Vidya Sagar Nursery School

9, 3rd Cross, Bhoopsandra Main Road, RMV 2nd Stage, Bangalore - 560094, Bangalore
+91 80 42059475

Board: Pre-school

VidyaSagar is primarily a pre-kindergarten and a kindergarten school. It belongs to the Vidya Sagar, Vidya Niketan, and Vidya Shilp Academy family of schools. VidyaSagar is located in North Bangalore and has got a very good reputation

At VidyaSagar, they are very particular about the child having completed the required age as of May 31st of the given year. Even if the child completes the required age on Jun 1st, he/she has to be admitted to the lower class.

From Vidya Sagar, the students either branch out to Vidya Niketan or to Vidya Shilp for 1st standard. But, the parents who put their kids to Vidya sagar for pre-KG/KG must decide right at the time of admission if their child will go to Vidya Niketan or Vidya Shilp from 1st standard onwards. Vidya Niketan and Vidya Shilp are independant units and are run differently from each other.

Fee Structure

About 28K (check with the school for exact details)


Yes, my daughter is March born and we got a call yesterday

Hi Thilak Congrats!
When was you interaction ? How was it? Have you selected Shilp/Niketan?

Hi ! We had our interaction on 5th..We had opted for Niketan..We got the call on the same day..

Is your child 2010 born? Did you have the interaction? If yes, how was it? What are their expectations? Which one have you opted niketan or Shilp?

Hi ! We opted for Niketan..My daughter is 2010 March born..

Hi Thilak, I was interested in knowing the process of getting my son admitted in Vidyasagar. When do they start giving application forms? Should the parents only collect it or we can designate someone to collect it on our behalf? We stay abroad and would like to get my son start with Vidyasagar for his kindergarten. He is April 2010 born. Is it too late for it or can he get into the second year (UKG ) of kindergarten in Vidyasagar? Please let me know. Many thanks! - Deepa

Does anybody with May born kids had a interactive session? If yes, kindly let me know

My son was born on April2010 born but we still not get any call.Does any body got call who's born in april2010?

Can any one tell me, whether you got phone call or email for attending the interaction session.

Hi Kumar,
your message is useful. so did they explicitly tell that shilp preferred students are being selected now?.. you mentioned there might be something beyond the test performance.. is there any possibility of they reserving a lot of seats for high influence people ?. if that is the case, then i think its very bad there no point trying.. to me they looked transparent. in one of the notice boards, i saw they mentioning not to approach through some influence. so they might not consider people with influence. but you never know....

Well there was a nother notice board which stated that the ratio is 1:3.. there were 3 kids put in one room for assessment.. what if by chance there were 2 kids who had done excepitionally well and both his/her parents are working professionals. only one would get selected.. Putting a notice board doesnt mean that influence will not work.. am sure it definetely works...anyhow we have to follow the diktat of school administration... I have decided not to pursue this anymore and look out for another school.

hi...we got selected and paid the fees also but i have a query- does anyone knw if they retain the admission if we go onsite for 1-2 yrs...some schools allow that...dont knw if they allow here...anyone has idea on this?????


If the child is absent for more than 3 weeks, that child's name will be striked off from the rolls and they will have to di re admission.

Please let me know if you had opted for Vidyaniketan or Vidyashilp

We had selected vidyaniketan

Hi ! May i have your contact detail please (email id or contact number). I would like to understand what the interaction process was..

I have decided to look out elsewhere. No point waiting. Can someone recommend a good school for nursery in North Bangalore? Anywhere in north Bangalore if its a proper school and in RT Nagar only if its just a pre school like euro kids etc.

hi der, u had ur interaction, n r still awaitinn the reply,is it?

we had an interaction on 29th Nov'2011.. any body who has got a call?


Can any one lets know on the kindergarten Admission, what should be the age limit, when are they giving application form, whats the criteria for admission ?


my daughter got admission in playhome...her interview was on 8th dec...thanks

Did you opt for Vidyaniketan ??

Did you opt for Vidyaniketan ??

I hear from people that only Vidyashilp going children got the call so far. Are you an exception?

We got call for my daughter Divya today. She had interaction day yesterday...

hi, we had taken our son for interaction for admission in nursery on 05-12-2011 . have any of you taken your child on the same day & have got a call?

We had been for interaction on 26th Nov. We had selected only vidhyaniketan , still we haven't got any call from the school.

I want to keep some other school as option too. Any one could please guide me with good ICSE/ CBSE school in north bangalore.

I dont know if they will really revisit if the kid is not selected on the same day.. In all the posts that I see here, either they got confirmation on the same day or on Monday if the interview was on a Saturday. So I dont know if its worth waiting for 15 days. Can someone reply if they got selection call after a few days after the interview?

Hi gautham,
One of my daughter's class kid , got call 12 days after interaction only because they had opted for shilp.may be they are trying to fill up shilp seats.

Even i attended interaction on 3rd Dec along with me a neighbor also attended, she got selection call on 5th Dec i,e on Monday! when a friend of mine called up school and questioned abt people getting calls same day or next day, they said those kids who have performed very well will get calls same day and at the end of selection process i,e after all interactions are over, based on availability will call others.I too am sailing on same boat. lets keep our fingers crossed also kids already going to playschools are expected to do much better than those who are not going.


We finished my child intreview on Sat 3rd dec. But we didnt got a call till now, We are waiting for a call. When asked that day, they told to wait for 15 days. Anyone got a call who chosed Vidya Nikethan. Please inform.

Even i gave intraction on 3rd Dec and got call on Dec 5th , my son admission is also over . I heard there would be second list. So have a chance there aswell . dont loose hopes

Good Luck

Hello mrs sheetal, i hav also filled in the form for my daughter.... can u pls mail me ur email id...would like to enquire a couple of things relatin to the interview...thanks n regards.

hi kavya..we too had attended interaction on 3rd..i stay in rt nagar n had chosen vidyaniketan but the school told us tht the selected candidates have already received calls n we havnt so i think my daughter isnt selected..wht bout ur experience?


Could you please any of you tell on what basis interaction call letters are sending.My son birth date is on april 23rd 2010.

they called the next daughter is thru...u can still hope...mayb they call


We also had taken our daughter for interview on 3rd Dec but not yet recieved call..
three days back when i went & enquired n d school,the lady in admission counter told that our kid z not selected & who ever z been selected would get the call next day only..
but when my friend whose kid`s interview also happened on the same day called up they told to wait for few days..
they r creating full confusion!

we had our interaction on 29th Nov'2011. We have still not got the call. I had gone to the school to cross check the status of the admission. what i could analyse with the interaction was that they are right now giving preference to parents who have opted for Vidya Shilp. So there is a possibility that if you have opted for Vidya shilp, you would be given 1st preference. the rest 10-20% of seats might be for parents who have opted for Vidya Niketan.
My Daughter was very much active during the interactive session.. if that is the only criteria then by this time she should have got selected.. however there is something beyond that....

There is no point in waiting now. I feel that they have closed the admission procedure. There is no clarity on the selection process or rejection basis. I called up to check and still they are giving that vague response of wait for 15 days. Why don’t they understand what parents are going through; they can make it very clear if the kid is selected or not rather than indulging in wait and watch game. There is no value for a 2 year kid's effort who was very much active during the interaction. We both are also working professionals and we stay close by to the school. What is the basis of rejection than??????
I think there is no 25% RTE followed here. Anyhow what else can we do rather than look out for another school. But we all should voice it out..


Can you please let me know the DOB of your child whoc had interaction on 03rd Dec.

As I know.. If selected they will inform with in 2 days max.

hi..recently attended interaction session on 3rd dec but havnt received any call so far. when enquired the school they asked us to wait for sometime..m quite clueless about the results.should i wait as they say or i have other interviews to attend too..quite confused as i heard other parents saying tht the selected ones get call the very same it true?any parents going thru this pls suggest..

This is for those who had the interaction session on last Saturday 3rd December 2011.
did anyone get selection call?

Hi , we had interview on Nov 29 th same thing is happned as kavya told and they told they will get back in 15 days but earlier some of then had intervies they told on same days . for us till no information .. what does it mean ? whether we will get call ?


Just back from interaction session.She was exited seeing many things around and tried everything like sand, toys,coloring,clay and the staff asked me if the child can speak or recognize things,when i said yes..they asked me to make the child speak something.Not sure about the result.Will wait till Monday,if i don't get call,rest assured my baby is not selected. I wish good luck to all other parents!

Even we had interaction on 3rd December and yet to get the call.
Did you get the call and any idea on what basis the selection happens.
As far I know, my daughter did perform well and yet to receive call.


Hi Savitha,
If she as addended all the task....then sure you will get a call.
All the best.

We appeared with our son for interview on 29th November, 2011, and have not heard any thing from school yet... Any idea by when they will return reply for confirmation of PG admissions ?


My kid is Feb 2010 born. Please let us know if any of your kids of same age group already attended the interaction session.


We went to the interview this morning for Playgroup admission and it was straightforward. One parent and child are asked to be taken into a room with few other kids of the same age group. Parent and child will be asked to play with toys, ball and building blocks. No questions asked by the staff. Will have to wait for the results.


Hi Kavya,
Have you got a call regarding the result?
We had gone to the interview on 3rd, waiting for the results, hence curious to know if you have got.


Hello, my daughter is 18th may 2010 born, hav filled in the form, awaitin interview call!!

can you please tell me what is your application number .........and will everybody get all or there is any criteria :-)

we had ours today......nothing special....but by when do u think they will let you know about the results?

should we expect the call the same day or wait for a week?

Hi all,

Can anyone confirm if the admissions have started after the interaction sessions held on 24th Nov in Vidyasagar nursery school?


Hi Sindhu,
Wanted to know if your child is selected? If yes by when did you get to know the results.

We had interaction on 29 Nov 2011, the same day we got a call and we admitted the very next day. They are really very fast in shortlisting and finishing the admission process.

Hi Kishore,

My daughter also had her interaction on 29th Nov. she was relatively good/ active. What was your option: Shilp? or Nikethan?

Hi Kishore,
Can you please let us know whether you had opted for Vidaynikethan or VidyaShilp..


hai kishore,

congratulation, u chosed vidya shilpa or vidya niketan? what is ur child birthdata?

Any idea how many seats are there for PG ?

hi all,
i have the child interaction session coming up next month.. could someone tell me whether they interview the parents also? if yes, what are all the questions they ask?
also, do they consider things like appearance of parents (dress etc) etc?
thanks in advance


can you pleas let me know the DOB of your son who has the interaction next month. My son is 03rd Aug and I am waiting for the call.

I want to know when will you give application for Prep I

dont worry and have confidence on your kid :-) and just do your home work :-) everybody will get admission :-) take it easy

Hi, i attented the interview at vidya sagar for my son on 22nd nov 2011
there are puzzles, sand pit, books and toys. they allow the child to play for 5 mins.
my son did solved all the puzzles. they said to wait for 15 days but the other students received call on the same day. when enquired they said my son is not selected, i don't know what is the criteria for selection may be they are selecting randomly.
no worries.
Good luck for ur kids


That sounds bad.. what criteria they must be using for selection then? What more can they expect from such small kids.. Anyways surely your son will get in some other good school..All the best. My daughter's interaction section is next week.. bit worried how will it go after looking at your post..

hi deepa
sorry to know that.. but don't worry. its not the end of the world.. i wish ur kid the best.
btw would you mind telling what you meant by solving puzzles?. i thought puzzles were only for elder kinds. can you tell what kind of puzzles are these?

I have applied for my son on 14th Nov in Vidyasagar and opted for Vidyakikethan.He is Feb 2010 born.I have not received the interview call yet. Can i know if anyone has got the call for this age group and how does the interview process go..???

All - People those who have applied for play grop for 2012 are getting interview calls.
Interview call will be depend on the birth date of child. Elder child will get call early and younger will get call later (in the month of December and Jan).

Hi all,

Can anyone confirm if the admissions have started after the interaction sessions are completed in Vidyasagar nursery school?


Hi Anand, when can i expect interview call for my daughter who is dec 2009 born.
Also .. anybody out there who is attended interview , please share your experience. Tips and suggestions will be appreciated.

Hi Savitha,

One my my friend has got a call from Vidya Sagar for interview on 21st november.
His son's birth date is in the month of August 2009.
You will sure get call in the month of December. As I told they will call depending on the child's birth day.

All the best

Does anyone know how the admissions for nursery in Vidya Sagar work? I have a 2. 9 year old daughter. I was told that admissions for nursery would be open in January. Do they give admissions to kids who are not their students in playgroup? Any idea what our chances would be? I know that some of the schools have already started admissions for nursery. I wish we could wait till January but at the same time worried that she might lose out on other schools as well . It would be great if someone could let me know about the chances of getting an admission for nursery group in this school. Thanks!

Don't wait for Nursery at Vidya sagar, the seats available for nursery only if someone at playgroup (2011batach) leaving for good.

i know it is a tricky situation, i suggest you have a backup on the other school.
also not sure abt the dates for issueing the applications.


I am on waitlist number 59 for nursery. Just wish for a miracle, this is the best school with less travel distance for my daughter. Can't think of the admitting her to the good schools in the city center considering the travel which can kill.

I have submitted application by mistaken i opted for Vidys shilp now i want to change to vidyanikathan is it possible now or at the time admission i can change ? they will allow ... please let me know ..


Hi when they will start calling for intervies for 2012 nursey

Hi VS team and parents:
Is it true what I heard?
The parents need to be graduates for getting a admission to their wards?

If yes, then why do they behave as uneducated on streets? Why do they honk so much disturbing their own kids and neighbors? Don't they have common sense that you should not park in front of gates and blocking the owner from out of their houses?


You will not understand..
Before making such rude comments ask your self
this question..

Sabka Malik ek hai

When are they starting admissions/ interviews for Vidya Sagar? DOes anyone here have any idea? I have submitted the form yesterday

Hi.. anybody out there who has submitted application form for play group for the academic 2012-13?? Please post if you get interview call and your interview experience. Thank you..

VSN has started issuing application for Playgroup from 7/11/2011 to 12/11/2011.

All the best !!!

Dear Parents,

My son will be 4 years in 9th of Dec. I want to know how and when I can take admissions for him at either Vidya Sagar or Vidya Nikethan.

What is the prcedure to apply for waiting list for Vidya Sagar?
When are the forms distributed for Viday Nikethan?

Thanks and regards,

Hi.. My daughter's bdate is in June 2010. From my interactions with the Vidya sagar desk, I have been told that she doesnt qualify for Playgroup in academic year 2012-13 as she does not complete the requisite 2 yrs as of 31st May 2012. But they also mentioned about a january date of admissions to nursery which we could try 2 years later. So for 1.5 years she goes to some other playschool and in Jan 2014, we try and apply for nursery in VS. Does any one know about the Jan admissions and do they really have vacancies? I dont want to wait 2 years and then lose out because there are no openings. She will qualify for nursery in all other schools in June 2013 apart from VS where she will have to join the playgroup and lose a year.

Would be really great if some parent could let me know the exact details.


I too have a son of the same MOB, Jun 2010. I am worried now as we have not taken the forms even. I wasn't even aware of this and by the time we (my wife & I) realised it was late. Please advise on the future action that needs to be taken.

i have a child of the similar issue too. on discussing this with diff school authorities i did realise that i wont be 'wasting' a year for my child. i think she is instead lucky to be one of the older ones as its not going to be a joy ride for our kids when they start regular schooling. so i consider it an advantage.
would also suggest you look at it that way and consider her for the correct class rather than look at it as a loss

Hi, my daughter will turn 3 in December this year and I was considering looking at Vidya Sagar as one of my options for her admission into nursery.I think she is clear as far as the age factor is concerned. Was told that forms are being issued on the 5th of Nov and wanted to ask parents who have children going to Vidya Sagar as to how the forms are issued.
1)Do the issue only a limited number of forms?
2)Does one get forms only on a first come first serve basis?
3)DO we need to stand in queues overnight to get the form?
4)Are the forms issued only for a limited time period on the allotted day?

Will appreciate some positive feedback in the next couple of days.

they ask u to register your details in the month of Jan and say get back to u only if seats are available. but u cant wait til that time, as other schools wil close therir applications by that time. so u wil hav to admit the child in other school and if they call u, u should be ready to loose u r money and get him bacck to vidya sagar. this is how it goes.

Recently , parents of prep-2 were called for term end report card and most of the parents were handed-over admission offer for vidyashilp( the one who had chosen shilp) but few of them were not give that offer letter because of child's performance issues. I am not if vidya nikaten 's ward were also given admission offer letter or not but looks like admission to respective school is not confirmed if child's performance is not upto mark. In case previous parents knows about it, can they put some light on it ??

school will start issuing PG forms from 5'th Nov.

my daughter is born on 20th April 2009, so we have missed applying to Vidya sagar for play group, can we now apply for pre-kg for 2012-13 ? what is probablity of getting admission for the same? Please reply.
Thanks in advance,


My daughter is Dec 2009 born. I know that she is eligible for pre-school (june 2012) at Vidyasagar. I also know that the applications are issued in the month of October usually as per information gathered by me.

My concern is that since I stay 10 kms away from the school at present, I am interested in sending her to nursery at vidyasagar for June 2013. But unfortunately, I am told that unless the admission is done for pre-school , there is no hope of getting admission for nursery in 2013. Any suggestions? I wish my daughter studies at vidyasagar but from nursery 2013 session. Thanks.

My Daughter will be 2 years old on April 22nd 2012, so when she will be eligible to get an admission to Vidyaniketan or Vidyasagar school?And please let me know when we will get the application forms. Thanks!

Can anyone help me with working phone number of VidyaSagar

u can contact the school at 4205-9475 or 4205-9476

Dear Friends and Concerns ,

My Son was born on Dec 8 2009 . He is 1 year 9 months. I would like to know the below concerns and confusions. Kindly Help

1) As my Son was born in Dec 2009 , will be be eligible for Pre- Nursery for Academin Year June 2012 - 2013
2)What do i need to teach my son to clear interview in VIdya Sagar
3)How the selection process happens
4)When should i application form
5)What is the school timings for Pre Nursery

Can some one answer these i am really confused

if your child is 2 years he is eligible for playhome next year.
the timings are from 9.30 to 11.30.
not aware of other details.

Hi Manjula,

1) Your son is eligible for pre-nursery (Playgroup) for the academic year 2012-13.

2)Please go thru some messages in this thread especially, the ones talk about the interaction method they followed for the 2011-12 admission.

3)You need to check with the school over the phone or in person. They normally give after Pooja Holidays.

4)Normally, they conduct interviews for the kids born Jun-Sep first. Then for the next four month born kids oct-jan.The remaining kids (feb - may born) sometime well into next year. Their expectation level goes down for the younger kids. (feb - may borns).

They have a very good admission system, based on the kids age. In all the classes the number of kids for these 3 set of age group kids are almost equal.

Dear Concerns ,

THanks a lot for the very good response.

I am very keen to know about interacting tips. I am worried though.Can u please suggest what do i need to make him learn .
Please it would be of great help

i wish my child to study in VidhyaNiketan so i want to put her in Vidhya sagar for her kingdergarden. I want to know weather she is elegible for L.K.G as she is completing 4 yrs by March 10th.

My Daughter is 2years 6month old now and would like to get enrolled for Nursery in the next academic year 2012-2013 i would want to understand how do get the Forms from School & When do they give?is there any fixed period for the same or should we keep calling the school?Pls Help

i heard only good things about this school and who are searching for a great kindergarten school in or around bannerghatta road Bangalore.. you can check in to this bharathmoms site.. here you can also see moms review, fee details , about academics &….for more details you can check the following link


Can anyone pls help me with the correct contact number of Vidya Sagar..There is no response from the number +91 80 42059475 posted above...

My daughter is 1yr 6months old now, and would like to get her enrolled for play school in the next academic yr 2012 - 2013. I would want to understand how do we get the froms from school and when do they give? Is there any fixed period for the same or should we keep calling the school? Pls help!

I really have very strong respect for vidya sagar nurture as Its truly a school who believes in all round development of a child and completely true to its believe system. My son was earlier with VIBGYOR high and when we took his admission in VS, we were really confused as it involved relocating and didn't know How much different a school can be ? But now I feel that was best decision taken and my heart feel so bad for other parents who are putting their hard earned money for their child future and wasting time in so called mushrooming of new age schools with not even 25% of what VS is doing. I wish all schools to have that passion of teaching, so much devotion and a constant zeal to improve upon. We, parents really need to start a battle like " I am anna" for rest 90% of schools whose interest is just to mint money.

My son used to cry to goto his earlier school almost on a daily basis even though there was not much studies in school and in vidya sagar, where they are really focused on bringing out full potential of a child by so many extra-curriculum and academic excellence and yet he doesn't want to miss a single day at school. He feels so enthusiastic about his day @school that he can't wait to tell us about his learning once we return from office. They have 2 extracurricular a day ( in a true sense, its not a waste of time like other school) apart from 2 academic periods to give a holistic approach of teaching and keeps them on roll.

I just wish this approach of teaching continues in their main school and wish that all other school should adapt to this true sense of teaching .....kuddos to Vidya sagar.


I am trying to get my son's admission into pre-k for the year 2012-2013. Do you know if they have started giving out the application? At what age did your son transfer into VS. Was it hard to get a transfer?

Hi friends,

Would like to get my son admitted in Vidyasagar.
He is 1 year 10 months now. am planning for june 2012 for nursery.

would like to know 3 things;

1. Can Any one could help me in knowing, when does vidyasagar start giving the appllications, Last date for the admission. & other details which could help me in getting a clear picture.

2. the contact number mentioned in teh website (08023418997) & 91 80 23413661 doesnt seem to be valid. please provide me the correct number.

3. Please let me know the admission procedure & approximate fees for nursery.

Thanks in advance.

Nayana Kishore

OOOOPS, am i too late for my daughter then?
Reading the review comments am not daughter is Nov 2009 born!
R v too late in requesting for her admission in Vidyasagar????
Somebody please help!

You are not late, you can apply for playgroup for 2012-13 academic year. daughter is also nov 2009 born and as u said she would be eligible for nxt yr playgrp..can u plz temme when do they start issuing forms for next i need to go to the school directly for enquiry as they dnt seem to respond the calls..plz guide

Last year they have issued somewhere in the month of October. If you are near to school, better you visit the school every week to know about admission forms.

Hi, I would like to know age cut off of Vidyasagar for playgroup. My son was born on Dec 8, 2010. I would like to know when i can join him to Vidyasagar. Kindly help me.

ur child needs to be 2 years as on june 1st of the year you want him to join. then he will be eligible for playhome.

1. stairs to 1'st floor r li'l unsafe, kids can push each other n get hurt badly.
2. playground has few corner where kid can get hurt ( infact I see them getting hurt every other day) even in presence of 2 school boys which they have posted.
3. school transport's unavailability leads to lots of inconvenience for parents as these pvt vendors r not very reliable, everyday I see p-2 children going till van without any supervision or small children getting lost somewhere in middle n crying.


Can anybody whose child is already with vidya sagar mention a day in school.
I got to know that they have chess, music, art class, phyiscal fitness etc in curiiculam but I don't know their coaching level n how often they do same.

Its been just one month my child has joined vidya sagar, within 2-3 days, he got adjusted very well, made new friends, became friendly with teacher. I must appreciate the teacher n school for taking care of everything so well. He was earlier with one good so called international school where they never heed on writing, didn't take care if letters r extending lines, not much writing, reading work, not even good physical activities still charging exorbitant money with no satisfaction for parents on any front. In vidya sagar, he is doing physical activities (running, cycling, free-play), mental (chess ) + good progress in academics. I am sure they are not famous just for nothing, they really take care of child's development.

pls. read this is its just been a week

Hi All,
My daughters age is 2 year 3 months(FEB 2009 BORN). When should i apply for her admission to the playgroup.. Or am i already Late ???

Its already late, the Play group has already started from June 1st 2011.

now that i know ,am late for the playgroup. Can i try for an entry for Next level. I can put her for euro kids or Kidzee for now and Try for NExt level. ie Nursery

You need to register your name in waiting list for next year.
But it is not 100% sure that you will get a call from them for admission or interview as per parents who have experienced this situation.

I missed the admission to Visyasagar in Playgroup for my duaghter this year. She is 2 years 3 months. Can someone guide me how difficult is it to get in Nursery of Vidyasagar? Do they ask a lot of dificult questions to the kids?


There was a discussion in this forum/parenttree about Vidya Sagar where in it was mentioned "A biggest concern for the parents about getting the kid admitted to Vidya Sagar is, after completing UKG, there is no guarantee that they will get into Vidya Niketan (Even if you had requested in the begining) for 1'st standard".

This is something that concerns me about this school. Have you guys thought about it? If it's not a worrying factor for you, just curious to know why?


Hi, My daughter has got admission into Vidyasagar for play group (in Nov 2010 itself). I am a little anxious about sending my kid to school in a private van. I am planning to drop my daughter in my car. I wanted to know if anybody sending their kids to Sagar from Yelahanka is willing to join us.


i too had applied for my child in Playgroup. i dont think the children are expected to know the names of fruits or colours or animals etc. my child is yet to speak and was admitted. i was given to understand that they do not expect any 'specific' answers from the child. on a second thought....i too have realised that.

am looking forward to my child joining and enjoying her phase there

In that case what is their criteria for shortlisting....

Hi even im trying to get my kid addmitted, can u give me some more info... Or mail directly to my id.

We had bought the application form in waiting list some time in Dec 10. We opted for Vidya Niketan and our daughter had child interaction in Jan 11. We were waiting for the results all these days and we had decided to join her to Roots to Wings and try for Vidya Sagar next year. But one of my wife’s friend suggested that we wait till end of Mar 11 and then proceed with other school. Luckily on Friday 18/2/11 we got a call from Vidya Sagar stating our daughter is selected and we have to pay the fee by 21/2/11 or 22/2/11. We made the payment today 21/2/11, 35k out of which 20k is refundable and we need to pay another 2 installment of 10.5k by Jan 12. School is scheduled to start by June. Best of luck for other parents who are waiting for the results.

Hello Mr. Srinivas V
For which class did you get the admission in Vidya Niketan?
PG or Nursery or KG1/2?

Hi Sangeetha,
Sorry for the delay in response was busy in my work. She joined Play Group. School started as scheduled on Jun 1st. First 2 days my wife accompanied our daughter in school. We had a fear that she might not get adjusted to school in a short period of time, as she is just 2 years and 2 months and never went out without having any one of the family member around. Luckily she never complained going to school. But she was very uncomfortable going to school by van on her own. After a week, now she is slowly getting adjusted to it.

Hi. My son is 2 yr 5mth nw. Wil I get an admission for playgroup or LKG for the coming year 2012. I am taking the application nxt week. What are the procedures. . followed. .?

HI Srinivas,

Do they have separate sections for VidyaShilp and VidyaNiketan Kids or they mix them in same section?


There is no distiction @ class level, they are all mixed.

Thanks for the information.

Hi all,

Does anybody know the pre-requisites / criteria for kids to get selected after the interactive session with teachers? My child meets the age requirements but does she need to know names of fruits, animals, colors etc. :)


Hi Gayatri....I am attaching one of the discussion in this thread for your Komal
Hope this will help you a lot.

They want any one parent along with the child to go inside a room. Three kids and parent are in the room together. There are three tables, each having many puzzles, books, claydough, abacus etc. (think all the tables had the same toys) There are about 4/5 teachers, basically observing how the parent and the child interact. So it is basically upto the parent to make the child speak and identify the objects/colours/creatures. There is a small pile of sand in the room, where they request the parent to take child and observe what the child does there.

Yes, she has to know few animals, fruits and color names....
Even she has to know making blocks, pyramids...etc
She doesnot need to do all the above perfectly....but she has to attempt them.
She has to play in the sand pit.
And parent has to interact with the child to do these.

Hi Anand and Sidd...

Thanks a lot for the insight..I guess all the above is a 'good to know' but a lot depends on how the child behaves that day :)


Yes, you are eaxactly correct.
It all depends on interaction day.

Can any one share the details on who runs the school, the proprietary details if any or the principal contact details for VIDHYA SAGAR.

Hi Parents - My daughter has got admission in vidyasagar and would like to know about the transport options. We live near Manyata tech park (ngavar signal) and the distance will be around 7km from the school.
If any one of your kid travels this distance please let me know...any transport and how much they charge.

Thanks in advance...

Hi Anup - did you find out any more details on travel arrangements to vidyasagar. I am also interested in this info. We are planning to move near Manyata tech park some year early next year.

Thanks in advance

anybody is having provisional admission in vidya sagar play group?

My son had interaction session on 7th January 2011 and I do not know the result till now.
I had called up the school and they told me that they will inform if the interview is through, on or before 22nd of Jan and waiting for the result.
But after seeing many posts here, especially about parents who recieved the call on same or next day asking to pay the fees, I do not have much hopes.
Decided to wait till this weekend, and then start searching for other alternatives,

I had called up the institute now.
I requested the lady to update me the status of the interview. Without even bothering to know the enrollment number, she just asked me when was the interview and replied me that "It is not through Sir!"
I have to forget this institute and try out somewhere else now. May be Eurokids or somewhere else.

All the best to all those who cleared the interviews. Others, please start searching somewhere else.

Anybody from Malleshwaram sending ur kid to vidyasagar for playgroup?

Hi, i have my enrolled my son for Waitlist 2011 LKG/Vidyaniketan. Till now i have not received any call from school. our waitlist is 34.

Any chances of us getting a call???

Please let us know if anyone of you have got a call for LKG/Vidyaniketan or are the admissions closed?


My WL is 27 for LKG / Vidyanikethan and have not recv a call as of today 8th Feb

My WL number is 70+, I think this means I need to forget this school. Any one got admission of his child in UKG/PREP2?