, you guys will also appreciate their professional share your experience after your interview is over...all the best!

We have been called for interview along with our child for nursery admission on 20th nov 09.

Everyone seems to have good feedback regarding brigade school management.

If any of you have first hand experience regarding their international school @ whitefield or cbse school @ jp nagar, please feedback.


If any of you attended interview for nursery along with your kid, please share your experience. I'm expecting a interview call for my son's admission in another couple of days from brigade school @ gateway.

We got a call from brigade school @ gateway for my daughter;s admission in to UKG


Saw your post about you getting a call for UKG at Brigade. Is your daughter a student there?

My son will be eligible for UKG in 2013 and we are applying to that school in a few days. Would like to know about the interview procedure.

Also, any infromation and review you can give about your experience and school would be extremely helpful.

Thanks in advance,

if u got call..congrats!!!! pls join ur kid immediatly as comming years it wil be ver tough to get seat and as Brigade people are particular about quality and as they are busy with the construction activities in premises...once its finished they will bring quality.. Madam goahead and join ur kid..all the best.

hi sushma,
reading your comment I would like to know if your child studying in brigade school and if yes can you share your overall experience ?
thank you

Yes my daughter goes there, until I find admission in adithi or vidhya ship, brigade admin is rude and hate parents feedback. I heard from lkg parent that they don't let kids use bathroom when needed, and any suggestions given they think they get back at parents when time comes.

Overall I hate sending my kids just looking for other optionsthy


Can any parents who are sending their child/children give some feedback on this school (brigade school @ malleswaram ) ? Also please share your averall experience about teachers, teaching methodology and any important information about this school to all who are thinking to get admissions for their child.

Thanks in Advance,

I have my kids studying there and they like it very much, but I dont like the way they are administer the school, the school fees is way too much and they have the swimming pool which is not usable and they are totally against any feed back from parents. If you give them any suggestions they are defensive and "THEY DONT WANT PARENTS FEEDBACK"