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DPS North Bangalore

Fees for 1st Std : 2016:

One time Fees : 90,000 ( 30K cash + 2 cheques for 60k) out of which 30k will  be refundable deposit.

Regular fees : 55k , Transport : around 23k


NHVPS - Not a good school except it is cbse and near

hello all,
Am parent of student studying in nhvps i checked the website where in list of all affiliated schools are given i have few question on this .
1) affiliation period for the school is 2000 to 2011 mean now it is expired .does school have permission to run the school? no details is proper .

2) about rama ranganathan her education details is not mentioned and also her career exp.

rumors was tht she never worked in education institution and she was clerk before joining nhvps as principle.May be to avoid her cross questioning her she had interrogated abt our education and profession details .

please let me know if anyone find ans for atleast question 1 :-) may be time to change the school


YKROK : Management is bad.

The teachers are great...sadly they dont get their salary on do they expect them to work diligently????


Dont go for Brigade School!!

This is a school run by a bulder who doesnt have any moral or value for good education. I am writing this review after my horrible experience with the school chairperson Geetha Jaishakar.

They changed the school timings for pre-primary sections to Open A DAY CARE in the school and to MInt more money from working parents. When all paernts opposed this decision they did not pay any attension. Finally the charperson came with two goons to have a meeting with a seleted few parents where she intimadetd them and asked them to pull their kids out.

Such a horrible meeting where she told the parents that she can buy media with her money and power if parents reported any thing outside!!

please beware and dont spoil your kids future!! This is the worst school in bagalore!!


KIDZEE Pre primary school Pimple Saudagar is the worst school

Hi All,
Really feeling very bad to write such kind of review for KIDZEE Pre primary school Pimple Saudagar branch.
KIDZEE Pre primary school Pimple Saudagar is the worst school. Never go for this school.
Totally Over crowded , Pathetic arrangements for kids. I have very Bad experience there.
They are only cashing the brand name of kidzee. No care for kids. Nobody cares if kids are injured, End of the day they don’t have answer how kids are injured. KIDZEE Pre primary school Pimple Saudagar
Is nightmare for me. The reception only tell lies and show different picture. Even teacher doesn’t have good communication and they not communicate in English. They know very well that we are emotional to kids and they are taking the benefit of this. Only show business. Better you put your kid in that school which is not overcrowded don’t go for brand. If you want to go for brand then put you rkid on big school which has pre primary to 10th class. In Kidzee it is just wastage of time and money. And after some your kid will be not able to compete with other kids.


Vibgyor High NIBM Rd. Pune Summer camp

Our son attended Vibgyor High School's summer camp last year. It was his very first time at a summer camp, and we feel that we could not have asked for a better experience for him. He made some wonderful new friends. He greatly enjoyed basketball, football and other activities that was conducted at the Camp.


AECS Magnolia - Lack of basic infrastructure and competent coordinators

Instead of a enquiry I'm putting forward a concern with an expectation tht it will be worked upon.

The school lacks basic infrastructure like drinking water for teachers, lack of water in lavatories.

The teaching staff is unnecessarily harassed by the coordianators who have no prior experience in teaching or administration. It not only creates an unomfortable working condition but adds to the attrition.

The minimum table stake should be met before appointing the coordniators as the non qualified and incompetent individuals are ruining the image of the school.



Vidyasagar - Apply at your own risk

Admissions are confirmed before issue of application forms. Form issue, interaction and the like are mere eyewash. What is rigourous interview for a 1.5yr child? Parents background such as working / non-working, kannadiga / non-kannadiga are main criteria for selection. Even if you stay 5 min from school preference is not given. Only kids with cars are seen during the start and close of schools. Guess their 1:3 lottery system only picks super rich kids. Human error mentioned on the notice board is if someone gets selected inspite of not meeting the above special criteria



NPS, BSK - My research


Dear parents,

Would like  to share my research  wrt NPS Banashankari

It  is Quite  contradicting  when  it comes to taking admission  in NPS BSK..

 1.Applications are issued in  huge  numbers where as available seats are only 60 per standard from nursery to 7th grade.
strongly feel  school is making  huge money   in firts place..
 once u  submit  the application..Response is very bad  & phone calls  go un-answered

2.Its  a franchise owened by srinivasa trust & nobody talks  about it  unless you  probe the staff.

3.Infrastructure: work in progress with lots being incomplete. luks like built  in hurry  with blackboards in classroom. Also note,  work will be in progress for next 1yr  in same campus..

4.scheduled interview never happens in-time.. interview will be done  for kids starting frm nursery. first round  with the co-ordinator &  then with principal. kids will be asked to indentify colours,shapes, fruits,animals,alphapets,rhymes etc & made to write(lkg)  alphabets & numbers. prinicipal will question the  child to understand communication skills..

i strogly feel its wrong  & too pressuring for the child to answer two  diff people(strangers to kid) in a time-span less than tend  to be moody not to respond for  same  stuff again & again.

6.If selected, complete fees  of Rs98050  to be paid within 1 day & not to forget there will be increase  in fees every year as mentioned in  their application form.
Amout seems steep for a start up school with limited  facilities.

7.Not-approachable staff. they seem to be slogging & blinking for most queries..
 One cannot  get any structured program... related  to it  academics,sports/curricular activities..

8 priniciple soya nambiar seems un-interested speaking to any parents & there is NO casual chat with parents... a lot luks unethical with no time sense... one can fail  to understand  if we are sitting in an educational institute  or  vidhana soudha.

9.Most of the stuff  mentioned in website doesnt sound promising when one visits the school.. one can analize money & pressure to perform  with "result" is major arena..

If a parent  gets this kind of taste  in beginning imagine its state in schooling..