The Frank Anthony Public School (FAPS)

13, Cambridge Road, Ulsoor,, Bangalore
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Board: ICSE

Founded in 1967, Frank Anthony Public School (FAPS as it is pouplarly known) is one of well established educational institutions in Bangalore. The school follows the ICSE and ISC curriculum


The school has got a good playground that has - a basketball court, a football field, a volleyball court as well as a well maintained cricket pitch.

Other activites include Dramatics, Debating, Elocution, Declamation as well as Quizzing. There are also a variety of clubs that the students can be a part of.

The school also has a small (music) band & choir (who have won may accolades in various competition)

In addition to these activities, FAPS also provides NCC - National Cadet Corps (Army Wing) Training for seniors. Juniors can enter the Scouts & Guides, Cubs or Bulbuls.



Can someone please post
- when will be the admission form for LKG class will be distributed from the school?
- fees and donation (if any) details
- by when the school usually publishes the admission confirmation list ?
- Is there any particular hardline criteria(s) for admission ?

Children who have completed 4 years as on 1st June 2013 can avail of admission At FAPS for Nursery - LKG. Nursery/LKG is the same. After Nursery comes Preparatory and then 1st std. There is no form issued at FAPS for admission. The Format is put up on the the notice board. You need to follow the instructions and drop the valuable documents attested along with the required details latest by 1st Feb 2013...

Dear Cres,

I had applied for my daughters LKG admission at FAPS. She turns 4yrs by June 19th. I was not even called for an interview. I stay in Marathahalli. I am curious to know if age was the criteria ( many told me that FAPS admits kids with little age difference also) or the distance of the house from the school was a criteria.

I am planning to apply to FAPS again next year for LKG and if distance is a criteria could you please advice me on what is the recommended distance by FAPS from school to home so that i can shift my residence accordingly much in advance.

Eagerly looking forward to your reply.

I wish to seek admission for my kid to 1st standard at FABS Bangalore for the year 2012-2013. Can you kindly tell us what is the admission procedure and when will the school offers admission forms.

With Best regards,


I wish to seek admission to UKG at FABS Bangalore for the year 2012-2013. Can you kindly tell us what is the admission procedure and when will the school offers admission forms.

With Best regards,
Ramesh K V

Hi , Can any one provide details of admission procedure as well as application forms can be given in this school. I need my son to get admit in UKG.

when are admission forms for 11th given out??

there are no application forms given. U just have to go and submit ur marks print out at the reciption. they give u a date when the list is displayed. if your name is included in the list. then the following day u should pay 44,000rs. through DD. the very next day to conform ur seat.

{today(i.e. 24th may 2012) was the first listing}so go soon before the addmision closes.

Does this school include 11th and 12 th std as well? If yes what are the streams avaible.]

yes they do have 11th and 12th

The school has a large playground and boasts of alumni who were good athletes and brought laurels to the state and nation. However, I wonder what was the contribution of the school towards it. Apart, from that large playground every time I visited the school, I found kids running around and playing in an unorganized unstructured manner. My kid is small and have near misses with big boys whose playing time sometime conflicts with those tiny tots. What I gathered is that you can represent your school if you are a good player - but you've to learn and practice it outside. This is very different from the new age schools which offers the training ground within the school premise and the school hours. So, parents if you want a smart all round development for your kid - please put your thinking cap again.

I disagree with your statement. The support provided by the school for extra-curricular activities is immense. I come to understand that not only do the students get a chance for very good coaching in sports, literary and cultural activities in the precincts of the school, but also obtain resources for further coaching with dedicated infrastructure in various other places.

As I am an alumnus, I can share personal experiences: I got a chance to participate in international summits among various other activities, that have immensely boosted my profile. I have been given various opportunities to hone my leadership and teamwork skills. Moreover, participation in sports and literary activities was a regular affair. All of this included with good academic tutoring. In a nutshell, FAPS provided me with an ALL-ROUND education. I realized the school's immense positive impact recently, during my interviews for jobs.

onething is for sure old principal and the headmisstress were good , new principal and the headmistress i dint like them. they are not at all good they don't care about the child's emotions!! sad very sad.... if you are planning to put your child in faps think twice

things have turned around considerably for the good. he new principal and headmaster have brought in fantastic infrastructure and a great deal of rules for the students to adhere to to ensure discipline. however, the sports scene of the school has witnessed a deterioration.

The application format for the admission of LKG is Displayed on 31st jan 2011.
Its painful to see the description of the form, This School is behind money than checking the merit of the student.

They are concerned of Parents salary, Where they studied,that to from primary to graduation.
They also need the company address and the salary they draw. Its confirm a poor family cant get a seat in this money grabbing schools.
A strong rule has to be brought like TN and AP.
Our govt itself is most corrupted in the world . Only God has to stop the distraction that is going to happen in future.
They working JESUS.


i would like to know when are they giving application forms for class7 for the year 2010-2011. thank you

anybody has any idea of admission crieteria for LKG ? How many seats are there for LKG and whom do they give preference ?

Hi , Can any one provide details of admission procedure as well as application forms can be given in this school. I need my daughter to get admit in UKG.

Can sum one pls let me know when are they issuing the admission form for the academic year 2010-2011.Thank You!!

i would like to know the details regarding the admission procedures to get an admission in 1st standard for the academic year 2010-2011.thanking you

I would like to know the feedback of school ? It would be really good if somebody can put some light on admission procedure + How difficult is to get admission there ? What are the parameters which school look into ?