Varthur Road(Marathalli) & Harlur Road(HSR Extn), Bangalore
+91-80-42053101/2/3 , 40968427/28/29 | See below

Board: ICSE

VIBGYOR High started their first center in Bangalore @ Varthur Road - Marathalli/Whitefield. This branch is located on Varthur road (extension of the the Old Airport Road towards Whitefield) and is about 2 Kms from the Marathahalli bridge. The school currently offers classes from the 1st standard till the 8th standard (and will quite likely offer the other classes going forward).

They have since expanded their operations and have started an additional branch in Harlur Road (HSR Extension).

Here are the contact details:

Marathahalli:  Phone: (80)-42777000

Harlur Road - HSR Extension:  Phone: (80)-4096 8427 / 28 / 29

VIBGYOR is affiliated to ICSE curriculum. The HSR Branch seems to be offering IGCSE as an additional option for the 8th grade.

The first VIBGYOR high school was founded in 2004 in Mumbai. Other VIBGYOR high schools are in Vadodara and Pune. You can find more details on the school's website.

Fee Structure

The figures mentioned below are per annum and are for the 2010-2011 academic year:

  • Rs.55K/annum for playschool, nursery
  • Rs.60K/annum for KG
  • Rs.75K/annum for 1st through 7th grade
  • Rs.80K/annum for 8th - 10th grade (ICSE)
  • For IGCSE (9th grade) the fee is around Rs. 1.1Lakhs

For new admissions, there is an additional addmission fee of Rs. 20K

Please contact the school for updated information

School Timing
  • Playschool & Nursery  : (Batch 1) – 8.30 a.m. to 11.00 a.m and (Batch 2) - 1.00 pm to 3.30 pm
  • Jr. KG and Sr. KG (Batch 1) : 08.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.
  • Primary : 08.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m.



Hi all,

Has anyone had any recent experiences , pls do share here.
We are looking fwd to putting our son in nursery in 2014, u'r reviews will be helpful .

Hi folks,

This is Gyan here, I wanted to admit my kid in LKG. After scrutinizing and lot of contemplation, I have finalized both VIBGYOR and VAGDEVI. Both are based in MARATHALLLI. I would be grateful if you can provide me the following information.

Questions to parents whose kids are already studying or to those who know about those schools.

1) How did you find your kids growth.
2) What kind of environment does they educate the kid.
3) What kind of methodologies do them imply while teaching. Like you know practical or bookish, analytical or kind of.
4) How much preference and encouragement do they provide to the kid in sports and extra curricular activities.
5) How do you rate the following categories out of 10.
a) Mode of Transport and punctuality.
b) Vicinity.
c) Nursing.
d) Infrastructure.
e) Ethics
6) Last and an important one :-) . What is the fee structure for a LKG kid and what is the percentage increase for every year.

Please note that these schools are based in MARATHALLI.

I would really appreciate, if you can give me a call on my number :- 9880519711.

Vibgyor High is a really gr8 school. It not only teaches Science, Language etc. It also teaches morals and how to be independent. As a student, I am very happy 2 be part of such a good institution that not only pays attention 2 studies, but also 2 the overall growth. Teachers are quite friendly and approachable.

We moved from US last year. We stay near to vibgyor school.We got admissions for my son in mid oct for sr kg. Academics wise i felt the school to be really good.we are not taking much strain in teaching him at home he is able to learn most of the things in school. He does homework by himself just that i need to sit with him .... we might have to help them out only in the practical work. I have heard negative feedback about the teachers but frankly speaking we had got good teacher for my son. My son was falling sick initial few days teachers were very co-operative. Student to teacher ratio is also good.My son is loving the school.


Anybody knows about Vibgyor Jakkur?

Hi Deepa, I am a parent whose children are both in the Jakkur Vibgyor.
I have recently moved from Mumbai and put my kids into the jakkur Vibgyor. Its been a few days and I am happy.Do reply if you need any more info.

Hi Deepa, I am planning to get my daughter admitted to nursery at vibgyor jakkur. Could you please give me feedback about the school.
How is the communication done with the parent as to child's progress. They say they have their own sylabus "which comes from Mumbai". how effective is the methodology that they have opted?
Concerned about the child's safety as they mentioned that school is not responsible if anything happens to the child.

I am evaluating VIBGYOR (any branch in Bangalore) for my sons - Class 3 & Nursery for the year 2012-13. Could you pls share your experiences / feedback to help me take a better decision

Do NOT consider Vibgyor Marathahalli at all. They are just interested in enrolling students without investing in infrastructure or faculty. Their head teacher is arrogant and impolite. Their play area SUCKS. They have only 1 music teacher for the entire school of 2000 odd kids. The "assistant teachers" are not at all trained. They are just "off-break" folks who can speak English though some of them can't do that well either. The cafeteria food has been bad forever. No one wants to eat there.

Avoid it at any cost.

I am a student at Vibgyor High, our principal is quite good and understanding. They are improving our play area and have added new constrictions. Cafeteria food has improved and most eat there. I love Vibgyor it is a quite good school. I am telling this 4m personal opinion.

I was in fact in Vibgyor for quite some time, when I first came to Bangalore, it seemed like a decent school. But the canteen was terrible (At least they had a canteen, quite a few schools don't) I tried eating there once, I had to stay hungry the whole day. The teachers for 7th and above, when i joined, they're really good, but the teachers of the lower grades as my friends have told me are terrible. Their english is pathetic. They were going through the books and found the brother/sister's english was right but the teacher crossed it and wrote a wrong answer. But to be honest, the music and drama teachers (brothers) are really efficient and I do miss them a lot!

It is that time of the year when every parent is frantically looking out for a good school for their kids. I personally went through this last year when we had to get admission for my son into LKG (Jr. KG). We chose Vibjyor Haralur road. We are very happy with the school so far. My son is happy and looks forward to school. I have a few positives and negatives and here they are.


1. They intimate about any activity/field trip well in advance. I agree they are more computer savy as you have to check all notices online. But I guess thats the case with most schools now. Atleast I prefer this way.
2. They dont have marks/ranks till 5th standard. They only grade the students on certain parameters and have found that to be fair. I have heard that they dont inform parents of tests since they dont want the parents to stress the children out! I dont have first hand experience of this as yet since my son doesnt have tests.
3. Till 1st standard homework is given only during weekends and so there is enough time to complete it and working parents can spend time with their kids on it.
4. During the Parents teachers meeting I found the class teacher open to discussion.


1. Transport unit needs to be more co-ordinated and be more professional. Always keep the bus driver and transport co-ordinator's number handy.

Yes so far I have only on negative and that is their transport system. Frankly there is no one good school. It all depends on your priorities and aspects that you give importance to. Additionally, like many of us would have experienced; it also depends on the kind of class teacher one gets. So its not just the school. There are other parameters that one should take into consideration before deciding on the school.

both my kids study in vibgyor this is my third year with the school, i am very happy with the curriculum offered by vibgyor, my elder daughter is in the second grade and has adjusted well and my son is in teh Nursery. i met the new principal during PTM and discussed issues i had with transport and i found her to be very straight forward . She answered my queries and was appreciative of my feedback . my children are happy and so are we with our choice of school.

The new principal is totally useless. She has no experience how a big school runs.she came fr a play school. All the teachers are unqualified they say B.ED is the minimum qualification which is not at all true. Al those who need a career break go to vibgyor high school. 80 percent of the staff is new.teachers r not trained they learn then and there only

Is your child in VIBGYOR Baner?, even i heard that the principal is changed recentely.

I am also looking for VIBGYOR Baner for my kids, how is the overall experience?

Anybody please let me know your experiences also so that i will be able to take my final decision, please....


Hi all,

My kid is in Vibgyor hight (Marathahalli). This is her 2nd yr in this school and I can feel that school has changed a lot since last yr. I am not at all satisfied with the number of sections increased in the scool. I heard that 60% of the staf is new and has no idea what schooling is all about. New peincipal is too arogant. They are not able to mannage the basic thiings like restroom and drinking water. My kid is also telling that they are not allowed to go in the ground to play even in the break time. I have to seriously think about the new option. I also heard about some serious accident happened in the school. Please sujest any other good school.

I have to disagree about the break time playing.. We were always allowed to play during break? And I talk to my friends sometimes, they play.

Hi All,

Discrete group generally do not have bargaining power and will always be exploited. You can find multiple examples for this:

1. The soaring apartment prices in cities where in the quality and the building cost is not increasing at the same rate. So builder is exploiting more profit from the consumer, where in the consumers are not united and there by no bargaining power.

2. Look at the quality of equipments sold at retail shops and those sold to operators. The one sold at retail are always of inferior quality compared to those sold to operators. Here again operators have bargaining power while consumers at retail do not have it.

3. Look at the prevailing corruption in our country, here again the common man is not united but those who are indulged in corruption are united and they have bargaining power.

The same is happening at Vibgyor school also. The quality is degrading year by year but the cost to the consumer is increasing. Because there is no forum where parents can come together and discuss their issues with the management. I think it is high time parents come together and demand for a forum to discuss our issues with the management. And I think such a discussion forum where both management and parents together brainstorm on the issues will ultimately help the school.

you are right.. and expressed my sentiments and sentiments of other millions like me. i need not put my comments separately..
Just want to add that the government is just silent spectator seeing this loot by schools in these big cities. You see the infrastructure these cities are providing. There is no match between actual cost and the fees the schools are charging. And no one should expect that these cheaters will be able to produce some Einstein, Gandhi or Tolstoy out of these stupid factories being run by these money minded people. Another fear is that since they are so much money minded can we expect them to convert the innocent child into a responsible, rational, humanist human being.. Is there any relation between the fees they charge and these natural expectation from a parent ?

Yes i fully agree with your thinking ...i am alaos planning to get admid my son in vibgyor as i found thier way of teaching very good ( in fact the same i heared from many of comments on ) ...

I do agree with you. Quality has come down this year. Can we start a group in Facebook/google+? So, that at least few parents can come together and protest

During PTM, VH organises books stall but the vendor choosen is some small time book store which all parents can go in their neighbourhood, school should try to call scolastic etc. kind of publication houses which doesn't sell stuff in local store.

I feel they must be getting good commission from these local small book store hence their interest is only in them. Please try to arrange famous and good publications houses where parents can really benefit.


Last week (3'rd feb) was the sports day for KG students in Vibgyor. Almost all kids started their day very early to catch the school bus as the time to reach was 8am morning. One of the kids slept off in the bus and neither attender nor driver noticed. The driver locked the bus and parked at parking slot over the bright sun which is far from the school as regular parking space was engaged for sports.
The poor girl woke up and started screaming when she realized none around. Mom sitting in the pavilion to watch the event couldn’t spot her daughter during the event and later contacted the teacher. Poor mom got a shocking news, the teacher replied, your daughter hasn’t come to the school.
On panic search they spotted the kid inside the burning bus. Almost 5 hrs inside the locked bus!


10 days before VIBGYOR high marthalli had fire related incident on campus and none of the parents are informed / even responded to when inquiring about the same. The whole incident is being completely suppressed for reasons unknown to us. They are not even open to have discussion with parents and discuss How they are going to train kids for such emergencies and avoiding such cases in the future.

In addition the following incident just seems to re-affirm the belief that the management does not seem to be interested in keeping the parents informed , nor taking any basic interest / checks in the well being of the students.


Hi All,

Discrete group generally do not have bargaining power and will always be exploited. You can find multiple examples for this:

1. The soaring apartment prices in cities where in the quality and the building cost is not increasing at the same rate. So builder is exploiting more profit from the consumer, where in the consumers are not united and there by no bargaining power.

2. Look at the quality of equipments sold at retail shops and those sold to operators. The one sold at retail are always of inferior quality compared to those sold to operators. Here again operators have bargaining power while consumers at retail do not have it.

3. Look at the prevailing corruption in our country, here again the common man is not united but those who are indulged in corruption are united and they have bargaining power.

The same is happening at Vibgyor school also. The quality is degrading year by year but the cost to the consumer is increasing. Because there is no forum where parents can come together and discuss their issues with the management. I think it is high time parents come together and demand for a forum to discuss our issues with the management. And I think such a discussion forum where both management and parents together brainstorm on the issues will ultimately help the school.

I have been a satisfied parent so far. my child studies on her own. i never have to sit with her:) she understands what is done in class. i think every school has ups and downs and parents should take a call if they are not happy!


can anybody please tell me from which class this SPA starts?


SPA starts from 1'st std onwards.

Does anyone have experience of Vibgyor High Mumbai? Has anyone paid donation there? Is it worth the money that they charge - almost 2.5 lakhs donation and 50k fees for Junior KG!!

2.5L donations ?? pretty weird ...never heard anyone paying bribe there

time and again i have noticed the school not giving enough coaching for what we parents are charged which is unfair and cheating us of our money. twice a week for seniors and once a week for juniors and half hr coaching for whatever sports/activity the child has chosen i believe is not enough and whenever there is a competition suddenly the coach wakes up and makes the children practice everyday ...

Read the full review here

Hi Folks, Heard from a friend that VIBGYOR have started issuing forms (I think from October 5th). He was not sure of the last date for submission.

If you have more details please share it here.

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Absolutely terrible experience we had for last one year when our kid was studying in Jr KG at Vibgyor high haralur rd. Such sub-standard teachers. Don't go by their English speaking skills, teachers need not just english skills, they need politeness, patience and some good manners; which the teacher lacked.

What do you expect from a Jr. KG kid? To be super intelligent or super cultured? The whole year, this teacher kept my kid standing in so called naughty corner for being unable to reply in English and to be slipping to the mother tongue (kannada) a few times, though the teacher speaks in Hindi most of the times with kids.

Also I paid the Sr. KG fees and tried to pull out well before the classes began, but the principal refused to refund the fee.

very sad and scary. I had a similar experience with my 3 yr old son at Appli Kids Whitefield

I am writing down my comments, would like parents to write their comments:

1. School timing for pre-primary is 8:30 to 12:30, but one day when I had gone there, saw that children were already in BUS at 12pm and got to know from other parents that 11:45am, children are asked to make queue in class. They have section from A-M, no wonder to manage it, they will have to start early but at what cost ? We send our children to nearby school assuming its less time wastage, less time in bus, but if at 12 they are being made to sit in bus and they reach home which is just 1.5Km far not earlier than 12:50-1pm, it defeats the whole purpose.

2. This year they reduced SPA activities to 2 giving various vague reasons to parents. Now its obvious that they really can't accommodate 13 sections of just a single class given the resources they have. They have increased SPA fees to 18k this year but reduced the activities, shouldn't they reduce the fees instead of increasing it ?

3. This year, they started one more extra-curriculum out of school hours, reason for same is again obvious:

1. resource crunch at school timing.
2. Minting more money charging 2k per activity.

This year I noticed the teacher quality has detoriate a lot, teachers can't pronounce properly ( saying "hech" to "h" etc), not able to manage nursery/jr. KG students and scolding them even without any reason. All of this tells that they r not equipped to handle small children, not been evaluated for their pronunciation skills etc.

I am surprised how much money-minded a school can become in todays' competitive world. I wish chairman listen and evaluate each branch personally and then take a call of opening new branches. The way they are opening branches is no doubt showing the way they want to run the school, Mr. Chairman, Its might be good business for you, but its a question of next generation, parent's expectation from school and more important our children whom we want to see as successful person in Life.


There are lots of other points which I don't want to write so that above points don't get diluted but request new parents to not consider this school.

hey its true this year also . With this new management it has become worst the way the teachers handle kids is very saddening . I have put my 3 yr there but planning to take him out n put him in some other school i wish all the parents who r not happy with this school should demand there money back then only they will come to there senses

Dear Parents,

Thank you for your honest and daring reviews on Vibgyor School.

We were planning to put our only child in this school as we will be shifting to our permanent residence just .5 kms away from this school.

Now I have already made up my mind. I will never go for this school. Most of the reviews that I have read on various blogs also speak of taxing amounts of fee compared to the facilities they provide. As the saying goes " They may be SMART, but we are no FOOLS"

My child has completed two years in Eurokids HSR Layout. We are very happy with their value for money education. They do not charge anything extra in between the year. Except for annual day costume, which they return back to us. Also they are kind and gentle with the kids.

We are now interested in continuing our child in the same school for two more years..

Thank you,

Asha Reddy

you are right, from this year this school has become too much money-minded. They are charging 18k for SPA activities which includes 2 activities. It means parents are paying 900 per activity per month but so far my child has attended just 2 keyboard class in past 2.5 months with more than 20-30 children attending the class at the same time. so, you can imagine the quality.

I guess school should refrain from making SPA as compulsory activity and it should be made optional. we parents can manage same money for these extra activities much more efficiently. its really pathetic that school is opening 13 sections per class, reducing SPA activities thus burdening existing poor infrastructure with lots of kids . Till last year their SPA activities were good but this year it exists just for name sake and minting money from parents.

There is no learning for children in so much packed play-ground and music class.

hey can you please tell me from which class this SPA starts? I am looking for admission of my daughter in nursery. From what you say it seems we have to pay nearly 1 lac !!!!

Have talked to Parents in Mumbai & Bangalore & most say they regret putting their child at Vibgyor.

Mumbai Vibgyor is like a Political arena between parents whose children the Trustee expels at his free will & the concerned parents.....followed by descriptive notes being sent home with children with details Thow the rustee is being victimised.
Parents say the children are horrified & lose pride & respect for their school whereas as parents all they care for is good & stable education for their children .... . . . . . . .who went to police, lawyer or to education ministry is none of their concern & they want it remaining the private matter of the trustee

Education is no good at higher levels, teachers are not there or they do not have relevant qualification. Although the fees increases every other year & thereafter you can be sure with every increase some parent will create noise followed by their child being expelled & next the news will be in the newspapers. These fee hikes by the way are not announced between Sept to Feburary but close to summer vacation so parents have no option but to rave & rant as its already too late to withdraw their child as admissions elsewhere is no longer possible.

Bangalore is slightly better in terms of the politics but education & administration does not meet standards. Schools have bewen built in areas which are difficult to reach & roads are difficult to navigate.

Vibgyor is planning to open more schools & the fate of these remain to be seen.

For a school claiming to be an international school, Vibgyor only maintains the fees chargeable at such schools but in terms of quality, education , administration & facilities ; every year its spiralling downwards.

From 1'st std onwards vibgyor high had 3 extra-curricualm activities- one musical, one indoor and one outdoor. Next academic session onwards they have reduced these activities to 2, they have removed good activties like piano and chess completely. The reason given by princi is children are not taking much interest in these activties which is just an excuse. May I ask princi Do they have any plan to stop taking class or closing the school if children will not take interest. Lots of parents were eager to put their wards in chess and piano and now we are not able to choose any. They charge 15,000/- per annum just for sports and Now they have reduced the activities, princi Ma'm , Any chances of reducing fees also since your have reduced the activities?

My child goes to this school and I am noticing that he is good only in actities/things where we, parent give personal attention otherwise in the areas where parents don't give heed, a bright child also can't reach to average level. I regret my decision to put my child here. Other school like Gear, deens are performing far better.

I searched the net today. Cudnt get much info about the school. Very few reviews and feedbacks. I am planning to move to Marathalli and am looking for a school(admission to nursery) in that area. As commute time(the less, the better) is one among the prime parameters for me to select a school, Vibgyor high is a choice(good or bad, not sure). it wud be gr8 if someone cud share her/his experiences about the school. Is the school affiliated to ICSE?

Please do not expose your child to the staff in this school. Why you ask? Read this experience

Please suggest some other 'good' school in that case. We are also parents, and tired of searching and seeing so many bad reviews about every other school. U don't see a bad review only if it is not a popular school, where no reviews will be there. Finally decided not to take into account these reviews, in making a decision.

I would like to know the feedback of Vibgyor school ? It would be really good if somebody can put some light on admission procedure + How difficult is to get admission there ? What are the parameters which school look into ? What is the quality of education being given?


My child studied Jr. KG in Vibgyor for just 6 months (since we had moved from abroad) and she had acid burns due to the negligence of the caer taker in cleaning the toilets and wash rooms thotoughly. Such is the safety rules of the school. The principal is such an arrogant woman I have ever seen. She has got immense attitude and responds to emails and calls only when a strong email is sent to her. Overall, I would not suggest this school for many reasons - unsafe atmosphere/environment, pathetic management and the huge fees with no worthy output!

Afterall, academics is not the only thing a parent must look for, when there is no competition for the child. Even if the child is participating in competitions, the parent has to pay entry fees of Rs 50- Rs 200. Why? Doesn't the fees amount suffice to pay for their students' entry fee? I have had such an experience before, neither have I heard of!

Please let me know what school would/did u put your child in after that? My child also goes to vibgyor but i am not happy with it.

This school has absolutely no standards, they way they have advertised....its all hyped.

My son goes to the school, class 2 and I found his basic mathematics has gone for a toss.

They have hiked the fees this year....for wht during this recession we have no clue.Their teachers are not so qualified either. We were desparate to change his school, but we were too late to catch the other good schools while their admissions were open.

The education standard of this school is pathetic and as the management hires anybody who can speak broken english as teachers. No criteria or qualification is required to be a teacher in this school! Its only right that there are no SSLC CBSE toppers from this school.

Isnt B'Ed suppose to be a mandatory qualification for teachers in good school! before we pay the high fees we have right to check the qualifications of teachers being hired!!

Such and idiotic comment.
How can they have SSLC CBSE toppers from an ICSE school?
And that too when it is a new school and has only upto the 9th grade this year (2009-10).
Try to have some sense while posting comments and dont make a fool of yourself......

Yes you are very correct..first they should check their own english and then point fingers at others. Are only B'Ed teachers smart enough to have classroom managment n innovative ideas of teaching? Others don't have brains??

I feel we should re check before posting any matters our comments. Our comments should be like a mirrior rather than personal, then we would be providing a wrong picture.

I agree there is fee hike but w.r.t school i am really happy the way my son (in Sr.K.g ) has shown an all round improvement. Though he had done his play group and nursery in Euro Kids he was not bold enough to talk to people or was intrested in going to school. But he has totally changed his communication has improved, he has become more mature, disciplined even at home he uses the simple but verry needed words like "PLEASE", "SORRY" , "MAY I HELP".

Once he even made me tell sorry to a stranger who's vehicle i banged as it was my mistake. How many of we grown ups think that.

I feel this is all even the contribution of the school, teachers, envirnoment where they grow, friends and off course parents.

My thinking is School is not only for just books and learning but moulding into a human with knowldege, communication, skills and values in life and i feel this two years VIBGYOR has really contibuted in this aspect.

Its really Ridiculous the way this school is increasing its fees.
The day is not far-off when we will not be able to afford 2 kids or even higher education for one kid. Vibgyor has recently increased fees of LKG and higher classes by minimum of 15k. Our salaries have not increased because of recession and infact lots of poeple have got Salary-cut or job-loss and these school are increasing their fees by more than 20%.
Vibgyor has launched two new branches this year and looks like thats how they are funding money for new building.
I would request the managemnet authority to seriously consider this increase in fees as its not very far when people will start dropping their kids from this school, first prove yourself and then demand. Its a pretty new school and haven't prove themselves.

We, as a citizen need to protest the way the these schools are increasing their fees, our silence should not be treated as acceptence.

Looks like the management of school is involved with Private transport and getting almost 50% of Bus fees back ( Heard from a reliable source who knows transport guy). They are charging 1200/- per month for transport even for distances which are less than 2 km. Despite so many request and follows up with admin, there is 200/- less fees per quater ( highly ridiculous), do they think parents are fool.

I heard that director of marthalli used to run creche before joining Vibgyor, I wonder what qualification did vibgyor HQ see in him to hire him as Director. This guy is really useless and I seriously suggest top guys (HQ) to do some improvement in quality /problem faced by various problems listed below:

1. Quality of teachers, looks like every house wife who wants to join school can get into this school easily. Teacher's interview is just for the sake of name.
2. They have no intention to lay approach road or take up the issue with local politicains.
3. Bus Fees is too high.

I hope HQ listens to these problem and act on it before parents decide to move their wards somewhere else. I am sure with a mushrooming of lots of good schools in recent years, every school has to prove itself and really think about providing quality education.

The quality of education is satisfactory. My son really enjoys going to school and his general knowledge has improved a lot. Can we as parents request the school to give some consideration on fees both academic and bus especially during this crisis. the bus fees for 2km Rs.14400 per annum is heard only in Vibgyor high. the percentage of fees also should be increased only upto certain percentage per year. Any comments

Moreover, there is huge difference in annual fees among different cities though term fees remains same. In b'lore annaul fees is 15-18k while in pune, its 6k. Can school explain why there is a difference in the annaul fees ?

You are absolutely right, for same reason i had to put my child from one of international school to "Trio World School" This is the only school i found, which has reduced the fees in the recession.

For 2010-june nursery admissions, again they have increased fee by 16k as compare to last year fees.
Now its 78K for nursery..!!!. ( 20 + 18 + 40 admission+annual fee+tution respectively).
Is it worth spending that much just for nursery?

I heard they increase fees for 4th and 5th std to 85K (not sure)

My child is in the KG section.Sports day and annual day practises going on, well and good children are enjoying. At the time of admission the principal had told us that they are collecting fees for SPA so that they dont keep asking parents to send Rs.50 or Rs.100 etc., for any activity. But that doest seem to happen. They are asking for these kind of amounts for sports day and annual day. Then where does the amount we paid for SPA (for kids in KG) go.Heard from certain sources that when we pay Rs.700 for costume, Rs.300 go to school, while actual cost would be around Rs.400. This is just like day light robbery. Everybody blindly pay the amount they ask for.

Aby comment on VIBGYOR high ?

Please share +ve and -ve points about this school and any comparision with Gear Mont. and Deens academy ?

How is it academically and How are teachers there ?

this year only my daughter started going to vibgyor , i am fully unsatisfied with the standard of teaching , what ever she know earlier that also she forgot , there is no time for them to play , just to go school and go to bathroom two three times , than again starts going back , even school bus services are worst , kids will not get chance to sit , as so many teachers are there in bus .. I do not recommend to take admission to this school

My Kid is studying in the second standard and I can see that the teaching quality has come down drastically in Vibgyor. They are recruiting teachers who are not professionaly qulaified (having a BEd or similiar degrees) and this has resulted in deterioration of the quality of education provided in the school. Also there are question marks over the commitments of newly recruited teachers. I came to know that the newly joined teachers are jobless wives of software professionals who consider this important role in a kids education as just a timepass. I think time has we as parents need to enforce minimum qualification on the teachers the school is recruiting.

I completely agree with you ...Teachers just want the kids to be perfect.... whether or not they can teach they expect kids to learn everything perfectly...morever if one group of kids in the class has learned they take it for granted that the other kids have also and if they haven't they are dull and ignored.Teachers are the biggest problem in vibgyor !!

I am planning to put my child in to vibgyor high, as i have heard bad feed backs about Ryan and location issues with DPS whitefield, i have decided to go on with VIBGYOR.

i had visited the school a couple of times, these were the primary things that i had noticed.. there are plenty of sections (A -J) in nursery, Jr KG and Sr KGs. i was told that there will be a student teacher ratio of 1:12.
the question that has been bothering me is, Will there be the real quality when there is such a quantity? i had asked are all the teachers montessori trained, they had told me, the teachers are given training after coming on board.
Also having read the reviews which explained about the transportation issues like a child locked up in the bus and negligent management+decreasing quality, i am having a second thought on whether to proceed or not.. please give me a rating out of 5 for the kinder garden coaching what they offer...
All i need is, My boy should always be a happy child more than anything else..
kindly give me the right suggestion please......
Else would it be okay if i can make him take up the KG in any preschool like Neev or Maple bear.. your valuable suggestions are welcome...

Even I got UKG admission for my daughter there, Still thinking should I put her there after seeing many -ve feedbacks.

Same for me. Our son has been registered for LKG. But after viewing all such -ve feedbacks we are seriously doubtful to put our child there. But the million dollar question is: "Which school to select?" Traditional school NPS, Bethany doesn't allow normal people (I don't know what their selection criteria is). VH is expanding like anything. But the standard seems to me very poor even before letting our son to go there. They use to call an interaction and after that they use to declare the results for selected children. Incidentally we have found they have declared the name of a child, who hasn't been present on that day and his relatives (not parents) were there to attend the orientation. This means orientation program is just a farce and paying money will buy admission.

How is Chrysalishigh?

Heard that this is a great school. The Principal was earlier in Vibgyor, Marathahalli and she started her own. I have heard good reviews about the Principal.