Vidya Sagar Nursery School

9, 3rd Cross, Bhoopsandra Main Road, RMV 2nd Stage, Bangalore - 560094, Bangalore
+91 80 42059475

Board: Pre-school

VidyaSagar is primarily a pre-kindergarten and a kindergarten school. It belongs to the Vidya Sagar, Vidya Niketan, and Vidya Shilp Academy family of schools. VidyaSagar is located in North Bangalore and has got a very good reputation

At VidyaSagar, they are very particular about the child having completed the required age as of May 31st of the given year. Even if the child completes the required age on Jun 1st, he/she has to be admitted to the lower class.

From Vidya Sagar, the students either branch out to Vidya Niketan or to Vidya Shilp for 1st standard. But, the parents who put their kids to Vidya sagar for pre-KG/KG must decide right at the time of admission if their child will go to Vidya Niketan or Vidya Shilp from 1st standard onwards. Vidya Niketan and Vidya Shilp are independant units and are run differently from each other.

Fee Structure

About 28K (check with the school for exact details)


I required admission for my kid in any english medium school with govt facility, but we r poor family and by the reason of money problem


I require an admission for my kid in Montessori.

can any body guide me pls.

Thanks in advance.


respected sir/madam,





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My son is 3.1 year old now,
I would like to admit him in nursery vidhya saagar school,
Want to know about form distribution

Abhishek mehta

My son is 3.1 year old now , I would like to admit him in nursery vidhya saagar school,
Please guide me , when to contact for admission form,

Thank you
Abhishek mehta

My son will be turning 3 by Mar 2015. i would like to put him to nursery in Vidyasagar. Could you please let me know the procedure for the same.


Hi ;
Can someone guide me, my son is Jan 2013 born is he eligible for playgroup or nursery. Are the forms available online and when?


Hi ...My kid is on 2.4yrs now. He is in playgroup Kidzee. Next year we are looking for him to get his admission in vidyasagar. Kindly anyone knows when the forms will be started for the admission in Nursery.
His DOB is 19th June 2012.

Hi Rakhi,
Do you get any reply for your concern, since i have the same question as my son DOB also 12thJun2012 and planning to get his admission in vidyasagar.

Kindly let me know if you got any info regarding the same


Please let me know details for admission in LKG for Vidya Sagar for 2014-15.

I want my daughter, who will turn 4 in Feb,2015.
Wish to get her admitted in Vidyasagar,LKg class.
Ca somebody please let me know by what time at the earliest can I register her name for admission.


Can you please guide me the procedure for admission to nursery for the academic year 2015-2016. When are the application forms given and where to approach for it.

Thanks in advance to stop by and give the information.

Can u pls guide me The procedure for admission to nursery for The academy year 2015-2016. When The application form given and where to approach.


Even my daughter turn to 2 by march 2015.I am also looking for admitting her to Vidyasagar.

If you have any information on admission procedures pls inform me.

Thanks in advance.


I would like to enroll my son for next yr 2014-2015- play group in vidyasagar. So would like to hear from the parents whose kids are currently studying in vidyasagar.i have gt mixed(good/bad) reviews about this school. So would like to hear from the parents (whose kids are studying )there. It will be helpful for us to be prepared.


they are issuing forms from 26 to 31 oct for those who are interested like me. but it is only for kids who are two years

I am interested for my Son's admission to the play school.He is 2.6 years now.
Please provide details.


Applications for 2014-15 academic year for playgroup will be issued from 26th Oct to 31st Oct (9 30 to 12 00). Kids born from 1st Jun 2011 to 31st May 2012 only are eligible.

Note: People start queuing up from previous night for the application.

Hi,dis is zahida i m from kankanagar sultanpaliya, i just want to know can i get my son's admission their ,in march he is gooing to 4 years old this tim he is in nursery,i hav herd that you guyz will not give the admission of muslim kid,is it right,if not then can i get d admission of my kid.vidyasagar is my dream,so i just wanna 2 my dream come true.

There was parents teachers meeting held on Saturday 31st August, i had joined my friend for the same and noticed that it was more of complaint that kid doesn't understand / sing / talks with other student ......i was shocked to hear what can we except from a kid of 2+ years going to school for 1st time and in span 0f 3 to 4 months of school life.
I would rather say that teachers are not attached with kids..i have not seen any kid running to teachers the movement they see them...

Its not a complaint on the school / teachers, boding with tender kids has to be more with teachers ,make them understand things ...that's' why we sent them to play group's were teacher are trained for that

I wanted to know is there a vacancy for the post of Assistant teacher in your school from Standard 1 to 5.If so please give me a feed back & my Email ID is

I request the parents of the kids who have taken the interview for admission to mention their professions/work of both parents so that anybody who is willing to get the child admitted to this school will understand about the requirements of the school. this will greatly help the parents in taking decision about their kids...

Every pre-primary school in Bangalore gives preference to local kids near to school. Hence we see all variants of these schools in every locality. These schools target kids from 2 to 6 yrs. But Vidyasagar is totally indifferent to this. This school has kids from as far as 10km away from the school. This is evident from the fact you see so many cars in front of the school during school hours. There is no preference to nearby children. This is completely run by money minded folks right from the principal to its teachers. The principal lies at your face on the various aspects of school operation. There seems to be fear in the mind of parents whose kids are enrolled here. They fear future admission rejects in case of siblings or bad report on kids if they question the school operation. Hence parents are held at ransom after getting their child admitted and any parent dare question the teacher or the principal or their kid gets a black mark on its report card!
Admit at your own risk

Mr.Narendra Hegde u r giving wrong information . Both my children r studying @ Vidya sagar and v r satasified with the quality of education so readers pls consult the parents of the kids studying at Vidya sagar for ur information.

I agree with you Girish. Even my daughter studies in Prep II and I am happy with the quality of education from school.

Hello Anand,

School has revised the school fee and made more than double. Please let me know your view

Hello Anand,

School has revised the school fee and made more than double. Please let me know your view

Hi Girish,

I want know some information obout school and its admission process. I want to enrole my 2 year daughter for play group. its fine if you share your contact details. to my mail id.

Thank You

Please let me know your contact information os I can get some information about the school. I am looking for admint my daughter this school for this years.

Thak You

This school has the most peculiar admission process. they give 2000+ application forms at Rs.500 each for 270 seats in playgroup. The admission process is not transparent and is lottery based. Your lucky if you've got in
Right from the principal, the teachers are dishonest. Not sure how much honesty and character they build in the students
Preference is given to non-kannada folks.

I couldn't agree more. I felt the same..To add to that, nobody answers the phone. Meeting the principal is like meeting the Prime minister. The people at the reception will say she is busy and wont allow you.
Anyways I moved on and now very happy with Sophia high school.

Mr. Nagegowda
first of all you are highly mistaken. they do not issue the number of forms as mentioned by you. am saying this as we do have our children too in the same school. it is surprising that you find the admission procedure non-transparent. like they say 'you want to see the glass half empty'. if your statement of preference to non-kannada students was true, then neither would my children nor many of the kannadigas whom i know would be admitted there.
it appears that you are only pouring your frustration of not securing a seat. god bless you!


If anyone could advise when are the admissions happening in vidyasagar.

My son is 3 and half years old and have done is play group from Euro kids school.

I want to get in admitted to kindergarden/ nursery now.. i need to know what the is age limit required and are the admissions started for this year.

If you have the information please mail me or call me on 9886688845.


Hi All, I am new to this forum and relocating from New Delhi. I am looking admission for my daughter who is going to be complete in 3 ys in July 2013 (July 2010 born ) in Vidya Sagar or any equivalent school in Bangalore north.

Please advice where I can put her as the admission procedure has already started in most of the schools.
Your help will be much appreciated .

Hi "Admission for July 2010",

Admissions for this school year (June 2013) are over at Vidyasagar. You should visit the school and see if they are accepting names for waitlist.


anybody know when will the registration starts for prep 1 ?please reply me if u come to know abt it.

What is the minimum age to admit in the pre nursery in vidya sagar

My son had a interaction session for Vidyasagar yesterday & we got call by yesterday afternoon. Submitted fees today. Feeling really happy.


Thanks Prashanth. PK!

Hi Praph,

Congrats on admission for your child, We are looking for admission for our Daughter in Vidyasagar for playgroup. We didn't have idea about the date and when we enquired today they said admission is over for this year. And next year too they are having huge waiting list.. Can you please let me know the process on when we have to register for the child. My daughter was born on 8th Feb 2011.. Any information on admission would be really appreciated.. Thanks

Hi Vignesh,
Sorry for late reply. But as I understand clearing the waiting list totally depends on luck . Though what I heard from few of the parents whose kids are studying in this school, they call not more than 8-10 people on an average from waiting list.
Your daughter was eligible for playschool admission this year . This year they admitted kids born after June 1st 2010 & before 31st May 2011. If you try next year you have to try for Nursery, which is going be a tougher nut to crack!
What I would suggest you, to talk to school once. If luck favors you may get a chance.

Hi praph,

need to talk to you regarding 18th dec interaction call, can you please provide me your number or email id so that i can isduss with about my daughter's interation.


Hi guys, has someone got a call. my son who is 1 .9 yr has attended his interview on the 17/12/12 but has not got a call yet. did anyone get a call.i am so worried about how they select the children. please update if some one get a call.

Hi, Anyone got a call from the December 18th interaction? They told us it would take 8-10 days for them to get back. Very anxious.

@ priya
My kid also had interaction on 18/12/2012...They said it would take 7-10 days 4 them to call...we haven't recieved the call....Have U reced the call for ur kid ....

any one got call after the interaction held on 27th nov

School notice board says , that they will call people in 7-10 days after interaction. But normally if your kid has performed really well then you will get call by same day afternoon. My son got call same day for admission. We are really happy! Sumbitted fees today morning.

Could you tell me more on the interaction session. What is expected from the child? Whether parents are allowed?

Hi my son had interction on 29th.
Did anyone recieve call about the selection for the above date.
pls reply

We had an interview on 29th still nto received any call for selection. Not sure if we have made it. Some parents who had the interaction on the same day have got the final call. is the admission process still going on? I am inferring that Vidyasagar do not prefer working mothers. any clue on this?

Guys, Need help in understanding various sections and admission process for each of these pre-school years at VidyaSagar.

I have read a lot about PG admission that is in currently in-progress. Is this the first stage? How is admission done for other sections? Is it a 4 years of pre-nursery? PG, Nursery, KG-1, KG-2 etc?

Have heard a lot of great things about this school.

My daugter is Jan 1, 2010 born and wil turn 3.5 in next June.

My son's interview was on 23rd Nov. I called up Vidyasagar today morning. They asked me to wait until Monday eod for getting the call. They will call only if the kid is selected (which is honestly not good as it will just keep everybody else clueless). Anyway curious to know if anybody got a call already?

My daughter is march born too.... We havent yet received the call from the school. Can any one write abt how the interaction process went on?

my kid underwent interaction on 23rd November. With in 7 to 10 days we are suppose to get the call for confirmation. Any parents got the call please reply.

I had received a call on Nov 23 for an interview on Nov 27 (today). The interview happened today at around 12:00 PM.
Seems like they would inform in 8-10 days about the result. Anybody received a selection call so far? Any idea when was Day One for interviews?

Has any one received call after the interaction? Any idea by when do they inform the selected candidates?

Hi..... if the child is selected they will call within 24hrs

I wasn't able to get the application form for Vidyasagar.for my 2 yr old son. Later I came to know the issuing of application was over on 9th Nov.
Are there any other good schools in bangalore north apart from Vidyasagar/Vidyaniketan for ICSE?
Thanks in advance

Has anybody got a 'your kid is selected' call after the interaction?
My kid's interaction was on 11/23 and he did pretty well. I heard from some unreliable source that they are already calling the parents if the child is selected. Has anybody got the call?

Hi..... my daughter had an interaction on 24/11... at 10am...... we got a call on the same day around 1pm

we also got a call next day morning.By the way when is your daughter born

Hi Parents,

Did any one of you get a call from school for interactions on or before 23/011?



They are calling based on date of birth. Right now the interaction is happening for june/july born kids so march 2011 born kids may get called only dec sometime is my guess.

yes, you are right. I was there today (Nov 27) with my Kid. They had called candidates born between Aug 21 to Sep 20 2011 for today's interviews.

Any pointers towards what we need to expect from the interview?. I got a call for my daughter for next week.

The interviews will be scheduled from the last week of NOVEMBER 2012 for this academic year!!

we have applied for playgroup 2013 batch .. my baby is march 2011 born..any idea when we would get a call for interview..????

Hi We received a call . My child is March born tooo...Waht abt u?

what is the date of birth of the kids who have already got the inetraction calls?plz can u people tell ur kid's Dob....just to c if the calls are dependent on DOB or depends on the application number,thanks...

I received a call from school today they have called us on 23/11 friday.

We have also got a call from vidyasagar on 23rd november. Could you please share your No. so that we could have a discussion with you.

What do they ask? Do they interview the kid or parents? any pointers would be helpful

i got a call for 22nd nov tomorrow

How was the interview? what did they ask?

hii...plz can u tell the DOB of ur kid...just to know if calls are based on DOB or application number.Thanks.All the best !!

It depends on dob

Hi, any idea when they shall start calling for playgroup interviews ?

Interviews of playgroup for academic year 2013 might start by Nov last week, i checked with reception they said they have schedued particular dates for each child to be interviewed.... So just got to wait

My daughter turns 3years in December 2012. Please let me know if there is any chance of her getting admission for Nursery at Vidyasagar. If yes, what is the procedure.

Playgroup admission forms for year 2013 are being issued now. The dates of collecting the forms is 3Nov - 9Nov

Hi, I am not able to reach them via phone. No one is picking up. Can you give me the correct phone no.


Could you please help me understand all about admission for nursery for my son who will complete 3 years in Jan 13. currently he is going to playschool nearby.

plz Let me know what are the chances for the same. and what all is required.



need to know if admission forms for LKG are also being issued.


Hi can anyone help me know , regarding application for nursery , and what will be the chances of getting admission :)?

Hi can anybody tell me is it possible to get Nursery admission in this school,if yes when thy will be issuing application forms?please let me know.


You will have to go around in December or January and have them included your kids name in the waiting list. If there is availability they will call for selection process.


can somebody help me to know if NAFL has a online admission form update facility for LKG
or a online form we can download and submit in person

We need to the addmission application timings and date , Month and Terms and Conditions

What is the age criteria for LKG? My daughter will be 3 years 9 months as of May 2013, she is August born. Any chance of her being considered for the LKG batch 2013-14?

Same here Jyothi,My daughter is Augut 2009 born.will she be considered for LKG 2013 and when are the application foms issued for Vidhyasagar?


Hi my child completes 2 yrs 6 months for this sept i want to take admission for him in vidya sagar anybody can pls tel me about this shcool. How is the eudcation system and about fees structure. Pls


Hi ,
Please update us towards issue of application form for LKG admission. I'm eagerly waiting to put my son in your school.Last year i missed and i was in waiting list and i never recieved any interview calls . Atleast now please inform me.

RG Muralidhar.D.R

My child is in prep 1, I need to move out to US in october,
Can I request the Schiller to give a break,( I am ready to pay all the fee)
And come back after 1 year and join back in mid of prep 2?
Did anybody did this kind of break?
Or can some one guide me how do I take my child along with
Me and not remove him out of school?

please intimate me regarding the issuance of admission forms for prenursery for the next academic year. as we are very much interested to admit our child in your esteemed institution.
regards Dr. Durga

I'm seeking admission for my son Bhavik for LKG for 2013-14.
Can any one of you pls provide more information on the admission procedures. Also pls provide me with the age and Fees criteria for the same.

Naresh Mehta

Please inform me about the issusance of application forms for LKG admission, Since we are eager to join my ward to your institution , we request kindly inform us in time. In the last acedemic year also we have approached you regarding this in the name of Master. Aditya Jain

with warm regards


Issuing applications for Playgroup will be done on specific dates every year, or is it that it differs from year to year? The latest information I have is that the applications would be issue somewhere around sep-nov 2012 for 2013 addmissions for playgroups, Does any body have more information on this?

I seem to have missed a circular or something - when is the first day for Play Group-A 2012? Parents orientation is on 2nd June.

My daughter has been admitted to VIDYASAGAR and is eager to start school on June 11th 2012.
However, we have an issue. I will not be able to attend the orientation program scheduled on June 2nd 2012.
Could any of the parents who are attending the orientation program please share your contact details with myself. I am keen to know on what is being discussed on that day.
Also, I would want to know about the van facilities that are being provided by the school for such small children.
Do any of you have your wards going to schoold by bus or van. Please let me know. I am really anxious and concerned about the safety. Are there any reliable helpers as we are sending toddlers who do not understand safety norms?
Kindly reply.
Thank you.

congrats , am also willing to join my daughter in vidhyasagar. But we missed the date for admission. My Daughter was born on Feb 8th 2011. We need to know when should we register for admission for play group. Any details provided by you will be of real help.

Hi - You are not going to miss much from orientation program. But still you can contact parents who have attended orientation program.

Regaring transport, school doesnot provide any kind of transport to wards.
We have to depend on private transport.

Thank you so much anand.

Also, is your ward going to join school on June 11th as well.

Can somebody please share the details of the orientation program. This would be very helpful for us.

Dear Everybody, I have shifted from Delhi to Bangalore recently and is looking for admission for my son in UKG. Has anybody got admission call from Vidya Sagar recently. Are there any chance they will be taking now. Thanking in advance for the feedback required.


Has anyone shortlisted for Nursery got a call from Vidya Sagar?
Is there any interaction for Nursery? Can some one please tell me what kind of questions do they ask children going for Nursery admission.

Hi Parents,

One small request, when you post that your child is selected , can you please brief up the kind of interaction that child/you had ? I think it will help the entire group..


I enrolled my daughter's name on Jan 7th 2012 - admission for LKG. Till now no news or call from the school. Has anybody got a call for Interaction session for admission for LKG. At the time of enrollment i opted for Vidya Niketan.

Hi I had gone to vidya sagar on oct 2012 .they informed me to come during november and enroll the name for the waiting idea wht is that.

Has anyone got a call for nursery? i am worried as i have not tried in any other school. Hope my daughter gets admission in Vidyasagar.

i am still waiting. what's ur waiting list?

Don' t wait anymore.
It is of no use.
If you are from Karnataka(Kannadiga), just forget.

This is school has no ethics in selection procedure.My daughter perfomed very well compared to anyother but not selected.
Surprisiingly, mother of one girl( name not to mention) had her kid's interaction the same day.Next day she went to Vidyasagar and found her kid is not selected and she said her kid did not perform well , she was quiet.
After 10 days; she called me and said her daughter is selected due to seats were vacant.

Do you believe that ?
Priorities are :
1. Must be from Gujarath( Bcoz Principal is from Gujarath) or from North
2, You must have contact listed friends of Sapna Shah
3. Must be working fro Cisco or any other famous software company.
4. Influence from Political people may or may not work.
5. Last prioroty to Karanatak kids


I really understand your frustration. But when I tried to get my daughter admitted for Prep 1 last year, I was more than happy. To be honest with you, I do not fulfill any one of the criterias mentioned above by you. I am a kannadiga, without any influence or contacts with the principal. Still my daughter was successful in getting through the interview. It all depends the criteria for which the kid is being assessed for.



Hi I am trying admission for Prep for my son.
Please let me know the evalution process & what is the child assessed on.

My kid/I also underwent an assessment. I do agree that kannadiga s have the last preference here. It all depends on the person who assesses and her MOOD. for me it clearly was a north indian woman who did not even observe what my kid did. seemed least bothered abt the effort I and my child put. My child performed absolutely well!. There definitely some problem with the system here and I do not agree with the results!!....I wish that evaluator and her child undergoes the same humiliation some day!!

Kindly let me know if anyone has got a call from waiting list for playgroup.

Is there anyone whom we can contact from school staff?

Wen was your interaction. I suppose interactions are over by this week. I also heard admissions are over for playgroup

Hi, I have recently moved to Bangalore from Mumbai. My daughter is waitlisted for UKG. Is there any chance of getting admission to Vidya Sagar. Has anyone else been called from the waitlist.


Does anybody know when the interaction session ends? I see that even on jan 13 , there was one. From what i see, they started somewhere in November. Wondering when it will end?

Hi friends,
My son is in playgroup in Shishya Nursery. Iam confused whether to persist with Shishya or try in Vidhya Sagar for Nursery and is there any chance now to get admission in Nursery. Kindly advice.
Vikas Kothari

it is very difficult to get in at nursery. Playgroup itself was a big challenge.

has any got call from vidyasagar in waiting list

which waiting list you talking about? play group or nursery?

Did anybody got a call after the interaction session on Jan 12?

Hi I enquired the school and they told me that they have intimated the parents whose children have been selected. So no point waiting any more....

our interaction was on 13th. we got a call on the same day. Please call the school and find out the status for your son/daughter.

No,Even we still not get seat confirmation call.My kid has attended interaction on Jan12th 11:20 slot.They told that we will get call within 15 days.

I had an interview on 12th Jan..i have not got a call yet...did anyone get a cal...

Anybody got a call who had their interaction on 6th Jan 2012?Please let me know.

Did anyone get the call after interaction on 6th Jan


Yesterday(07/01/2012) I register my son's name for nursery and token number is 71.Will there be any chance of interview call.Pls let me know.

Can you please let me know the process of registering for nusery class?
Do they issue some application form or do we need to approach them directly and issue the token number?
Kindly reply


I really want to know if any of you have admitted your child through influence or donation. I badly want my child to be part of this school however, the principal has declined his admission stating he has not met the required criterias. However, he was the best during his interaction session among the other childs.
I don't understand what criterias they are checking. I so like this school and do not want to compromise.. please advise if donation can help get the admission


I understand your desperation, but nothing really works at this school. Neither money nor influence. It is only through merit that kids can claim admission to the school.


Ms. Sushma, you seem to be someone from the Vidyasagar trust. can you answer me one question?, how do you first of all "ASSESS" a kid who is not even 2 yrs old? someone who is just seeing the world and doesnt know whats right and whats wrong..its all hog wash and non-sense!!...its a screwed up system!!

how to contact the principal ???...i tried contacting authorites told appointment for meeting her is full for this month....any direct lines to contact her..pls help..

INFLUENCE works............. try it its not too late yet...........

hi shilpa,
whos influence u mean? some political or some people who know the school staff?

hi manoj........ dayanand pai"s influence works if u have opted for shilp

Anybody got a call after the 05-Jan-2012 Interview? regarding selected candidates?

My son attended for the interaction on jan 5th and i got a call on the same day evening

We got a call on the sameday afternoon....We had opted for VIdyaniketan

Hi Has anyone whose kid is born in Jan been called for interaction? Please let me know

We hve got call yesterday and my son was born on April2010.

Hi, anybody got a call after the 05-jan-2012 interview for the confirmation of the seat?



Yes, my son is born in Jan and we got call on 21st Dec. We have interaction on 5th Jan.

Did u get call after interview?

No, not yet