The Deens Academy

Opp E.C.C., Whitefield, Bangalore
+91-80-28454691/4693/7764 |

Board: CBSE

Situated close to ITPL, Deens academy was founded in 2006. It was concieved and set up by the Deens educational trust.

Deen’s Academy is the first school in Bangalore to invest in the effective teaching of its children by installing ‘smart boards’ in every classroom. Classrooms are equipped with multimedia intranet computers and interactive educational software. All classrooms boast interactive ‘smart boards’ making learning exciting!

The academic buildings are aesthetically built (brick-finished) and is situated on 3 acres of land. The campus also houses a dance room with ergonostic flooring, a state-of-art junior laboratory and art and craft rooms

Fee Structure
  • Pre-school: Rs. 88K (annual) and Rs. 99K for others
  • A separate one time registration fee (12K)



Hi ,

Is Kid Deens a good school to admit my son who is 2.5 yrs ? Please provide candid and transparent answers, since there are many pre schools in whitefield area and is very confusing.!!

If not Kid Deens then which school do you recommend?


My application number is below 50 and i had gone for interaction session.They had asked few questions to my son who is 4 yr old and he answered few and he has done properly.
I got a mail from Deens saying that
Do not train children to learning by force and harshness, but direct
them to it by what amuses their minds, so that you may be better able
to discover with accuracy the peculiar bent of the genius of each"
so we are not processing him for admission.Don't know what is the criteria for selecting student in to LKG , No idea what they expect from kids.They are just money minded.
I strongly don't like the admission process.

They dont allow parents inside to talk to principal.From receptionist to guard all will behave very bad.
In website i fill the application form.After going there they are telling they closed admission process.
Everything is happening under the table.

I've been a parent at deens for the last 4 years. Both my kids study at kideens. My younger one is also completing 2 yrs. This is the only school i know of ( amongst all schools in whitefield) as well any school i have known of personally across cities, that pays attention to concerns of a child as well as his/her parents. Every concern/issue i have had over the last 4 years has always ,not only been paid attention to, but also addressed and resolved. This, to me, speaks volumes about the culture of the school. The primary interest of the school is the well-being, growth and development of the child. The school takes all measures to ensure that.I have closely interacted with many teachers as well as the kideens headmistress. I admire how approachable the authorities are. Also, the openness and transparency of the system makes me very comfortable as a parent.
Please do not think someone from school management has urged me to write this. In fact i am only writing half my name for the sake of anonymity. But i sincerely want to share with everyone that its a fantastic school. Everyone i ve seen complaining are actually the ones who somehow didnt get in or havent developed an understanding of the school.

This is the worst school i have seen so far. The admission department(Mrs Hansini Murthy) is very unprofessional. We had a very bad experience with this school. Even after multiple calls to the school, they never respond back with your queries. Even after being within the first 50's in the application list. Our son's application was rejected. No explanation was given ever. I had to personally visit the school to get an answer from them, that was, "Its principals decision". When we had met the principal she said" We have no criteria for such small kids". Then what was the decision based on? Mrs Sheila just didn't like the face of our kid :)

Beware anyone who is planning to put their kids in this school.

Deens is starting admissions for 2 branches of Kindergarten both in Whitefield.
They are coming up with new facility at Borewell road.
Their forms are available online from 5th October..
Their school branch at Gunjur will begin only next year.

Leena looks like an ambasdor. Please ignore all the comments from Leena and that will give you the real picture.

I am looking for admission for my 2 yr old kid.. things looks confusing. I'm not able to decide about deans based on this conversation.

The admission co-ordinator was very imprudent,not professional at all.Had very less or almost no knowledge about the curriculum and the facilities.they were being very insistent on payment of the entire fees (more of like begging funds for their institution)
ITS A SHAME!!!!!!!

Whats is the age limit for LKG in Deens ?

Hello Parents,

Any idea if Deens has started giving application forms for the Year 2013-14. Its for Pre-kg.


I want to put my son in preschool.Which type of school is best mainstream schools who have preschool to 10th or 12th std or small schools who have up to ukg.We are not sure how long will stay in b'lore.
your's views will helpful to me.


You should first put the child in apreschool and then put them in amain stream.I am in the field of education for 27 years so I am saying this
Usha Mohan

Hello Usha Moha,
Thanks for you suggestion.It will sure help us to take any decision.
Can you give me your email that I can touch with you,because we are still out of email id is


Hello Usha,
Considering that you are in education field for the past 27 yrs, I assume that you'll be aware of Gopalan international school too.

I need your valuable opinion before I enroll my son in this school. My mail ID is Do mail me your contact number so that I can take decision before this weekend (Dec 14 2012). Thank you.


My Son is currently studying in pre school at Viha and he is 3 years 4 months. I am looking at moving him to Deans as I have heard a lot og good and exciting things about the school. I do understand that the admissions are over and that seats will be free by April due to transfers. Request your guidance in going about this. Thanks,
Manohar Krishnan.


I think you should continue with viha and then look for abig school.Deans is good and so is Viha

Hi, I am looking for admission for teh academic year 2012-13, for my daughter, who will be 2.7 in June 2012.
I am very keen on Deens. I do know that the admission process/forms distribution ended on 17th Oct, 2011.
What I want to know, is that is there a way,I can still get admission for 2012-2013 academic year?
Or maybe secure a seat for 2013-14?
Any helpful suggestions are welcome.
Thank you!


Please check out the procedures from the school.Meet the principal,She is very nice.Her name Is shanti menon.

How is DPS Whitefield compared to Deens?
Any information? Thanks

Mailed the school asking about admission process and got the following reply from them:

Dear Sir/Maam,

We appreciate your interest in our school.

Application forms are available online and can be downloaded and submitted on the following link:

After filling in the application form kindly revert with the application number.

We will process the forms and conduct the assessments necessary but admissions will be confirmed when we have a personal interaction with you.
We do not have any vacancies at this point in time, vacancies will arise in April due to transfers, we will be able to process your application at that time. We could however complete the assessments and interaction before that.

I hope this is the information you were looking for.

warm regards,

Hamsini M Murthy,
Administrative Officer,
The Deens Academy,

Hope this helps.

Shaila Did you go for interaction what did they say

After filling the form I did call them and they said that they will get back to me.


Shaila did you get any call for interaction

No ... I am still waiting for their call. Meanwhile applied in Vibgyor high and Vagdevi Vilas. Can you suggest any other nice school around? As I am in town (I am originally from Nashik, MH) and Will be returning back to Nashik on Tuesday, planning to shift to b'lore in April , I want to admit my daughter to a nice school around marathalli as we are going to stay around this place...
Any suggestion would be very helpful. Thanks in advance.

Shaila did you get any interaction call from Deens..there are lot of good schools in whitefield coming up... the latest being dps..greenwood high... and many more as you can see hoardings these days

do not go to little paradise in kormangla for admissions for your kids. its is one of the worst schools and the management is hopeless, they do not know how to talk to parents.

I have been a satisfied parent of The Deens Academy for the last 5 years and I have 2 happy kids studying there. I completely agree with Leena for the nice things she has said about the school.
I would like to mention this years admission experience for my friends was a smooth easy experience. No long lines and waiting periods to procure the form as it was online. The admission too was confirmed based on the child's performance in the test.
It seemed fair and simple.
Most comments posted here sound like sour grapes, I am sure the school reserves the right to choose who they want to take and offer no explanations as they will be debated anyway.

7th JANUARY, 2012

CONDUCTED BY an IITian with 8 years of Coaching Experience and a highly qualified teacher with 20 years of experience
For details please contact 9036978210 or 9886497207 or

FREE Demo class on 5th January at 5 pm
Please call any of the above numbers for venue and other details.

hi all,
thanks manas for ur comment..i completely agree with u..sports day was awesome at deens..really enjoyed though it was raining..some of the things i liked the most
1. the attitude of everyone..the way they teach small small things of real world to kids..finish the race if far behind also..
2. games and race for driver uncle and matron aunty too..
3. the sporting upper middle class parents, who stayed there holding their umbrella seeing their kids safe in their respective tents..

awesome ..keep it up..


It kid goes to deens..they have ONLINE MATHS everyday for 1 hour for higher grades and once in a week for lower grades..neatly maintained school will well etiquette based staff and trained teachers.they don’ t follow only school books but 4-5 books at the same time for single subject..each classroom is equipped with net connection so they study a lot extra also for biology and all from net loaded homework as they finish all writing and reading work in school..some worksheets they get as home work..

They have a nice lunch bay which cater menu like in ITPL..

They play a lot in school..all the games..well disciplined and well cultured staff..

Hope this feedback ll help u to take right decision as ur kid is a blessing to u

dont just say this school is good and that school is bad... blah blah blah
every school must have good parents - school management interaction. the schools in india must make it a practice to involve parents actively in school development. ask and ask and ask for suggestions...pick good suggestions and implement them...any school will be good. any average B.Sc with some direction can make a primary / secondary class proud with his/her teaching skills.
In short, you need an active parents association everywhere that continuously evaluates and demands from the school management.
If the parents do not want to involve directly, they can contribute anonymously. No issues so long as the parent is a party to the development process.

My kids are in deens. It is a bad school. The above comment by so called "Leena" seems to be fake ... most likely school management published it during the time of admission. I am going to pull my kids out the school, and then I will write full disclosure about the school.

i guess your are one of those disgruntled parents who has had a bad exp in Deens ... Be thankful for all the blessings you have ... and teach your kids the same too ...

Hi ,
I am a proud parent at deens not any teacher or student or management guy? I am here to just write some true things what I see or feel as others..I have all the rights to write if I am n't hurting anyone..
These r strictly my views..yes it s the best for me..


Hi all,

Beware of all negative to ur closed ones before selecting any school as ur kid is a blessing to u..

My kid was in Ryan..TERRIBLE experience I had in the school then planned to shift my kid from there..after doing lots of research I could able to find three schools ..1. NPS INDIRANAGAR 2. VIBGYOR 3.DEENS
IT'S very difficult to get a form at NPS INDIRANAGAR for higher grades then if u get also then getting into is difficult..then choice was between deens and vibgyor..I PREFERRED. A CBSE BOARD AS IIT,AIIMS, ALL INDIA MEDICAL AND ENGINEERING TESTS ALL R BASED ON STRICTLY CBSE 11th and12th SYLLABUS. till 10 th study workload is less so KIDS CAN PLAY AND STUDY..THEY CAN START ENTRANCE EXAMINATIONpreparation side by side with 9th and 10 th syllabus..they can enroll for some coaching classes if nearby or can go for some correspondence for entrance test preparation needs to be's better to start well ahead so that there ll be less stress in 11th and 12 th..I WANT MY KID TO ENJOY THE PLAYTIME AT 11th and 12th too..1 hour everyday playtime and 1 hour class book studies and 1 hour entrance test preparation..

So the choice is deens..
Please go through the mail hope it'll help u all..


Coaching is better choice according to ur career goal along with school it prepares the kid well ahead before 12..kid can play and study..

Another part about deans..They play a lot which is rare these days among kids..shanti mam is a refined personality and good's easy to blame for money on one 's shoulder..

I recommend wholeheartedly...

Has anyone received the call fromdeens for 2012-13 admission forLKG?

Forms are opened on 17th Oct 2011, you can get it from school. However, will suggest you not to put your child in Deens as I had very experience with them. They don't take responsibility of anything and the principal is very diplomatic. there is no discipline in the school.

My kid goes to deens..according to me, NPS indiranagar is the best but truth is it's so difficult to get admission there..less number of kids and more focus..cbse board..

Due to the same reason I've selected kid was in Ryan..Terrible experience for me.. 20 around sections in 1 kids pronunciation, vocabulary, playing time all gone..

I' m so happy with kid plays a lot in the school..very neatly maintained school..
I also got some feedback from people before putting in..later I came to know that neither they have seen the school nor any idea they friend had a friend who was going to deens so she was so jealous that she made those negative comments..can u believe beware of those negative comments/ negative people..u go and see and decide

It is shocking to learn correctly that Deen's has only 3 students appearing in grade 10 exam!!! wake up parents...and get your kids out of here...I also hear of so many drop outs. One of my neighbors who is a parent at Deen's is stuck cause she has to pay for the entire year, whooping fee of Rs. ONE LAC else they refused to give her a TC and she is left with no choice but maintain a straight face and let the child continue in this place which is hardly a school!!! Does a school need to get to this level to get their seats filled.....

My kid goes to deens..this the first batch of 9th and less kids..sorry from NPS r also here in higher grade..

Beware of negative comments as they speak of their negative mind

I am looking for admission for my daughter in deens academy for
for 2012-2013.My daughter is going to be 3.8 yrs by next june.
Please share if you have any info reg the admissions

Online forms can be available from schools website

The school is much hyped cleverly by only their own teachers and a principal who does not know how to run a school. This is a set up yet again by some trust who never knew the meaning and ethics of education. suggest all parents to keep away if you dont want your childs mental state to be disturbed at a tender age. I seriouly hpoe such schools come unde the banner and a check is done on their affiliations and credibility so no parents are cheated.

hi sudha, why a sour grape?? we can be sweet too..

Leena, you sound more like a bully than a parent. How about just focusing on the topic?
And everybody is entitled to their opinion, learn to respect it!

They care and take care of every single thing...thanxs

The porblem with Deens seems to start and end with it's Principal Shanti. Her behavior and arrogance is what is undermining the school. The school has lost 2 of the faculty that started the school. The Principal seems to be rude and high-handed in dealing with many parents.

The ever increasing number of parents turned teachers is shocking to say the least. Are these so called teachers qualified to influence the minds of young and impressionable children. I am worried and will want the principal changed or will change my childrens school.

Dear Chetan

It is surprising how people can give comments on issues they know nothing about! Please don't judge a book by its cover! Ms. Shanthi Menon is perhaps the best thing that happened to Deens. She is the force behind the rapid growth of the school and trust me when i say this because i have seen her working at Deens from scratch. as for the two faculty members leaving the school...comeon...everybody has their own plans in life. If people want to move on and do their own thing, you cannot blame Shanthi Menon for that. Infact, she deserves all the more respect for the fact that she has stayed with Deens even through the teething problems and like a true captain led her ship to shore.

If you want to find out more about Ms. Menon ask the students...the deenites....anyone from any grade....and they shall vouch for her...the love, affection, compassion with which she handles every child is a rare quality in a Principal. The door of her office is always open for a child who wants to voice a grievance and she gives prompt solution to their issues. Any step that she takes is always for the benefit of the children.

Yes , the school has just 3 kids for their first batch of tenth but let me inform you that these 3 kids had been selected carefully, based on their merit, because it is a new school . At least the school is honest with its ideology of giving the best to its students and has set realistic goals. Don't worry the next batch has 20 plus students!

I would like to put in a word about the teachers.... in my 17 years of experience i have never come across a more dedicated group of teachers anywhere. The teachers at Deens are very well qualified to impart quality education. I don't think, in today's competetive scenario, and keeping in mind the alert community of parents, any school can afford to hire nincompoops. As such Deens also has a brigade of superb teachers.

I rest my case with the assurance to all parents that Deens is a blessing to kids and The principal is one of its strongest pillars.


I 100% agree with you.
I also had very bad experience with them. They don't take responsibility of anything and the principal is very diplomatic and arrogant. there is no discipline in the school.
I have pulled my daughter out of the school.

I agree with the comment above. The fee hikes, horrible unqualified teachers, arogant attitude is only a characteristic of Deens and the principal. She is cluless of what she has to do. The higher classes have lots more happening thatn meets the eye. I have also leantr that they have some issues with the CBSE borad in particular. Best get your kids out of such an unhealthy atmosphere.
BTW Deens is the only school where I heard of some thing called food n mouth disease i dont think any other school has such unhygenic conditions. Safegaurd your kids...

Now a days deens recruting freshers and nonexperianced teachers. They are charging too much to the parents. Deens having 47% fake trained teachers. i believe now a days it lost its aroma. Quality of education is too low gear. Changing and Charging every year for new items like shoes,PT dresses ,etc.
Please check for other schools for better education.

i totally agree o the arrogance of the principal shanti and the fake teachers who change pracatically every week. They seem to be either young girls or then married women with no alternate carrer choices left. Their math teacher Manisha is perpetually sick with asthama and yet is pulled in for teaching. Best to move your kids asap to better schools rather then torturing them in a schools like Deens. This is also the only school where in i have heard of the highly contagious foot and mouth disease appearing every year...why only here is this their level of hygience...Never heard it elsewhere except Deens.. . This is not even a possibility in a mediocre govt school. Save your precious children...

How dare u right about manisha mam like this? She is the best teacher I've ever seen...she's a well qualified teacher..I request the publisher of this website to refrain from publishing such remarks which goes against some person on webpages..manisha mam is a well qualified teacher with 2 kids..


Its wonderful Leena you have asked me this qt of how dare you speak about Manisha for some quantifyable facts which obviously can be checked by all parents reading this trail mail. Please remember iam a parent who has also pulled my child out and i do have all relevant info on this school which you may be trying to cover for some reason. Manisha mam is unwell and is unfortunately down with bouts of Asthama. In this scenerio she should refrain from teaching. FACT- she slapped a 8 th grade child in front of the whole class and pretty much fell in trouble with that parent too....maybe you still think she is the best so be it....
FACT- currently there are only 3 studentss in grade 10th and no more takers and this is the fact which the principal is hiding from all parents i dont know why? Request you to not mislead parents who innocently think good of a school which is not to be. its not about affordability its about the worth i get and how safe is my child. Nobody dare slap my child and get away with it....all the best to you

Hi sudha,
I write the true things as I see , manisha Ma'm is my kids fav teacher, so I know her..She never slapped is a MBA graduate with good health..excellent teacher..I can just ask u a simple being a lady why r u writting on a social networking site against another lady?

For 10 th..why somebody ll change school?I don't know.

Affordability..all good schools r charging average 1 lakh..where from the question comes of affordability? I come to know about these sites ZEEKHSHA,PARENTREE,BANGLORESCHOOLS.NET when I gave my friend to check the review about deens on net as she was also interested to put her kid in a good nearby CBSE school..

Then I saw lots of negative remarks so decided to write on these blogs..I cannt write
frequently as I work. I don't run deens ..I am a happy parent at deens so these fake reviews bother me.that s all...

Thanxs suds.hope it ll help u..

Leena, you seem to be the only one probably who is in favour of the school which is fare enough, thats your strange choice. However please not that many others on the same page have some negative feedback which is basdis some data which can be checked lke the fee, quality of teachers etc.... Iam sure neither all of them nor myself has a school of our own that we are leting down this one due to any competition....Deens has let itsl own self down . You cannot even remotely compare this one with NPS who se level is way beyond. All the best to your kids if they study here an all the best to you if you are a staff memeber who is posting as a parent...

Hi Prerna,
I really don't the reason behind ur pulling of kids out but I am sincerely happy here..Which NPS u r talking about? I only consider INDIRANAGAR and rajajinagar branch as good ones..koramangala and HSR layout r also hyped ones who charge 80 plus k ..newly opened..

These days in Bangalore , I doubt the word good teacher in any school as all good people r in IT And marketing and so many good sectors..

So teachers leaving and new joining candidates r the story of all schools..

If u want to talk to me ,give me ur number or mailid ..I ll happy to contact u and give u all good things about the school..sorry dear, I am n't a staff memeber..I work at a MNC in ITPL..

I am sorry to oppose. I am a deenite. I go to coaching classes along with my classmates.I find our level of knowledge way above students from many good schools like NPS and Greenwood high.I find the faculty in our school quite well educated.the fees might be a little high. But the teachers and the faculty are qualified

Deens is planning to move to a new campus after varthur village and hence they need money which they are doing by increasing fee every year at alarming rate.


May be a separate u run the school?

Dean is a good school with nice is more...I ve given my kid knowing that I can afford...there is no point in drubbing for money...those who cannot afford can go to other schools where can they afford...

I was quite impressed with the principal n the staff and their etiquette too.. Hope they maintain it board teaching is a good concept...


Leena i fully agree with you. Dean's school is the first to initiate the SMART BOARD in class rooms. An innovative break from the traditional schools. I know the fees is high but we can seek good quality education at a price. I am surprised to read some illogical negative comments from some people who i think are not even parents. Lets be truthful & speak facts instead of wrongly blaming the highly knowledgeable principal Shanti, Manisha etc.
The negative comments stink with the rivalry from other schools affected by Deen's Success & innovations.. Good Luck Deen's !!!


Leena, the way you have mentioned above is quite possible that you are close to the principal. The question is not only 'afford'. I can afford to pay the entire money I am earning for my kid but it does not mean, I will throw my kid to an unhygienic and arrogant environment.

All the best to you and your kid's career and ofcourse your 'affordness'.

I am thinking of admitting my son in Grade 6 at Deans Academy starting this year. He will be moving from a bangalore based international school.

Is there teacher stability at Deans? Is there french language option instead of indian languages? Is the school/teachers responsive to parent feedback?

Appreciate if some parents with kids in 5th, 6th or 7th can give me feedback.

You might be impressed with some amenities and atmosphere. Here Money is not the matter. we shoud think wether the school is really worth of paying. I believe Deens does not worth,coz of its poor quality of education.

I oppose to ur writing as it's neatly maintained and with nice has well qualified staff and well cultured staff..They have ONLINE MATH and they teach from 4-5 books for single play a lot..they finish all writing and reading work in school.
Lots of scope for personality improvement..they emphasize on vocabulary, reading and writting skills, pronunciation ..

I am a proud parent at deens..


I will be shifting to bangalore whitefeild in May first week and want to enquire about addmission of my daughter in 1st standard. I request to suggest me the cbse school near whitefeild area ....

hi. to-whom soever it son's age is 2 years 2 months.i have recently moved to Bangalore and staying in Whitefield....i am confused about the schools....i have got the appln form for gopalan international school..please tell me about the education of this school.....and also about deeens and vibgyor ...which is the best of the three by education....


Deens is the best among 3..

"Hyped" is the right word for the scene in Schooling for toddlers and small children.

Its amazingly sad to note that to proportionate every child that pays approx 1 lc Rs to start a preschool, there are min 8-10 children in surrounding among the BPL, maids , servants, other lower categories who will not even see the school for many more years to come.

Also, the schools which are hyped so much, will probably provide a cleaner environment compared to other real meaning schools, which in long run will not increase the knowledge or values in the kids by any degree compared to other schools, but definitely will reduce immunity in children since they will never be exposed to any so called LESS Secure environment in the premium schools.

( During a recent visit to a school in Gadag, situated in tiny premises and having shortage of basic facilities like clean water and a big classrooms, I was amazed to see a IV children calculating difficult percentage sums mentally, relating it to the real life examples) I AM REFERRING TO GENERAL STUDENTS, NOT RECOGNIZED AS BRIGHT IN THEIR CLASS.I bet no average or even above average students in premium schools in Bangalore can compete with that.

The fees charged for above school is Rs 650/- per anum and half the parents dont pay them. A classroom has 20 benches and 70+ students adjusting on them, some sitting down on floor in front of teacher.Children wear the same uniform until their body tightly fits in it and torns it out. So is the case with sleepers and shoes.Drinking water is filled once in a week in a black plastic tub, which a school pune gives to children by a mug we use in Toilets.

THIS IS REALITY SCHOOLING FOR A VAST VAST NUMBER of children in our own country. And in the same state somewhere kilometers away, we are here crossing our fingers and praying gods and congratulating each other who got an opportunity to cough lacs and feel great to give a start to our preschooler,who will be bound by the schedules, observation meetings and to and fro travel here onward.

Guys, this SUCKS. I as a parent have decided that if I put my baby in a school, and can afford it, I can as well afford to educate two more chidren in my vicinity- The minimum I can do to get the frustration away. I urge parents who are under influence of Hype of premium schools to look at the options like Vagdevi, HAL public school, KVs and many more options available in surroundings which will undoubtedly give your children equal or better education than so called premium schools. We know how our government sucks, but that is no reason the other small innocent children should suffer due to the diversity. If you are ready to pay thousands and lacs as donation, please consider one child in your surrounding, whose education in a lower rated school by you can be sponsored in 10-20 thousands.

Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan is on and still need to reach far. People like us who have achieved a bit better status in this country, can help the other generation coming up to shape well.

Respond. And Be responsible! Not a lecture, but a sincere Cry to those who can empathize. Others can continue shopping for their toddlers and ignore this message.

It's nice to hear that, in these days people r there who,ll put their kid in a mediocre school ( though they can afford money at big schools) for sake of teaching other 2 kids.....

But really those people who do or work really talk less and their work shows...

Deans is best with environment and staff ettiquetes.... All these matters in these days competitive world as everyone one lots of money may be due to IT field ....


During 2010 admissions Deens said the fee has two components - annual fee plus one time fee of 25 K. In the current year , 2011-12 they added the one time fee to annual fee and added 10% on the total. They explain that the one time fee is one time fee every year. To proove this, they have showed a flyer which was never shared with parents during last year admissions. To back this they have a recently joined accountant who says he has explained it last year while the fact is he was not an employee of Deens last year. The school is ok but not worth at its current level of fee. The staff or infra is not worth the fee. Many of the staff are not qualified

Guys, to add to this....

The school does not care about employees as well. The teachers for pre-primary classes have been changed 3 times a year. Think about small kids: By the time they get comfortable with a teacher there is a change.

So kids end up spending time in tuning to teacher and same on the other side as well.

PLS TAKE CARE, DON''T BE VICTIM OF THIS SCHOOL as management is entirely money minded and careless about all other things

Just to tell you that the Deens teachers DO NOT CHANGE !!!!! thrice a year . The children are well looked after . Btw there are not many dropouts or tc's given this year . So may be you need to change your idea !!!!

Yes, Deens has cheated us. That there was no one time admission fee of 25k was never explained to the parents of 2010-11 batch( kideens). In fact , its not the accountants responsibility but the managements responsibility to explain to the parents that there was no one time fee at the time of admission.
In fact with my recent interaction with the management, i was informed that the then principal of kideens, Ms.Sen had shared with the parents about the annual fee structure of 75k with no one time admission fee. But this was not done at all. Now for this year they have added 10% on the total.
Its not worth spending this huge amount of fee for kindergarten. Affected parents can comment.

Stay away from Deens if you have not taken admission , in case you are an unfortunate one like me whose kid is small and changing school at this small age wouldnt be good for the child ,Welcome to the club . Sorry for you as well We are trapped.

Deens is going to rob you and the principal is going to give you justification that she is making building and since you joined after 2010 you need to pay royalty to her and others before us will enjoy some relief for some more time, god knows till when. Start looking for a different school around in vicinity is my advice .

This is not exceptional school but an average one , but you end up paying too much for what you get there. they are going to increase another 22% next year as my kid goes to 1st so i am starting for a search of school now. They informed us about the fee hike in the December month when all the other schools have closed admission, quite mischievous management. I am sure they will one day pay for it but till then whoever is suffering at these greedy management are helpless

Yes. I do agree that the fees and donations are nothing but turning education to an high end business model. What is the need for smart boards and internet for each class and a dance floor.What difference its going to make to the student's IQ. Its just HYPE.

Our kid is in playgroup at deens. We took admission in the academic year 2010-11. Since there was much hype created for this school that seeing other parents we too decided to go forward for deens for our kid. Our kid name was at the waiting list and we had to do follow-ups to finally get a seat for him. But i fail to understand what different teaching methodology they are imparting to the children of the school. How will they differenciate themselves with other schools?? What is their USP?

For the same class, the fee structure for the kids is not the same. You will find one kid studying at 50k, another one at 55k and the next one would be at 75k and so on. When asked by the Principal, she has a very ridiculous answer. The fee structure depends on the kids' year of joining. But why there is a fee differenciation, when they are imparting same education to every kid. They are simply building money. What's the use of projector with a smart board and broadband facility at pre primary level??? Well, that's just marketing tactics. Except for running rhymes on youtube, this smart board with a projector has no other work at the pre primary level. Infact, few pre- primary teachers are montessori untrained/ inexperienced and they charge fees at par with NPS.

For the academic year 2010-11, the fee structure for our kid was 50k anually and 25k was the admission fee( one time). For 2011-12, they have exorbitantly increased the fees to 82k anually. This high amount is not worth enough for this school. I dont find anything great about this school that i pay 82k. Believe me, there is nothing special that we parents are running for this school. Its HYPE created with exhorbitant fees. Yes, we parents are responsible for this. We have created this hype. We can look forward to other schools at whitefield like DPS who are charging half the fees and are maintaining their standards.

Hi all,
wanted to know if call for toddler admissions have started for next year?
We were informed that it will be completed before this weekend.
and how do the interaction sessions go?


Admission for toddler's group are going on, interaction sessions are quite straighforward, simple questions like "why did u choose Deens" etc. The purpose is to meet the parents and the child.

How did they call you for admission interactions? As we ahve still not got a call.. When we calle them they were claiming they would send us an email for the same. We got a call to check where exactly we stay. I think they are restricting the admission criteria to the Place the child stays.

Every thing is a business at Deens.They will charge you for attending the annual day event also without even making the minimum arrangements. They have their own transportation department from which they make lot of money. Probably Deens is charging highest for transportation amongst the schools around whitefield. So if you are living close-by to Deens they may not prefer to give admission to you as they think that you will not be opting for school transport which is not profitable to them. So preference will be given to kids who stay far away from school.

Regarding the principal, more than 80% of the parents feel that she is rude and very arrogant.

This year (2011-12) they have recruited some teachers. Some of these new recruits are not even eligible to teach in government elementary schools. God knows how they got recruited and who recruited them.

Over all it is very hyped and not worth paying so much money to this school.

We got the call last week..,also got an email as well. Not sure what was the criteria for shortlisting although they insisted that it is purely first come first serve basis. So we just made sure that we submitted the filled application form as soon as possible

my friend received a call and his child got selected also , but i got a regret letter, I am sure that they have certain parameters and protocols to select a few lucky kids for their esteemed school.

It's really unfortunate for our son not to find any place there. We were so keen to put him in. They regret letter make us more keen to put in Deens.

The way of treating to the parents & students from Principal & Staff is mind blowing.

After the interview did you get a call or just an email ?
Did you get a call / email on the same day of the interview ?

heard after the interaction, they E Mail for the 'results' - is this true? so, the e mail is for all those who got selected and not selected? do they reject anybody after the interaction?
any parent who got admission please reply

Did anyone get a call from Deens for LKG, after interaction with Principal.
My Child was called up for personal interaction on Monday 25th. after which they communicated they they would be sending a mail/calling by Wednesday. and when we called on Wed, they said, by Friday they will let all know about the selection and thereafter the fee submission process will start.

Is anyone sailing on the same boat as mine. Did anyone get call for fee submission ?


Hi Sijin, We were in the same boat until this morning when we finally got a response!!
Hope you have received it already!

Congrats to everyone who got admission confirmation. I heard that "regret" mail went out to parents who were not called for an interaction. We were called for interaction but haven't heard anything after that. No mails whatsoever- confirmation or regret mail.... :-( in total dilemma...........
ny idea if they are going to put up the admission list in the school?

Not sure about LKG. but for a higher grade after the written test was called for a brief interaction and was told of the confirmation of adm. by the prinical

Does any one knows abt the admisiion process into paly group .Have they asked any of the parents to pay the admision fees after the interaction ? Is interaction with parents over for play group ?
I was wondering if they ask immediately after the interaction to pay the admission fees or later on .

Does any one got a call from Deen's for admission into playgroup. Any idea about the selection and call process for meeting the principal?

Does anyone know if Deans is going to call all 350 parenets who got the forms OR will there be a shorlisting for this... and there is such does anyone
know what is the criterion for it.


Does any one knows abt the admisiion process into paly group .Have they asked any of the parents to pay the admision fees after the interaction ? Is interaction with parents over for play group ?
I was wondering if they ask immediately after the interaction to pay the admission fees or later on .

Hi skt,
don't know criteria and if everyone will be called.. but looks like people are still receiving calls for LKG etc. so guess the process is still on.

Any info on the fee structure for Deens PlayGroup admission? The brochure they gave has info from 1st grade.. parents whose kids go to Deens, could you please provide info on increase in fee every year? any info on the interview process or other info on this school is welcome.
Got to know that on Saturday, Deens had planned for approx. 100 app forms (being the first day of application issue), but some 200 or more parents turned up, so they decided to postpone giving the app forms.. gave out some 350 forms finally. This is not official news, so I cant vouch for its correctness.

Hi Sunita,

For Academic year 2011-12 ,it is around 85K.The increase will be around 10-12%

85k is annual tution fees, i guess.
that means no donation as such, is that right?

Thanks for the info, Tejas.
Is the 85k inclusive of admission fee and transport? Or is it only the t ution fee?
Any info on the interview process would be very helpful too.

Hi Sunita,
It does not incl transport.It incls tution fees,2 set uniform(accessories seaprate) ans some stationery.
Even i dont know abt the interview process....Just waiting for the call from deens.

Hi Tejas, Sunita
Do you live in Whitefield, and if you have gone through the admission process, I'd like to talk to you in detail if you dont mind sharing your phone # with me. Pl email me at i'm looking to move to Blore and get admissions for my son for grade 3 during school year 20013-14. Thank you

hi all
i am shifting to Bangalore and plan to admit my 2yr 3months old daughter to deen academy, can anyone plz tell me the age critera for admission as i hav heard that school is very strict regarding this.

The age criteria mentioned to general public is strict as you mentioned. Well if you meet the principal in private and willing to pay some additional money you could get a site, this is school which is interested in building money than anything else ..

For 2 yr 3 Months - your child would be in Toddlers Grade. After this would be PG,LKG and UKG.
2 yrs 10 months plus is for PlayGroup. Hope this helps!

Most disappointed with the school management. I think they didnt even know how to manage the whole process. A very typical indian approach of Do, mistake and replan.. it should have been other way around. Today, the forms got over in less than 1 hr from the time it was supposed to be issue. The process was going to start from 9:00am and go on till 12:00noon. The forms got over @10:00am... And the school was continuing to tell parents on phone that they can come to school for collection of forms untill 11:00am.. Quite ridiculous process.... Very disappointed with the behaviour of the school authorities etc.. A poor show. My comments above do show my frustration but some food for thought for the school if they are interested???

We too were present there at 11:00 am and it was not a pleasant scene. Quite a chaos. We were told that they didn't anticipated that much response and finally they close after issuing 350 (or so) forms. That's too much for human efficiency to dispense that many forms in 1.5 hrs (roughly rate of one form per 15 sec) in that chaotic situation. Not sure what was the true picture there.

Hi all,
Got a call over weekend to collect the app forms from the school; guess a lot of parents did too. School said they would complete this process by 16th or so and calls might begin by the 18th.
Parents who were present on 9th - don't you think most parents present there were unreasonably aggressive too? The first-come-first-serve approach is _only_ to get an application form in most schools - they will have some process internally of going through the apps and shortlisting. Even after the school reassured us that everybody present there would get an application form, people were behaving like two-year olds!! I think its very easy to blame the (mis)management, but the 'Indian' approach was also clear in the way the parent-community reacted. Could be a simple thing like school might not have anticipated the huge turnout.. yes, its definitely bad planning, but we're all to blame for the bad execution too! I think the tension of the admission process is getting to us :)

I could not manage to get 'hold' of a form till after 10.30am.. so the forms were not really over by 10. By afternoon (around 2 when a friend checked), they had a notice put up that forms were over.

I would not blame the school for the chaos that was created by the parents on sat, 09.Oct. If any blame then it should be that the school's teachers did not take the canes out to control the parents. It was a true exhibition of how NOT to behave in public. I hope the children who were present that day do not learn from the parents behavior.

Hi all,
Just been to Deens for the apps.. there was some confusion due to which the school could not issue application forms today. However they did provide some other form that could be filled up and submitted immediately. They provided an acknowledgement receipt for the same, they plan to post the actual form home.
I heard they might not give these forms on Monday, so will be a good idea for all parents interested in this school to pick up the forms today.
Quite a bit of commotion ensued.. not a nice sight seeing parents being so unruly and indisciplined!!


We were at the Deens too this morning and the chaos really disturbed me.
Any idea, what's the next step?
Wait for the courier? Or submit online form?? But the online form has been removed.
Does anyone know what next?
And does anyone have an update about fees for GIS and when they start giving out forms?

My Son will be 3 years & 8 months on 1st June 2011. Will he be eligible for LKG admission for next academic session (2011)

The Deens Academy will be issuing app forms on Oct 6.

Deens app forms issued from 9th Oct (incorrectly mentioned as 6th above).

We are planning to come back to Bangalore (from Netherlands) in March and admit my daughters, ages 6 & 11 in Deen's academy for grade 3 & grade 7 respectively. while I am not really worried about my younger one, can any parent whose child may be studying in middle school, give me a feedback on the quality of education for middle grades i.e. grade 6 & beyond?
Thanks & Regards

Hi Shireesha , my kids are studying at deens 1st n 2nd grade , the school is really the best in bangalore , the standard of education is excellent , there are only 24-25 kids in each class which u wont find in many schools in bangalore , the kids get personal attention from the teachers !

The princi n the vice princi and all others have great interaction wt the kids and are easily accessible ! They have extra classes for kids who need help in any subject . My son was going to another school before deens and neither he nor we were happy with that school .

Till now i havent found anything that i havent liked in the school . So go ahead u wont regret it !


My previous post requested some info about Deens Academy. Below is my email id if you would like to give me yours so we can keep in touch.

Hi, I'm looking to relocate to Blore from NJ during April 2012, enroll my son into 2nd grade for school year 2012-13. At that point my son will be 8 yrs and 2 months as of April 2012. Wondering what the cut off date is for Deens. With the school system in the US beginning in Sept, he would have gone through half year only in 2nd grade and I don't want him to pressurize him with 3rd grade. Would Deens emphasize in enrolling him into 3rd grade since he would fit the age criteria for 3rd grade and not 2nd grade ? Also, if you dont mind, please share your email id with me so we can keep in touch for more details.

Good school My son in Class 2 and he has been there from 1 yrs now . I moved him to Deens form CMR NPS . Tell you the best I have done for my son so far is Deens , Thanks Sai

Hi, I'm looking to relocate to Blore from NJ during April 2012, enroll my son into 2nd grade for school year 2012-13. At that point my son will be 8 yrs and 2 months as of April 2012. Wondering what the cut off date is for Deens. With the school system in the US beginning in Sept, he would have gone through half year only in 2nd grade and I don't want him to pressurize him with 3rd grade. Would Deens emphasize in enrolling him into 3rd grade since he would fit the age criteria for 3rd grade and not 2nd grade ? Also, if you dont mind, please share your email id with me so we can keep in touch for more details.

Cons of Deens: below is the review from a sincere parent

Lighting is low, ventillation is less, high price, not a big play ground, not a decent park to play, next to the road and cornered, so continuous horn sounds.

Mainly schools need good light, ventillation and peace - which is highly missing in this school. Don't get excited to put your kids in this school just becasue your nighbours told you.

In whitefield you have 100% cheaper and better options compared to Deens.


I would like to know opinion about whitefield global school. Kinldy help.


I also want to know about Whitefield Global School.

Hi All

Though I heared good reviews about Deens,but it left me very disappointing when they mentioned that they dont relax on age criteria.Just for a month or less,they are made to go to play group again.


I am moving to Banglore and was thinking of Deens for both my girls. The older one is 8 and the younger one will be 2 yrs 10months on June 28th 2010. Would she be qualified for playgroup? Is the cut off age as of June 1st or June 30th? could you please advise since you were denied as I would like to prepare myself mentally before I call them.

Thank you

Deens has been strict about age criteria this year While last year they have taken kids born in oct and nov resp....., my daughter will be 3.8yrs as on June 2010, they dont want to relax the 2 months gap and take her in LKG.Instead they want us to join her in nursery again.she has attended playgroup and is in nursery as of now in a preschool in this they are driving off many potential students.

We are facing the same situation at Deans. Are you aware of any school near Whitefield that does not apply this criterion so strictly? We would like to avoid losing an academic year because of 2 months difference, if possible.

Thanks a lot!


You can try whitefield Global school. they are ok with the child going to LKG in 3 yrs 8 months. In fact my friends kids were going to this school they were saying that they dont see any diffrence in kids studing in Deens and this school.

All the best

Deen's management is very rude. And they are very money minded.
For the Admission for 2010 they had only 50 seat for Nursery by they sold over 500 forms, each form cost Rs 550.
They will give admission to only those are very...very rich. They will call you for a personal interview and keep your child in waiting list and finally they will say every body before you has paid the fee's Sorry.!!!

Any affected parents can add more to this......

They may have sold 550 forms for 50 seats, but management was not at all rude. I have put my kid in playgroup for 2010 session, and there was no personal interview. I was always told clear status of whatever I asked for, and there was no donation.

Every good school sell their forms at between Rs 200 to 1000. The reason is to give forms only to people who are really interested and then the administrative costs itself are high in these schools. That also help school admin to expect the number of really interested candidates and hence to manage the personal meetings properly.
There interviews are not interviews and just meetings to judge whether the parents are educated enough and of good social background and to check the kids basic upbringing and also to give an idea about the school to the parents.
The meeting was absolutely awesome for me and the Principal and Director were very well mannered.
You just need to be quick in dropping the admission form since the process goes highly on the 1st come 1st basis and parents/kids basic etiquettes. (The seats the very limited)
My Son is joining the school this year and the periodic communication from the school is very welcoming.

I hope you are clear with the fee structure for Deen's Academy before you get a shock by the end of the year.

You can try Vagdevi Villas - they have cut off of 3.5 for KG1. I am not sure if they have Mont 0, you can try calling up. The school is in Marathalli.

You can check out Gopalans, Vibgyor and Ryan as well - as these are close to whitefield.


The school brochure says that a 2yr 10 month old can get into Playgroup & so on. If some one is 2Y 9M/8M, can he also enter into PG ? In my view 1/2 month difference in age should not make a difference. I have seen students with slightly lesser age perform better in school & professional education. Does anyone have entered his ward into Deen's academy with slightly lesser age ?

This is sreekanth. I want to join my daughter for nursery next year batch. have you started admisions or not? What is the fee details?
my contact details: 9986009645.



I am priya now in China with my husband and with my son who will turning 3 years this December 2009. As we are here, i didn't send my son to any preschool here. We are planning to return India in Nov. 2009. Will the deens academy school , Whitefield, Blr. provide admission to my son for LKG? Will they conduct any interview? Any idea about what they will be asking in the interview? Please help.

Hi, I am Ramya from Coimbatore, planning to switch to b'lore next month. I am also facing the same problem like u, my son is just 3 yrs completed, he will be 3 yrs 6 mths in June 2010. I want to put him in LKG in 2010-11. If u have any suggestion pls inform.......tx in advance :)

Its better to put him in nursery.

Hi Priya,

Not sure of the age critieria for admission into the school. You may want to check with them regarding that. Other than that, most of the schools do have an interview before admitting the kids into the school.

In some schools it is more of an interview of the parents than the child :). But, if they were to ask - it usually is simple stuff. Fairly straightforward - like color, numbers, letters etc..

If we get further details we will share it here. Good luck.

-Z Team


Any review/feedback on this school? We will be shifting to Brookfields and need information on CBSE schools in Brookfields, Whitefield, Marathalli.


We moved from US last year in August. I was looking for a CBSE school in whitefield and Deen's was the only school I found. So far I have been very happy with them. My daughter went to playgroup last year and was very happy there. She adjusted very fast to the school and loves to go. Their curriculum and methodology is also quite nice. I am not very sure about the other classes.

Hi Nirveda,

I am looking for a school for my daughter. I have heard and seen on Web only good things about the Deen's Academy. However, I would like to talk to a parent to get first hand info before coming to any conclusion. Kindly reply to my message.

My daughter will start school in 2010.

Hi Nirveda
I understand your child goes to Deens Academy. I'd like to know more about this school since I have done a lot of research on the web and everything looks good about this school....I really want to get in touch with a few parents that have their children going here....first hand info is what I'm looking for. Pl respond to my email Thanks

my son is in play group at deens, as a parent i am extremely happy with the school. the methodology is too good. i have never had anything to complain about the school. and most imp thing is if my son is happy? he is so happy there that he misses his teacher and school during his holidays. These few months he has learnt really a lot i must say. I am 100 percent satisfied with the school.

My daughter studies in UKG at Deens. I would rate it as one of the best schools in Bangalore due to the following reasons:
1. Teachers really pay personal attention and teaching methodology is quite good.
2. They do not give any homework.
3. Parents do not need to spend exorbitantly for arts/crafts and extra curricular activities. Whatever they do, it involves spending very little.

I would recommend DEENS to all the parents.

Yes, There's no doubt the school is good till primary level. It has not proven its capability in the higher level. I think you are a parent who would have admitted your kid before 2010. Incase you have joined your kid in 2010 would surely take back your comments. Infact Deen's has cheated us with the fee structure .. how could you justify a variable fee ranging from 55K to 83K for students in a same class. They have purely become money building machines ..

please can anyone let me know of the fee structure p.a. in deens and is it good for kids daughter is 3 now..looking for reviews from parents who already have their kids in deens academy